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A list of subseries-specific characters found in Disney's Disney Ducks Comic Universe.

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Keep in mind that since the characters and series have been around for so long, whether a character displays certain traits or not in any given story largely depends on the artist, the writer, or the time period.

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Paperinik focusses on the adventures of Paperinik, Donald's superhero identity. note 


Debut: Alla Ricerca della Pietra Zodiacale (1990)

A magician with hypnotic powers. Also appears in Ultraheroes as part of the Bad-7.

  • Arch-Enemy: The closest thing the classic Paperinik has to one.
  • Battle Couple: He seems to get along well with Zafire in Ultraheroes.
  • Hypnotic Eyes: Spectrus is so good that he can hypnotize through video tapes.
  • Hypno Ray: Used in Ultraheroes during his battle with Paperinik to hypnotize all the animals of a forest and use them as minions.
  • Master of Illusion: Spectrus' magician tricks got amplified in this in Ultraheroes.
  • Mind Manipulation: He is an expert magician who can hypnotize people to follow his orders or make them believe they are another person, or creature.
  • Stage Magician
  • Took a Level in Badass: He was a thief that Paperinik could defeat just by spraying his face with onion juice (it would irritate his eyes, making him helpless), but in Ultraheroes his Stage Magician tricks are upgraded to powerful illusions, making him capable of holding his own in a straight fight against Paperinik, something he failed to do after his debut story.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Onion juice, as having it sprayed on his face makes him helpless. And he used to like eating onions...
  • You Don't Look Like You: He's usually very slim and wears full body underwear with a short dark blue cape, but in Ultraheroes he's obese, wears a red spandex suit and has a longer yellow cape.


Percival McCandid (Inquinator)
Debut: Paperinik vs Inquinator (1991)

A Paperinik villain obsessed with dirt. He returns in Ultraheroes as part of the Bad-7.

  • Empowered Badass Normal: In Ultraheroes he not only uses garbage as part of his M.O., but also has power over it and can avoid getting annihilated by Super Goof.
  • Freudian Excuse: His mother had a phobia for dirt and kept the house continuously clean, also trying not to get her son dirty, so she would not allow Percival to cuddle his favorite plush bear because it was always dusty. Because of his mother's obsession, the little McCandid develops his own ideas about the dirt.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: In the Ultraheroes saga he is - despite his Heel–Face Turn - an evil polluter again.
  • Heel–Face Turn: The story "Paperinik e il ritorno di Inquinator" ("Duck Avenger and the return of Inquinator") has Inquinator breaking out of jail and polluting until it was revealed his secret identity (somehow gone unexposed during his jailtime) lived with a mother obsessed with cleanliness and became obsessed with dirtying and polluting in retaliation. He is reformed when Paperinik filled their home with dust (sent her running) and convincing him to found an ecological party.
  • Idiosyncrazy: He is a musophile, obsessed with dirt, filth and garbage, and his crimes are invariably littering and vandalism made out to be something special by the sheer scale. He later tried to rain black ink down on the White House.



Debut: "Paperinik contro il perfido... Perfidus" (1993)

A tramp turned criminal after an incident with a chemical reaction.

  • Evil Genius: After the incident, he become a criminal mastermind. For example, he manages to steal the Scrooge's Number One Dime!.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: He was just a simple tramp.

     Lola Duck 

Lola Duck
Paperinik e gli infallibili oroscopi (1996)

A beautiful thief and Paperinik's villainess.

  • Dating Catwoman: Paperinik is not immune to her charm. Indeed, he just stops her attempted theft, but never arrest her. Despite they share a strong attraction, their relationship end because of the respective roles.
  • Expy: She was Paperinik's personal Catwoman.
  • Femme Fatale: She is a very skilled thief and often uses her beauty to take advantage during her work.
  • Flower in Her Hair: She wears a red flower in her hair.
  • Long Hair Is Feminine: She has long black hair and is very feminine.
  • Loves My Alter Ego: Justified. She only meet Donald Duck as Paperinik.
  • Put on a Bus: In "Paperinik e la dolce crociera" she moved at Kora-Kora island and never return.

