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Characters / Dragon Quest: Angels of a Sleeping World

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Character sheet for the canon storyline of Dragon Quest: Angels of a Sleeping World.

Unmarked spoilers for the original characters pertaining only to the roleplay and all of the canon characters' fandoms.

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     Ongard Focus 

Asaka Nachi

Sho Minazuki

     Fairy Focus 

Shiki Tomoki

Frederick von Dickleburg

Tomoe Tokiwa


  • Pet the Dog: Shiki kills her mother right after said mother 'gives birth to the poor little dragon.'

     Monastery Focus 

     Demon Focus 


  • Big Bad: At least, in Dream Somina.


Aya Shameimaru

Kotoko Utsugi/"Captain Sarah Sugar"

     Atarashi Focus 

     Morishige Focus 

Sakutaro Morishige

  • Ax-Crazy: If he was anything even mildly like he was portrayed in canon. Some his actions could be interpreted as this, notably his particularly brutal murder of May's former minder (even if May is the one who actually does the deed).
  • Casting a Shadow: One of the scrolls May gives him contains the dark magic Zammle.
  • Light Is Not Good: Is a Priest. Funnily enough, he shares this trait with Atarashi.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Almost from the moment he arrives in the DQ World with the others it's clear he has an ulterior agenda, and deliberately goes out of his way to avoid the rest of the cast...with the exception of Atarashi. It gets to the point where they deliberately orchestrate a trial in attempt to get their former party members convicted of piracy by claiming to be hostages.
  • Serious Business: Attempts to treat the trial in Ongard like this, however it becomes blatantly obvious that he and Atarashi are stringing it along in an attempt to convict their former party members of being pirates.
  • Worthy Opponent: Particularly impressed by the way Eiki sneaks around Dominic's base near Somina.

     Sakaro Focus 

Sakaro Maizono

     NPCs & Recurring NPCs