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This is the group you play as in a campaign against the tyrannical rule of an evil dragon named Wyrmvarg. Initiated by Abram, he learns that to beat Wyrmvarg, he has to have the Legendary Weapons used by his ancestors.
    General Tropes 
    Party Leaders 

  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: As they can learn both Light and Dark Magic, they have a head start in learning Fire, Ice and Thunder spells.
  • Healing Factor: In addition to learning certain levels of Light Magic, they can also learn two levels (E and B strength) of healing spells that can be used on all allies.


The race you start with, starring Prince Abram. They are effective against Dragon-class enemies. They also increases the parameters of their teammates.
    Abram | Human Prince 
Price Abram is a descendant of the human hero who sealed Wyrmvarg. In the present day, Abram has enough of Wyrmvarg oppressing his people, so he gather up his top subjects to duel him.
  • Attack Reflector: Learns Magic Reflector near the end of his Job Level, which causes Magic Skills intended for his allies to hit the original caster instead.
  • Gravity Master: At a high job level, he can learn Gravity, a magic skill that attacks all enemies by changing gravity.

    Bernard | Priest 
One of Abram's most loyal subjects. He initially accompanied him to defeat Wyrmvarg, but when Abram was overpowered, he brought him back to Vyola Castle. When Abram was then tasked to find the legendary weapons that could take him down, Bernard was assigned to accompany him again.

As a Priest, Bernard can use Light Magic. With it, he can heal or support his teammate. He can also attack a row of enemies with Thunder spells. His auto-skill also reduces magical damage. As Bernard is the first to join your party, all subsequent followers are able to change class to Priests.

Tropes specific to Bernard

Tropes specific to the Priest Class

  • Shock and Awe: Knows Thunder spells through Light Magic, which lets the follower deal magic damage against a row of enemies.

    Rainne | Bard 
A songstress in Beigenthal City. Her lute string is broken, so if you go to the Maron Cave and slay a Howlinger for its Beast Wisker, she will be able to replace the string and will sing to you in gratitude. Rainna will also join you in your quest.

As a bard, Rainne is able to play magic music. With it, she can tune up her party's parameters. Her auto-skill restores a small amount of MP every turn.

Tropes specific to Rainne

Tropes specific to the Bard Class

  • Magic Music: The Bard's specialty, consuming MP to buff the whole team.

    Bradford | Villager 
One of the residents in Beigenthal City. He wants to help Prince Abram in his campaign again Wyrmvarg to avenge his little sister, who was one of the many human sacrifices.

As a Villager, Bradford can support his teammates, especially his leader.

Tropes specific to Bradford

Tropes specific to the Villager Class

    Lucia | Dancer 
A dancer who lives in Cascafalls City. She worries about her older sister Julia ever since she was working in an inn from a Beigental City. If you backtrack all the way and get her in a wild goose's chase, Lucia will join your party.

As a Dancer, Lucia can improvise her attacks with her dances. She has certain physical skills that attacks an enemies multiple times in one turn. In later levels, she also knows certain dances that can support her teammates. Her auto-skill restores a small amount of HP every turn.

Tropes specific to Lucia

Tropes specific to the Dancer Class

  • Dance Battler: The Dancer is a physical-attacking class.
  • Gradual Regeneration: The Dancer's Auto-Skill enables the follower to recover 10% HP each turn.
  • Magic Dance: Some of the Dancer's skills support their teammates. However, because they are classified as physical skills, they consume HP instead of MP.

    Charlotte | Knight 
A lady knight who got lost in the Arthwa Labyrinth. She recently serves under Beigenthal, following the footsteps of her late father, but she got lost on her way to the castle. If you manage to recover her pendant that once belonged to her father, she will join your party.

Tropes specific to Charlotte

Tropes specific to the Knight Class

  • Healing Factor: One of the few Light Magic they learn enables them to restore their ally's HP.
  • The Paladin: They are armored warrior with access to certain levels of Light Magic.
  • Shock and Awe: As they learn certain levels of Light Magic, they can hit a row of enemies with Thunder spells.

