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The list of secret characters in Disney Crossy Road. All info on who these characters are and how to unlock them is unmarked, read at your own risk.

An asterisk (*) denotes a character unlocked through completing Daily Challenges. A dollar sign ($) denotes an Enchanted character unlocked through Daily Challenges. Italics indicate a retired character who has been removed from the game as of May 2017.


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    Mickey Mouse and Friends 
  • Fifi (Pick up a certain amount of dog bones with Pluto)
  • Chip (complete the "Crazy Critters" character set, which includes Timon, the Haunted Mansion Gargoyle, Pascal, and Finnick)
  • Dale (complete the "Fab 5" set, which, of course, includes Mickey, Minnie (Polka Dot Dress), Donald, Goofy, and Pluto)
  • Butch (Score 100 points in one round as Pete)
  • Mortimer Mouse (simply come across him while playing as Mickey Mouse)
  • Chief O'Hara (play as Chief Bogo in the Zootopia world and walk up to 50 criminal characters)
  • Detective Casey (Play as Chief O'Hara and get hit by a police car 5 times)
  • Steamboat Minnie (The ticket prize machine if not unlocked through a Weekend Challenge)
  • Golden Harp (Score 100 points in one round as Willie the Giant)
  • Father Time (Enchanted; Ticket prize machine)
  • Clock Cleaners Goofy (Play as Goofy and pick up a clock)
  • Magician Mickey*
  • The Band Concert Mickey*
  • Peter Pig*
  • Debonair Mickey (Diamond; unlock with 500 tickets)
  • Elegant Minnie (have 150 total stars through upgrading characters)

    Toy Story 
  • Jessie (pick up 50 cherries while playing as Bullseye)
  • Mrs. Nesbitt Buzz (come across him while playing as Woody)
  • Lenny (complete the "Toy Story 1" set, which includes Woody, Buzz, Rex, Slinky, and Bo Peep)
  • Prospector (complete the "Toy Story 2" set, which includes Jessie, Bullseye, Emperor Zerg, and Wheezy)
  • Mint in the Box Prospector (after having unlocked the Prospector, come across him in his box while playing as Jessie)
  • Mr. Pricklepants (ticket machine)
  • Chuckles (ticket machine)
  • Sparks (ticket machine)
  • LGM Alien (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Buttercup (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Peas-in-a-pod (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Sarge$
  • Rocky*
  • Stretch*
  • Bookworm*
  • Twitch*
  • Spanish Mode Buzz*

    The Haunted Mansion 

    The Lion King 
  • Mufasa (play as Simba and linger around wildebeest stampede areas for 12 seconds total)
  • Flower Mane Simba (play as Simba and come across and walk down a line of zebras)
  • Scar (play as Mufasa and get run over by a wildebeest stampede)
  • Blue Beetle (collect 50 grubs as Pumbaa)
  • Giraffe (complete the "Big and Tall" set)
  • Sarabi (Ticket machine)
  • Spirit Mufasa (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Ed*
  • Gazelle* (not the Zootopia one)

    Big Hero 6 

  • The Lantern (play as any character in the Haunted Mansion world and light 30 candles)
  • Mother Gothel (complete the "Feels Good to Be Bad" set, which includes both the Stabbington Brothers, Pete, King Candy, and the Prospector)
  • The King (King Frederic)
  • The Queen (Queen Arianna) (play as Emperor Zurg in the Toy Story world and walk on a Queen playing card (which has her face on it) on the ground)
  • Captain of the Guard
  • Warthog (play as Attila and pick up 50 cupcakes)
  • Big Nose (ticket machine)
  • Shorty (Enchanted; ticket machine)

