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This page is going to contain UNMARKED SPOILERS for those who haven't read the light novels. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Spirit Of Origin

Throughout the series, the Spirit of Origin has gone through numerous code names and identities.

    First Spirit 

First Spirit
The First Spirit's silhouette as shown in the anime.

The first Spirit who ever appeared in the world, and the one who caused the first Spacequake that devastated half of Eurasia 30 years ago, killing 150 million lives and causing untold destruction.

Due to the Spirit's lack of recorded appearance afterwards, almost next to nothing is known about her.

  • The Dreaded: After learning about her powers, Kurumi claims there's no way she could ever kill the First Spirit. And sure enough, when she finally made her appearance as Mio Takamiya, she killed off Shido's entire harem with ridiculous ease.
  • Hero Killer: Volume 18 consists of her flat-out slaughtering all the Spirits to retrieve their Sephira Crystals. However, this was undone when Shido used Vav to travel back 24 hours before Kurumi's death to prevent it.
  • The Lost Lenore: She is this for Elliot, especially because he doesn't know that she's still alive in the present day under the alias of Reine Murasame.
  • Me's a Crowd: Volume 18 reveals that this is how she exists in the present as herself, Phantom, and Reine Murasame simultaneously.
  • Monster Progenitor: Kurumi claims in Volume 4 that all Spirits exist because of her. Inverse Tohka explains how the First Spirit is the origin of all in Volume 15, and the First herself confirmed it during Kurumi's flashback in Volume 16.
  • Power Crystal: During Volume 15, Inverse Tohka mentions to Shido about how the First Spirit's Crystal was split into Qlipha Crystals, and those were turned into Sephira Crystals that the other Spirits possess for affinity reasons.
  • Pure Magic Being: The First is composed of pure magical energy and can manifest a physical form.
  • Spanner in the Works: Simply by being summoned 30 years ago, she created the entire series' events. For this reason, Kurumi's goal is to go back in time and kill her, later simply kill the people that summoned her, in order to prevent her summoning and undo the existence of Spirits.
    • She's the origin of the Qlipha Crystals, and later Sephira Crystals, according to Inverse Tohka's word. She's also the one who gave Shidou the ability to seal the Spirits.
    • She is also the reason why Elliot left the DEM and created Ratatoskr to save the Spirits, simply because he fell in love with her.
  • Summon Bigger Fish: A unique case as she was summoned first, and then the weaker Spirits came after, and from her. Her summoning was the result of Elliot, Ellen and Westcott's actions 30 years ago.
  • Walking Spoiler: The whole reason she appeared on Earth along with the lack of information regarding her makes her this. Kurumi confirms her name as Mio Takamiya in Volume 16 and Volume 17 reveals that she was adopted into the Takamiya family.



Voiced by: Aya Endo (Japanese, Date A Live: Rinne Utopia)

The mysterious entity who works behind the scenes, its very existence is only known to the Ratatoskr members (and possibly Westcott).

It was the one who gave Kotori her Sephira Crystal, tranforming her into a Spirit 5 years ago, causing the Great Fire in the process. In present time, she was also the person who informed Kurumi about Shido's existence and strange powers.

