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Characters / Dengeki Sentai Changeman

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The Changemen

Hiryū Tsurugi/Change Dragon | Actor: Haruki Hamada
The leader of the team. A star baseball pitcher with the trademark technique Dragon Ball (not THAT. Or that.). He tends to get emotionally invested in cases he's involved.


Shō Hayate/Change Griffon | Actor: Kazuoki Takahashi
The sub-leader of the team, as well as Handsome Lech, whose trademark style is to comb his hair, sometimes in the middle of battle. At first joining the army just to get the girls, he develops from it.

Yūma Ōzora/Change Pegasus | Actor: Shiro Izumi
Probably the youngest of the team as well as a weapon expert. Is pretty good at handling children and animals, but has the most fragile heart, causing him to get a mental breakdown at one point. Is a horrid singer.

Sayaka Nagisa/Change Mermaid | Actress: Hiroko Nishimoto
The brain of the Earth Defense Force and a sticker to etiquette and manners, pretty much a 'Miss Perfect'. She's a motherly type and like Tsurugi, tends to get involved emotionally in her missions. Usually teams up with Mai.

Mai Tsubasa/Change Phoenix | Actress: Mai Ooishi
Tomboyish, light-hearted officer, who tends to get underestimated due to her sex. She's best friends with Sayaka even though sometimes her "prim and proper" feel kinda gets on her nerves.


Commander Ibuki / Yui Ibuki | Actor: Jun Fujimaki

Nana | Actress: Miyako Hayakawa (child), Tokie Shibata (teen)

  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: In her first appearances, she was a child, but once Ahames absorbs the Rigelian Aura from her, she becomes a teenager and stays that way for the rest of the series.

Great Star League Gozma

Star King Bazoo | Voice actor: Seizo Kato

General Guiluke | Actor: Shohei Yamamoto

Adjutant Booba | Actor: Yoshinori Okamoto

Adjutant Shiima | Actress: Kana Fujieda; male voice by: Michiro Iida

Queen Ahames | Actress: Fukumi Kuroda

Gator | Voice actor: Hiroshi Masuoka

Gyodai | Voice actor: Takeshi Watabe


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