    Inside Out 
  • Fritz (complete the "Feeling Emotional" set, which includes the five emotion characters)
  • Frank (while playing as Dave, find and collide with Bing Bong)
  • Bobby (complete the "Brain Maintenance" set, which includes Bing Bong and all of the initially available Mind Worker characters)
  • The Brazilian Helicopter Pilot (come across him and his helicopter while playing as Sadness)
  • Abstract Bing Bong (while playing as Bing Bong, find and collide with the entrance to the Abstract Thought chamber)
  • Abstract Joy (come across her while playing as Abstract Bing Bong)
  • Abstract Sadness (same as Abstract Joy)
  • All five of the Dog's Emotions*
  • New Years 2017 Sadness (ticket machine)
  • Dream Director (ticket machine)
  • New Years 2017 Joy (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Rainbow Unicorn (Enchanted; ticket machine)

    Wreck-It Ralph 

  • Elephant Finnick (complete the "Master of Disguise" set, which includes Super Suit Fred, Hero's Duty Ralph, King Candy, Ulf, and the Haunted Mansion Armor)
  • Gideon (complete the "Top of the Food Chain" set, which includes Nick Wilde, Lionheart, Mr. Otterton, Finnick, and Manchas)
  • Business Lemming (play as Nick and pick up a popsicle)
  • Wreck-it Rhino (play as Wreck-it Ralph and wreck 50 obstacles total using the Cherry Bomb item)
  • Pig Hero Six (play as Baymax and pick up 50 batteries total)
  • Wrangled (play as Rapunzel and get hit by horses 5 times)
  • Fru Fru (ticket machine)
  • Duke Weaseltown (Enchanted; ticket machine)

    The Jungle Book 

    Finding Dory 
  • The Tank Gang (all members except Jacques and Peach (the latter of whom is not playable; are unlocked by finding them in fish tanks while playing as Nemo)
    • Gil
    • Deb
    • Bubbles
    • Bloat
    • Gurgle
    • Jacques (unlocked when the "Tank Gang" set is completed, which includes the above five characters)
  • Jenny (play as Baby Dory and find her at the end of a trail of shell pickups)
  • Charlie (same as Jenny)
  • Otter
  • Fluke (ticket machine)
  • Jellyfish (ticket machine)
  • Coffee Pot (ticket machine)
  • Baby Dory (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Anglerfish (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • P. Sherman (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Becky*

    Alice Through the Looking Glass 
  • Vegetable Soldier (play as the Green Army Man in the Toy Story world and have someone attempt to melt you with a magnifying glass)
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Wilkins (play as Time and collect fifty Roman numerals)
  • Borogrove (ticket machine)
  • Cheshire Kitten (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Cheshire Cat (Diamond; have 100 total stars through upgrading characters)
  • The Bandersnatch*

    Pirates of the Caribbean 

    Monsters, Inc. 
  • Garbage Cube (come across it while playing as Sulley and cry over it)
  • Sim Kid (come across it while playing as Sulley and scare it ten times total)
  • Tony (complete the "Men at Work" set, which includes the CDA Agent, the Mind Worker, Flash, the Surge Protector, the Vegetable Executioner, and Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.)
  • Fungus (ticket machine)
  • Charlie (ticket machine)
  • Boo in Costume (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Agent 001 (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Harley*

  • Pink Flamingo (complete the "Agrabah Royalty" set, which includes Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar, the Sultan, and Rajah)
  • Beggar Jafar (complete the "Cave of Wonders" set, which includes Aladdin, Jafar, the Magic Carpet, Gazeem, and the Genie)
  • Magic Lamp (play as the Genie and transform 25 objects)
  • Golden Scarab (find both halves of the scarab, one while playing as Jafar and the other while playing as Gazeem)
  • Honeymoon Aladdin (ticket machine)
  • Honeymoon Jasmine (ticket machine)
  • Elephant Abu (ticket machine)
  • Jester Sultan (ticket machine)
  • Prince Ali (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Red Dress Jasmine (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Muscular Prince Ali (Diamond; have 200 stars through upgrading characters)
  • Snake Charmer*

