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    Male Students 

Hayate Araki

SHSL Street Musician

"Hey, you’re cuter when you smile, you know. Why don’t you come real close, and I’ll play you a song?~"
Played by: Taketori

Not too much is known about Hayate Araki, at least not in the long term. But around four years ago, he became famous when a nationally recognized guitarist mentioned in an interview that the best guitarist he’d ever heard was some kid that he saw on the streets, playing for a living. He said that there was something special about the way that the kid played that you couldn’t find in a thousand pros, and asked for help finding the child. The nation searched for this child, a child that had no idea. He was found playing in the same place the famous guitarist said he would be, asking for donations just the same as he always had.

Hayate was just as surprised as the media was. He had never really had problems providing for himself. He did know that he was a talented guitarist, but this media recognition prompted him to become incredibly popular. He received book deals, interview invites, album deals, band offers and other things, but he didn’t really want anything to do with them. He declined them all, saying that all he really wanted was to play his guitar, but this only sparked even more interest. Trying unsuccessfully to hide from the spotlight, he began moving around the country, playing anywhere he could, never staying in the same place for too long. Eventually, though, someone from Hope’s Peak got a hold of him, giving him a letter of invitation, which he accepted, hoping to finally get some peace and quiet.

Becomes the first blackened after killing Kanata Kazekara by suffocation, and is executed in chapter one for his crime.

Revealed to be the mastermind of the killing game, kick starting the killing himself, intending to fake his execution and run the game from behind the scenes. He is betrayed by Monokuma, who executes and kills him as the blackened.

  • Chekhov's Hobby: The damning piece of evidence against him is a fragment of his acoustic guitar, used as a weapon to knock Kagari out in order to frame him. Played with, as he claims to have planted it in order to implicate himself as the killer.
  • Chick Magnet: Claims to be one, though it hasn't worked out for him so far in the roleplay.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Forced to play a concert for a crowd of Monokuma clones. The guitar he was provided with was rigged and after enough use, the strings snap one by one until he's left with a useless instrument, at which point the Monokumas begin swarming him. He uses the broken guitar as a weapon, fighting off as many clones as he can until he is overwhelmed by sheer numbers and torn to shreds.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Red hair, red eyes.
  • Defiant to the End: Fights until his last breath during his execution.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Doesn't cry or beg for his life after he gets pinned as the first murderer, instead accepting his imminent execution.
  • Fiery Redhead
  • Humble Hero: A talented street guitarist that gained fame overnight. He turns down album deals and band offers because he just wants to play his guitar.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Hayate just wants to avoid the spotlight and play his guitar in peace, is that so hard to ask? He enrolls in Hope's Peak in hopes of getting some peace and quiet.
  • Informed Flaw: Cannot read music.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Averted, since he seems to be a cheerful, friendly guy, if a bit of a flirt. Played straight when he's pinned as the first killer. And then again as the mastermind.
  • Ship Tease: Slight ship tease with Hana and then with Angela.
  • The Rock Star
  • Teen Genius: Like most ultimates, though his might be noteworthy. He was never trained, teaching himself how to play guitar.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Executed at the end of chapter one for murdering Kanata.

Kagari Ishihara

SHSL Explorer

"You miss so much when you only see what’s on one side of the fence."
Played by: Lion

The name Kagari Ishihara is not well known. A seemingly unimpressive high school student, his adventures have actually been seen by many on the internet, whether they know it or not. What started out as nothing more than a dare from a friend has evolved into a passion that’s kept with him for years and has pushed him to continually test the limits of where he can go and what he can see.

A record of his exploits exists online, in the form of a popular blog that has photos from all of his expeditions. At the beginning there were only simple, very average pictures, but their quality grew alongside his experience. From the depths below to the sights above, the blog became a hotspot for people interested in his adventures and became staggeringly popular, with his photos appearing on many popular media sites. The last post to his blog before it went dark was primarily a text one, explaining that he was starting a new chapter in his life. At the bottom of the post was one last picture - an acceptance letter to Hope’s Peak Academy.

Survives the game and leaves the resort with the Future Foundation agents.

  • Blog: What got him noticed by Hope's Peak. He keeps a travel blog full of pictures he's taken of dangerous and extreme places.
  • Bold Explorer: His talent.
  • Butt-Monkey: Framed for the first murder after being knocked out by Hayate, and discovers the scene of the crime in the second chapter, making him suspicious.
  • Conspicuous Gloves: Always wears a glove on his left hand.
  • Instant Web Hit: His travel blog grew quickly in a short amount of time and he became a bit of an internet celebrity, drawing the academy's attention.
  • Official Couple: With Hana, as of chapter three.
  • Ship Tease: With Hana.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Scales down a cliffside with no equipment just to gather what might be a piece of evidence. Has to climb back up the same way, too. Dives into an ice cold lake during an investigation as well.

