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Shouichi Suganama
  • Alliterative Name: Shoichi Sugunama
  • Bishounen: Shouichi Suganuma, more or less. Unlike your average VN H-Game protagonist he is actually given a face even in his POV and in most C Gs. Nearly everyone in the story lampshades his handsomeness, including Riho's classmates, her teacher who is an avid fan of Shouichi, some other females, and any of the girls in their routes.
  • Elegant Classical Musician: Shouichi Suganuma, the protagonist, was once a world-class violinist who performed in an orchestra in Germany, and an incident with his rival Johann and his eventual resignation from the orchestra sets the events of the current story. It depends on which route you take whether he goes back to playing the violin or not. Johann von Babenburg, Shouichi's rival, counts as well.


Riho Kaguya
Voiced by: Yui Kano

  • Does Not Like Shoes: Riho has a signature penchant for going barefoot, even outdoors, because she feels liberated without shoes. She is barefoot the first time you encounter her, and her feet are tarnished from willingly venturing around a neighborhood with no footwear. A couple of locals harass her over this, thinking that she's troubled, but Riho later admits that she simply didn't want to wear shoes and it felt nice to walk barefoot. Also, if the band performs a live concert, she graces the stage in her bare feet.
  • Last Girl Wins: Technically the last girl to join the band but Riho's route is certainly the canon one.
  • Tsundere: Riho towards Shouichi. In her route, it is revealed that she'd been impressed with how he managed to dedicate his life to music and play in a professional orchestra in Germany and was disappointed and angry at him for squandering that chance and returning to Japan due to a certain incident. Though unlike most examples, she is surprisingly less violent and more honest with him.

Kanade Sakurai
Voiced by: Ringo Aoba

Yayoi Ooba
Voiced by: Tomoe Tamiyasu

  • I Just Want to Be Special: Yayoi, who tends to act like Nami Hito. She even says "Don't call me normal/plain!" in some routes. Poor girl can't help but feel insecure at how everyone else around her tends to be more forward and more talented, especially because most of her peers tend to call her 'plain' and her belief that she has nothing else if she never had her guitar and her skills.
  • Only Sane Man

Rimu Tamano
Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi

  • All Drummers Are Animals: Though she acts more fickle than wild. Everyone keeps comparing her to a cat. Her hairstyle even resembles cat ears, which somehow move according to her current emotions.

Eiji Gonda

Chika Sakurai
  • Little Miss Snarker: Sakurai Chika, the Token Mini-Moe, can talk down adults, give advice to professional camera crews, and earn the respect of professional bandsmen. She isn't called the 'Queen of Live House 696' for nothing.
  • Only Sane Man
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Chika practically plays the role of the band manager while still being 10. Growing up in a live house might have something to do with that though.

Sadao Sakurai
  • Alliterative Name: Sadao Sakurai
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Papa Wolf: Master, Kanade and Chika's father, becomes this in Kanade's route. He constantly switches from trusting Shouichi with Kanade and nearly trying to kill him when he sees them sleeping in the same bed in Kanade's room.

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