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This is a list of characters in the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fan Fic, Drakonophobia

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Titles: Petra Doom-Driven, Dragonborn, Dovahkiin, Dragon Queen (By Vex) Sotrahkun

Petra is the Dovahkiin of this story. A Nord born in Cyrodiil, she was raised on a farm in the north with her parents when strange events lead her to Skyrim. The events at Helgen and the Western Watchtower leave her deeply traumatized and extremely fearful of Dragons. She heads to Riften and joins the Thieves Guild at the behest of Brynjolf, who discovers who she really is.

  • Action Girl: As long as it's not dragons, she's a fighter.
  • The Chosen One: Dovahkiin of the ages. She doesn't want the role, but comes to accept it.
  • Cry into Chest: With Brynjolf any time she just bursts into tears.
  • Happily Failed Suicide: Played with. Petra didn't want to die in the first place but it would have been best for the world if she did (It Makes Sense in Context) she goes along with it due to the Arc Words. Brynjolf saves her and forces her to promise not to do it again. She was slightly unhappy that it failed and had still thought about it but sticks to the promise.
  • Hates Being Touched: Petra will not allow anyone to touch her, unless your name is Brynjolf or Ayisha.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: Petra of course at the start. She mellows out a bit over the course of the story.

Tropes that appear in Chronophobia

After the Cosmic Retcon. Petra's personality is given a bit of a shift as well as how events unfolded once more that she's a much different person, although there are many tropes that remain the same, hinting something else is on the horizon for the Dragonborn.

  • Amnesia Missed a Spot: In a way, this was supposed to happen. While Brynjolf's memories of the this timeline was slowly fading into his mind, Petra's is the opposite. Her memories are slowly returning to her current self, but she's getting confused by it all and is having a hard time understanding it all.
  • The Champion: Fulfills her destiny as Dragonborn without much hassle and is suggested to follow the games mains storyline to the end. Although things change rapidly afterwards into the Dawnguard storyline.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Not that Petra couldn't be badass when she tried, this time she manages to actually join the Companions and defeat Alduin the normal way without any sign of her previous phobia.


Titles: Red-headed bastard (courtesy of Petra)

Second-in-Command to Mercer in the Thieves Guild. A nord man who is dedicated to his job and does what he can to support the Guild during it's darkest days. He finds a girl in a tattered dress and despite her stubborn nature invites her to the Thieves Guild after she manages to do the job without a hitch. He eventually finds out she's dragonborn and doesn't want to be. She comes around to his help eventually, and in time falls in love with her.

  • Child by Rape: Implied by Prolg that Mercer raped Nemetona, Brynjolf's mother and Bryn was the result.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: To Petra.
    • Chronophobia hints this as Petra for him. He breaks down over how much she's changed, but he still loves her.
  • Number Two:
    • To Mercer. Then to Karliah.
    • In Chronophobia, He's more like a Number Three but a number two when it comes to non-Nightingale stuff.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: The only one (besides Prolg) that remembers the old timeline. Petra is slowly remembering as well, but Brynjolf is the most well-adjusted.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Brynjolf is Petrasexual.

Titles: Priestess of the Moons, The Mane of the Khajiit

A Khajiit Priestess found with a Cult of Slaughter caravan that takes a liking to Petra and Brynjolf, calling them mama and papa, respectively.A skilled mage, she wears the Ring of Khajiiti.Her older self appears when she traveled with the Nerevarine back to Skyrim from Akavir.

     The Nerevarine 

     Thieves Guild 
Thieves Guild
Skyrim's Thieves Guild has seen better days. But after Petra joined, things seemed to look up for them as the group as a whole began to respect her despite the shaky start. Despite their infamy, they're supportive of one another in their weird cooky way...Tropes relating to the Thieves Guild:

Mercer Frey
'''Titles: Guildmaster:A Breton Rogue who's bitter and at stages, very cruel. Events spiral like that of the regular Thieves Guild storyline where many reveals occur.

  • Broken Pedestal: To Brynjolf. It get's worse when it's discovered Mercer is Bryn's actual father.
  • Jerkass: This doesn't even begin to cover it.
  • Deal with the Devil: Strikes a bargain with Molag Bal and becomes a Vampire Lord.

Tropes that appear in ChronophobiaMercer is still part of the Thieves Guild alongside Gallus and Karliah and much better without Prolg's influence.

Delvin Mallory
Breton Fence who takes a liking to Petra and helps her with jobs that eventually get her respect throughout the Guild.



Brynjolf's mother.

     Crusaders of Verity 
The Realm-Walker
Real Name: Diga Arch-FireA mysterious mystical woman who helps out Petra at convenient times.

The High Elf
Real Name: Wheatley

The Mute Girl
Real Name: Chell



     Cult of Slaughter 
Descendants of Dragon Priests who serve Alduin and wish to resurrect Zoklotinhaar, Grand Dragon Priest who was killed during the early days of the Dragon War.

Former Priest of Talos and Dwemer Explorer, Brynjolf speaks of him as his father before his reveal in a later chapter tells us he leads the Cult of Slaughter.

  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: In New World Saga, it turns out he remembers the events of the old timeline and threatens to reveal them to Petra, until the woman with the white hair intervenes.

Title: Grand Dragon Priest

Titles: The World Eater.Firstborn of Akatosh and Sotrahkun, Alduin is the Big Bad of the story, who desires to control the world cross into it's potential destruction.
Leader of the Greybeards. Befriends Petra.

Titles: White Dragon of the Feather, Monah of the Dovah, Spirit-Mother of all Dragonborn, Wife of Akatosh, Guardian of the Maas and the Tree of Choices.

A huge female dragon. Described as:Out of the energies, summoning a white light out of nothing, forming a huge it stood on top of the tower in all it's glory. It was once blinding, then took the form of the dragon I had seen in the Laaglein...the one with the soft face, the glistening diamond wings, feathered main, the four curled horns like a crown, the sapphire eyes, the tail split in four and it's size seven times larger than the average dragon. It spread it's wings and shouted fire into the air.

  • Our Dragons Are Different: Different as different from the standard dragons you see in the games. She's the only female dragon and has a far more important role to time itself than anyone else. Case in point, time dies and she dies also. And vice versa. Result? CESSATION OF EXISTENCE.

     Characters introduced in Chronophobia. 

Tera Twin-Blades
A Nord woman Brynjolf finds in Paradiso.

[WMG: Dex]]A young girl with unusual summoning abilities. Brynjolf finds her in Paradiso looking for someone.

Video Game/Bayonetta.


Trindrale Alveri

     Other Characters 

Leader of the Greybeards



Daedric Prince of Madness. The group meet him when they take a trip to his realm of Oblivion, the Shivering Isles.
Molag Bal

Daughter of Lord Harkon. Found in the crypts of Dimhollow, she and Petra head to Castle Volikhar, where Petra is captured.


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