Its true appearance and motives are unknown, but it displays great knowledge about the Spirits, and even Shido himself. As the novels go on, it's revealed that Phantom gave Miku a Sephira Crystal two years prior, hinting at the possibility of her carrying more Crystals at her disposal.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Its appearance is completely shrouded in mosaic and even its voice is too garbled to determine its gender. When Origami goes back in time to kill it, she notices that at one point its voice not only sounds female, but it’s one that she’s heard before.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: While fighting the Spirit-turned Origami five years ago in volume 10, Phantom remains calm and correctly guesses that Kurumi helped Origami Time Travel from the future with her Twelfth Bullet since Phantom has yet to give away Metatron at that point in time. Similarly, in the very next volume, Phantom is able to guess that Shido came from five or six years in the future with Kurumi's help, just by looking at his appearance.
  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: In volume 11, Phantom shows that it can impersonate other people for the sake of direct interaction. In that volume, Phantom appears to Shido as Rinne (the Original Generation character from Date A Live: Rinne Utopia).
    • Volume 16 implies Reine Murasame may be this since Origami clearly saw Phantom's silhouette as a young girl, but Reine is a mature-looking woman.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Phantom evaluates a person based on their potential as Spirits, as it outright states to the now Spirit Origami that it would never pass up an opportunity to find such a powerful vessel for the Sephira Crystal.
    • And yet, when Shido is about to be killed by the Dainsleif Satellite Cannon, Phantom intervenes and stops it, before giving the other Spirits a chance to save him by weakening his power. Also, as she is revealed to be Reine Murasame, she has helped Ratatoskr, Shido and the Spirits on multiple occasions, implying her morality is at least on the whiter side of the spectrum.
  • Code Name: "Phantom" is the code name that Ratatoskr has given it. She doesn't like it.
  • Cryptic Conversation: When Shido is knocked unconscious after his first encounter with Tohka, he gets transferred aboard the Fraxinus, but not before hearing a garbled voice from the entity. Its words before leaving in Volume 11 are so similar that Shido realizes it was the one who spoke to him that day.
    Phantom: Finally, we meet again. I'm so glad, but just wait. Just a little while longer. I won't ever let you go again. I won't ever be wrong again. Soon.
  • For Science!: Implied to be its reason for creating Rinne and Mayuri. This is not so obvious in the former's case, but its unusual behavior as Reine when observing the latter suggests that she actually created them for experiment, studying the phenomenons of the two Spirits' birth.
  • The Heavy: While its intentions are (probably) nowhere as malicious as Westcott's, Phantom is still indirectly responsible for every single major event in all arcs, mostly through the use of Sephira Crystals.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: In Volume 12, it's confirmed that Phantom is a Spirit herself after long speculation of her being one. This makes sense considering her title.
  • Literal Genie: Phantom has appeared before a human to grant them Spirit powers at least twice before the story began, and each time was in response to their anguished wish, for better or worse: for Kotori, it was her desire to stop being a crybaby; in Miku's case, she came to hate humanity (especially men) and despaired over the loss of her voice. A third time happens when Origami wishes for greater power in order to defeat the Spirits, in volume 10. And then, it's revealed that Phantom first did this to Nia (as the Second Spirit) and to Mukuro some time later. Nia speculates that Phantom probably did the same with all the other Spirits.
  • Memory-Wiping Crew: This is the same being who erased part of Shido and Kotori's memories during the Great Fire, explaining the holes in their memories. It may or may not also be responsible for the other Spirits' amnesia.
  • Mysterious Parent: When Phantom encounters all the Spirits in Volume 12 (minus Kurumi) after saving Shido, it calls them "my children." When you remember it turns regular humans into Spirits, this implies that all of them used to be human, which is confirmed in Volume 15 by Inverse Tohka.
    • The Stinger of Rinne Utopia implies Phantom has a hand in Rinne's creation and birth, as it is the only one who doesn't forget her after the Ret Gone. While Rinne may have been an Unwitting Pawn that may have played her role, it's also possible Phantom gave her a Mercy Kill or actually saved her from floating endlessly in Eden's remains, possibly explaining how Phantom used Rinne's form as a disguise in Volume 11 if the game is canon to the main story.
    • As Reine is revealed to be Phantom in Volume 16, plus Reine's suspicious behavior and knowledge about Mayuri in the movie Mayuri Judgment, this implies that she was also involved in Mayuri's birth.
  • Ominous Visual Glitch: Phantom is consistently described as an unknown noise that's nearly invisible. When commander Kannazuki shows Shido a recording of the incident with Kotori five years ago, Phantom was present and right next to Kotori, but only because Shido noticed a blurry image that didn't fit with the rest of the recording. In Volume 10, an attack from Origami temporarily dispels Phantom's noise, where Origami could faintly discern that she was a woman with a familiar voice. Kurumi also manages to dispel her noise during their battle in Volume 16.
  • Power Crystal: It's revealed in Volume 8 that Phantom granted Kotori and Miku their Spirit powers by giving them each a crystalline orb known as Sephira Crystal. It also gives Origami one in Volume 10. As of Volume 14, it's implied Phantom did the same to all other Spirits.
  • Red Baron: Both Kurumi and the Ratatoskr calls it "the Spirit that can turn humans into Spirits" even though up until volume 16 it's unknown what Phantom actually is.
  • Samus Is a Girl: In volume 10, Origami's attacks strip away the noise concealing Phantom's appearance, allowing the former to hear the latter's voice, which apparently reminds Origami of someone familiar. Although she was blinded by her own light-based attack, Origami could faintly discern Phantom as a girl with long hair. It's revealed in Volume 16 she's none other than Reine Murasame.
  • Significant Double Casting: In the three Date a Live Visual Novels Rinne Utopia, Ars Install, and Rio Reincarnation, this being shares a voice with.....well just look at the person doing the voice work and you'll figure it out. Why is this significant? Volume 16 of the light novel reveals that the First Spirit, Phantom, and Reine Murasame are all the same person.
  • Walking Spoiler: This mysterious entity's underlying actions are actually vital to the story, given the basic premise of sealing the Spirits wouldn't actually be feasible without key characters getting powers in the first place. She also has some unknown connection with Shido, and also apparently did something to him she regrets that's become the reasoning for her current actions.

