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Here, you will find a list of the characters that right now populate the Collegium Caelum in Dept Heaven Apocrypha. This is still under development. Early-story spoilers will not be spoiler tagged, 'cause we're all pretty cool players that doesn't afraid of anything.

Active Characters

Nessiah Aries Artwaltz

A young angel who transferred to the Collegium just prior to the start of the story after his own magic escaped his control badly. To prevent the same thing from happening twice, he's bound by a set of chains that restrain his magic. At first Nessiah was very prickly and had trouble getting along with others, but as he started to make friends and became closer and closer to Milanor, it was revealed that his social awkwardness stemmed from more serious problems.


Ever since he was selected to join the Collegium, Hector has singled him out and subjected him to brutal sexual abuse; the first story arc deals mostly with his friends' attempts to make Asgard believe this and save him. Nessiah is intensely dependent on Milanor, and fell in love with him early on; he's in a threesome/love triangle with Milanor and Kylier that has alternately bolstered and deteriorated his sanity.Eventually, due to his own deep insecurities in his relationship with Milanor and an escalation of Hector's abuse, Nessiah's mind broke and he went on a rampage, destroying large sections of one of the school buildings. It fell to Milanor to try to talk him down, and once the crisis was over, get a statement out of him about Hector's abuse. Since then, Nessiah has been hospitalized and under a heavy drug cocktail to allow his mind to recover from the trauma.


Over the months that followed, Milanor's constant care managed to help him mostly out of his catatonic state, although he's still on about four drugs and has a lot of trouble speaking clearly. A lot of his psychological issues are still present, and hearing that Hector would be coming back sent him into a relapse.

Currently, he's been brought out of his Angst Coma, which he has revealed was spent going through a Mental World of his canon selves' kakera (It's a Long Story). This has helped him to realize that his relationship with Milanor is very unhealthy, and that he wants to change and be stronger.

Tropes associated with Nessiah:


A thief sent to Apocrypha to get some formal education. He's on a three-way relationship with Nessiah, whom he affectionately calls Nessa, and his girlfriend Kylier. The experience in the Collegium is turning out to be a lot more enlightening than he had expected.

He's played a major role in Nessiah's plot virtually from day one, making him something of a secondary protagonist.

One of many who wants Hector's head on a silver plate.

Tropes associated with Milanor:

Kylier Schofield

Milanor's girlfriend and source of emotional support. Their relationship has its ups and downs, but overall, they mix quite well. She's also technically part of the threesome with Nessiah, but they've still got a lot of issues to work out.

She's been part of Nessiah's plot as long as Milanor has, but her role has shifted wildly as events played out.

She frequently conjures up potential fates for the headmaster, many of which are particularly off-colour.

Tropes relating to Kylier inclide:

Ledah Rozwelli

President of the Student Council, and essentially Ursula's second-in-command. As such, he's often found struggling under the weight of any paperwork she can't get to. Ledah has been at the school for most of his life—he was originally brought here as much to get him out of the custody of his Abusive Parents as his own potential. Unfortunately for him, Hector took an interest in him around when he hit puberty, and so he's been abused on and off for years.

The end result is the introverted, socially awkward, serious Ledah of the present day. When Hector's abuse of Nessiah started escalating, Ledah first attempted to protect Nessiah and the other students involved, then worked as Ursula's spy to gather incriminating evidence for their case.

Now that Hector is dealing with the courts, Ledah should have been given an opportunity to relax, but his "free time" is mostly spent trying to keep his friend Meria out of trouble nowadays. And although his childhood friend Ein has recently transferred in, Ein's amnesia is making things very awkward between them, leaving Ledah rather bereft of support.

Tropes associated with Ledah:


A girl from Riviera who's had trouble controlling her powers. She eventually discovers that, all along, a demon has been possessing her. Because of this, her body has been trying to destroy the demon through the involuntary use of her magic. Luckily, the demon and Meria are there to help bail her out. Now only if they'd find some way to carry on their relationship without having Fia so...personally involved.

Fia herself has had very little time to do anything except look for ways to solve her own life-threatening problems. Now that she no longer has to worry about dying, she's fueled all that nervous energy into looking after Meria.