     Il Trasformista 

Il Trasformista

Debut: Paperinik e il grande trasformista (1997)

  • Born Unlucky: Why he was caught the first time: of all the possible disguises he picked Donald.
  • Master of Disguise: He's good enough that the only time Paperinik or anyone else saw through his disguise was when he disguised himself as Donald (not a disguise Paperinik would fall for, for obvious reasons), and he later broke out thanks to masks made out of breadcrumbs.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: "Trasformista" means "Master of Disguise". His real name is never mentioned.


Debut: Hot Chemistry (2006)

A foxy female thief from 5000 years back in time and friend of Fantomius in Danish stories.

  • Art Evolution / Progressively Prettier: In her first appearance she looked kinda weird, resembling Big Bad Wolf. In her second appearance, however, she went through a big visual re-design and looks physically quite different and is very cute.
  • Classy Cat-Burglar: A fox burglar.
  • Dating Catwoman: Subverted. She comes on to Paperinik because she thinks he is Fantomius, her old flame, whose style and equipment is the base of the one Donald uses for regular superheroing. Donald isn't that interested, and vaguely annoyed she thinks he is as old as his grandpa.
  • Depending on the Writer: She appear only in the Danish comics where Fantomius as still alive (he just retired and disappeared), having operated strictly by stealing the riches to give to the poor with her.
  • Everythings Foxier With Foxes: She is a cunning thief who runs a Robin Hood-like operation of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. (Fun fact: in some of her appearances, the artist was Mårdön Smed, who is the creator of Hieronymus Borsch, another athropormofic fox).
  • Love Redeems: She used to just steal for herself until she fell in love with Fantomius
  • Really 700 Years Old: She was born 5000 years ago. Her immortality coming from a magic jade statuette in the shape of a young wolf. This statuette was stollen by Ireyons from the powerful king and sorcerer of the ancient city of Urgh.


Debut: Paperinik Contro Tutti (2007)

A Paperinik and Paperinika villainess. She returns in Ultraheroes as part of the Bad-7.

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: In Ultraheroes she has purple hair.
  • Battle Couple: In Ultraheroes, Sapphire seemingly gets along the best with Spectrus.
  • Designated Girl Fight: With Paperinika.
  • Evil Redhead: Has long red hair in a ponytail.
  • It's Personal: On the receiving end: Paperinika goes after her due Sapphire apparently using hypnosis to seduce Donald in her first appearance (it wasn't like that, but go tell it to the jealous Daisy...).
  • Mind Manipulation: In her first apparition, she manages to control Paperinik's mind, making him steal a precious necklace while wearing his plain Donald clothes, thanks to this Sapphire sees Paperinik's true face. She is stopped by Daisy.
  • Psycho Electro: Averted. She isn't a nice person, but perfectly sane, despite her electric powers.
  • Secret Keeper: Accidentally: sees Paperinik's without costume in her first appearance, but, not being from Duckburg, doesn't actually knows who he is. She also doesn't use this knowledge during the Ultraheroes saga.
  • Shock and Awe: Has this power, but it is never specified how she got it. In Ultraheroes she has gloves that augment her electric blasts (and will short-circuit her if wore inside-out).

     Mr. Invisible 

Mr. Invisible
Debut: Paperinik Contro Tutti (2007)

  • Expy: Of the DC villain, the Gentleman Ghost who also wears a hat on top of his invisible head, and wears a suit with a cape.
  • Heel–Face Mole: In "The return of Mr. Invisible", he makes you believe he has become a good person, but his deception allows him to transform the Duck Avenger into a statue and only thanks to Gyro Gearloose is he able to free himself, catching the bad guy.
  • Invisibility: He is invisible.
  • Irony: A different paralyzer gun is one of Paperinik's trademark weapons, probably why Gyro had invented the one used by Invisible in the first place.
  • The Paralyzer: In "The Return of Mr. Invisible", he steal a Gyro invention to paralyze Paperinik. Fortunatly, Gyro discover that the effect is dispelled by reflexive movements such as those triggered by being tickled-or struck with a hammer on the foot. Paperinik then defeats him with the same weapon.


