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    Gladstone Gander
"I am the best at getting something for nothing."
Voiced By: Paul F. Tompkins

Donald's impossibly lucky cousinnote , who isn't on good terms with either him or Scrooge.

  • Accidental Hero: There are times when Gladstone's luck indirectly causes good things to happen to people more deserving than himself, for instance "foiling" a bank robbery by gently holding down a robber who fell over in front of him. Egotist that he is, Gladstone thinks these absurd contrivances actually make him a good person.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: This version of Gladstone is more of a Jerkass than his counterpart in the 80s show, where Gladstone was an Adaptational Nice Guy. This puts the character more in line with his original portrayal in the comics, where he's usually a petty, selfish Smug Snake.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: As bad as this version of Gladstone is, he still comes off slightly nicer than his comic counterpart. While he maintains his negative qualities he's also much less overt in showing them and his relationship with Donald is implied to be a case of Innocently Insensitive on his end. The comic version delights in aggravating and setting Donald off.
  • Alliterative Name: Gladstone Gander.
    Gladstone: Loose as a Goose, and ready to Gander.
  • Anatomy Anomaly: Unlike Scrooge and Donald, he has visible eyebrows.
  • Birds of a Feather: His "get something for nothing" attitude really endears him to Louie.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Louie gets a rude shock when Gladstone snaps at him in a moment of stress and leaves him to chase after Donald, and that the reason he called his family to Macaw was so he could use them to get him out of a jam.
  • Black Sheep: While he's not "evil", he is unashamedly lazy and selfish, with few redeeming qualities.
  • Blessed with Suck:
    • In "The House of the Lucky Gander'', Gladstone's luck turns out to be keeping him imprisoned in the lair of a mystical luck vampire that feeds off good fortune.
    • It becomes increasingly clear that Gladstone is so lucky that all of his other life skills have been stunted to the point of effective nonexistence. He literally does not know how to handle a situation where his luck fails him, to the point that he can only call Scrooge and Donald to come bail him out. His Ignored Epiphany at the end of the episode suggests he still has a long way to go if he's ever going to grow as a person, because his luck rarely gives him a reason to try.
  • Born Lucky: Sharp contrast to Donald, Gladstone's luck is downright supernatural.
  • Carpet of Virility: The tufts of feathers peaking out of his neckline seem to invoke this.
  • The Charmer: Explicitly called "charming" by Huey.
  • Cool Uncle: Well the nephews certainly think so — especially Louie. Scrooge and Donald try to persuade the kids otherwise, the kids concede their viewpoint at the end when they find out how selfish he is.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: Of someone who is Born Lucky. Gladstone relies on his good luck for everything, which has not only left him smug and lazy, but without any aspirations or life skills to speak of. As a result, he has no friends and, by the end of the casino adventure, has completely alienated his family leaving him completely alone. At the end of his debut episode, Webby even notes that in the grand scheme of things Gladstone really isn't all that lucky.
  • Distressed Dude: Spends the majority of his debut episode held captive by luck vampire Liu Hai.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Even he was taken aback when Scrooge seemingly sells out Donald to the same luck vampire keeping Gladstone prisoner.
  • Fearless Fool: He doesn't give a second thought about walking into situations that he wouldn't get out of alive if he didn't have his insanely good luck.
  • Foil:
    • To Donald — While Donald is an unlucky but hard-working, (relatively) Nice Guy, Gladstone is a lazy, arrogant jerk who relies on his luck to see him through any conflict.
    • To Scrooge — While Scrooge earned every penny of his vast wealth, Gladstone's luck allows him to live a carefree existence without having to work for anything he has.
