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    The L Clan 

Hana Mikumo

Played by: Kyoko Fukada
A librarian and youngest child of the Mikumo family.
  • Action Girl: She is a skilled fighter and frequently fights the criminals in order to save Kazuma whenever he is in pinch.
  • Action Mom: She becomes this in Season 2 where she is shown to have a 8 years-old daughter with Kazuma, but she still fights the the criminals.
  • Cute Bookworm: She works in a bookstore and is frequently seen reading to children.
  • Dating What Daddy Hates: Of course an infamous thief is going to have issues with his daughter dating a cop.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: She just wants to be a normal girl and normal wife and mother and despise her status for being born into the family of theives
  • Race for Your Love: In episode 10, Hana fights her way through two police families to get to Kazuma. Although it also has to do with Kazuma about to marry the granddaughter of a corrupt cop.
  • Red Is Heroic: She is the most righteous of the L clan and her catsuit is red.

Takeru Mikumo

Played by: Atsuro Watabe
The father of the Mikumo family, son of Iwao and Matsu.

Etsuko Mikumo

Played by: Maju Ozawa
Hana's mother who married into the L Clan through Takeru and is very materialistic.

Wataru Mikumo

Played by: Louis Kurihara
The eldest child of the Mikumo family. A hermit and tech genius who never leaves his room.
  • Alone Among the Couples: Lampshaded in the final episode where after Hana and Kazuma get back together and Iwao is revealed to not be dead he laments on being the only single member of his family.
  • The Voiceless: He is never shown to actually speak. Instead choosing to give his opinions and instructions through a text-to-speech program.

Matsu Mikumo

Played by: Yoshiko Takehara
Matriarch of the Mikumo family, Takeru's mother.

Iwao Mikumo

Played by: Akaji Maro
Grandfather of the Mikumo family. Married into the L Clan through Matsu.

    Sakuraba Family 

Kazuma Sakuraba

Played by: Kōji Seto
Eldest child of the Sakuraba family.
  • Action Dad: Becomes this in Season 2
  • Distressed Dude: For the first half of the series, he is constantly being kidnapped or put in danger in order for Hana to rescue him.
  • Love at First Sight: He fell in love with Hana the moment he saw her at the bookstore.

Misako Sakuraba

Played by: Marcia
Mother of the Sakuraba family. A police officer in the forensics division.
  • Berserk Button: Mocking her appearance is a easy way to piss her off.
  • Not So Stoic: While she is portrayed as serious and no-nonsense woman but she is prone to overreact in a comical manner.

Norikazu Sakuraba

Played by: Masayuki Shida
Father of the Sakuraba family. A police officer in the Metropolitan Police Department.

Kaori Shintani

Played by: Honami Sato
Youngest child of the Sakuraba family. A police officer in the traffic department.
  • One-Shot Character: She and her husband show up for one scene in the premiere before never being heard from again.

Waichi Sakuraba

Played by: Hiroshi Fujioka
Patriarch of the Sakuraba family. A former police officer that once worked in the Third Division.


Akiyo Enzoji

Played by: Yusuke Onuki
Hana's childhood friend and fellow thief.

Emili Hashimoto

Played by: Yukino Kishii
Kazuma's colleague in the police station. Also from a police family.
  • Dirty Cop: She is in cahoots with her grandfather, who Iwao has been chasing for decades after he attacked Matsu.
  • Hidden Disdain Reveal: When Kazuma tries to soften their breakup, Emili reveals that she never loved him to begin with and it was all part of her grandfather's plan.
  • Marriage of Convenience: Because she is also from a long line of police officers, Kazuma's parents would prefer it if he married Emili over Hana.

Junichi Maki

Played by: Ryo Kato
Kazuma's superior. Emili's cousin.
  • Killer Cop: It turns out that Maki was the one who burned "Iwao" alive.

    Characters Introduced in Season 2 

Mikumo Hojo

Played by Kanna Hashimoto
Born into a family of detectives and suspects that the L Clan killed her grandfather.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She witnessed her house getting burned and with her grandfather dying inside.
  • Enemy Mine: After learning from Takeru that the imposter L family are responsible for her grandfather's demise she decided to join forces with the real one but still doesn't trust them.
  • Revenge: She wants revenge on the L family after suspecting them to be responsible for her grandfather's death but after learning the truth from Takeru that their is another L family responsible for her grandfather's demise she shift her revenge focus to them.

Saruhiko Yamamoto

Played by Tatsuya Gashuin
The butler to the Hojo family.

Anne Mikumo

Played by Nono Obata
Kazuma and Hana's young daughter.

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