Koharu Takayama

SHSL Puzzle Solver

"I believe your logic is flawed."
Played by: Bungo

Koharu Takayama is an extremely intelligent young man. He was a part of the Japan puzzle team and competed in the World Puzzle Championship. He helped Japan bring home the silver medal in the team competition but was sadly defeated in the individual tournament. He is known in the puzzling community as "Hitori" meaning alone, because puzzle competitions are usually comprised of team entries but Koharu would enter alone and still win. Hitori is also a type of number puzzle so the name stuck. He is a very relaxed individual and constantly unnerves other puzzlers by how calm his demeanor is. After his impressive showing in the World Puzzle Championship, he received a letter from Hopes Peak Academy, offering him the opportunity to enroll in the main course.

Koharu is the first victim in the third chapter, where he has his head smashed in with a golf club by Akira Kuromaki.

Koichi Kobayashi

SHSL Consigliere

"Your incompetence to make a decision here does not surprise me."
Played by: roflcopterpilotx

Koichi is the Ultimate Consigliere. He has, his entire life, devoted his work to investigations and the pursuit of answers… for criminals. Raised by yakuza, Koichi is a walking encyclopedia of advice for and understanding of hitmen, extortionists, and more, although he’s more interested in answering questions and providing solutions than being subservient to others.

He is killed by Kana in chapter four, found bleeding and crucified outside the rec lodge.

  • Blackmail: Is a victim of this in the second chapter, and it ends up forcing him to reveal his talent.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Fakes this throughout the entirety of the first two chapters, only revealing it after the end of the second trial.
  • Megane
  • Nobody Touches the Hair: Shiina finds this out when she tried ruffling his hair.
  • Poor Communication Kills: His end has him murdered and crucifixed by Kana after she thought he was going to kill Hana.
  • Stoic Spectacles
  • Yakuza: Acts as the consigliere to the Kobayashi yakuza family.

Lei Kun "Lucas" Wu

SHSL Head Chef

"Perfection is small things done well.”
Played by: Oracle

Lei Kun is a successful chef owner of ‘Light and Clap’, his flagship restaurant based out of Hong Kong. The estranged son of the powerful Wu family, he is a self-made success story and an inspiration to budding chefs.

He grew up in Shanghai before moving to Hong Kong at thirteen years old to work as a line cook. He worked his way up to sous chef at the age of fifteen before leaving to start his own restaurant, Light and Clap.

Light and Clap was a tremendous undertaking, an international restaurant which honored Lei Kun’s roots. His dishes are modern and multicultural, reflecting Hong Kong, the city he had trained in. What made the restaurant famous and captured the imagination of social media was his refined, ice and snow themed plating.

Light and Clap has earned Lei Kun a place in the Michelin Guide and he is among the youngest chefs to hold a Michelin star. He is hardworking, determined, and absolutely devoted to his job. When asked what his favorite food was, he answered, “小笼包 (soup dumplings)” - available year round at his restaurant

The victim in the fifth chapter, drowned under the icy lake by Midori.

Lewis Matsumoto

SHSL Children's Book Author

"All of the wonders of our world and even those of others can be found in a well-stocked library"
Played by: DLA

According to his “About the Author” section on the back of his books, Lewis was born in a secluded village near an enchanted wood, which held an opening to the realm of Lystrantica. He spent most of his childhood playing with the various strange creatures and people he encountered there, considering it his second home. As he grew older, he eventually decided to write accounts of the events he saw and the tales the wonderful creatures and people told him, occasionally paying a visit again whenever he finds the time in his busy schedule.

He eventually published several books about this magical world, and released a new one each year. After achieving several worldwide bestsellers, he was scouted by Hope’s Peak.

Revealed during Chapter 3 to have been writing mystery novels under the identity of Anton Delacroix in addition to his children's books.

The sixth blackened of the game, responsible for the accidental murder of Sven via electrocution.