Dr. Hach-Mac

Debut: Paperinik Contro Tutti (2007)

  • Dumb Muscle: His robot assistent Dumb. His stupidity allow the doctor's defeat.
  • Mad Scientist: In his first story he materialize videogames villains in real world thanks to his invention.
  • Revenge: In "Paperinik e il Ritorno di Hach-Mac", he escape from prison to avenge his defeat against the Duck Avenger.

     Twin Boys 

Twin Boys (Timmy and Tommy)
First appearance: "Paperinik Contro Tutti", 2007

     Il Cavaliere Analogico
Debut: "Paperinik e la Fantomatica Fantomius", (2009)

The evil alter-ego of Duckbrug Science Museum's director.

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: In the fourth appearance, the villain is impersonated by a sentient virus born from his technology and made of pure energy.
  • Cool Horse: He rides a mechanic steam horse.
  • Evil Luddite: He hates all forms of technology and tries to destroy every electronic object in the city before being stopped by Paperinik.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After a last battle with Papernik he changes ideas and tries to make amends for his crimes.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: He is hit by mistake, losing the memory of his criminal identity.

     Mad Ducktor 

Mad Ducktor
Debut Paperinik e l'Amichevole Minaccia (2011)

An evil alter-ego of Gyro Gearloose, created by a short circuit in a machine built by Gyro himself.

  • The Dreaded: The only villain the classic Paperinik fears. Justified because of his genius.
  • Jekyll & Hyde: He is in many ways Gyro’s opposite, the Hyde to Gyro’s Jekyll. A genius, inventor, master of disguises, but also very vengeful and megalomaniac.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: He discovers Paperinik secret identity, but forgets after Paperinik slips him a few Car Cans.
  • Literal Split Personality: In "Paperinik e il Ritorno di Mad Ducktor" he is literally separated from Gyro.

     Professor Delta 

Professor Delta

Debut Paperinik e la scomparsa nel mistero (2011)

  • Evil Genius: The Professor Delta is evil and unscrupulous, but also a genius and a strategist.
  • In the Hood: He wears a long red dress and a red hat that cover him totally.
  • Shout-Out: His name is an homage to the "Delta Dimension" from a famous Romano Scarpa's story.
  • Take Over the World: His ultimate goal. In the first story he kidnap Scrooge in exchange for gold to use for upgrade his machine and threaten the entire world.
  • Time Master: In his second apparition, he uses a machine that can cause Rapid Aging or the inverse.


Fantomius is the Gentleman Thief who inspired Donald in becoming Paperinik. He gets his personal spinoff Le Strabilianti Imprese di Fantomius - Ladro Gentiluomo (The Amazing Adventures of Fantomius - Gentleman Thief)

Lord John Lamont Quackett/Fantomius the Gentleman Thief
Debut: Paperinik il Diabolico Vendicatore (1969-first mentioned)-Paperinik e il Tesoro di Dolly Paprika (2005-in person)

A British gentleman who moved to Duckburg and started stealing to put the jerks of Duckburg's high society in their place. His journal inspired Donald in becoming Paperinik.

