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Character sheet for Don't Name It, an Alternate Universe Homestuck Fan Fic.

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    The Twelve Trolls 

Vriska Serket

She h8s everyone. After all, the feeling's mutual, isn't it? Everyone around her's always judging her based on her hidden blood color — and if they knew the truth about her hideous mutation, she'd be culled immediately! (Assuming they don't already know and are just playing along to lull her into a false sense of security...)

Her trolltag is accostedGenius. In Sgrub, she is known as the Thief of Hope, and her domain is the Land of Carve and Rumors.

Gamzee Makara

Was born with the ability to see the deceased. However, this is limited by his own age; the spirits of anyone older than him remain invisible. Instead of having horrible psychological issues, however, he grew up thinking this was normal, and decided to become the best possible host for all his dead wiggler guests.

His trolltag is telltaleCircus. He is the Bard of Mind, from the Land of Boats and Lanterns. Notably, his powers from the game activated before he ever entered...

Terezi Pyrope

An enthusiastic soldier, Terezi has wholeheartedly dedicated herself to becoming the best fighter ever seen! Eventually, she knows her exhuastive, nonstop training and singleminded devotion to her chosen field of work will earn her a spot in the Ruffianihhilators once she comes of age.

Her trolltage is guerillaChick, and she is the Seer of Void of the Land of Mud and Gunfire.

Kanaya Maryam

An interrohacker by trade, she was assigned to translate and adapt a recently uncovered ancient game code for more modern audiences. Upon finishing the Beta Copy, she sends it to eleven of her friends for a test run, settign herself as the leader of Team Derse while her boss acts as leader of Team Prospit.

Her trolltag is goldenArmband, her title is the Sylph of Life, and her domain is the Land of Stars and Rings.

Feferi Peixes

A cheerful girl who loves colors! Though green isn't really her favorite, she still wears it anyway, along with a mishmash of bright rainbow shades — whatever she can throw together. Loves animals, and even has one living her in her hair, who she calls Delilah. Her favorite type of movie are Adventure/Romances where the Heroine destroys the villain all by herself!

Her trolltag is celadonCurator. In Sgrub she is called the Witch of Breath, of the Land of Cookies and Cream.

Equius Zahhak

A mysterious troll we don't know much about yet, who is also the First Guardian of Alternia.

His trolltag is citiesTerminated, and he is the Heir of Light from the Land of Smoke and Windows.

  • Badass in a Nice Suit
  • The Don
  • Emoticons: Prefaces all his messages with weaponry to indicate what sort of mood he's in.
  • Fan Nickname: Suitquius.
  • Physical God: Implied. He's Alternia's First Guardian (somehow); assuming First Guardians work the same here as in Homestuck canon, Equius may well be omnipotent.

Eridan Ampora

Eridan has lost his hive, his computer, his beloved weasel lusus, his dignity, his pants, his common sense, and basically the will to live... but none of that is going to keep him from pressing forward. For the sake of his friends, and for the game they're going to play together.

His trolltag is celebateAristocrat. The game titles him the Prince of Space, who rules the Land of Frogs and Freefall.


As Equius's right hand cat, Nepeta has no time or patience for any sort of shenanigans. Straightforward and serious, she's constantly infuriated by her insufferable indigo neighbor. In her spare time, she also dabbles in artistry, an extension of her vast knowledge of all forms of physical communication.

Her trolltage is athenasCircumstance. She serves as the Rogue of Time, and her domain is the Land of Gears and Spires.

Tavros Nitram

A social butterfly, all of Tavros' interests involve spending time with other trolls. And that's fine, because he has lots of friends! A whole bunch of them! Sure, sometimes they make him a little angry, but that's okay! They know better.

His trolltag is allocatedTinman. He is the Page of Blood from the Land of Waves and Toxin.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Though he seems laid back, it can be deceptively easy to set him off — worryingly so, given just what he does when angered.
  • Extreme Omnivore: When nervous, tends to eat things like keyboards and musical instruments.
  • The Power of Friendship
  • Revenge by Proxy: When one of his friends seriously pissed him off, he didn't kill them... no, he just wrecked their hive and slew their lusus.

Sollux Captor

A cheerful young troll who's easily distracted by anything bright, pretty, or just plain interesting to look at. When something catches his eye, he'll often go out of his way to try and get to it, no matter what's in his way. Can't hear anything, but that doesn't seem to bother him at all. He just uses sign language to tell NP how he's feeling.

His trolltag is titanicAmusement. His title is the Mage of Rage, and he rules the Land of Toys and Tunnels.