  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Claims his stories are "historical accounts" of events that occurred in Lystrantica and believed a Witch Queen was responsible for their sudden arrival at the ski lodge, among other things.
  • Clueless Detective: Despite being a somewhat competent mystery writer as Delacroix, Lewis isn't very good at solving mysteries.
  • Gentleman Detective: Delacroix was supposedly a nobleman according to his book jackets.
  • Great Detective: Anton Delacroix could supposedly solve cases without even visiting the crime scene, using only photographs to arrive at a solution. Lewis himself, not so much, to his dismay.
  • High-Class Glass: Part of his ensemble, even has a silver rim.
  • Mystery Writer Detective: Delacroix's stories were meant to be the stories of cases he'd taken but with some of the names changed.
  • Nice Hat: Sports a top hat to go with his suit.
  • Quintessential British Gentleman
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
  • Spot of Tea: Drinks what some would consider an unhealthy amount. When the group is trapped in the second area, one of his primary concerns is finding tea. He's known to drink even more excessive amounts when feeling troubled.
  • Verbal Tic: Refers to most people as "darling" or "dearie".

Ran Fujisawa

SHSL Florist

"Simply living is not enough... you must have sunshine, love and freedom to bloom gracefully."
Played by: Shiva

Ran Fujisawa is now renowned in Japan for his skill in the craft, and he's created bouquets for numerous important occasions - such as state visits, and weddings, birthdays, and holidays to the rich, famous, and important- although he rarely means his clientele face-to-face due to his reserved nature. Despite this, almost all the money he receives from doing these jobs goes to charities. He also pays for his deaf sister's care, to make sure she lives comfortably. Otherwise, it goes to his Father and Stepmother.

As a very private person, he doesn't make a fuss of his involvement. In which case, his business is passed on by word-of-mouth. There is, however, a small blurb on Ran's business website:

"Ran Fujisawa is a regular family boy from the Japanese suburbs, halfway between the countryside and the city. Ran grew up with his mother often taking him and his siblings to the woods, and she taught them to appreciate nature and learn from the world around them.

While Ran has been growing and assembling flower arrangements from a very early age for the pleasure of his family, it was not until Ran was fourteen that his professional career took off when his work was noticed at a family funeral, where Ran provided all of the memorial decorations himself. In-between school and his career, Ran grows plants for his professional use, and he is the primary carer for all four of his siblings.

Ran is a regular donator for numerous charities, including Japan's Children Charities and a Charity for the hard-of-hearing. He also knows sign language, and has an interest in European folklore.

Kills Takuya Hiroto in Chapter Two, but escapes detection and survives the trial, only to confess in Chapter 3.

Survives the killing game, leaving with the Future Foundation agents.

Seiichi "Felix" Igarashi

SHSL Traceur

"To break free from your shackles, you just have to be free in spirit!"
Played by: Musica

Seiichi Igarashi, also known as Felix, which is used as his alias, is a well-known traceur. Seiichi initially was completely unknown, but soon, tales begin arising of a mysterious child who performed incredible feats of free running spread across Japan. He had turned into a legend without realizing it, and the first recorded video of Seiichi emerged when he was a mere 10 years old, spotted dashing across rooftops. Seiichi capitalized on this upon learning from his foster parents who had found him in said video, and tapped into his potential as a parkour master. Interviews with Seiichi reveals that he has been training by himself since young, although details on his true parents are unknown, and kept secret by the boy himself along with his foster parents. At the age of 14, Seiichi entered a global parkour competition, despite his young age, and impressed the world with his ability to keep up with even the masters, almost defying gravity with his own unique wall running trick, able to scale walls previously thought impossible as he pushed upwards with his feet. In addition to that, he displayed mastery of multiple tricks, and barely beat the best traceurs to the finish line in an obstacle course race. Hope’s Peak took notice, and Seiichi received his invite shortly after for his incredible parkour and freerunning abilities, as well as the critical note that ever since he has become famous, Seiichi has never been in any serious accidents despite the risks he takes with his talent. Seiichi’s abilities as a master level Traceur is unparalleled, and he has shown the capability to perform superhuman feats with incredible agility, making it seem like he defies gravity at times with pinpoint precision on his landings. He has yet to suffer any severe injuries like sprains and fractures his whole life.

Survives the killing game.

Sven Sokutsumi

SHSL Grandmaster

"Never count out The Kid."
Played by: Mecha

Sven learned to play chess when he was 5 years old. He was immediately obsessed and rapidly mastered the fundamentals of the game, playing against himself for hours at a time and experimenting with every conceivable scenario. He entered (and won) his first competition, a national youth tournament held in Japan, at age 7. He won his first global youth tournament when he was 8, after which he graduated to the adult chess circuit. Since then, he has left an unprecedented trail of broken records in his wake. He won his first adult-level tournament on his 10th birthday. At the age of 11 years, 3 months, and 20 days, Sven became the youngest player in history to be awarded the title of Grandmaster. He was the first 14-year-old to break a 2700 Elo rating, and at 16, he won his first World Championship, beating an opponent twice his age to become the youngest champion ever.

