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A summary of the characters appearing in the French manga Dreamland.


Lucky Star Team

Terrence Meyer

Nationality: French (Montpellier)

A laid-back and not-so-brilliant high school student who chose management class only to be with the girl he loves, Lydia. The first thing he does in the series is overcome his phobia and become a fire-using traveller. His goal is to find the celestial realm Edenia, to meet his deceased mother.


Nationality: French (Montpellier)

A gipsy who lives with his little sister, and quite a womanizer. He stumbles across Terrence while fighting a nightmare cat and quickly decides to team up with him to take advantage of the man's horrendous luck and get to fight strong opponents. His power is to summon fish of all kinds through special contracts.


Nationality: French (Montpellier)

A college student who has a huge love of... herbs and other narcotics. By an inexplicable turn of events, he ended up in possession of a unique and precious magic artifact called the Brush of Destiny, which has all kinds of useful effects depending on the colour used. He ends up with Terrence and Savane after they save him from Sealvia's group (who was after the aforementionned Brush) but has no power of his own as a traveller.

  • An Arm and a Leg: In the Black Cat Night arc, he sells his own arm to buy a super-strong weed - which ends up being crap - and spends the rest of the arc one-armed.
  • Born Lucky: How exactly he ended up in possession of the Brush is unclear, and after he ruins Attila's plan completely by luck, he ends up propelled in the S league despite having no fighting ability whatsoever.
  • The Stoner: The very reason he could become a traveller without overcoming any phobia, apparently. Sometimes though, he loves weed way too much for his own (and his comrades') good.
  • Visual Pun: When he buys a super strong weed to a cat, it costs him an arm. Literally.

Eve Bright

Nationality: French (Montpellier)

Lydia's best friend, and your ordinary fashion victim with a taste for hot guys. She overcomes her fear of imperfection with a little help from Terrence, during a humiliating show where she is stripped naked and revealed to have been a Gonk in the past. She then gains the power to summon... motifs. On her clothes.

  • Fiery Redhead: Well, she was blonde at first, but became red-headed after a few volumes, by one of the author's whims.
  • Jerkass: Full stop. Your usual hero may politely refuse their reward after saving the day. Her? She demands a reward. In the face of the king.
  • Shameful Strip: During the nightmare that made her become a Traveller. After that though, her ending up topless or fully naked in a way or another becomes a Running Gag.
  • Useless Superpowers: Her power could be useful, but she consistently ends up with lame invocations.
  • The Smurfette Principle: And she laments it a few times.

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