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Protagonists and ships

Silver-Hawk_model_ARCF-ROTA_PLUS A.k.A Silver-Hawk Genesis:

Silver Hawk Military Designation- ARCF-ROTA PLUSAlias-Silver HawkOccupant- 1Height- 14.815 metersLength- 26.55 metersWidth- 20.713 metersPower Unit- A.N. (All Nothing) System DrivePilots: Sameluck Raida, Lutia Feen

The chronologically second oldest (so far) Silver Hawk model (the oldest is believed to be a developmental prototype), Genesis is notable for its combination of state-of-the-art Amnelian military technology (the All-Nothing power system) and reverse-engineered Thiima tech (the Beta beam weapons system).


  • Attack Drone: the "Genesis" reproduction provided to the Planet Saviours by Amnelia lacks the original Capture-Ball System, instead mounting a Control System/Microfactory unit for a pair of attack drones due to inability to replicate the original CB technology.
  • Glass Cannon: In Chronicle Saviours, the Genesis lacks a fixed beam projection system, rendering it completely reliant on evasive maneuvers, and re-spawns without active armour.
  • Irony: The craft responsible for driving the Thiima away from Amnelian space was powered by the very technology who's use prompted their attack.
  • Magitek: Some supplementary material describes All-Nothing Technology as literally being the result of "black magic".
  • Retro Upgrade: Elements of its design and systems were implemented into the finalised Silver Hawk Murakumo.
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  • Super Prototype: Arguably has the Most raw Fire-power/Damage dealing potential of ANY SH-Series Fighter in the Series with Its A.N Powered Alpha Beam. However...
  • Wave Motion Gun: a High-level Counter Alpha Beam (having absorbed at LEAST two Beta beam volleys form a boss) was previously the Page image.


The pilot of the Silver Hawk "Legend".

  • Benevolent A.I.: She's actually an AI in the form of a young girl.
  • Big Good: She represents Darius itself and also protects the people of Darius as well as those across the cosmos from the Belsar. One ending even has her personally communicating with the Embryon.
  • Expy: Pretty much resembles Weiß from Arcana Heart 3 appearance-wise. Another possible Expy of her is Fiona Nono from Astebreed.
  • Narrator All Along: It's implied the ending of Chronicle Saviours is narrated by her, as the ending sequence shows the Silver Hawk Legend flying off into space.
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  • The Stoic: Appears to be this.
  • Suddenly Voiced: While the Darius series has little to no voice acting, Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders marked her first official voiced appearance.

Riga Pratica

Test pilot for the Silver Hawk "Next".


The Belsar

The eternal enemy of Planet Darius, the Belsar are a massive army that has attacked Darius and its allied planets many times over the centuries. Their reasons and goals are entirely unknown. They wield a fleet of aquatic-themed spaceships based on reverse-engineered Thiima technology.

  • Flying Seafood Special: A relic of their technology originally being Thiima in origin. Almost all of their battleships are shaped like marine life (though there are a few exceptions).
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Assumed to be piloting the various "Huge Battleships" that appear throughout the series, though we never see them in person.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: Little is known of why they keep attacking humanity. The most common theory is that they just really like fighting.
  • Sequel Hook: Many of Dariusburst's endings note that the Belsar's homeworld has still not been found, so there is always the possibility they will attack yet again sometime down the line...
  • Spell My Name with an "S": The latest English releases use "Belsar", but it has been spelled as "Belser" in the past as well.

The Thiima

A race of Ambiguous Robots that attacked Planet Amnelia in G-Darius, in retribution for having used the All-Nothing superweapon. Amnelia's counterattack lead to the apparent destruction of their race, and the discovery of Planet Darius, which the Thiima's home base orbited.

  • Ambiguous Robots: They appear mechanical, but they also are referred to as being alive in some texts. If they are artificial, there appears to be no sign of their creators. And then there's their leader, the Embryon, which appears more like an Energy Being or an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Final Solution: They are described as "guardians" that safeguard life. The reason they attacked Amnelia was because the Amnelians had created and used a planet-destroying superweapon, and the Thiima decided that a people who would do such a thing were a danger to everything else.
  • Flying Seafood Special: They are all shaped like gigantic, mechanical, flying sea creatures. Why this is the case isn't clear.
  • Sequel Hook: One ending to Dariusburst has the Embryon appear before the pilot of the Legend following the Belsar's latest defeat, despite seemingly having been destroyed centuries ago. The pilot speaks to it and manages to convince it not to attack, though what was said between them, and the Embryon's reason for reappearing and then deciding not to attack, are all unknown.