As a player, Sven is considered to be hyper-aggressive, preferring to relentlessly pressure his opponents until they finally crack and make an exploitable mistake. He is also known for his formidable mind games and his willingness to sacrifice key pieces in order to give himself a strong positional advantage. Critics of his play style regard him as “reckless” and “irresponsible,” but Sven claims he chooses this approach because it keeps the game interesting and high-stakes. Despite his high-risk/high-reward mentality, Sven has established himself as one of the most dominant players in the history of chess, currently boasting a record-setting 2899 Elo rating and a positive win record against every opponent he’s played.

Sven is infamous in the chess community for mocking and trash-talking his opponents, even ridiculing players that are universally respected and far more experienced than himself. Because of his uncommonly young age and disrespectful attitude, Sven's competitors spitefully refer to him as “The Kid,” a nickname which he embraces; he refers to his fanbase as “Kid Nation,” and rather than writing out his full name, he often uses 子 (the kanji for “child”) as his signature.

The victim in chapter six, accidentally electrocuted and burned to death by Lewis.

  • But Not Too Foreign: He's half-Swedish and has a Nordic given name, but he was born and raised in Japan.
  • Cool People Rebel Against Authority: Sven certainly seems to think this is true, although most of the time he comes off as stubborn and immature.
  • Deadpan Snarker: It's tough to find examples of Sven not being snarky.
  • Insufferable Genius: Definitely the "insufferable" part, though some of his peers might object to calling him a "genius."
  • It's All About Me: Sven is a profoundly self-centered person - he boasts about his chess skills at every opportunity, and most of his actions seem to be completely self-serving.
  • Japanese Delinquents: Sven is a wannabe delinquent, though "troublemaker" or "smartass" is probably a more accurate description. He even wears a Delinquent Jacket that was given to him by Ran.
  • Smart People Play Chess: And he's more than happy to constantly remind you of this.
  • Smug Smiler: Sven's picture should probably be at the top of this article.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Check, check, and check.
  • Trash Talk: Sven is infamous for being a trash talker, both competitively and in everyday situations. Favorite words include "buster," "fraud," "scrublord," "loser," "jabroni," etc...

Takuya Hiroto

SHSL VR Programmer

”I am too damn tired to deal with this shit right now to be honest….sorry.”
Played by: Ars

Takuya was raised in a privileged household with lots of things for him to do. Being that the Hiroto family is rather wealthy, he was free to explore and learn as he pleased. He learned of many complex and refined things at a young age. Although he did not fully understand them, he strived to learn more of such complexities. First he worked his way through learning various computer system technologies before finally discovering how to implement them in unique ways.

Eventually he became fascinated with what modern programming is capable of and he began to create simulations. Simulations that could educate, inform, or entertain the public in perfect clarity. He wanted to bring light and knowledge to the world of those who needed it and the perfect way to learn is to experience it. He is currently trying to give schools around the globe this higher form of education that he has established, though it is difficult due to the technology being very expensive. Even so, he won many awards for his efforts and Hope’s Peak took an interest in him for his talent and creations.

The second murder victim, dead due to heart failure. He was killed by Ran Fujisawa, who escaped detection and survived the trial. Nearly died to disease years before being invited to Hope's Peak, surviving only because many of his internal organ systems were replaced with synthetic ones, a fact which Ran abused in order to kill him.

  • Cyborg: Many of his organs were replaced with synthetic ones in order to preserve his life.
  • Determinator: Assisted in covering up his own murder.
  • Driven to Suicide: Averted. The class rules his death as a suicide but Monokuma informs them that they have voted incorrectly.
  • Impossibly Cool Clothes: Takuya looks like something out of Tron.
  • Hollywood Science: Most of the explanations of his artificial systems.
  • Sick Boy
  • Someone Has to Die: Saw his death as this to the point where he was willing to cover up his own murder in order to protect his killer.
  • Your Days Are Numbered: Suffered from terminal stomach cancer as a teen.

Fuyuki Moriyama

SHSL Climatologist

"If I could set the world into a new Ice Age, I would."
Played by: Not Kami

If someone were to be engrossed in the very specific kind of climate research involving only data from the antarctic then this would be the person you’d first come across, Fuyuki Moriyama. When family matters left his father unable to leave him with any relatives it ended up with 7 year old Fuyuki following his father all the way to the other side of the world in one of the coldest places on Earth. Through a lack of proper supervision, Fuyuki’s father found him comparing listing the data gathered he took at breathtaking pace and finished what was supposed to be work for a whole month in just a few days. It wasn’t just him being a genius though, the child picked up on his passion of the Earth way before coming onto that trip with his father, he just never had the chance to do anything about it before this.