    (SPOILER) | Chevalier 
Thought to have died in the hands of Wyrmvarg, Prince Abram and Bernard found Clarke alive in Urgle Volcano. However, he had no recollection of his past life. If you find a physician in one of the towns and receive a Memantine from him, you can help Clarke recover his memories and he'll join Abram's campaign against Wyrmvarg once again.

For tropes specific to Clarke, see the NPCs section.

Tropes specific to the Chevalier Class



They have an advantage against Spirit/Demon-class enemies. They also gives the party resistances to parameter reducing effects.
    Mia | (SPOILER) 
A haughty elf whom Abram encounters in the Maron Cave. Like him, she is looking for the legendary weapons. She has low opinion on humans and dwarfs for surrendering and hiding away from Wyrmvarg, respectively.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Laughs pridefully whenever she gets full of herself.
  • Tsundere: Type A—Initially rude to Abram, but starts to secretly sympathize with him when he claims to have fought Wyrmvarg.

    Cromwel | Mage 
Mia's personal servant.

As a Mage, Cromwel is able to use Dark Magic. He can choose whether to hit all enemies at once with ice magic, or concentrate on a single foe with fire magic. He can also support his teammates by inflicting ailments on the enemy. His auto-skill makes his Dark Magic more powerful the less HP he has left.

Tropes specific to Cromwel

Tropes specific to the Mage Class

  • Fire/Water Juxtaposition: The Dark Magic they learn have single-targeting Fire spells contrasted by multi-target but less powerful Ice Spells.

    Titus | Hunter 
An elf man who can be found at Firwood Village. He is looking for the legendary ghost Ghavijer which has been commonly seen in the Maron Cave. If you managed to defeat it, Titus will come and finish it off. Impressed by the party's goals, he will join and starts as a hunter.

Tropes specific to Titus

Tropes specific to the Hunter Class

    Ariel | Duelist 
An elf encountered at Hilburow City. Believe in optimizing herself using the knowledge of all three races, rather than disputing with the humans and the dwarfs. If you buy both a Battle Guide and a Spellbook, she will join your party in exchange of them.

As a Duelist, Ariel can attack either on the physical side or on the magical side. Unlike other classes, she consumes MP instead of HP to use physical skills. The Duelist's auto-skill also allows the follower to deal more damage the less MP they have left.

Tropes specific to Ariel

Tropes specific to the Duelist Class

    Lydia | Sage 
An elf Sage first met at Dunestrand Port. As her grandfather was slain in a battle against Wyrmvarg a century ago, she has been training herself to avenge him. When your party meets her, she request a sparring match to experiment with her spells. Beat her, and she'll be amazed with your skills. She will also join in your campaign.

Tropes specific to Lydia

Tropes specific to the Sage Class

  • Casting a Shadow: By learning the highest Dark Magic possible, they can cast Dark Matter to attack an enemy with dark energy.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: Like the party leader, they get to learn both Light and Dark Magic, so they have access to the elemental trinity.

    Aurora | Revenant 
An oddly-colored elf who was cursed by Wyrmvarg's minions. Now a revenant, she requests to re-unite with her pieces of souls that were scattered across three kingdoms. If you find them all and return to her, she will use her newfound powers and join your party.

Tropes specific to Aurora

Tropes specific to the Revenant Class

  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Being a Revenant as a job class changes a follower's skin tone to lilac, with dwarves' being slightly darker.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: When normally attacking, the Revenant do so by pummeling at an enemy.
  • Last Chance Hit Point: Its Auto-skill allows the follower to survive any hit with at least 1HP.
  • Soul Power: Knows Soul Wave up to 3, a magic skill that hits a row of enemies.


They have an advantage against Spirit/Demon-class enemies. They also give the party resistances to abnormal status.
    Bowen | (SPOILER) 
A drawf encountered in Gringe Pass.

    Leala | Warrior 
Bowen's wife. By extension, she is the queen of dwarfs.

As a Warrior, Leala can fight alongside Bowen. Her auto-skill allows her to dish out more the less HP she has.

Tropes specific to Leala

  • Battle Couple: Before joining the party, she journeyed and battles together with her husband, Bowen.

Tropes specific to the Warrior Class

  • An Axe to Grind: Except they don't wield them in battle. Instead, they use a separate skill to hurl them at an enemy.