Notable Bosses

King Fossil

Game apperances: Darius (Zone A), Darius Gaiden' (Zone C), Darius R (Zone A)

  • Recurring Boss Template: Started the trend of having a Coelacanth boss in each game, usually named "____ Fossil".
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: In Darius and Darius R, his sole attack is a fast, five-bullet spread that will easily hit you if you don't react fast enough.

Great Thing

Game Appearances: Darius (Zone Z), Darius Twin (Zone K, as Hyper Great Thing), Darius Gaiden (Zone Z), G-Darius (Zone Ο, as G.T), Dariusburst (Zone K), Dariusburst: Another Chronicle (Zone L)

A sperm whale, often seen commanding the Belsar Army. It is often reserved as the Final Boss of the lowest (and frequently most difficult path) of games it appears in. It should be noted that the boss "Great Force", which appears in Darius Force, should not be considered an iteration of Great Thing, despite the similar name and design, as it is based on a humpback whale, unlike Great Thing's sperm whale design.

  • Boss Subtitles: While every boss in Darius Twin has a four digit serial code alongside its name, (Hyper) Great Thing is notable in that instead of being a jumble of letters and numbers, Great Thing's serial code spells out GG0D.
  • Dynamic Entry: Makes its presence known in Darius Gaiden by bursting through the ground, though thankfully it can't hurt you while doing so. Getting to that point without getting a Game Over mid-stage will even result in the burst being somewhat-timed with the music!
  • Final Boss: In all of its appearances (Darius Twin being the sole exception), it will be the boss of a final zone.
  • Leitmotif: In Dariusburst, "Hello 31337". Unlike most boss themes that get shared by various bosses, it is used exclusively for Great Thing and its harder variant G.T-V. While other theme songs also get used for Great Thing in Chronicle Saviours where the returning ships use their own sets of background music, "Hello 31337" always plays if the player is fighting Great Thing or G.T-V in Dariusburst, Second Prologue, Another Chronicle, or Chronicle Saviours in a mission designed for one of the five Dariusburst debut shipsnote .
  • I Have Many Names: Darius Twin adds a "Hyper" prefix, while G-Darius abbreviates it to "G.T".
  • Palette Swap: Dariusburst Another Chronicle has G.T-B., which is a black Great Thing but with some new patterns. Another Chronicle EX introduces G.T-V., a purple Great Thing that's even more difficult.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Great Thing's appearance in Darius Gaiden is a rather lovely shade of purple, and it will kick your ass hard. Additionally, choosing the lower route in Zone Ο of G-Darius will make G.T a violet color, which fires its weapons even faster. There's also G.T-V, fought in Zone Z in Another Chronicle EX, is Great Thing except purple/violet-colored and more dangerous.
  • Recurring Boss Template: Started the series trend of having Great Thing as a boss.
  • Space Whale: One that's a mechanical battleship, no less.
  • True Final Boss: In a sense. It is usually only reached by taking mostly lower paths. It is also the ultimate Final Boss of the bonus stages in Chronicle Saviors, putting it above the Gigantic Bite in the enemy hierarchy.

Emperor Fossil and Queen Fossil

Other appearances: Darius Twin (Zone B and C), G-Darius (Zone Gamma; Queen Fossil only)

Two Fossil bosses teaming up together in Darius Twin.

In G-Darius, Queen Fossil Took a Level in Badass, becoming so big that the stage split takes place at the start of her boss battle, allowing you to decide which side to attack it from.

  • Battleship Raid: Queen Fossil in G-Darius is so huge that she becomes this trope.
  • Boss Warning Siren: The only bosses to break the standard "A HUGE BATTLESHIP..." message pattern, if slightly:
  • Dual Boss: In Darius Twin.
  • Kill One, Others Get Stronger: When one of the two bosses is defeated in Darius Twin, the other will go crazy with attacks.
    • Beam Spam: Queen Fossil, if Emperor Fossil is defeated first.
    • Wave Motion Gun: Emperor Fossil, if Queen Fossil is defeated first.