Most of his works after that first breakthrough can be found in some undistinguished papers or some no-name journalist that spoke about it when it was relevant. Being mostly faded away until he accepted Hope’s Peak scouting of his person after many years of trying to get to him since his very first breakthrough. He’s back in the public eye again for the first time in 10 years. It’s time to make another splash.

His body is found in the lodge lobby at the start of the first day after making a big deal about not participating in the game, making him the first death of said game.

  • Sacrificial Lamb: The first to die due to breaking the rules.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: He's killed off almost immediately after breaking one of the rules just after they're introduced.

    Female Students 

Akira Kuromaki

SHSL Urban Dancer

"What’s the point of life if all you do is trying to achieve perfection?"
Played by: Tina

Akira Kuromaki, the 18 year old dancer, is known for her nearly flawless performances in various fields of urban dancing, such as dancehall and hip hop, has been known for about three years now. Firstly, she was just known for her lack of legs, however, her astonishing performances kept people interested in her.

The third murderer, killing Koharu and Nobu in the Golden Lantern Mall.

Angela Bellini

SHSL Opera Singer

"Standing at the Top is no laughing matter, when you insolent fool fail to comprehend the pressure in there, then you should stay away from it."
Played by: Syn

Angela is the daughter of the Infamous Bellini family, her father is known as a famous composer who has worked with many known celebrities, her mother Sarah Tachibana is a former opera singer however she resigned from music altogether. Born in a very music orientated family it was clear from the beginning that Angela would step into the same world as her parents, she began her career at a young age and trained the arts of Opera singing. She had enough passion and talent to become a professional at a young age and her performances in acting so as in singing never seemed to waver. Having gone through various visits to Japan, Angela found interest in Japanese Opera's (Noh) She began to develop her skills into it as well with the help of her mother. Until she was at least scouted by Hope’s Peak Academy.

Survives the killing game, leaving with the Future Foundation agents.

Etsuko Kurosawa

SHSL Thelogian
"Did ya know that every religion across the globe has a flood myth~? Did ya~? Did ya~?"
Played by: Haruk

Etsuko was born an extremely catholic family in Tokyo. Now, Catholics in Japan make up around 0.5% of the population, so being born into one was really lucky. She grew up with many siblings, being the sixth child out of nine. They were homeschooled by their mother, and were taught all about the Good Book. However, as Etsuko got older, she found herself being more and more confused by what she was being taught. It really didn’t make much sense.

Despite not feeling comfortable with what she was being told, Etsuko still desired to find out the truth. With Catholicism not being enough, Etsuko began to look towards Science as an answer, however, Science wasn’t enough to her either. It could not answer everything. Etsuko, angry at not finding an answer, began to study all kinds of religions, those still going strong, to those long gone. Everything from Islam and Hinduism, to Greek Mythology and Babylonian Mythology. She needed to find the truth.

Sadly, nothing she found made complete sense. How could it? Everything contradicts, and there is no real common consensus among everyone. Each story changes, from who is telling the story. Rules change depending on who it is, and some just go through hell and get rewarded with nothing, What kind of higher being is there? Is there even one? Why isn’t this clear?!

Of course, it wasn’t all bad. Etsuko was able to find out a few things. Each religion has many similarities! Maybe, each religion stems from the original one! So, Etsuko began to study the root of each one, seeing where each might have been crafted. Sadly, she really wasn’t able to find it. You could argue Babylon, Humanities first major Civilization knew the truth, but they were unreliable. Many temples changed their core religion, so it was impossible to know the truth from them.

During this time, Etsuko enrolled herself in a Japanese School, and refused to be homeschooled any longer. Oddly enough, her parents did teach her enough about most subjects, so she was pretty advanced.

Still, she is constantly trying to find the truth. Somehow, among all of this studying, Hope’s Peak caught wind of this girl’s studies.


Well, she doesn’t even know, but she still accepted their offer. After all, maybe with their resources, Etsuko could finally find the truth!

Survives the killing game, leaving with the Future Foundation agents.

  • Genki Girl: Always bubbly, and ready to tackle everything with her all!
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Rambles on about things that aren't relevant? Yep! Intelligent? Sure! Ends up covering her intelligence by being weird? For sure!

