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Characters / Dreamkix

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Main Characters

    Roy (n°10) 
Voiced by: Cathy Weseluck
Roy a Dachshund who is a soccer-head who won't give up on his dream of playing football no matter how many people tell him to - because soccer isn't just a game to Roy, it's a passion. With short stubby legs and a body like a sausage, Roy feels he has to prove himself to everyone? His opponents, his teammates, even his dad? Both on and off the field. It is true, he may not be a typical athletic animal, like lions or rhinos, but thanks to the help of his friends, Morrie and Emily, Roy learns that his particular physique has its own strengths, especially when it comes to his 'tornado header', a whip-like spinning header that shoots harder than most people is kicks. Roy is a born striker. He is used to charging after the ball, always looking for an opportunity to score. That attitude gets him into sticky situations off the pitch as well as on. It is then that he truly needs the help of his teammates, and each time he learns to appreciate more and more the strength a team gives him. He has a crush on Rebecca.
  • All-Loving Hero: Is very loyal to his teammates and does his best to help them out.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: In regards to Rebecca, until the lucky peppers episode when he manages to score a dinner date with her to meet with merchandising personnel. The end of the episode implies a Relationship Upgrade for the two.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: He literally turns into this in "Roy vs. Roy". He starts getting jealous of his Childhood Friend Sean for being on a poster with Rebecca, but it starts getting worse when he sees every advertisement with them on it. During one game, he starts hallucinating another version of himself, which eggs him on to attack Sean and start looking more "attractive" for Rebecca.
  • Everyone Loves Blondes: Rebecca, the tallest on the team and the only fair-haired character.
  • Huge Girl, Tiny Guy: He's considerably shorter than his friend and love interest Rebecca, the tallest character on the team.
  • The Rival: Out of all the team members on the team, Roy has more squabbles with the villain and a former bully of his.
  • Those Two Guys: With Morrie, his best friend.

    Rebecca (n°11) 
Voiced By: Kelly Metzger
Rebecca is the fastest dog the Farm lands have ever seen. She is sleek, graceful, 100% classy and the exact opposite of a Sunny Farm F.C. player. Rebecca has incredible internal drive. She is vowed to master every football skill, and gets angry with herself if she can't. That anger only pushes her harder, but she never lets it show. No-one on the team knows why the pretty track star joined them, but they are glad she did (especially Roy, for more than one reason.).

Voiced By: Brad Swaile
The owner of Megafarm F.C. and Dreamkix's villain. He used to go to the same school with Roy and tormented him relentlessly. However, since he had started playing for Sunny Farms, Peter has been doing everything in his power to make sure Roy and his team fails.
  • Big Bad: He's the main placeholder for the series' antagonist.
  • Cats Are Mean
  • Evil Is Petty: Despite being the primary antagonist of the series, Peter performs some rather tame things to the protagonists. One episode had him attempt to publicly humiliate Roy by having people watch him fart.
  • Large Ham: He tends to go overboard sometimes.
  • Manipulative Bastard: After hearing Byrne's discovery of what he really is, he tries to appeal to him by making up a story similar to his: orphan raised by different species and reads to bunnies.