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The following characters are those which feature in Daydreams And Nightmares, a Fire Emblem fanfic written by lambentLodestar. As a Self-Insert and OC fanfic, only original characters should be listed in great detail - canon characters should only listed, but only the tropes relevant to the fanfic (either original or from canon) should be described and listed herein.

There will be unmarked spoilers within the folders below, so you will not be able to avoid them if you read on. You have been warned.


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    The Dreamers 

A group of young people from Earth, within a timeline separate from our own. Due to circumstances unknown, they have - one by one - become affected by a bizarre phenomenon: whenever they fall asleep on Earth, they find themselves somehow in the world of Fire Emblem: Awakening, in bodies identical to their own to inhabit; when they fall asleep or unconscious in Ylisse, they awaken back on Earth. Furthermore, their bodies appear to be symbiotically linked between both worlds - any physical changes that take place on either side are reflected on the other, and the bodies remain asleep while the other side is inhabited to conserve their energy. Because of this they have taken the collective title of "Dreamers", an Ironic Name given their circumstances.

Together, they fight and live within the two worlds, living separate lives from anyone else as they do their utmost best to help the Shepherds in their quest to save Ylisse - and later, the whole world - from destruction at the hands of Grima and the Grimleal, while being hunted by a strange group who are trying to prevent their interference in the course of events.

Tropes applying to the Dreamers as a collective group:

  • Action Girl: The females, to varying levels
  • Five-Man Band/The Team
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: Three gals, three guys.
  • Otaku: Most of them seem to be one, in some way or other - Shanz and Nin are confirmed to be die-hard video game fans.
  • Self-Insert
  • Write Who You Know: The author based each of the Dreamers off people she knows in Real Life, with the implication of this being an Alternate Universe in which they are entangled in this adventure. The one exception is Storm, who is a Gender Flip of Shanzira from his own parallel world (everyone else being the same).
    • Some segments of the story are also written by the Real Life people who form the basis of each Dreamer (to better realise their actual thoughts).

Shanzira "Shanz" Dinrel

Real name: Jaclyn

The main character - an Art Major in ollege through whose eyes most of the story is told. One of the first of the group to end up as a Dreamer (though who started before the others is uncertain), Shanzira was the first to be found by the Shepherds and would later vouch for the others once they were found in Ylisse.

Although she is not strictly the wisest of the group, Shanz's gregarious personality and ability to connect with people has made her the defacto leader of the group by default - though her friends and allies often need to keep her more playful side in check, with varying results.

  • Break the Haughty: She cruises along without much of a care until Sumia dies as a result of her brashness.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer
  • The Hero
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She can be grossly insensitive and thoughtless in regards to people's feelings, but her heart is in the right place and she truly does value her friends.
  • Shipper on Deck: For Chrom/Robin most of all until it gets decisively sunk.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: She's forced to reevaluate some of her priorities as the story goes along, and becomes more sensitive along the way. Case in point: when she meets Cameron from Asleep and realises that he probably had to deal with her younger self, she is quite apologetic and even thinks to herself that she hopes he hit Jaclyn from that verse for her callous response to hearing that his fiancee died (ie: "Sucks to be you").


Real name: Unknown (called "Mike" by Shanzira)

Shanzira's best friend, the two often corresponded well over long distance while in college and would confide strong in each other. Shanz wasn't a Dreamer for long before she found Mike at the mercy of a mysterious group one night - rescued with the help of the Shepherds, she agrees with Shanzira's suggestion to take on an alias while in Ylisse, now going by "Shio".

Before joining the Shepherds, she had wandered for a while in Plegia until she met Henry, who gave her training as a Dark Mage.


Real name: Unknown

An old friend of Shanzira's who she's known since high school at least, though they've since grown apart as they got older. The 3rd Dreamer to be found by the Shepherds, he's probably the calmest of the group and likely to critique Shanz's less-than-clever decisions

Nineeyena (a.k.a: Nin/Ninny)

Real name: Unknown

Shanzira's college roommate and friend, an overweight young woman with myopia and diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome. Due to suffering anxiety issues just like Shanz, the two tend to act as support for one another in the "real world", and both tend to discuss their favourite games and franchises in their spare time (when they're not studying).

For some time, Shanz keeps the exact nature of her sudden prologued sleep a secret - until Nin is found at the Ylisse/Plegia border, loosely accompanied by Eldrad. Both join the group soon after.

  • Big Eater
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Fat Girl: Thanks to her eating habits; however, the physical labour required in Ylisse leads to her burning weight at a rapid rate. That said, her mesomorphic build means she'll always look larger, but it's truly more big-boned than overweight, strictly speaking.
  • The Smart Girl


Real name: Cameron

The only Dreamer who was no acquainted with the first four before the adventure started (Storm being an unusual case). He spent a couple of months wandering Plegia, where he found a nigh-indestructible shield in some ruins. He finds himself at the Plegia/Ylisse border around the time Gangrel kidnaps Maribelle to provoke war, meeting Nin at the same time - after which they are both promptly drawn into the conflict, and subsequently join the Shepherds.

Of all the group, he's the one most prone to giving to giving Shanzira grief due to having little patience with her occasional immaturity - she in turn has no issue provoking him. In spite of this, the two do respect and like each other deep down... way deep down.

  • The Big Guy: Due to his fighting style, though he's also The Smart Guy at times.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Expy: Of Cameron from Asleep - essentially the same person, but from a different version of Earth and SI-ed in a different way.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Shanzira - the two have such vastly different personalities and can't help provoking each other, but they are friends in their own way and trust each other.


Real name: Jacob

Shanzira's AU genderbent self. He matches Shanz in almost every aspect, except for things such as their interests in art.

    The Shepherds 

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