Hana Ichii

SHSL Seamstress

"You know, there's only two kinds of food in this world: food that I’ve eaten, and food I’m going to eat.”
Played by: Hatsu

From a young age, Hana was gifted at sewing. At first, her mom taught her, but it was only a matter of time before she had surpassed her mother’s talent, and she was sewing clothes all by herself. By the time she was in 3rd grade, she had already won 6 competitions for her sewing ability. Hana’s mother is Japanese, and her father is American, so she travelled as much as her family could afford to visit her relatives in the United States, and would always bring them gifts of new scarves, hats, and socks. It was around this time when she discovered her love for food. She wanted to try it all! This was when she made it her mission to try all the foods in the world. As she grew older, she got even better at needleworking, and was eventually scouted by Hope’s Peak. At first, she was hesitant. It would be harder to communicate with all the friends at her old school, and she would miss them a lot, and they were all so important to her. But, everyone told her she had a gift for making friends, so even though she would lose some, she would hopefully gain new ones back. So, she took a leap of faith, and decided to attend Hope’s Peak, hoping it wouldn’t be a mistake.

Volunteers for punishment at the end of the second trial when the correct blackened is not found. A taunting message is forcefully sewn into her left arm, causing her to pass out from the pain.

Survives the killing game, leaving with the Future Foundation agents.

  • And You Thought It Was a Game: Thinking that the punishment won't be anything big since this everything was fake, she volunteers after the second trial ends in failure. She receives a wake-up call when her arm is left shredded and bleeding.
  • Big Eater
  • Believing Their Own Lies: Seems to be fully convinced that no one has actually been hurt or killed.
  • Brutal Honesty: She says what's on her mind, and usually apologizes after, and in some instances offends people like Angela pretty badly.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: After the second trial ends in failure, she volunteers for the punishment. A message is sewn into her skin from the back of her hand to her elbow, leaving her arm a bleeding mess.
  • Genki Girl: Cheerful to a fault and all the willing to make new friends, Hana is the poster girl for this trope.
  • Floral Theme Naming: Hana literally means flower.
  • Official Couple: With Kagari, as of chapter three.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: In the fifth trial, she snaps at Ran and continuously accuses him of murder till the point where he's almost in tears.
  • Ship Tease: A little with Hayate, but more with Kagari.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: She tried to set Ran and Takuya up, as well as explaining the concepts of BL and yaoi to Koichi. Has called herself, 'The Biggest Fujoshi in the World' (Though this probably isn't true)

Kanata Kazekara

SHSL Acrobat

”Llamas are the best pets in the whole wide world!”
Played by: Plush

Kanata grew up in a circus environment. Her family had various roles and because of this, she traveled around a lot. She spent a lot of time on the trapeze but enjoys performing pole vaults, trampoline jumps, ball and ribbon tricks, hoop tricks, and various other acrobatic feats. She also spends a bit of her free time practicing parkour moves as that helps improve her skills for the stage.

The first murder victim, suffocated by Hayate Araki.

Midori Ochako

SHSL Tea Ceremonalist

"It's not ‘just making tea’. The moment you step foot into the tea room, there's this air of wonder and solemnity that can't be described. It's why I fell in love with it in the first place. I would appreciate if you did not mock it.”
Played by: Jiggs

The Ochako Teahouse is a veneered and well-respected establishment, dating back to the 1800s. Complaints of the Teahouse being old fashioned and out of place were quelled by the next in line to inherit the Teahouse, Midori Ochako.

Her gentle nature, skill at performing the tea ceremony and graceful features gained her fame and popularity with young and old alike. The younger generation were amazed at how deep and thought provoking the tea ceremony process was, while the older generation were astounded at how this young girl was able to capture the traditional roots and practices of tea ceremony so effortlessly. Midori combined the western influences of innovative tea brewing with the traditional influence of Japanese tea ceremonies, revitalizing the entire industry.

The waiting lines to take part in one of the Ochako Tea Ceremonies were very long, often having to reserve months in advance just to be one of the five people admitted to her ceremonies. Tea antique sellers fight to be able to have their wares used during said ceremonies, as a antique used during one of the ceremonies is an antique sold for a high price.

Midori didn't stop there though. Entering into High School, she set-up a Tea Ceremony Club in her school, which soon became one of the most popular after school activities in the school. People of various clubs would join in on their sessions just to see Midori perform what she was so talented at.

Soon, Hope’s Peak sent Midori an invitation to their school as the Super High School Level Tea Ceremony Club Member, and Midori graciously accepted. A graduate from the prestigious school would do wonders for the Teahouse after all.

She is the blackened of the fifth trial, drowning Lei Kun under the icy lake.

