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Disclaimer: The information on this page may not be canonical as this Character Page is part of the Just for Fun section for the "Daring Do" franchise, a series of books within a show introduced in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. While some of the characters and tropes are canonical from the show, others are strictly fan creations.

Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia has existed as a figure in Equestrian literature for centuries, due to her openness about being depicted in fiction. She has long since declared herself a public domain character so permission is not required for anypony to include her in their published works ( Caveat: This is true in Equestrian Law, but other lands and nations may or may not respect this custom — if you reside elsewhere, please double-check your regulations and treaties! ). This has led to a number of unsavory depictions, but she has stated that she doesn't mind.


In the Daring Do series, Princess Celestia has appeared several times, usually rewarding Daring Do and other characters for their heroics, though she has also supplied important pieces of information, usually involving Nightmare Moon. To address why Princess Celestia doesn't solve these world-shattering problems herself, the author states that Celestia is generally very busy with keeping Equestria in order, as well as keeping track of both the Sun and the Moon, so she couldn't very well leave it to help Daring in her adventures. Besides, in Temple of Nightmare Moon, Celestia says that she feels safer knowing Daring is on the job.

Portrayed by Princess Celestia in the films.

  • Deus Exit Machina: During Legacy of Nightmare Moon, she is forced to use her power to keep the stars aligned to prevent Nightmare Moon's escape.
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  • Light Is Good
  • Mr. Exposition: Princess Exposition: She explains the nature of the ritual to bring about Eternal Night in the Nightmare Moon series.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Royal "We": Used in-story when addressing the populace at large, but the real Celestia had long fallen out of use of this.
  • Rule of Glamorous: The first few books overplays the Royal Appearance to make it clear the Princess is above most ponies, although this was dropped in later books. Rumor has it that the Princess herself requested this change, although this has never been confirmed.



Platinius (full title: Deputy Ambassador Platinius) appears in Griffon's Goblet, he is a more rational subordinate to Ambassador Hawkwings.

Played in the film series by Gary Birdshoff.

  • Ambadassador: In addition to his diplomatic prowess, he also takes on Copperbeak and his ninja minions in claw-to-claw combat and saves Hawkwings' fat ass from Mareton.
  • Closet Geek: Seems to be a secret fan of the comic book "Sasquatch Mafia", but isn't telling anypony.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Averts a war between the griffons and ponies but Hawkwings gets the whole thing swept under the rug.
  • Expy: Of Mane Retief.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: But unlikely to get promotion due to his unorthodox methods.
  • Only Sane Employee: The rest of Hawkwings' entourage consists of his sycophants and griffons who don't give a damn.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: He's implied to have made enemies with some higher ups and was sent to be Hawkwings' babysitter as a result.
  • Weapon of Choice: His ceremonial dagger.

Silvia Clawson

A minor recurring character who mainly serves as a contrast between Platinius and the other embassy griffons, being a minor embassy functionary herself. She does little in the main story except annoy him usually by stealing pens and stationery, or with obnoxious or irritating personal habits. She does get expanded upon in the Expanded Universe, playing major roles in Silvia Clawson and Her Little Pony and Griffonland Grumbles.

