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    Dream Residents 


The Purest Cinnamon Roll To Live

This surprisingly young little girl has been with the students in the dream since the start, and has shown nothing but kindness to everyone. Unfortunately, she does serve as some form of a henchman to Tall-san, despite her little heart of gold.


The Biggest Jerk To Live

This is Tall-san, he's the guy who is making you all kill each other. Thanks.Nobody is fond of him, aside from maybe one or two people. He's a horrible man, he's tall, and worst of all, he's roped Small-chan in on his deeds of sinning, every day.

    Baku Academy Students 

Aelois du Drejall

SHSL Duelist

Who has writ her name in the streets of paris? Who carries with her some of the last nobility in all of France? Aelois du Drejall, daughter of Marquis Alexander du Drejall XII, the SHSL Duelist! With saber and knife she challenges men and women to stand before her in the ancient tradition of combat. A beauty if truly there was one, with over 300 wins to her name, the duelist will write her legend in the blood of her foes! There will be no stopping her, her strength can carry the history of her bloodline and the power of kings!

She was the second culprit, having killed Shinobu Wakahisa.

  • Action Girl: As implied by the title.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Born in France, and of French nobility, but by the time the game starts she lives in Japan and attends Hope's Peak.
  • Gratuitous French
  • Lady of War: She may not have her saber right now, but she has a kitchen knife, and she'll mess you up.

Akira Hisakawa

SHSL Apparel Worker

Akira learned his talent at a young age from his mother. He helped around the store, making clothes or stuffed animals they could sell to customers. The speed and quality of his works were exceptional, almost rivaling machine-made quality. He quickly gained notice in the small rural area he and his mother live in, which brought more attention to his mother’s tailor shop.

He caught the attention of a well known designer whose curiosity was piqued when he heard about the small apparel worker’s skill. The designer soon offered Akira a job to bring his designs to life. After a little urging from his mother, he accepted.

  • Older Than They Look: Looks more like an elementary schooler than a high school student. In fact, several characters have confused him for a young child.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Lookit that little baby, trying to confess to Maemi Murakami, with rapidly failing results.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Look at those big blue eyes. What a sweetie pie.
  • Grew a Spine

Chinatsu Ozaki

SHSL Peer Tutor

Need help with your oncoming finals? You need not worry, your classmate’s right here to help you out. With a large memory in a small head, Chinatsu is one of the more teacher-ly pupils, and was raised attending a less-than-perfect school in Japan. She quickly grew into the habit of assisting the pupils her age that cared for their work, helping out with homework and describing methods in an easier, more broken-down way. Quickly raising students from Fuka to the best of their ability, the teacher noticed a change in grades and immediately looked for the source of this sudden improvement. Chinatsu became well known in her school for assisting anyone who wanted to learn, focusing more around people in her year and the year below rather than full out tutoring. After moving to a boarding school, the student continued to assist those who had difficulties learning the material, and was soon recruited to Hope’s Peak after tutoring the daughter of a popular Japanese musician

She was the first culprit, having killed Koushi Inori.

Daisy Prescott

SHSL Demonologist

Everybody loves a good paranormal story! Agatha Prescott, much better known by her nickname of Daisy, is no different. Ever since she was young, she was fascinated by the weird and terrifying, and found herself gravitating towards the demons found in different cultures. What started as a hobby quickly grew to a career. It wasn't long until Daisy was being recognized as one of the best theologians in the world- specializing, obviously, in Demonology.

Elijah Hayward

SHSL Urban Explorer

With countless recorded explorations spanning two countries, Elijah Hayward is something of a rising star in the world of urban exploration. Detter known by his online screenname of ‘dullahan’, Elijah runs ‘Dity of decay’, a maddeningly popular blog dedicated to urban ruins. All of his explorations of abandoned places are recorded here, described in text, photos, and the occasional video. Those who don’t follow him for his exploration reports, follow him for his beautiful and haunting photographs of urban decay. He is especially notable for having never been caught for trespassing even once by the authorities. Hope’s Peak had to do quite a bit of careful searching to find the boy behind the blog, but once they did, they didn’t hesitate to invite him to their academy.

Gregory Amsel

SHSL Entrepreneur

Originally based in Germany, Amsel Electronics moved its headquarters to Japan when Greg was eight years old. For most children that age, this was insignificant and probably not heard of. However, Greg’s father happened to be the founder and executive CEO of the company. Greg spent his entire life learning the ways of the business world, and ended up working very closely with his father. However, when he was eighteen, he took his inheritance and started his own electronics company, called Sterne. In only a year, sales of his company’s products were enough to make a mark on the market, and as time goes on, the sales continue to rise, making him one of his father’s biggest competitors.