Miyuki Sakamoto

SHSL Stenographer
"That was actually a different episode, the one you’re thinking of had a serial killer, not a spree killer, and— Oh, sorry, I was doing it again…"
Played by: haza

Since her father was their town’s Chief Inspector and her mother was a probation officer, Miyuki was surrounded by criminal justice culture starting the day she was born; she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t interested in the law and order of society. At age 7, her mother passed away. So, if her father got called to court to testify at a point in the day when Miyuki was home, he would bring her to court with him instead of leaving her by herself in the house. The stenographers, mostly all older women, would let Miyuki come sit next to them during the trials so she wouldn't have to sit in the gallery alone once her dad was on the witness stand. From all the court sessions she spent watching the stenographer type, Miyuki was able to pick up stenography and shorthand at a very young age and perfect it shortly thereafter. Her typing speed and accuracy became unmatchable; she never misses so much as a sniffle on the stand. Because of that, Miyuki is hired as the stenographer on high profile cases across the country.

Survives the killing game, leaving with the Future Foundation agents.

Nobu Hayate

SHSL Hockey Player

“Some people in life might get on your nerves… but hey, you can always forgive and forget, that way you can work with that person in the future…”
Played by: Matt

Playing hockey from a young age, Nobu was destined for greatness on the ice. With support from her friends, and growing up in Sendai, a hockey loving area, she had everything set up to get into the Asian International Hockey League. In fact, it was well known to those interested in hockey, that as Nobu approached her later years in school, she was getting asked, or in some cases, begged, to sign onto university's hockey teams.

Surprisingly, no one knew of Nobu’s skills until recently when she was 15! She was doing a scrimmage with some of her friends from school, and when someone realized how well she played the game, they filmed it. Through word of mouth, news of her abilities have spread far and wide, eventually leading to Hope’s Peak taking notice in this. She was invited to the school as the SHSL Hockey Player at the age of 17!

The second victim in the third chapter, killed by Akira Kuromaki in a crime of passion after stumbling upon Nobu while carrying incriminating evidence.

  • Big Eater: Judging from the meal she had on her first day, her appetite is pretty big.
  • Running Gag: She tends to stare or space out a lot, as noted by others OOC.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: Given seeing that she's a hockey player.

Shiina Kitaoka

SHSL Floorballer
It's a real sport. Look it up.
"Huh, I guess y'pretty good. Not as good as me, tho'."
Played by: Mina

With more than five national championships under her belt, Shiina Kitaoka has blazed a legacy in the world of floorball. Elected as Japan’s star player twice in a row despite being just 17, her skills and the way she dominates on the field proves that she is one of the best floorball players of all time. Currently with Shizuoka Girls' Academy's Floorball team as a forward.

The sole survivor of Team Cat, leaving the resort with the Future Foundation agents.

  • Big Eater: Despite her size, she has a fairly big appetite.
  • Big Sister Instinct
  • Book Dumb: Downplayed. She does fine in terms of academics, but would rather much be scoring goals than hitting the books.
  • Cool Big Sis: Tries to be one, currently being the oldest among the remaining students.
  • Cat Smile: Tends to sport one of these.
  • Deadpan Snarker: The tension of the killing game has invoked this in her, albeit downplayed.
  • Married to the Job: She's more focused on training than to find love. It's the reason why she turned down confessions in school.
  • Mellow Fellow: It often seems like nothing truly gets to her, and she is one of the calmest members even late into the game.
  • Mistaken for Gay
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Despite her slim frame, she's able to carry the 68kg Koichi with ease, and is even able to make a flight of stairs. It's inferred that she's probably able to take on nearly anyone from the cast, and win.
  • Not So Stoic: She often gets irritated by Kana as the killing game progresses, reaching its peak in Chapter 2 where she lashed out at her for her selfishness.
  • One-Gender School: Came from Shizuoka Girls' Academy.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: Shiina is incredibly dedicated to floorball, and does take offence at anyone dissing it.
  • Precision F-Strike: When the mastermind was revealed, Shiina isn't pleased to learn of their motives.
    Shiina: Oooh, you little shit...You sure have some nerve, little man. To call yourself a friend when you fucking drove people to commit murder.
  • School Girl Lesbians: Thought to be one by Lei, coming from an all-girls academy.
  • Sole Survivor: Of Team Cat, with the murder of Sven.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Udon and popping candy. The latter is considered more so as she eats a pack of them before every tournament.
  • Tranquil Fury: Kana finds out the hard way after her antics in chapter 2.