Tropes associated with Fia:

  • Beware the Nice Ones: As a result of many of the following tropes combined, she loses her temper horribly. She's gotten better at hiding it, though.
  • Blessed with Suck
  • Butt-Monkey: Now that her life's no longer in danger, she's starting to shift from The Woobie to one of these.
  • Break the Cutie: She gets dangerously close to snapping at a few points, but she manages to weather it out.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: In this thread especially, Fia's demon has to say everything for her.
  • Demonic Possession
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?: The whole thing with Meria and her demon has made her kind of nervous about her sexuality, let's just say.
  • Healing Hands
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Despite being a healer, Fia has developed extremely powerful holy magic that takes a few different forms.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal
  • I Shall Taunt You: Fia taunts her demon to annoy him because she feels frustrated and helpless, though at the time she has a really, really good reason to be. [[supersecretspoiler:More specifically, he's having sex in her body, and she has no idea how to deal with it.]]
  • I'm Having Soul Pains: During the exorcism, in which she literally rips her soul open. Not that it stops her from feeling physical pain, either, though.
  • Image Song: Rainbow
  • Loves My Alter Ego: With Meria.
  • The Medic
  • Mental World: For a short period of time, Fia forces the demon to take over her body, locking herself into her own mental world. Meria later jokes to herself about it after realizing Fia's displeasure at her and the demon's lengthy kiss.
  • Moment Killer: She's become prone to causing lots of them for Meria and her demon, for various reasons. Oh, Fia.
  • Power Limiter: Remember Fia's bracelets? No? Similar to Nessiah's much larger Chains of Conviction, they were used to restrict her magic after her powers had gone out of control once. Then the demon took them off for her.
  • Sharing a Body: With her demon, at least until he left. Despite being separated, they still share memories from time to time.
  • Supernatural Angst
  • Technical Virgin
  • Weirdness Magnet
  • White Magic: The horrible subversion is, although her magic is there for a good reason, her powers are difficult to control, and actually endangered her own life for a long time.
    • They still do, on occasion.


Ursula's younger sister and quite the troublemaker, Seth is a (usually) lively girl with an unfortunate penchant for blowing things up, and a unique brand of magic that allows her to do so whenever she likes. She was sent to Apocrypha by her wealthy foster parents, hoping some discipline would make her a little less expensive to keep around. Being at the school has proven to be a very eye-opening experience with her.

Tropes associated with Seth include:

  • A Date with Rosie Palms: She has a solo log to this effect. It's plot-relevant, as being comfortable with her own body again marks a significant step in sorting her head out after ignorantly cheating on Meria.
  • Cast From HP: Her powers are a variation in that the energy she uses to power them also keeps her alive. In other words, if she runs out of energy, she will die. And if the Dept. Heaven canon is to be believed here, Ursula will die with her. Maybe.
  • Genki Girl: Ordinarily.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: Being on the recieving end of one from Monica was what finally brought her completely out of a long-lived series of bluescreens.
  • Heroic BSoD: Poor girl seems rather prone to the things.
  • Image Song: Further
  • Interspecies Romance: She had a (short-lived) one with Meria, complete with Heroic BSoD when she realized that she had cheated on her.
    • There are a few hints of another brewing with Serene, too.
  • Le Parkour: Her preferred pastime.
  • Mundane Utility: Seth can vaporize, cut, shatter, or melt just about anything with little more than a thought. At one point she uses this to get free items out of a vending machine while making it look like a mundane mechanical fault. The ease with which she does this suggests it isn't the first time she's tried.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Realizing she's just cheated on Meria causes her to lock up for quite a while.
  • No-Sell: Her defensive technique is to nullify spells before they can actually have any effect.
  • Not Good with People / No Social Skills: Having been brought up in "the back end of nowhere" populated by Asgardian aristocrats, Seth has very little experience interating with people her own age. It shows.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: When Seth thinks about something blowing up, that something BLOWS UP.
    • Due to the devastating and easily lethal potential of the power she weilds, Seth has a very strict code of morals about what she will and won't use her powers on. This is starting to cause more problems than it prevents.
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: She's apparently taken to keeping her phone down the front of her leotard.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: After accidentally cheating on Meria Seth hasn't really been able to catch a break - as soon as things start looking up, something else unpleasant happens to her.
    • A recent change in mindset has allowed her to finally get an upward streak going.