    Bastian | Thief 
A hooligan who resides in Foresta Village. If you managed to defeat him in a battle, he will join you in your quest, promising to only steal from the enemies.

As a Thief, Bastian specializes in Video Game Stealing. He can either use a skill to take an item away from the enemy, or directly kill it to increase the chance of winning the item. The thief's auto-skill raises the chance of the party receiving spoils after battles.

Tropes specific to Bastian

Tropes specific to the Thief Class

    Morgan | Merchant 
A turban-wearing dwarf in Knolack Village. Although not a fighter, he seeks World Peace without Wyrmvarg, seeing the places he has been to being gloomy. If you agree to go under his trial and defeat a monster east of Atel Grotto, he will respect your powers and join your cause.

As a merchant, Morgan's skillset revolves around gold currency. Certain skills learnt by the Merchant consume gold rather than the follower's HP. To make up for the gold lost, the auto-skill wins back more money after battle.

Tropes specific to Morgan

Tropes specific to the Merchant Class

  • Cast from Money: Many of the Merchant's skills costs gold instead of the usual HP.

    Kelper | Monk 
A drawf found in Gelph Prison. He had been fighting underground to raise money for the children whose parents lost their lives to Wyrmvarg. Although the children adored him, Kelper hid in shame of his dirty work. If you help him recover a priceless jewel and hand it to an elf woman named Ella, she will request you to send letters of the children Kelpher supported to him. Touched by their sentiments, Kelpher will resolve to use his powers to slay Wyrmvarg.

Tropes specific to Kelper

Tropes specific to the Monk Class

  • Bare-Fisted Monk: The Monk class tends to fight bare-handed.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: Knows Energy Shot, a magic skill that unleashes a wave of energy at a row of enemies.
  • Odango Hair: Human and dwarf females have their hair styled this way.

    Catherine | Baker 
A dwarf woman who resides in Fountus Town. She bakes sweets to bring smile to people, even in the midst of despair. If you help her gather the ingredients she needs, she will repay you by joining your party, contributing to the team with her cooking.

Its auto-skill doubles the HP and MP recovery rate of skill and items.

Tropes specific to Catherine

Tropes specific to the Baker Class




Abram's teacher of swordsmanship. With his skills with his sword second to none, he is well-respected by the king's soldiers. When the prince decide to slay Wyrmvarg, he, together with Bernard accompanied him as a Chevalier. It didn't end well.
  • Not Quite Dead: Turns out he survived Wyrmvarg's wrath, though he ended up amnesiac.

    Human King 
The current king of humans, ruling in Beigenthal City. Carries over the previous king's decision to sacrifice a portion of his people to stall Wyrmvarg's wrath.
  • Killed Off for Real: When Wyrmvarg decides to attack the castle, he dies within, refusing to retreat while his men are fending inside.
  • Killed Offscreen: By the time the party confronts Wyrmvarg in the castle, the king has already been razed.

    Elf King 
The current king of elves. Ruling in Cascafalls City, he has been leading his people in a campaign to take Wyrmvarg down.
  • Killed Off for Real: Dies fighting Wyrmvarg when he wrongly thought he had the tools needed to beat him.

Stone Tablet Guardians

    Aqua | Water Spirit 
A guardian in Slipple Cave, tasked by the elf ancestors to keep a stone tablet. To get to her, the party must travel through the correct water current.

    Ignis | Fire Spirit 
A guardian in Magla Cave, tasked by the drawf ancestors to keep a stone tablet. To get to her, the party must defeat Rocky Behemoths in the level and use their remains as platforms to go further.

    Tempest | Wind Spirit 
A guardian in Banebrume Cave, tasked by the human ancestors to keep a stone tablet. To get to her, the party must brave through the poison miasma.

A mysterious elf woman who lives in the Ramshackle Mansion. She agrees to give you a stone tablet if you find her daughter.
  • Mistaken for Cheating: She killed her husband over her suspicion with his cheating when in reality, he hired his close friend to help her cope with the loss of her daughter.

    Jeweled Behemoth 
A powerful creature who guards a precious treasure in an Ancient Temple, which is revealed to be one of the stone tablets. Before it, the party must go trough a maze, avoid the Gargoyles along the way.

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