  • Acrofatic: Whilst not incredibly agile, she can move surprisingly fast for one of her size and weight.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Often calls Ambassador Hawkwings 'Gory' (pronounced in a way that rhymes with 'Curry').
  • Afraid of Doctors and Needles: Basically seems to be afraid of anything that would be found in a Hospital like environment.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Most of her appearances end with something in another room catching her attention.
  • Big Beautiful Griffon: She's described by various characters as somewhat large and full figured but dialogue by various Griffons and Darrin Do indicate that, physically, she's quite attractive. Her personality on the other hoof...
  • Big Eater
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: She's known in the embassy to be an incredibly talented cook, but the effort in preparing meals for the rest of the staff or being a professional chef in general would require her to keep a regular schedule, so she instead uses her connection to Hawkwings to keep a job she barely does.
  • Brutal Honesty
  • Can't Hold Her Liquor: It's mentioned that the last time she had something alcoholic, by the next day she hadn't just cleared out all the food but had also eaten/attempted to eat quite a number of things that definitely weren't food. Like the wineskins themselves.
  • Chubby Chaser/It Runs in the Family: Her girth is seen either as a sign that Hawkwings likes them fat, or he's genetically predisposed for obesity.
  • Creature of Habit: Is very content with her lot in life and heavily resists any change.
  • Cuddle Bug: Tends to end her informal conversations with a quick squeeze. Sometimes this can be problematic.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Although their littleness is apparently a sore point considering Darrin's quick verbal backspacing that they look sharp and strong despite it.
  • Deathbringer the Adorable: There are a few occasions, including when Daring first visits the embassy, where a character is surprised that "The Dracogriff" is the easily distracted, mellow tempered Griffon using a yawn to hide stationery under her wing.
  • Dreadful Musician: She was one of these before settling on drawing as a hobby instead.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Definitely at least a type one. From stuff that other Griffons wouldn't eat, like clearing out an entirely herbivorous buffet or flower stall, to stuff that's just generally unpalatable, she'll eat any foodstuff. There are also some comments from Platinus and the Series Encyclopedia that, though joking in nature, imply she has shades of a type two as well.
  • Fat and Proud: Silvia sees her size as something to aspire to and actually starts accusing others, lecturing about greed, to be jealous.
  • First-Name Basis: She is the only one to refer to Ambassador Hawkwings as 'Gregory'.
  • Fleeting Passionate Hobbies: She was mentioned to have been going through this but it wasn't bought up again. The series encyclopedia states this was because she started drawing shortly afterwards, and found legitimate interest and passion in it.
  • Gass Hole: According to Platinius, she tends to belch loudly after eating. This is seen onscreen in Equestria and the Attack of the Jello Slimes and Silvia Clawson and Her Little Pony but it's possible he's just exaggerating.
  • Heavy Sleeper: Nothing can wake her. Ending up on a bed of stationery, rolling over and laying on a minor embassy functionary, major disasters, absolutely nothing.
  • Hidden Depths: According to the series encyclopedia, she's an avid drawer. That's part of the reason she's always stealing pens and stationery. The other part is because she's a lazy kleptomaniac who's too cheap to buy art supplies. Unfortunately, because her favorite color is preenfeather, her art is usually outside the visual spectrum of species like ponies, who can't see ultraviolet shades.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Honestly believes that Hawkwings is a kind soul who took his job to put the best claw forward for Griffon kind to pony society, that he really wants to help Daring and others but is held back by red tape and that that tears him up inside. She's the only embassy member who isn't just saying that to suck up to him or in a sarcastic manner.
  • Informed Ability: Hawkwings has claimed she has a Photographic Memory to justify her existance on the staff, but rarely shows anything of the sort outside her selected interests.
  • Innocent Bigot: Interestingly, the more outwardly offensive things she says seem to be of this variety.
  • In-Series Nickname: "Dracogriff". See Stealth Insult.
  • Irony: Nagridge refused to work with Hawkwings, for among other reasons, his complete inability to be discrete. And yet even Platinius by that point didn't know what Silvia's relationship with Hawkwings was.
  • Lazy Bum: Barely does her job or much of anything really.
  • Mares Love Stuffed Animals: Well, griffons do.
  • Nepotism: While there's conflicting information as to whether she got her job through this or legitimate means, it's definitely how she keeps it.
  • No Sense of Direction: According to the series encyclopedia, she can get where she wants easily. However, she generally doesn't want to go anywhere and will just wander off randomly instead.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: She tends to get overly close to others, though she never seems to realize or intentionally do it.
  • Obliquely Obfuscated Occupation: It's never made entirely clear what her job actually entails. The series encyclopedia states that no-one, aside from Silvia herself, knows In-Universe either.
  • Obsessed with Food
  • Photographic Memory: Though it's only really demonstrated on topics related to food, recipes, restaurant experiences and similar things. The Series Encyclopedia says that Hawkwings uses it to justify her position to those who question it.
  • Purely Aesthetic Glasses: Though we only learn they're aesthetic in Griffonland Grumbles when Silvia embarrassedly reveals it after losing them on the train ride over to the Griffon Territories.
  • Putting On My Thinking Cap: Whenever she needs to think about something, she eats the weirdest thing that looks edible in the room. According to the series encyclopedia the thought put into determining what to eat works as a mental warm up exercise.
  • Running Gag: She tends to complain that her paws are sore or ache, despite not having done much of anything.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections! She's got some connection to Hawkwings, which lets her get away with behavior that's less than becoming of an embassy staff member. There's a vague hint that she might be Hawkwings' illegitimate daughter, though Expanded Universe works that delve into this can't decide if she's his daughter or mistress. Traditionalist griffon readers find both interpretations offensive. (Fanworks jokingly insinuating that she may be both are generally regarded as tasteless at best.)
  • Stealth Insult: Platinius has been known to refer to her as "The Dracogriff". Silvia thinks it's a term of endearment, but doesn't realize he's not referring to dragonkind's power and majesty, he's referring to their size, kleptomania, laziness, eating habits and deadly breath.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Whilst not overly huge, Silvia is quite a bit taller than the average Griffon.
  • Stout Strength: Not often shown but she did once lift a desk one armed to pick up a dropped pen. The series encyclopedia expands on this stating that, if focused, she could one arm curl Hawkwings if she wanted.
  • Supreme Chef: Despite, or possibly even because of, her exotic tastes, Silvia is an incredible cook, frequently getting in Hawkwings' good graces with the food she makes him. If she were to apply herself, she could easily be the embassy's (or even just Hawkwings') chef and nopony would question what she's doing there. Unfortunately for her, this would involve maintaining a regular schedule and resisting the urge to eat what she makes before anyone else can have any, or indeed, resisting the urge to eat the raw ingredients (and possibly the packaging/dishes/cooking utensils) before they could be prepared.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: If they are indeed in a relationship, her and the slightly smaller than average Hawkwings.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: According to the series encyclopedia she believes that she and Platinus are this. They're not.
  • You Need a Breath Mint: Her eating habits have strange effects on her digestive system. Her breath tends to smell of what she's most recently eaten which, given her eating habits, could be really good, barely noticeable or really, really bad.