Monica Hauteclare

An ordinary village girl from the Bronquian village of Bardot. She came to the Collegium on a scholarship. Because her country was under enemy occupation for most of her life, she has a lot of sympathy for anyone who's experienced prejudice or oppression. Just before she came to the school, the old Emperor was overthrown and the Fantasinian army kicked out of the country by new emperor Gulcasa and his army; Monica idolizes them and wants to be a hero like they are. Now that she's at the Collegium, she's studying hard at every subject she thinks is necessary for becoming one.

Ever since Monica was a little girl, she's always heard godly voices—although not many people seem to know about this aside from her childhood friend Canaan and a handful of people she's told since her arrival.

So far, most of her time has been spent making friends with just about everybody she meets and brightslapping Seth out of her bluescreens. However, recently Monica uncovered the magic sword Joyeuse in a chapel on the school's grounds, after being prodded to search there for months by the gods. What would she need that for?

Tropes associated with Monica:


A strange angelic mercenary who was shunted to the school as a last resort by her family. Meria's family are well-off nobility in Asgard, and she and her three older sisters were put under a great deal of pressure by them to become upstanding members of society. Because Meria was born without wings, she decided that as she'd never fit in anyway, she'd rather give the establishment the finger and do whatever the hell she wanted. She has a very bad relationship with her parents and her oldest sister Marietta, and grew up mostly friendless except for Nessiah and her sisters Melissa and Maria... sort of. At sixteen, she left Asgard and spent her time wandering various human worlds in search of "her place in the world".

Upon entering the school, she stumbled immediately into Nessiah's issues and wound up friends with Ledah, Fia, and her demon, and started hitting on Seth. As Seth was receptive to her advances, the two of them entered a relationship. However, it didn't last too long—the very day after they first slept together, Seth was caught making out with Cierra. The shock sent Meria into something of a downward spiral, shaking her cheerful facade badly and exposing some of her own deep-seated issues.

In an effort to avoid having to deal with her own problems, Meria threw herself into making sure Nessiah was being cared for properly, nagging Ledah to go have some fun, and protecting Fia and her demon. This was too much for her frail constitution, and landed her in the school infirmary. She seemed to be doing better for a while, and was enjoying a relationship with Fia's demon, even though she knew he would be leaving, but as of late she seems to be slowly cracking under the stress.

Recently, she volunteered to assume point in the sting operation to take down Hector, despite knowing that she would risk being raped or severely injured in the process.

Tropes associated with Meria:


Character who was active for a day, dropped for some time, and recently picked up again. Not much is known about where he came from, not helped by him having no memory of anything before waking at the school.

As inadvertently revealed by Monica's research into her sword, Ein is a Grim Angel; upon learning this, he regained the memory of how he lost his wings. Which promptly gave him terrible nightmares and a stubborn case of insomnia.

Tropes associated with Ein:

Aegina Eine Artwaltz

A Bronquian military officer. She came to the Collegium expecting to meet with Gulcasa and Eudy, but seems to be having trouble finding them... She serves as Ledah's assistant, and because of her work ethic, often finds herself with too much free time and too little to do.

Tropes associated with Aegina:

Roswell Branthèse

The latest individual to ascend the role of leadership of the powerful House of the Black Rose. Above all, Roswell has an eye for two things: magical knowledge and power, which often seem to be synonymous to him. Hoping to increase both, Roswell enrolled into Apocrypha, temporarily leaving his rule over the Branthèse house in the capable hands of other members of his family. The reasons for his fervent pursuit of knowledge are currently unknown, but it could be presumed to have to do with the fact that, as someone capable of bringing the dead to life, he constantly has the attention of others set on him. Not one to disappoint, Roswell spends a fair bit of his time in school studying in his attempts to not fall behind his cousin, Rosary of the Esmeralda house.

Tropes associated with Roswell:


A young girl from the island of Aventheim. Despite the fact that she's one of the Lemonoug, she received a scholarship to attend the school due to her advanced skills in magic. Vienya grew up in extreme poverty, like all of her people, and when she was a little girl, her parents were killed by one of the king's knights, leading to her hatred for the ruling body of the land. Ever since then, she's refused to speak; not even her caretakers have been able to get through the mental block that keeps her from being able to.