  • Ace Pilot: Fought in World War I as one.
  • Arc Welding: Fantomius' series involves a fair bit of this: the Mad Duke of Duckburg (mentioned in a Carl Barks story) is revealed to be an ancestor of his and the builder of three castles around Duckburg (the one where he lived, Dismal Valley's (appeared in a Barks story) and Three Towers Castle (from a Paperinik story)), his older brother Henry designed the cathedral of Notre Duck, and the Ghost of Notre Duck is his brother Henry, who used a costume similar to the one worn by a terrifying tax collector who was an ancestors of theirs (a portrait of which appears in his refuge) to commit some thefts to rebuild a secret city and created the legend to cover himself.
  • Ascended Extra: Started out as the mysterious and unseen individual who created Paperinik's legacy, and in 2012 obtained his own series.
  • Been There, Shaped History: Inspired King Kong.
  • Calling Card: A literal calling card that he leaves on the scene of his crimes.
  • Cool Car: The Mysterious Fantomius, a sports car of the early decades of the twentieth century, properly made up and modified, which owns several accessories that later Gyro has also installed on Donald's car. Also its prototype, the tank-like Mobile Chariot.
  • Depending on the Writer: A number of Danish stories show him Lighter and Softer than the normal version and ignore the existance of his fiancee/accomplice Dolly Paprika and him being dead in the present time.
  • Diary: His journal. Fantomius, as recounted in "Paperinik and the Past Without Future", is urged by his girlfriend Dolly Duck to write his deeds so that remains testimony of its businesses. There's at least three journals, all currently in Paperinik's hands.
  • Expy: Loosely based on Fantômas, but more close to Diabolik (even looking like the latter under his mask) and Arsène Lupin for his noble side. His name also gives him away as an expy of Lamont Cranston
  • Gentleman Thief: Or, in his words, "a gentleman masquerading as a thief".
  • Hero of Another Story: In his personal spinoff Le Strabilianti Imprese di Fantomius - Ladro Gentiluomo (The Amazing Adventures of Fantomius - Gentleman Thief). The series takes place in the Twenties and shows some of Fantomius and Dolly's most remarkable adventures of Fantomallard and Dolly Paperika, in a perfect old style and with several references to famous characters from both literature and historical comics.
  • Hero's Evil Predecessor: "Evil" is a bit of a stretch, but Fantomius did go down in history (and labelled himself as) a master thief whereas Paperinik eventually shirked his anti-hero roots and became a more straightforward vigilante who was beloved and trusted by the public.
  • In the Blood: Whenever his relatives get some characterization they're shown to share his Trickster, avenging and ultimately gentle tendencies:
    • His older brother Henry, noticed his aspirations for heroic adventures when he was a child, told him how masks and cloaks could be used not to conceal someone's identity but to reveal their real self, indirectly inspiring Fantomius. He also designed and built Villa Rosa (John's main house in the US) with its various secret passages because he expected him to pull something like that, and actually provided the costume (once a knightly outfit Henry wore to a costume party, and the outfit he was wearing when he inspired John. Henry's version had diffent footwear, a Nice Hat in place of Fantomius' face-covering mask, and wore the cape in a different way). Also, Henry later became a Gentleman Thief himself as the Phantom of Notre-Duck.
    • Richard Quackett, the Mad Duke of Duckburg (originally created by Barks but left without characterization), earned his nickname by joining Francis Drake's expeditions, stealing part of the loot (something Drake considered madness, hence the name), and settling in New Albion (the future Duckburg), a settlement founded by Drake himself. He used part of the stolen gold to build the three medieval castles around the place, fairly paying the settlers and the local Indians for the job, and then gave part of the remaining gold to charity (and slipping some to a friend right before Drake came back to take his revenge) before disappearing. Dolly calls him the first Gentleman Thief.
  • Just Like Robin Hood: Has shades of this, leaving parts of his loot to the poors of Duckburg. This trait is more marked in Danish stories: Italian Paperinik stories, including the one where Paperinik debuted and first mentioned Fantomius, make clear that Fantomius stole from the rich only out of a personal vendetta (as they called him a good for nothing just because of his British nationality, much like Donald Duck became Paperinik due to having enough of being called called a lazy good for nothing in spite of all his efforts), and as much as he would give to charity any cash he stole, he usually grabbed jewels and other rare and valuable things.
    • Lampshaded in a flashback, where it is shown he was actually a fan of Robin Hood as a child-and admitted he was one of his inspirations (the other being a lawyer-friendly take on Zorro).
  • Legacy Character: Appropriately enough, Fantomius is the one whose journal inspired Donald into becoming Paperinik.
  • Master of Disguise: Notably, he even pulled Paperinik's trademark disguise of his own secret identity (wearing a lord Quackett mask over his costume).
    • Latex Perfection: An avid user. Some of his masks ended up in Paperinik's hands.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: His threat to rob Scrooge of everything, including the bed he was sleeping on, as soon as he comes back to Duckburg is the direct cause of the billionaire staying away until 1930 and missing his chances to rekindle his relationship with his sisters.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Acts as an idiot to make sure he won't be linked to Fantomius... And to troll the snobs of high society.
  • Older and Wiser: A modern version of Fantomius is shown in the 2005 history of Danish production The Legacy (The Myth), where the gentleman thief after many years of hermitage and oriental arts training, now aged teacher, returns to Duckburg to know and train the mysterious masked duck (all signs point is Gladstone) who inherited the villa and its gadgets being followed up his exploits.
    • In the Italian version of this story published on with the title Paperinik and the Legacy have been altered, the original dialogues and the aged master is not presented as Fantomius but simply as a member of the congregation to which he entrusted the task of ensuring that his legacy would not be wasted, as "Paperinik the Devilish Avenger" (the first Paperinik story) established that Fantomius was dead.
  • Posthumous Character: Paperinik il Diabolico Vendicatore establishes that he's already dead. Stories set in the present only have him appear though flashbacks or impersonators.
    • Subverted in Danish stories where he is older and alive.
  • Secret Identity Identity: Fantomius is who he really is, with lord Quackett being a mere act.
  • The Trickster: Can't resist pranking his victims and Pinko, with the latter's boast that one day he'd arrest him and he would not escape being answered by Fantomius letting himself be arrested and unmasked, breaking out to commit a heist and signing it, going back to the jail by the main door and breaking out again leaving behind a mask with his own face to convince Pinko he wasn't actually lord Quackett.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Not properly doom, but his promise to steal everything Scrooge owns, including his bed while he's sleeping on it, as soon as he's back to Duckburg is why the billionaire didn't return until 1930.
  • You Don't Look Like You: Danish versions. His big-headed appearance sharply differs from the one designed by Scarpa in 1970.

