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Characters / Digimon Y 2 KV

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Travis Jones

Jackson Nobi

Fiona Levi

Yosuke Amagi

Rebecca "Becky" Klein

Kaito Sendou

Kevin Yates

  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Stiff Upper Lip: Subverted/averted. While determined and easygoing, Kevin is definitely not stoic, and he doesn't react well to seeing a digimon for the first time.

Flynn Harris


Chris Shade the Impmon

Lady Mervus The Kotemon

  • Action Girl: According to her profile. Yet to actually be seen.

Selene Moonstar The Gatomon

Ko Monkey The Monmon

Asena The Garurumon

  • Canis Major: Like the rest of the Garurumon evolution branch, he is a large wolf.

Siegfried Dragonheart The Guilmon

Drake Cobalast The Dracomon

Marchosias The Sangloupmon



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