    The Nightmare Before Christmas 

  • Frog Monster (complete the "Heroes of Motunui" set, which includes Moana, Maui, Tala, Pua, and Heihei)
  • Sloth Monster (complete the "Island Life" set, which includes Tui, Sina, Tala, Pua, and Maui's Hook)
  • Ghost Gramma Tala (play as Tala and lose 25 times)
  • Chicken Feed (play as Heihei and pick up 25 piles of chicken feed)
  • Maui's Hook (come across and collect it while playing as Baby Moana)
  • Eel (ticket machine)
  • Eight-eyed Bat (ticket machine)
  • Tamatoa (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Shark-Head Maui (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Baby Moana*

  • Training Dummy (Complete the "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" set, which includes Ping, Shang, Ling, Yao, and Chein Po)
  • The Matchmaker (Complete the "Honor To Us All" set, which includes Mulan, Fa Zhou, Fa Li, Khan, and Cri-Kee)
  • General Li (score 100 points in one round while playing as Shang)
  • Little Girl Doll (Complete the "Big Trouble in Little China" set, which includes Shan Yu, Hayabusa, General Li, and the Emperor)
  • Chicken (while playing as Little Brother, walk through a chicken pen)
  • Falcon Rider Mushu (come across the burnt Hayabusa while playing as Mushu)
  • Grandmother Fa (ticket machine)
  • Chi Fu (ticket machine)
  • First Ancestor Fa (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Stone Dragon Mushu (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Concubine Ling*
  • Concubine Yao*
  • Concubine Chien Po*

    The Incredibles 
  • Bob Parr (complete the "All in the Family" set, which includes all five of the family members in their super suits)
  • Helen Parr (come across the three Incredible kids while playing as Mrs. Incredible)
  • Incredi-Boy (complete the "Sidekicks and Super Friends" set, which includes Rick Dicker, Edna Mode, Kari, and Frozone)
  • The Underminer (come across a giant drill while playing as Mr. Incredible)
  • Lucius Best (play as Frozone and collect 25 glasses of water)
  • Rusty McCallister (i.e. the kid on the tricycle) (complete the "Nothing To See Here" set, which includes Bob Parr, Helen Parr, and Lucius Best)
  • Nomanison Guard (ticket machine)
  • Syndrome (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Omnidroid*

    Beauty and the Beast 
  • Gardrobe (complete the "Dressed for Success" set, which includes Maurice, Gaston, LeFou, and the Beast)
  • The Rose (complete the "Cursed" character set, which includes all initially available cursed characters)
  • War Hero Gaston (score 250 points in one run as Gaston)
  • Winter Coat Belle (collect 50 books while playing as Belle)
  • The Prince (Human!Beast; after unlocking Ballroom Beast simply find and dance with Belle once)
  • Magic Mirror (ticket machine)
  • Human Chip (ticket machine)
  • Ballroom Belle (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Ballroom Beast (Enchanted; ticket machine)
  • Human Lumiere*
  • Human Cogsworth*
  • Human Mrs. Potts*
  • Human Garderobe*

    Lilo & Stitch 
  • Ice Cream Man (complete the "Paradise in Hawaii" set, which includes the movie's initially available human cast i.e. Lilo, Nani, David, Mrs. Hasagawa, and Mertle.)
  • Space Suit Stitch (complete the "Space Invaders" set, which includes the movie's alien cast i.e. Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley, Gantu, and the Grand Councilwoman)
  • Bullfrog (after unlocking Space Suit Stitch, get hit by cars ten times)
  • Prisoner Jumba (play as the Grand Councilwoman and come across Jumba in a large prison cell)
  • Mosquito (play as Pleakley and come across it; not one of the "vehicle" mosquitos)
  • Rescue Lady (play as Lilo and find five dogs in the level)
  • Hawaiian Shirt Jumba (ticket machine)
  • Earth Day Stitch (Enchanted; ticket machine)

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