     Dolly Paprika 

Dolly Duck/Dolly Paprika

Debut: Paperinik alla riscossa (1970-impersonated)-Paperinik e il Tesoro di Dolly Paprika (2005-in person)

Fantomius female counterpart who shares with him the most daring enterprises. She's a distant relative of Gladstone.

  • The Ghost: In the first adventures little was known about the true identity of Dolly. In these stories she was in fact impersonated by Daisy, who was wearing the strange red costume with bat or fox style long ears, for a masquerade party. The real Dolly Paprika is shown for the first time in some images of the story Paperinik e il tesoro di Dolly Paprika (Duck Avenger and the treasure Of Dolly Paprika) and she finally appear in the flesh in the story Paperinik e il passato senza futuro (Duck Avenger and the past without future) where it is also said her true name which is Dolly Duck.
  • Rich Boredom: She follow Fantomius in his adventures to escape the boring, mundane life that her class requires her to follow.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Dolly is the one who had the merit of suggesting to Fantomius to keep a secret diary for posterity to confide all their enterprise. Without it, Donald would never have become Paperinik.

     Alcmeone Pinko 

Alcmeone Pinko

Debut Paperinik e il segreto di Fantomius (2011)

Police commissioner in 1920s Duckburg. Nemesis of Fantomius.

  • Butt-Monkey: He is as usual foolished by Fantomius and in this case also by Paperinik disguise as Lord Quackett in a Time Travel story.
  • Expy: As well Fantomius is an expy of Diabolik, Pinko is a comedy version of Inspector Ginko (Diabolik's antagonist). Word of God says that he is inspired also to police commissioner Juve, Fantomas's antagonist.
  • It Runs in the Family: He is the Grandfather of the Pinko policeman shown in the story Paperinik e il ritorno a Villa Rosa (Duck Avenger and the return to Villa Rose) who several years later will tray to arrest Paperinik.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: He's a genuinely good cop. It's just that Fantomius is way better.
  • Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist: The detective Pinko is present in mostly of the gentleman burglar adventures, and of course during the stories he was never able to definitely arrest his enemy Fantomius. Qualifies for this because he doesn't know why Fantomius steals-and the one time he knew (the giant ape that would end up inspiring King Kong) he flat-out admitted he approved while doing exactly nothing to stop him.