  • Ambiguous Innocence
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!
  • The Collector: Once he gets his hands on something he wanted, he likes to put them away in boxes. Then stand on the boxes.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: Terezi accidentally rips his pants off whilst acting as his server player. She decides to put them in his kernelsprite afterward. Sollux is less concerned with his underwear being visible and more concerned with the loss of his suspenders (which are his symbol—he could get killed if he doesn't wear them).
  • Creepy Child
  • Cute Mute
  • Morality Pet: Nepeta tries to set a good example for him. This hasn't stopped her or Equius from using him to their advantage, however.

Karkat Vantas

More than a bit of a Jerkass, Karkat enjoys laughing at others' misery, romantic comedies, and irony. Though not a Subjugglator, he wears the tradtional facepaint. More than a little jealous of Sollux, especially since he gets all of Nepeta's attention.

Assisted Aradia in feeding her lusus, Gl'bgolyb. Though the pair have grown close in a way that transcends the quadrants, she fears this has left him not quite right in the head.

His trolltag is cunningGlbgolybnyth. Sgrub dubs him the Knight of Heart, and he rules the Land of Graves and White.

Aradia Megido

Though her blood color marks her as the highest of trolls and heir apparent, Aradia has never been comfortable with the position it places her in. All her life, she felt she was not suited to be a princess, and wished she could renounce her birthright and pursue her own interests. Sadly, she has always felt as if she never had a choice; everything about her life has been decided for her.

Her trolltage is aleatoricAvenger. She becomes the Maid of Doom, of the Land of Depth and Nebulas.

  • I Just Want to Be Normal/Badass: Go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, her duties always came first as she felt she couldn't become the latter unless she first escaped her role.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: Her entire land is almost exclusively pink, her Sprite is bright pink, and she willingly wears her purplish-pink blood color on her eyeliner.
  • Shrinking Violet


    The Four Children 

Jade Egbert

A really cool and boyish girl from Canada currently living in Oxford, Michigan with her MOM. She loves science, science fiction, rocket/hover boarding, and engineering. She tries to be kind, grateful and honest at all times, but tends to be more than a little gullible.

Her chumhandle is gemanicGiatribes.

Rose Strider

She lives in a trailer park in Texas with her older SIS. Despises Stereotypes and anyone who relies on those instead of judging others on the merit of their own actions.

Her chumhandle is trailerTyke.

John Lalonde

He lives in Liverpool, England with his GRANDMOTHER. Also the Prince of Derse, and has been spending time there before his game session even begins...

His chumhandle is guardedTruly.

Dave Harley

A young boy living in a remote part of Australia with his GRANDFATHER. He's got access to THE most high-tech gear in all of Planet Earth, a side-effect of living with the same man who caused the Technological Revolution back in the early 2000's. He lives with not one, but TWO First Guardians as well, one of which is a giant eagle, the other of which is Doc Scratch.

His chumhandle is thinkingGreenland.


The First Guardian of Earth. She is a giant female eagle who has a prominent role in the lives of the kids, particularly Dave.

Doctor Scratch /Dave's Grandpa

A 200 year old librarian and close friend of Jade's. Also the First Guardian of Mars, a strange man with an umbrella and a swanky hat. He is, along with Belen, raising Dave on his own.

  • Cool Old Guy
  • Good Counterpart: To the original Doc Scratch.
  • Inexplicably Awesome
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Jade
  • Will Not Tell a Lie: Tells the truth at all times, just like the original Doc Scratch. Only this time without any malicious intent to decieve. When Jade contacts him while he's Could-Hopping to Australia, he tells her the truth, just never in detail. Whether this is to intentionally keep his Guardianhood a secret or just a regular misunderstanding is unknown.

     The Kingdom of Derse (Kid's Session) 


Because Derse is portrayed in a more positive light here than usual, they deserve their own character section.

Black King/Father

The King of Derse, and loving Father to John.

Black Queen/Mother

The Queen of Derse, and loving Mother to John.

The Midday Crew

The Midnight Crew, only female, and with magic powers.

Jinjur Cheren/Spades Regnant (Spades Slick)

The leader of the Midday Crew, and a complete loyalist, like the rest of her team. Has perfected the magic of Shadow Based Transformation.

Imperious Serpent/Diamonds Countess (Diamonds Droog)

Spades' second in command, who has perfected Shadow Based Movement, allowing her to become completely invisible and incomprehensible, as well as teleport wherever she pleases.

Clairvoyant Servant/Clubs Ignoble (Clubs Deuce)

The third member of the Midday Crew. Her Shadow Based Magic revolves entirely around the senses, allowing her to create unbelievably detailed illusions to the point of being artificial realms unto themselves.

Ardent Hooligan (Hearts Boxcars)


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