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Characters / Duty After School

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Suri No

Shrinking Violet She does gradually become more social, particularly towards Bora, but for the most part she stays this way.

Cute Clumsy Girl She gets into trouble more than a few times for it.

Odd Friendship With Bora. She starts out as a bully to Suri, but eventually becomes a bit of a Cool Big Sis.

All of the Other Reindeer Due mainly to her clumsiness.

Driven to Suicide Subverted. When a girl was found hanged in the girl's bathroom, Bora thought Suri had killed herself.


Honors Lee

Nerd He's unattractive, obsessed with school and grades, and violently anti-social.

Axes at School His violently anti-social tendencies culminate.

Attempted Rape Prompts his first murder.

AxCrazy He murders several of his fellow students until he himself is killed (it's later covered up as a cell attack).

Asshole Victim With his death.


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