He was the fourth victim, killed by Takumi Ueno in a fit of anger after they argued.

Haruko Shimazu

SHSL Pharmacist / Espionager

Born into a long, long line of medical specialists, Haruko Shimazu was raised around pharmaceuticals and other medical paraphernalia. Considering that there wasn’t anything else of interest in the Shimazu household, the young boy developed a keen interest in what the various instruments and devices around his house. Considering that his parents wanted him to follow in their footsteps, they jumped at the chance to educate him about the various aspects of their jobs. After learning all there was to know about antiacids and defilibrators, his interest in the field only grew, and he began assisting around the family pharmacy in his spare time. After several papers about health and medication under his name were put out, the attention he received culminated in him being invited on a talk show. One thing led to the next, and he was soon invited to give presentations at various venues, and the novelty of having a high-school-age pharmacist resulted in the Shimazu pharmacy becoming more popular than ever.

Kin Hatake Akemi Ueyama

SHSL Business Advisor ??? who know

Kin Hatake is a recent and popular addition to the business world. From the smaller establishments to the high skyscrapers touching the sky, CEOs and managers have reported their sales increasing by a considerable amount thanks to her sharp eye for detail. Because of her skill, she’s become something that can only be described as a ‘business mercenary’. Companies are desperate to get her advice before rival competitors do, so she helps whoever can offer the most. Having acquired money and friends through this freelancer job, she’s sought after by even the most well-known businesses in Japan.

Koushi Inori

SHSL Model

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, Koushi took the runway by storm. His calm demeanour and confident stride makes it look like he was meant to do this. You’ll be hard pressed to not see his face somewhere — even if you’re not into the modelling and fashion business, his face is on advertisements and commercials, endorsing all sorts of products. Adding to his allure and mysteriousness, is that no one has ever heard his voice...

He was the first victim, having been killed by Chinatsu Ozaki.

Maemi Murakami

SHSL Tasseographer

A young girl who reads patrons’ fortunes from simply looking in their teacups has recently took the greater Tokyo area by storm—so even if you’ve never visited the Lovely♥Parfait maid cafe, there’s a chance you’ve at least heard of their most popular employee, Mikocchi! After spending some time studying under her grandmother, the head priestess of a famous temple, Maemi Murakami is said to be incredibly competent in several forms of divination, which she utilizes freely (for the small price of ¥7,500 per consultation) in her job at the Lovely♥Parfait maid cafe. Reading tea leaves is her specialty! If you visit her for a consultation, you’re guaranteed to be successful in your romantic endeavors. At least, that’s what the kids on the internet are saying these days. Pray to Mikocchi for good fortune before professing your love!

Mitsuo Ito

SHSL Dubstep Artist

Mitsuo has always been passionate about music, and when he discovered dubstep at age 14 he quickly became obsessed with it, first making remixes of popular songs and posting them to various sites online, and then beginning to write his own music once he’d built up a following. It wasn’t long before his skill and fierce passion for the music and the performing led him to a sharp rise in popularity and fame, he was invited to play at clubs all over the country and videos and recordings of his music flooded the internet. Once he signed onto a record and his songs began to gain real international acclaim, an invitation from Hope’s Peak showed up in his mailbox, and Mitsuo was thrilled to have the chance to attend the famous institution. He was the fifth victim, having been killed by Elijah Hayward.

  • Dark-Skinned Blond
  • Nice Guy: To going out of his way to learn sign language to help out the two mute kids, to cheering up the worried and fearful students, Mitsuo is potentially the nicest of the Nice Guys.
  • Manly Gay: He's pretty damn gay.
  • The Rock Star
  • Grief Song: He has been writing songs about people whom he cared about deeply who died.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: He has an intense fear of water, and wasn't too impressed with the beach.
  • Polyamory: He is in a romantic relationship with Elijah Hayward and Yora Bora.

Michi Honda

SHSL Science Fiction Novelist

Michi was encouraged by xyr mother and grandfather to read for as long as xe could remember. Xyr first published book was a wilderness adventure received without much fanfare. It was thanks to xyr trilogy about parallel universes that xe became well known. Xe doesn’t classify the trilogy as science fiction, due to xem believing parallel universes exist.

Natale Abello

SHSL Ballet Dancer

A delicate, fragile girl, Natale Abelló is known throughout central Europe, and Japan for her beautiful way of dancing. Although in Europe, she is known for her partnered dancing with Romeo Tsuda, in Japan, she is famous for her solo dancing. Her elegance is widely known and praised - her beauty is also not without its merits. Commonly known, Natale is the main heiress to her family’s fortune - her family being a powerful political family that has had troubles in recent years - however it is known that she wishes to pursue dance and not politics like her family wants.

