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Characters / Dinosaur Comics

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A dinosaur who gets really enthusiastic about ideas. Appears in all six panels.


T-Rex's somewhat saner friend and comedic foil. Appears in panels four and five.


T-Rex's supportive (that is, less aggressively critical) friend. Appears in panel three.


Creator and maintainer of the cosmos. Seems to have a lot of free time.

The Devil

The Adversary. Very serious about videogames.



A very small insect with problems.

Mr. Tusks

An elephant afflicted with island dwarfism. Vice-mayor of Tiny Towne.

Professor Science

A diplodocus with a square graduation hat that for some reason, T-Rex answers SCIENCE mail for. The Professor seems to just ignore T-Rex.
  • The Ghost: More so than other characters not physically appearing in the comic, he never reacts even when he is ostensibly just off camera. It can't even be said for sure he knows Ask Professor Science is a thing because he never gets his mail.

The Tiny Woman in Panel Four

  • They Killed Kenny Again: T-Rex stomps her in every comic.
    • It's revealed in one Alt Text that she actually throws down a smoke bomb and escapes, and that she is actually the most competent character in comic!... She still never actually says anything.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: It was a fan comic but she Took a Level in Badass, blocked Rex's foot and kicked him in the face.

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