Zebra Chieftan Zibrahim

Appears in Ring Of The Marengeti, he takes Herpy in and explains the significance of the Ring of the Marengeti.

Will be played in the film series by Denzel Horsington - while the film isn't even in pre-production yet, Horsington gave the Ultimate Universe comic book creators the rights to his likeness, provided that he would be given first chance at the film role.

The Medicine Mare

Zibrahim's unnamed Abada wife who gives Herpy a counter-toxin to protect him against the poison traps that guard the artifact.

  • Known Only by Their Nickname
  • The Medic: Her knowledge of toxins and counter-toxins is extensive. She and Desert Rose have had extensive correspondence, though Desert Rose also doesn't know her name.
  • No Name Given: She is referred to as "Beloved" by Zibrahim and "Medicine Mare" by everypony else.
  • Rule of Romantic: The throne room scene where she is discussing with Chieftan Zibrahim just what they should tell Herpy has been noted as an example of this.

Nightmare Moon

While she doesn't physically appear, the Mare in the Moon still plays an important part in driving the plot of a few of the books, particularly the two books in the Nightmare Moon series. She plays a bigger role in Daring Do and the Moon Ponies.

Played by Princess Luna in the film series.

  • A God Am I: Her personality in "Daring Do and the Moon Ponies".
  • Alas, Poor Villain: The Moonless World in the EU Universal Cracks novel was made moonless in an attack which also killed that world's Nightmare Moon, and the way she dies in her sister's hooves is downright heartbreaking.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Kills Scream Star with ease and almost kills Daring Do. Daring Do was lucky those events were in a dream.
  • MacGuffin: Not Nightmare Moon so much as her power. Both Ahuizotl and Inti seek it to further their agendas.
  • Make an Example of Them: What she does to Inti. Oh Celestia, just that.
  • Rule of Scary: How Nightmare Moon was written.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Nightmare Moon remains imprisoned in the Moon throughout the series, reflecting the real world situation at the time of the publication of the books.
  • The Worf Effect: In the expanded universe work Bag Of Tirek, Tirek drains her magic to demonstrate how dangerous he is.
    • Likewise, in another expanded universe work, Universal Cracks, the death of a parallel universe's Nightmare Moon is used to demonstrate the power and maliciousness of the world-eater.

The Gardener

An earth pony that lives in a lush valley in the Himineighen Mountains. He is very protective of his garden and doesn't allow any other animals in it. When Daring arrives, his garden becomes messed up so he lashes out at her. Ahuizotl was the one who was messing it up, trying to blame Daring.

Portrayed by Prance Horseriksen in the Gardens of Equestria film.