    • To Louie — Both are lazy and selfish (and wear green!), but Louie is undergoing character development by being put into situations where he has to apply himself whereas Gladstone appears incapable of either growing as a character or actually applying himself... even when the situation demands it. Louie also cares deeply about his family while Gladstone doesn't.
  • The Gambler: The first time we see him is in a Macaw casino resort. And he has no qualms about using his luck to give him a decidedly unfair advantage.
  • Green and Mean: His outfit is all green and here are of his admirable traits — Lazy Bum, Smug Snake, Lack of Empathy, and a bad influence on the kids.
  • Hairstyle Inertia: As seen in the flashback in his debut episode, Gladstone has maintained the same hairstyle from his youth.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works: Gladstone lives by this motto since he never has to try at anything. The show though disagrees, as Gladstone's massive luck can't overcome hard work and determination as shown by Scrooge being the richest duck and Donald beating him in a race when he decides to try.
  • Hate Sink: Like his comic version, he has few sympathetic tracts. His superficial charms are entertaining at first, but it's soon made clear he cares only about himself.
  • Ignored Epiphany: At the end of "The House of the Lucky Gander" he resolves to get his hands dirty and make something of himself. This lasts all of two seconds before some woman in a gold plated yacht sails up and sells him the yacht for $20.
  • Innocently Insensitive: There is a hint that he might not fully realize what a smug, insufferable jackass he can be; he seems genuinely taken aback when Donald finally snaps and lays into him for making him look like a pathetic loser in front of his family. Of course, this is also because in doing so he's risking Donald storming out and leaving him still in the lurch.
  • It Runs in the Family: His first appearance has him getting into some trouble — as in being-held-prisoner-by-an-Asian-luck-vampire kind of trouble. Lazy bum he may be but he is a member of the McDuck-Duck family.
  • Lack of Empathy: He spends most of his first appearance making Donald look like an incompetent idiot, and only shows concern for him leaving when it looks like it will jeopardize his plans of leaving the House of Lucky Fortune.
  • Lazy Bum: Scrooge calls him a "layabout", which is completely true. His way of earning income is by using his luck to win at casinos.
  • Lineage Comes from the Father: Gladstone's mother was a duck and his father was a goose, but still identifies as a goose, as opposed to being a half-breed.
  • Lonely at the Top: Gladstone has a lot of great things happen to him, but having real friends isn't one of them. People will stay around him for personal benefit or because of his superficial charm, but everyone who gets to know him is inevitably driven off by his selfishness.
  • The Nicknamer: Gladstone refers to his family and friends by ridiculous nicknames more than he does by their real names. Instead of friendly, it's just another way he comes off as patronizing and disrespectful.
  • No Challenge Equals No Satisfaction: He shows signs of being dissatisfied by only getting things through luck instead of accomplishment, especially when stuck in Liu Hai's Gilded Cage and after he realizes his family all dislike him. However, this doesn't come close to overcoming his complacency.
  • Phrase-Catcher: "He's the worst."
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Because of his overall lack of effort in anything that's magically Already Done for You, he has many faults with his attitude.
  • Shadow Archetype: To Louie. Gladstone represents what Louie could become if he always kept the mindset "getting something for nothing".
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: More or less to be stated this to Donald and Scrooge.
  • Smug Snake: He revels in his luck.
  • Species Surname: A gander is a male goose, which he is according to canon (despite being the cousin of a duck).
  • Thicker Than Water: Both Donald and Scrooge are united in a shared disgust with him, seeing as how he not only coasts through life depending on his freakishly good luck, but shamelessly revels in his ability to do so. The trailer for his introductory episodes shows both of them giving him nothing but a Disapproving Look whenever they see him or hear his name. But since he's family they tolerate it to some small extent, if only for the kids' sake.
  • Toxic Friend Influence: Neither Scrooge nor Donald think he's a good influence on the kids since he's completely lazy.

