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    Heiji Hattori 
See here for more information on him.

    Kazuha Touyama 
See here for more information on her.

    Heizo Hattori
Voiced by Takehiro Koyama (JP), Andrew T. Chandler (EN)

Heiji's father and the Police Commissioner of Osaka.

Dub Name Change: Martin Hartwell.

  • Alliterative Name: Heizo Hattori.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Heizo possesses a very sharp intellect and observation skills. His intelligence is on par with Yusaku Kudo, given how both fathers are able to solve a case before their sons do; Heizo was able to correctly deduce the culprit in the murder cases that involved Toyotomi's castle. His deduction skills were further demonstrated during a flashback, when he was able to solve case just by listening to the details on phone and give a hint to Heiji.
  • Badass in Charge: Heizo is the highest ranking officer at Osaka Prefectural police Headquarters, and thus has the command of many of the police officers of Osaka.
  • Badass Moustache: His intelligence is on par with Yusaku Kudo and Heizo even has an equally neat-looking moustache.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: He's where Heiji inherited his thick eyebrows from.
  • Da Chief: Heizo is the highest ranking officer at the Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters; he is Superintendent Supervisor (Rank 2).
  • Eyes Always Shut: He rarely opens one, left alone both.
  • Happily Married: Shizuka and Heizo appear to have a good relationship. She is not intimidated by Heizo's fierce personality, and he seems to listen to her.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Ginshiro Toyama. In fact there friendship is how Kazuha and Heiji became friends with each other and more.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: In a Tough Love variety. For example, he punched his son in front of many people because of his son's immaturity during a case. But it was revealed later on that he merely punched Heiji for his son to be more aggressive in solving the case and using both Heiji and Conan as a bait, although he apologized later on.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: During his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Heiji, he makes some accurate points about how his son's hotheadedness and arrogance is hindering the case.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: In spite of his manipulative nature with Heiji, Heizo still loves his son and will protect him with his life.
  • Manipulative Bastard: And not even Kogoro is pleased.
  • Papa Wolf: Heizo will place himself between a dangerous criminal and Heiji in order to protect the latter.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: As a high-ranked commissioner, his work is mostly a paperwork and negotiations-centered one (unlike what Hollywood and comic books say) so he leaves the action more to people like Touyama or Ohtaki.
  • The Stoic: Contrasting with his son's Hot Bloodedness, Heizo is more serious and cool-headed.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Heizo does care for and will protect his son, but his brusque and stoic personality leaves him unlikely to say as much, or even if he is proud of Heiji.
  • Tough Love: Ginshiro even lampshades this to Ohtaki on Heizo's relationship with his son.

    Shizuka Hattori, nèe Ikenami
Voiced by Masako Katsuki (JP)

Heiji's beautiful, strong-willed mother.

Dub Name Change: Melinda Hartwell.

  • Action Mom: Her first appearance includes easily subduing the culprit in a murder case. And like her son, Heiji, she is skilled at kendo.
  • Almighty Mom: One of the few persons who can stand up to the sneaky and stubborn Heizo, and doesn't even flinch when her Hot-Blooded son calls her "old woman".
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: She went from a Tomboyish Ponytail in her teen days to a Prim and Proper Bun as an adult.
  • Happily Married: Shizuka and Heizo appear to have a good relationship. She is not intimidated by Heizo's fierce personality, and he seems to listen to her.
  • Housewife: After she's married.
  • Lady of War: Former kendo champion, and has NOT lost her skills.
  • Mama Bear: She spent her first appearance seeing if Kogoro was a good of enough person to hang around Heiji and wouldn't put her son in any danger.
  • Nerves of Steel: Shizuka can remain calm in dangerous situations.
  • Older Than They Look: Is older than Kogoro and Eri, and yet looks quite young.
  • Paper Fan of Doom: She can catch the katana of a person swinging it wildly with just her fan.
  • Prim and Proper Bun: Her main hairstyle and she is quite the mature, ladylike woman.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: With heavy emphasis on the will of iron. Her first appearance leaves it clear; not only she's a Lady of War able to stop katanas with a fan, but she took the pain of coming all the way from Osaka, make up a fake story so Kogoro won't suspect her, and hire him to look for someone else... so she can watch over him and his entourage, because she wants to see what kind of person he is after her only son got hurt in a case involving him.

    Chief Ginshiro Touyama
Voiced by Masato Sako (Episode 118) & Shinji Ogawa (Episode 263, Movies 10 & 14) - (JP), Doug Burks (EN)

Kazuha's father as well as the Chief Criminal Investigator of the Osaka prefecture. As such, he works closely with Heizou Hattori.

Dub Name Change: Chief Thomas.


    Goro Ohtaki
Voiced by Norio Wakamoto (JP), Masaya Onosaka (JP, in the flashbacks to his youth)

The Osakan police inspector.

Mandatory naming note: Otaki's name comes from the character Gorozo of Otaki from the long-running Onihei Hankachou series.

Dub Name Change: Inspector Odin.


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