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Disclaimer: The information on this page may not be canonical as this Character Page is part of the Just for Fun section for the "Daring Do" franchise, a series of books within a show introduced in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. While some of the characters and tropes are canonical from the show, others are strictly fan creations.

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    Daring Do and the Bauble of Mystery Exclusive Characters 

Dr. Egghead

The main villain of The Bauble of Mystery, he steals the item in question to power his death machine and it's up to you to get it back! He tends to control his minions by sealing them in magical armor suits and possesses a particular hatred of hedgehogs.

Dark Do

An evil shadow version of Daring Do. It was created by the real villain and final boss, Ahuizotl!

The Four Generals

These are the four bosses you must face to get the four keys to the Bauble of Mystery, they've all been brainwashed by the evil Dr.Egghead. They share the names four certain characters...

Tropes shared by most of them


A badger-mole princess and holder of the emerald key, but don't be fooled by her cute appearance, she's really tough.


A bat-monkey prince and holder of the ruby key, he's really dangerous if you're not careful.


A seal-orca shaman and holder of the sapphire key, she very fast in the water, watch out.


A flying squirrel-lemur monk and holder of the diamond key. He's probably the strongest of the four generals.

Neighthan Drake

A smarmy, wisecracking treasure hunter who seeks the Bauble to unlock its mysteries. Appears as a Guest Fighter in multiplayer mode.

Marea Croft

An Action Mare/Adventurer Archaeologist who wants to prevent the Bauble from falling into the wrong hands. Appears as a Guest Fighter in multiplayer mode.

     Daring Do and The Great Cave Offensive 

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