    Mio Takamiya 

Mio Takamiya

A girl who seems to be connected to the Takamiyas, her name was mentioned by Shido when he's overcharged with Spirit powers in Volume 12, causing him to remember bits of his childhood with Mana.

Shido claimed that Mio was supposed to be protecting Mana from DEM, but went missing at the same time Mana was abducted by them.

  • Arch-Enemy: Kurumi hates her guts for turning her into an Unwitting Pawn to kill out-of-control Spirits, one of which was her best friend Sawa. Her ultimate goal is to go back 30 years to when Mio first appeared and kill her (later revised to preventing her birth in the first place).
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Well, Mio did save Kurumi when the latter accidentally wandered into her dimension. However, refining Sephira Crystals required her to kill countless of lives (which is morally questionable by itself), and yet Mio still enlisted Kurumi's help, without informing the girl about what they were really doing. This eventually caused Kurumi to kill her best friend Saya when the latter was given the Camael Crystal by Mio herself.
  • Chest Burster: After Kurumi’s shadow apparently “eats” her, she ends up killing her by popping out of her chest, though Kurumi manages to transfer her powers to a clone before biting the dust.
  • Death Seeker: Shido claims in volume 19 that Mio gave birth to him in order to create an existence that could kill her so she can truly reunite with Shinji. Mio doesn't refute the claim.
  • Didn't See That Coming:
    • Didn't expect Kurumi to be able to stop her inversion midway by reversing time to an extent before she fell in despair. Likewise, the same thing with Kurumi using the same powers to restore her memories after Mio erased them.
    • She was also caught off-guard when Tohka converts her throne into armor instead of merging it with her sword to create Halvanhelev, as Mio only knows the basic powers of each Sephira Crystal and not all their potential applications. Tohka would then give her the first injury of her entire life.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Her astral dress does not come with any shoes, while the majority of spirits have shoes coming with their astral dresses.
  • First Girl After All: With a twist: she was the first Spirit to be rescued by Shidou as his previous incarnation Shinji Takamiya, who was killed by Westcott in his attempt to escape from DEM's clutches with Mio. The current Shidou was reincarnated by Mio as her biological son and was adopted into the Itsuka family, until his history repeats when Tohka Yatogami manifested into the world.
  • Flower in Her Hair: Gains one on each side of her head while wearing her Astral Dress.
  • Green Thumb: Her Angels are all plant-themed: Ain Soph Aur is a flower, Ain Soph is a tree, and Ain is a seed.
  • I Cannot Self-Terminate: She implies that she was suicidal after Shinji’s death, but her body was simply too durable for any conventional method to work.
  • Long-Lost Relative: The brief memory of Mio saying "I love you" to Shido in Volume 14 implies she may be their cousin or biological mother. Volume 17 reveals that Mio is actually adopted into the Takamiya family after being discovered by Shinji, and that love confession was out of gratitude for her newly discovered love due to her Really Was Born Yesterday mentality.
  • Love Makes You Evil: To bring back Shinji, she's willing to sacrifice several human hosts to purify the Sephira Crystals, cause a Death of Personality to Shido, and murder all the Spirits.
  • Magical Barefooter: Her Astral Dress leaves her feet exposed.
  • Naked on Arrival: Shinji first met her nude, as she wasn’t summoned with clothing, leading Mana to think they’d been getting it on when she first sees them together. During the actual story, she also emerged from Kurumi nude, gaining her Astral Dress after combining with her Older Alter Ego Reine.