    Della Duck
Dewey: "... Mom?"

Huey, Dewey, and Louie's mother, and Donald's older twin sister.

  • Ace Pilot: Going by her aviation-styled clothing she retains this status from the comics.
  • Action Mom: Mother of triplets and capable of fighting off pirates, as well as 4 vikings all at once.
  • Adaptational Attractiveness: In the comics, she looked an awful lot like Donald in a blonde wig.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Blonde in the comics, but her portraits here show she has white "hair" like the rest of her family.
  • Alliterative Name: Della Duck.
  • Ascended Extra: She is not even mentioned in the original show and made so few appearances in the comics note , that all that's really known about her is that she is Donald's twin sister and the triplets' mother.
  • Badass Bookworm: A flashback in the DuckTales comics portrays Della as passionately curious about the history of the lost civilization du jour, and more fascinated by cultural artifacts than treasure.
  • Badass Family: Sometime prior to the first episode, her, Donald and Scrooge were a trio of adventurers.
  • Cool Big Sis: Well, only by a few moments, but she is Donald's older twin. And she must have been so beloved by him to make him so resentful at his Uncle Scrooge for her absence. Goddess of the Moon, Selene, claims that Della was pretty much this to everyone.
  • Disappeared Dad: Not her father, but given how Donald got the triplets, one wonders just who is Della's husband and what happened to him.
  • Driving Question: What happened to her?
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Possibly betrayed Scrooge and Donald at some point prior to the series by stealing the Spear of Selene.
  • First-Episode Spoiler: She used to be an adventurer alongside Donald and Scrooge.
  • Genki Girl: Dewey's picture shows her gleefully smashing her brother's face in a cake. The portrait Scrooge keeps of her (seen above) has her wearing a big grin.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again:
    • According to Webby, there are few pictures of Della, including the portrait that Dewey found, and no one talks about her.
    • Webby mentions that one time she found a letter about Della come to their doorstep. Scrooge seized the letter, bought out the post office, and since then no mail has ever come to the mansion, and nobody saw the postman again. Though Webby is probably being overly dramatic about the last part.
    • Scrooge has seemingly gone to incredible lengths to cover up what happened to her. Even the newspaper we see in the first episode "McDuck Hangs Up Spats After..." has the rest of the headline ripped off, showing that this was at least local news, but he has done such a good job covering it up that even Webby can't find anything on her.
    • Donald likewise never discusses the boys' mother in front of them, merely telling them that she's "gone".
  • Missing Mom: We already knew that Donald has been raising the triplets since they were babies; now it seems that, unlike in many adaptations, we're going to find out why. Indeed, Dewey admits to Webby that all Uncle Donald told them about their mother was that she was gone.
  • Nephewism: It's implied that Scrooge raised her and Donald, and losing Della was no less devastating than if he had lost his own daughter.
  • Nice Hat: Any pictures of her showed she always wore an aviator's hat and goggles.
  • Pals with Jesus: She is fondly remembered by Selene, goddess of the Moon, as well as the demigod Storkules.
  • Power Trio: Was this with Scrooge and Donald, stabilising the dynamic of the greedy Scrooge against the downtrodden Donald with someone who enjoys adventuring, but isn't in it for the money, accepting the quest and cheap trinkets as her rewards.
  • Scarf Of Asskicking: She is always seen wearing a yellow scarf, was an adventurer, and a picture of her showed her sword fighting with a pirate.
  • Walking Spoiler: Seems to be shaping up to be this due to the fact that her fate is the series's Driving Question.

    Ludwig Von Drake 

Ludwig Von Drake
Voiced By: Corey Burton

Donald's other uncle, a famous scientist who used to work for Scrooge in the 1960s as his personal inventor just like Gyro does now.

    Hortense Duck neé McDuck
Voiced By: ???

Scrooge's youngest sister, who married Quackmore Duck and bore his twin children, Donald and Della, making her the nephews' maternal grandmother.

    Quackmore Duck
Voiced By: ???

Hortense's husband, Donald's father, and the nephews' maternal grandfather. His sister Daphne was Gladstone's mother.

    Matilda McDuck 
Voiced By: ???

The middle McDuck sibling; Younger sister to Scrooge and older sister to Hortense, she is the triplets' great-aunt.

  • Alliterative Name: Matilda McDuck.
  • Ambiguous Situation: It's unclear if she's alive or if she's passed away. note 
  • The Ghost: Unlike other immediate relatives of Scrooge's, there's no picture of her in the mansion or on Webby's cork board.

    Fergus McDuck 
Voiced By: Graham McTavish

The father of Scrooge, Matilda and Hortense, thus the grandfather of Donald and the great-grandfather of the triplets.

     Downy McDuck neé O'Drake 
Voiced By: ???

The mother of Scrooge, Matilda and Hortense, thus the grandmother of Donald and the great-grandmother of the triplets.

     Sir Donald McDuck 

One of Scrooge and Donald's ancestors. Creator of the game of golf.

  • Posthumous Character: He lived during the rule of King James IInote , so naturally he's long dead.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Something he shares with his descendant. It was so bad that King James II was forced to outlaw golf to save the Scottish people from his tantrums whenever he lost.
    • In the original Don Rosa comics, this also tied into the creation of the Scottish sports of hammer-throwing (after he threw his golf club in anger), and log-throwing (after his neighbor threw a log back in retaliation).
  • In-Series Nickname: "Black" Donald
  • Small Role, Big Impact: His temper led to King James II banning golf, which, in change, led to a group of druids creating the "missing links of Moorshire", i.e. a magically hidden golf course where Black Donald's descendants get trapped.