Vienya has mostly stayed in the periphery of the Collegium since she arrived, although she has made a few friends. She can usually be found eating, and seems to be enjoying the easily available food quite a lot. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have too much luck with the vending machines... She usually communicates by emoting, but if she needs words, she resorts to writing or communicating through her crow Familiar. Vienya is severely malnourished, and eats as much as she does because it's been ingrained in her that she can't ever pass up an opportunity to eat if she wants to survive.

Tropes associated with Vienya:

The Red Sage

The daughter of a pair of demons that were given sentience by Zolgonark after a long while of doing dirty work for Utgard. She didn't want to be a cannon fodder demon like her parents and brother, so she trained hard to become stronger, until one of the Accursed 'noticed potential in her', and pulled strings to get her in the Collegium.

The Accursed that sent her to Apocrypha may actually have an undercover agenda related to her, but then again, it could all be a mere coincidence, mixed with excessive paranoia. It is too early to be sure.

Tropes associated with the Red Sage:


A young Undine from the kingdom of Embellia, Nietzsche's parents disappeared when she was at a young age. This resulted in her sister being forced to help raise Nietzsche, putting much stress on the older sibling. One day, her sister suddenly vanished, leaving Nietzsche to be placed in a state-funded orphanage. After seeing Nietzsche, one of the caretakers took a liking to her and decided that the girl needed a better place than where she was, and successfully appealed a case to give Nietzsche a fully scholarship to Apocrypha - under the condition that she uses the knowledge she gains at the school to support the country. Currently, Nietzsche isn't sure what to study as her primary field, but she does know that she wants to one day set out and reunite with her sister, with whom she believes she can live happily ever after with... if she can just find her.

Tropes associated with Nietzsche:

Rosary Esmeralda

A member of the wealthy Esmeralda house in Verlaine, Rosary had always been expected to surpass her cousin Roswell from the Branthèse house. When she heard about Apocrypha, she used the excuse that she could become a lot stronger than Roswell if she enrolled there. The truth is, though, Rosary was fed up having to live up to everyone's expectations, and wanted to get away from them and have her own freedom. Fortunately for her, it was decided that she would be enrolled there, and she began almost immediately after enrollment.

Tropes associated with Rosary:


Having lived on Rosalina Island for a long time with her fellow Arcs and friends, Serene lived a happy and exciting life. Most of the excitement came from slaying demons that roamed Lacrima Castle every now and then, but Serene soon grew bored of slaying the same wimps all the time without gaining anything from it. She wanted to grow stronger, so that she could protect those close to her. When she heard of Apocrypha, Serene became ecstatic about going, but realized she had little to no money. Thankfully, the demons she had slain over time had all sorts of spoils and the occasional cash that she could use to get into Apocrypha. Within due time, Serene managed to get herself enrolled in the Collegium, where she now resides.

Tropes associated with Serene:

Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz

The young princess of Fantasinia, who was sent to the school to help further her education. Yggdra was instructed by her father to try to keep her status a secret, although she occasionally has trouble doing so due to the fact that he made her take the Gran Centurio along with her. Yggdra is gentle and kindhearted, if rather naive about the realities of the world around her. She is friends with Milanor, Kylier, and Nessiah, among others.

She's spent the past several months buried under work, so much so that she missed out on quite a bit of the plot—however, she seems to be back now.

Tropes associated with Yggdra:


A knight of the Fantasinian army sent by Yggdra's father to be her bodyguard. During his time at the school, he became a junior member of the Student Council. He seems to lose track of Yggdra rather often, unfortunately for him.

Tropes associated with Durant:


A witch who came to the school from Riviera, and spent much of her time messing her magic up out of class, but performing it well enough when it counted. She had many friends, but wound up at the center of some controversy when she wound up in a liplock with Seth after the latter slept with Meria. Most of her former friends are not impressed with the way she vanished shortly afterward, leaving Seth to deal with the fallout alone.

Cierra apparently returned home so suddenly because of a death in the family, but has since returned to school.

Tropes associated with Cierra:


The eldest of Maria and Meria's sisters and a Guardian Angel, Marietta ran into some trouble on the job, and sought asylum at the Collegium. She's currently trying to come up with some plan that will solve her problems. In the meantime, she tends to make herself as inconspicuous as possible.