Raceworld is a miniseries in which the Duck and Mouse cast members are intergalactic racers.
     The Chihuahua Sisters 

The Chihuahua Sisters
First appearance: "Raceworld", 2014

An Italian-original trio of chihuahuas (original name: "Le Chihuahua") that form one team of racers. The brown-haired one is in love with one of the Beagle Boys.

  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Their hair colors. The blonde one is the leader.
  • Comic Trio: They have shades of this, but on account of the semi-serious nature of the comic it doesn't come through fully.
  • Distaff Counterpart: To the Beagle Boys. They're one of three sets of distaff counterparts, the others being the Beagle Babes and the Poodle Pretties, and of the three the most blatant one.
  • Flirting Under Fire: The Chihuahua-Beagle couple refuses to leave any moment together unused for flirting, even when their respective teams are in the middle of a standoff.
  • Informed Species: They look as much like chihuahuas as the Beagle Boys look like beagles. Which is to say, not in the slightest.


Stories focused on Reginella, Donald's alien love interest.

Debut: Paperino e l'avventura sottomarina (Donald Duck in the Underwater Adventure), (1972)

Reginella is the Queen of an alien civilization from the planet Pacificus and a love interest to Donald.

  • 100% Adoration Rating: Her subjects just adore her. It's actually a plot point in "The Queen Out of Time", as nobody saw the Grand Councillor's betrayal coming, and his one accomplice still tries to give Reginella a good time in her exile in the past (thus allowing Donald and the First Cerusic to track her down and save her).
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Whatever you do, do not endanger her people or Donald. For the former, she's willing to unleash all of Donald's wrath, and for both, when pushed enough, she can use her immense psychic powers to terrifying effect. Then there's the time Space Pirates attacked Pacificus and she turned their leader to stone...
    • Death Glare: Whenever pushed too far she gives an impressive one. It's the only warning whoever got her mad has before she unleashes her wrath and the fool is turned into an emotional wreck-if they're lucky.
  • Break the Cutie: The troubled romance with Donald marks the character of Reginella, who always appears sad and melancholic, with a soul full of hopes and dreams, that every time are broken by the Dean. He has the sad task of reminding his sovereign of the problems of the state, forcing her to destroy all fantasies for the future.
  • The Chessmaster: In her third story she easily manipulates the evil Bingo to have a chance to summon Donald.
  • The Cutie: She is very short, but at same time full of grace and beauty. Combined with her nice personality, is not a surprise that her subjects (and Donald) adore her.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: She wears a black robe with red border, but is also very nice.
  • Fisher King: When extremely sad she causes her own Gray Rain of Depression-on a planetary scale.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Two of them:
    • Whenever Pacificus is threatened in a way her people's psychic powers cannot solve, she summons Donald in the full knowledge he'll unleash a tremendous amount of violence on the enemy, as she knows it's far better to risk her people's pacifist ways and a(nother) heartbreak rather than have the certainty of their enslavement or worse.
    • Has enormous psychic powers that would allow her to take out the threats to her planet with ease, but the strain is so bad that neither her nor her predecessors (who had the same powers) didn't dare to use them until her fourth story, when the very survival of her people was threatened-and fully expected to die. While she survived, a second use made her comatose.
  • Hair Decorations: Has star clips in her hair
  • The High Queen: She is the Queen and is beloved by her citizens. She has a deep sense of duty and responsibility towards her people. She sacrifices repeatedly her personal happiness with Donald in order to ensure the safety of her fellow citizens, even sacrificing herself to defeat the invaders of her land.
    "Sometimes a crown weighs too much."
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Well, Donald is not so "huge", but she is much shorter than him.
  • Jerkass Ball:
    • In the first story, Reginella's good nature does not stop her from brainwashing Donald and making him forget about his past so he can stay with her and her people.
    • In the third story finding out she has to separate her from Donald again prompts her to have one of her subjects bring him back to Earth fully knowing he'll return old, just because she's furious at the separation happening again. Mitigated by the fact she accepted only a volunteer who fully knew the price.
  • Ladyella: Regina + Ella.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: The forgetfulness potion is her solution to keep secrets. Even used it on herself and Donald when the sadness from being unable to stay with him and her psychic influence on the weather started causing floods.
  • Magical Girlfriend: An alien queen with psychic powers who is in love with ordinary Earth-duck Donald.
  • Meaningful Name: In italian her name means "little queen".
  • Nice Girl: Most of the time, she'll be just so nice you can't help but adore her. Just don't push her too far.
  • Psychic Powers: Like her people she has psychic "disapproval" powers that can neutralize enemies, only much stronger-enough that, should she use them beyond the normal collective use, the strain could kill her.
  • Shout-Out: Her original appearance is inspired by Calimero (at the time, protagonist of some old commercials on 1963).
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Donald. They love each other, but their different responsibilities keep them apart.