  • Nigh Invulnerable: Only after borrowing the power of all the other Spirits (including Mio herself) can Tohka even put a scratch on her.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: Subverted, seemingly. She tried to help Mana escape the DEM, with no result.
  • No Ontological Inertia: After her death, the Spirits' powers disappear, reverting them back into humans and causing Tohka, a pure spirit, to disappear.
  • Only One Name: Was only known by Mio until her last name was revealed in volume 16. Like Tohka, she was nameless until Shinji named her.
  • Physical God: Her angels represent God’s role as the emanator of the ten Sefirot (the Spirits). She’s also codenamed “Deus”.
  • Power Crystal: She gives Kurumi her Sephira Crystal, something that Phantom's only been known to have done before now.
  • Redemption Equals Death: In Volume 19, she blows herself up to put an end to Westcott once and for all, realizing as she does so how much trouble she's caused the world with her spacequakes and Sephira Crystals.
  • Remember the New Guy?: A unique case, as Shido mentions her name to Mana in Volume 12 despite he's never done so before. The moment he does however, Mana recalls a bit about her. Likewise when Mana asks him about Mio later, he briefly remembers her say she loves him.
  • Start of Darkness: Remember how Shido is gunned down trying to protect Tohka at the beginning of the story? Mio had witnessed the same thing 30 years ago, where she saw Shinji being murdered by Wescott while trying to protect her. While she was relatively well-adjusted just enough not to go Roaring Rampage of Revenge as Tohka did, her awareness of a human's fleeting lifespan compared to hers gave her a disturbing resolve to recreate him into an immortal being so he could be her eternal lover. This had led to her turning several girls into Spirits before killing them in order to purify the Sephira Crystals, and from there, she sown the seeds for Kurumi's Start of Darkness as well.
  • Story-Breaker Power: She has THREE Angels: Ain Soph Aur summons a flower that disperses One-Hit Kill petals, Ain Soph summons a tree that puts the surrounding area under her complete control, and Ain simply causes a Cessation of Existence for anything she targets. Nia lampshades that her powers are cheat-level and would be completely inappropriate to write into a story because such a character would be invincible.
  • Truly Single Parent: She absorbed Shinji’s dead body and gave birth to the boy known as Shido. She also regards all the Spirits as her daughters, having created their Sephira Crystals, but special mention goes to Tohka for being born directly from her own Crystal, for which Inverse Tohka refers to Mio as their mother.
  • Walking Spoiler: It's impossible to know her without knowing that she has something to do with Shido and Mana's pasts. This is because she was named by Shidou as a member Takamiya family. Volume 16 also reveals that she met with Kurumi in the past and gave her a Sephira Crystal. The same volume also confirms her to be the First Spirit.
  • Yandere: Of the extreme Determinator and Dissonant Serenity variety. She would stop at nothing to restore Shinji back as her eternal lover, from reincarnating him in her womb as Shido to spending a good 30 years in order to purify the Sephira Crystals, sacrificing countless girls in the process. It culminates to her going as far as personally killing Shido's entire harem which is only averted by one of Kurumi's clone reminding Shido that he's sealed Vav, which allows him to mentally time travel to the past. As she had stated to Kotori right before killing her and everyone else aboard the Fraxinus, even though their friendship were genuine, she is willing to sacrifice even that if it would bring Shin back to her side.
  • You Cannot Grasp the True Form: Ain is described as “the Angel of void” and Shido isn’t sure what exactly it was because of the blinding light it produced. The cover of Volume 18 calls it a “???-type” Angel. It’s later clarified to be a seed.

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