Prickly Angler

Appearances: Darius Gaiden' (Zone G, Zone I)

An angler fish that grows in size and power as it takes damage.

Titanic Lance

Appearances: Darius Gaiden (Zone M)

A massive, five-screen-long nautiloid.

  • Boss-Only Level: Zone M lasts for all of about 30 seconds before throwing the "huge battleship" warning at you.
  • Marathon Boss: Quite possibly one of the longest bosses in the game.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: The very short stage preceding it has no BGM whatsoever.

Eclipse Eye

Appearances: G-Darius (Zone α)

A large Thiima based on the Gibberfish.

  • Seldom-Seen Species: Based on a Gibberfish, which is rarely, if even seen at all in media. The two hand-like objects are based on the fish's pectoral fins itself.
  • Warm-Up Boss: As the first boss, his attack patterns are easy to avoid.

Tripod Sardine

Appearances: G-Darius (Zone β)

A Tripod fish Thiima.

Dimension Diver

Appearances: G-Darius (Zone ε)

A Chimera fish Thiima with the ability to create portals.

  • Meaningful Name: It creates portals to dive between dimensions. In fact, it's first seen with its fin sticking out of a portal, traveling through the level.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Based on a Chimera fish, which is rarely seen in media.
  • Space Master: Is able to create portals in order to stick its head through and attack the player.
  • Thinking Up Portals: Creates portals on its own, to attack the player from the background.

Absolute Defender

Appearances: G-Darius (Zone ζ)

A pinecone fish Thiima with extremely strong Deflector Shields.

  • Attack Its Weak Point: An arrow will designate the shield generator, which is where you need to hit and destroy.
  • Deflector Shields: Its main gimmick is to use these to block your attacks until you destroy the generator.
  • No-Sell: Is completely invulnerable to damage, even your Alpha Beam, as long as its shield generator is active.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Based on a Pinecone Fish, which is rarely seen in media.
  • Shielded Core Boss: To damage it, you need to destroy the shield generator on its chin to remove its Deflector Shields. You can then wail on it, but it will regenerate the shield generator in a short period of time.

Fire Fossil

Appearances: G-Darius (Zone η)

A huge Coelacanth Thiima with fire-based attacks.

  • Battleship Raid: Just as big as Queen Fossil, and the player has to face off against its different segments.
  • Playing with Fire: Essentially the fire equivalent of Queen Fossil, almost all its attacks involve incendiary weaponry.
  • Underground Monkey: Of Queen Fossil, basically a fire based version of her.

Death Wings

Apperances: G-Darius (Zone θ)

A Manta Ray Thiima.

  • Weaponized Exhaust: Uses its own exhaust as an attack, forcing the player to move between exhaust jets.
  • Weapons That Suck: Its base area has a suction ability that attempts to draw the player in.

Eight Feet Umbrella

Apperances: G-Darius (Zone ι)

An umbrella octopus Thiima.

Eternal Triangle

Appearances: G-Darius (Zone κ)

A goblin shark Thiima with the ability to split into three.

  • Detachment Combat: Its main gimmick, it can split itself into head, body and tail, each of which are individual parts that can attack separately.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Based on a Goblin Shark, which is rarely seen in media.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Can use its detachable parts to create a triangular electrical field around the player's ships, forcing them to stay within or suffer damage.

The Embryon

Appearances: G-Darius (Zone ν), Dariusburst (Zone J Ending)

A Sea Angel Thiima with a mechanical head and a core.

  • Big Bad: The leader of the Thiima in G-Darius.
  • The Cameo: In one of Dariustburst's endings. After the heroes defeated the final boss of that route, its shadow appears menacingly in the background. Ti2, who can somehow communicate with it, decides to negotiate with The Embryon to prevent another war from happening.
  • Energy Being: Most of its body is made of energy, only its head and its core are physical and vulnerable.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Based on a sea angel, which is rarely seen in media.
  • Spell My Name with a "The": The only boss in the series to have a "The" prefix.

Azure Nightmare

Appearances: Dariusburst

Gigantic Bite

Appearances: Dariusburst


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