    Pacificus people 

Pacificus peoples

Debut: Paperino e l'avventura sottomarina (Donald Duck in the Underwater Adventure), (1972)

Reginella's subjects.

  • Fisher King: To a much smaller extent than Reginella, as they can't cause non-stop rains... Just make them worse when their temper grows bad. And they're all meteoropathic.
  • Human Aliens: With one exception they look undistinguishable from the usual Earth ducks, and the one exception is a dogface.
  • Perfect Pacifist People: The citizens of Pacificus disapprove the physical violence and most of earthling's bad habits. Indeed, in the first story, Donald (initially acclaimed as a consort of Reginella and future king) is kicked out when he start to act too cowardly forces the poor queen to understand that Donald does not belong to their own race.
    • In the story "Paperino e il matrimonio di Reginella" (Donald Duck and Reginella's marriage), they are got enslaved by the army of the evil Bingo. Donald come to help and kick out Bingo and his army. Donald Duck is acclaimed as an hero and he can be together with Reginella. But Donald action inspired violence in the inhabitants of Pacificus, especially to the young ones , who start to plays with fake wooden-made rifles. So Reginella decides sadly to send Donald Duck back to home while he was sleeping to preserve her people's purity.
    • Technical Pacifist: In "Paperino e il matrimonio di Reginella" the one chosen to go and bring back Donald cannot defend himself when Bingo's soldiers are about to stop him... But he can extend his arm with a closed fist and let his would-be captor run into it nose-first.
  • Planet Spaceship: They live on one. It has to choose between pre-determined routes, but is rather fast.
  • Psychic Powers: They have psychic "disapproval" powers, used to take down unruly people and external invaders down non-violently with cold disapproval. While the powers of one Pacifican are weak, in groups, and especially with Reginella's lead, they can easily turn away large invasion forces.
  • Space Age Stasis: Averted: their technology has considerably improved between the first and the sixth story, giving them longer-ranged ships, devices that allow them to survive outside their specific time dimension at will (and can double as Time Machines with a small modification), and the ability to communicate between Earth and their homeworld.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Two of them:
    • The effectiveness of their psychic "disapproval" powers heavily depends on their will and Reginella's lead. If one is missing, they're helpless:
      • In "Donald and Reginella's Wedding" Bingo's army invaded while Reginella was still stranded on Earth, and the Pacificus people was unable to stop them. By the time Reginella came back, their will to resist had been severely weakened and they couldn't resist beyond summoning Donald.
      • In "Reginella and the Terran Threat" the Terran billionaire, facing the Senate's disapproval of his plan to build a vacation village for wealthy people on Pacificus, dropped presents on the planet to wear down the people, who, unused to luxury items, couldn't muster the will to chase out the billionaire and his workers.
    • The people of Pacificus live in a different time dimension. While Donald and other Terrans can step in areas with their time dimension without effects beyond a day inside being equal to a second outside, Pacificus people who step in the Terran time dimension grow old extremely fast, and one of them needs life energy from the entire people to survive more than a few hours. They later invent a device that allows them to survive.
      • Reginella is a partial exception: she too needs a life energy transfer to go outside, but it's much smaller and takes much longer to wear off.

    The Jealous Pacificus 

The Jealous Pacificus

Debut: Paperino e l'avventura sottomarina (Donald Duck in the Underwater Adventure), (1972)

A Pacificus who is extremely jealous of Donald.


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