Shizukana Tomiko

SHSL Techno DJ

"Eeeeh, why put off for today when you can not do it and party, right?”
Played by: Sanders

People are moving to the beat and dancing as the infectious atmosphere of the club goes underway. Above them lights multi-colored lights illuminate the dim lighting as everyone bodies came be seen moving up and down, all enraptured by the ear-pounding, yet encasing beats. At the front of it all, with the widest “I am so loving this!” grin she could pull off was Kana Tomiko, better known to all nightlife-ers as DJ Kana.

At the age of thirteen, she managed to sneak her way into one of Japan’s most well-known nightclubs. Being a more or less self-taught disc jockey prior to that she decided to test her skills on that fateful night to determine whether or not she should continue in her die-hard partier career. Needless to say, by the time anyone else had realized the one who turned the nightclub into an all out rave-fest needed to be in by eleven, she was instant hit with the crowd. From their the disc jockey was booked for private parties, public events, the works! Each time she went, it was a guarantee the place would be liven. What also, guaranteed was her place in Hope’s Peak Academy, turning up the tunes in the prestigious academy as the Super High School Level Techno Disc Jockey.

Real name is Shizukana Hamasaki, heiress of the Hamasaki Conglomerate. This was revealed in chapter four and since then most of her true personality has come to light.

Is the murderer for chapter four, having killed Koichi over a misunderstanding and was executed.

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Well, aside being the heir to a yakuza clan Koichi is less of a bad boy as you would expect. Doesn't stop Kana from paling around and enjoying being around him.
  • Benevolent Boss: Played straight mostly when it comes to her 'Dublings', Kagari and Hana, being one of the few people there she is rather protective about and will defend if accused of a crime or murder. This also extends to Koichi and (self-proclaimed) little sister, Angela.
  • Berserk Button: Say you hate Blue Bull in front of won't end well. Also her real surname.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Feels that 'choking' somebody would be good for a joke. This escalates into her trying to hide food from the group once they are stranded on the mountains. Thankfully, karma quickly catches up to her.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy
  • Cool Shades: A signature part of her attire.
  • Cool Big Sis: Acts like this to Angela and her 'Dublings'. As of chapter four, also to Ran as well.
  • Ear Ache: Is at the receiving end of one by Shiina, after trying to harass Nobu in the hotsprings.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Apart of the group that tried to hoard food. The rest of the morning had her outed, before being promptly punished in three separate areas until she got the memo that the killing game was real and her actions do have consequences.
  • Life of the Party: One of her roles as a DJ and something she takes pride in.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: from what her backstory hints, she was largely this growing up due to being regarded as an embarrassment and due to her poor academic record.
  • Not So Different: Koichi. Despite their different paths in life and personalities (Kana is a party-loving DJ and Koichi is a stoic consigliere) both have a lot in common. Both have a tendency to bend moral rules in such to further their goals, both don't seem to take it personally or show much care when a student dies, and both even share the title of Being the successor's to their parents business, albeit Kana is powerful conglomerate and Koichi is a yakuza clan.
  • Older Than They Look: For the majority of the first three chapters acted like a twelve-year old and seemed to have the mentality of a kid as well. She is the third eldest of the cast.
  • Red Baron: Calls herself the Techno Tycoon. as of chapter four, that name is more fitting.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: For chapter one to three, she is the red oni to Koichi's blue. as of chapter four they have switched roles with Kana's personality becoming more colder and Koichi more showing his emotions.
  • Significant Wardrobe Shift: Gets one in chapter four and while she does keep the DJ motif, it's been subdued to a more refined, yet still peppy, look.
  • Slashed Throat: As a result of her execution, which had her blood be drained from her limbs and neck.
  • That Man Is Dead: Whenever anyone calls her by her true surname 'Hamasaki' instead of what she prefers to be called 'Tomiko'.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Unfortunately, her eccentric attitude both in Daily and Deadly life is something that some students are not a fan of.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Get's a major one in chapter four where, after her surname has been revealed, had taken a wardrobe change with a major shift in personality, from The Ditz to a much more mellow, yet cold, girl.
  • “The Reason You Suck” Speech: Gets one handed to her after she's caught hoarding food. Gives one to Koichi himself after he tries to call her out on her treatment of which she rebukes him considering he did the same thing a few minutes ago.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Blue Bull energy drinks, and takes great offense to anyone who disses them. Shiina finds this out when she almost gets strangled by Kana for holding such an opinion.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Her shades. She has difficulty seeing without them and once they are gone she's more or less blind as a bat. This is rectified in chapter three when she acquired ski goggles which, more or less, serve the same function. Even more so in the fourth area where she acquires new, more cooler looking, shades.

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