She was the fifth victim, killed by Yora Bora.

Ryouma Dokuma

SHSL Falconer

This vicariously charismatic and ambitious fellow tops all the pages in the world of bird lovers. Ryouma Dokuma is a well known name for any aviary enthusiast. Starting his career when he was only 12, Ryouma takes care of and trains birds masterfully. While he will sell his talents to train the pets of others, nothing takes priority over his own prized bird- the valiant and majestic Bishamon. Fittingly named after the god of war, Bishamon has conquered all sorts of tournaments under his master’s guidance.

Not much is known about Ryouma as an individual, aside from his work and obvious love of his bird. His personal life is a complete mystery, but he seems like a normal and friendly individual.

Sayuri Nomura

SHSL Actuary

Predicting the future isn’t a difficult thing. Not when you have numbers on your side. As an actuary, the stern and professional Sayuri Nomura uses numbers, measurements, and scientific and statistical evaluations to predict the outcome of major events. She has been highly requested all around the world to work in their financing departments in preparation for big name relocations, expensive projects, and various financial investments. She has high confidence that as long as she has her statistics on her side, she will never be surprised. Extremely confidential and businesslike, she rules the business world behind the scenes. A force not to be reckoned with.

Shinobu Wakahisa

SHSL Puppeteer

Shinobu has been performing with puppets ever since they were a little kid. They love putting on shows for all ages and are always willing to try and cheer someone up with their two main puppets, Okami and Hitsuji. They tend to talk through them a lot too so you’ll meet them just as fast you you meet Shinobu.

They were the second victim, having been killed by Aelois Du Drejall.

Takumi Ueno

SHSL Jeweler

Takumi grew to fame after taking over the shop and making jewelry on order and fast. Everyone would be impressed by this young man’s assiduity and focus. He did come from a poor background but his fascination with gems and love of precision has helped him gaining interest in the jewelry area. One day, hearing that a small boy would learn the art of jewels, the once recognized jeweler took Takumi under her wing and taught him that art. The 7 years old boy learned how to make jewelry and while at the start it was quite nice, by age 10, he already made beautiful necklaces who was ordered for graduation students in a bal, and the jewels lasted forever. One day on age 15, few weeks before his birthday, there was a small while left before a huge gala with actors and singers, one designer in particular asked for a specific jewel to use and the colors at a very last minute. No one could respond to his crazy request. However among skilled and renowned jewelers, stood one teenager who claimed he could do it. He earned a lot of mockery, but Takumi didn’t care and managed to respond to the request few hours after the request and the quality of the product was so excellent, no one dared to laugh at him. After the gala, the celebrity wanted to see who made it and talked to the teenager in enthusiasm. Using their status, they pushed Takumi to the public, who then recognized his amazing natural talent, hence Hope’s Peak Academy sending him an invitation. Takumi did not hesitate and agreed to go to school so he could study easier.

He was the third culprit, having assisted Theodore Grey in his death, and killing Gregory Amsel in a fit of anger after being caught in the act.

Theodore Grey

SHSL Dendrologist

Theodore Grey, rather well known in his discovery of a dying tree species and recovering it back to health. His name has been in multiple wildlife and plant magazines for the many articles and discoveries he has made at the young age of 13 about the different kinds of trees that had been dying. His discovery and solution on preserving the trees in Italy spread across the nations like wildfire and caught the eye of Hope's Peak later than they would have liked.

Killed himself to help his classmates with the help of Takumi Ueno, making him the third to die.

Yora Bora

SHSL Ventriloquist

There is no better known ventriloquist within the comedic community than Yora Bora. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Yora is best known for his over the top improv abilities on stage. Despite his glamorous stage life, however, the comedian remains elusive when it comes to his life off stage. Not much is known about his seemingly quiet personal life. This does not change the fact that his talent for throwing his voice and making others laugh is truly an impressive feat.

Yuyu Yoshimoto

SHSL Cruise Ship Entertainer

Welcome aboard! Yuyu (or Shining★Star Yuyu) is a singing and dancing star on the world-renowned gala cruise line. She headlines her own shows and even is the face of several celebrity cruises a year. People flock from all over to watch her perform, and you might get something different every night: piano, singing, dancing, acting, or a mixture of several. Yuyu is what they call a triple threat, and anyone who has the privilege of seeing her agrees. She doesn’t let the fame get to her head though, and has remained a very sweet and compassionate teenager.


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