Cute Witch with a penchant for Undines; supposedly, finding their Transmimagram will grant her eternal life somehow. Also, a bit off her rocker.

Tropes associated with Pamela:

Non-Player Characters


One of the two headmasters of the Collegium Caelum. She hails from Riviera, the Promised Land, and is seen as a demigoddess by the Sprites. Ursula oversees Collegia Gladiara and Collegia Medicans, and cares deeply for all of her students—particularly Ledah, who she perceives as a son. Ursula is gifted with extraordinary healing abilities, and while she doesn't quite have the same standing in Asgard that Hector does, she'll go to any lengths to protect those she loves, even if it means defying the Magi.

Since Hector was suspended under suspicion of child abuse, Ursula has been struggling to deal with twice the amount of work, and has reluctantly wound up making Ledah deal with a lot of it.

Upon Hector's return, she has been demoted to deputy headmistress, but has organized a sting operation to get Hector off the island for good.

Tropes associated with Ursula:


The other headmaster of the Collegium, and one of the seven Magi of Asgard. Ordinarily, Hector would be supervising Collegia Maga and Collegia Scholastica, but because he's currently in Asgard undergoing a trial on suspicion of child abuse, those responsibilities lie with Ursula now.

Hector is a very cold individual who only seems to care about himself and his own pleasures. He is known to have sexually abused both Nessiah and Ledah, and seems to have at least sexually harassed Malice, as well; he's suspected to have abused many other students over his many years as headmaster. Despite this, he doesn't seem to fear much for what should happen to him if this is discovered; although his trial was held, his influence and the fact that his following pressured the courts allowed him to come back to the Collegium, where he currently has full power.

He is currently targeting Marietta.

Tropes associated with Hector:

All of the Accursed

Subordinates of Zolgonark, the god of the demon world. They'll be participating in a future mystery plot.

Tropes associated with the Accursed:

Inactive Characters

Members of the cast who no longer participate in the story, usually because they've been dropped by their players.

Fia's demon (Fell)

The demon that possessed Fia. He appears to be somewhat cultured for a consciousness with no body to speak of, and thinks himself higher than his fellow Legions of Hell. He was in a relationship with Meria, and appears to have enjoyed it immensely. After much tribulation, Fia was able to release him safely; before he actually left, however, he requested that Meria name him so that they would be able to find each other again.

Tropes associated with the demon:


One of Gulcasa's retainers, and the head librarian. Eudy enjoys setting things on fire and slacking off, but she's also more than happy to take care of students in need, and is particularly affectionate towards Ledah, who she made friends with and seems to feel responsible for.

Eudy may have been sent to the Collegium in order to help protect Gulcasa, and wherever he went, she's probably there with him.

Tropes associated with Eudy:

Malice Ructor

The last member of a noble angelic line, and one member of the Student Council. She's noted for being incredibly difficult to deal with, and seems to have decided that Ledah is her rival. (Ledah seems unsure how to deal with this.) It's implied that she was at least molested by Hector in the past, but she's very devoted to him and extremely uncomfortable with anything to do with Nessiah's woes.

Currently, Malice is at home, taking care of some family and personal business.

Tropes associated with Malice:


Monica's childhood friend, he arrived at the school before her, and didn't experience the Bronquian revolution as a result. He knows about the godly voices Monica hears. If he's still at the school, he's been making himself scarce of late.

Tropes associated with Canaan:


Meria's fraternal twin sister and Nessiah's childhood friend. Like Meria, she left Asgard and had her own particular experiences on other worlds, but she's less willing to talk about them. She may still be somewhere or other around the school.

Tropes associated with Maria:


The newly-crowned Emperor of Bronquia, sent to the school both to pick up skills necessary for ruling and to keep him out of the way of those unhappy with his rule until the political situation quiets down a bit in Bronquia. Aegina and Eudy may have been sent to keep an eye on him. Monica has a crush on him. He's probably lurking around in the periphery somewhere.

Tropes associated with Gulcasa:


The new tactics teacher, granddaughter of a famous strategist in Fantasinia. She's rather eccentric.

Tropes associated with Mistel:

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