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In this upside-down world, the majority of the villains won, and got most, if not everything of what they were looking for. Thus, the villains of the Disney line-up rule the world, with individual Kings ruling over large swaths of land. There are three values that judge what a domain looks like: the King (the person in charge), the Land (what land the King rules over), and the Rule (how the King rules it).


Tropes Applying to Kings in General

  • Affably Evil: Some Kings can be this; as long as you don't disrupt what their kingdom, they won't turn their attention specially on you. The book even says that some villains have mellowed out a bit as a result of having to run a whole country.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Most of them got to the position of King by being the most powerful, most ruthless person than others. Don't think that being in charge of a country have made them any softer; indeed, some villains got even more dangerous as a result.
  • Just You And Me And My Guards: Why you should prioritize getting rid of Villains (the term for the King's bodyguards) before taking on a King: if you don't, the King will be able to summon them during battle instantly, making an already difficult fight even harder.

Base Game Gods And Kings


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