  • Amplifier Artifact: Wears a necklace that makes plant life abound and allows him to control its growing beyond the methods posessed by most earth ponies.
  • Green Hoof: Mostly uses it to grow the plants, but can also use it to stop intruders, as Daring found out.
  • Loyal Animal Companion: He has a dog made of wood named "Dogwood". Apparently bred from a wolf made of timber (if such a thing exists...). Also The Pikmin view him as a master.
  • No Name Given
  • Planimal: The only kind of "animal life" he seems to tolerate in his garden are these kind of hybrids: Alongside the Pikmin are dinosaurs with bulbs, leaves and petals growing out of their backs, necks and heads, literal leaf-tailed geckos, ivy snakes, deer with branches for antlers, turtles with trees growing out of their backs, cotton sheep, leaf monkeys and potato frogs.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Not outright stated, but considering that he remembers planting some trees that are depicted as twenty feet wide and over a thousand years old, one has to wonder...
  • Super OCD: He likes his garden just so, and can't stand it when others mess with it.

The Pikmin

Bizarre yet strangely adorable and very tiny plant/animal hybrids. They were first encountered in The Gardens of Equestria as residents of the Gardener's garden. Since then, they've been following Daring Do and have turned up in the strangest of places. Usually being spotted by another character or being the first casualties of the novel.

  • Butt-Monkey: They are usually on the receiving end of a lot of bad luck, such as getting squashed, sprayed with bug spray, drowning, being set on fire, electrocution, being eaten by other creatures, being blown up...
  • Cargo Cult: Herpy theorizes that the pikmin regard Daring as some kind of goddess, but no one really believes him.
  • Dancing Is Serious Business: When they aren't carting off food or being killed... They're doing some strange dance.
  • Did You Just Buck Out Discord: They they may be tiny, but they managed to overpower Ahuizotl through sheer numbers at the end of The Gardens of Equestria.
  • Explosive Breeder: Perhaps the only reason why they haven't all been killed off yet.
  • Kid-Appeal Character: Goodness knows why else they keep showing up.
  • Planimal
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: If you view them as such, unless it's...
  • Servant Race: They were this for The Gardener, but a few left to follow Daring when she left the fabled Gardens of Equestria.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns: When they're around, things are generally calm or humorous. They make themselves scarce when things get serious.
  • Sweet Tooth: They're often spotted stealing snacks such as cookies or fruit.
  • Too Dumb to Live
  • The Unintelligible: They're described as making squeaking or trilling noises.

Laurentia of the Red Mane

An alicorn with a quill-in-an-inkwell cutie mark who helps Daring out of a tight corner involving Diamond Dogs on Ahuizotl's unicorn serum in Temple of Nightmare Moon.

Star Swirl the Bearded

An ancient unicorn sorcerer, Star Swirl makes one appearance in the series proper at the end of Staff of Star Swirl the Bearded to get Daring and Bravado out of a tight spot.

Played by Tom Braeker in the film series.

Linnet Bird

An innocent teenaged filly from Trottingham, living happily with her adopted family. She's Sweeney Trot's long-lost daughter, though he doesn't live long enough for them to reunite. Daring eventually decides Linnet would be happier not knowing her dad was a serial killer.

Arthur, King of the Trots

A delusional stallion with ego issues. He seems to believe he's king, leads around his friends ("knights," consisting of Bridlevere, Gallophad, Lance-a-lot, and Robin Feather) on quests, spends his free time arguing with Linnet Bird, and generally annoys the horseapples out of everyone in Trottingham.

  • Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat!: He attempts to ambush a pack of manticores with his knights...
    Arthur: CHAAAAAARGE!
    Arthur: Run awaaaaaaay!
  • Catchphrase: "Run away!"
  • Cloudcuckoolander: To put it bluntly. Even more so with Bridlevere, who believes that changelings weigh less than ducks and that Griffin beaks can be used to prevent earthquakes.
  • Insistent Terminology: He's Arthur, King of the Trots, get it right!
    • Also, they're not "a band of idiots" they're his "knights!"
  • Miles Gloriosus: And it appears to have rubbed of on Robin Feather, who, According to Arthur, has (nearly) fought the dragon of Applenor, has stood up to the "vicious" chicken of Braystol, and has personally wet himself at the "battle" of Haybaledon Hill.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: The Knights Who Say Neigh. Whether or not they actually exist is up for debate.
    • Not to mention Linnet Bird. "Taunting brat."
  • Small Name, Big Ego

Swinn and Dell, the Swinndell Sisters

Twin traveling con artists who like to try and cheat ponies into buying fake artifacts. They cross paths with Daring on occasion, and seem to consider themselves on the same level as explorers such as Daring, Bravado, and Sebastius. Ultimately, they're too much of a walking joke to even be considered villains.

Ghoul S. Dachshund

A very confused, paranoid, and strung-out Diamond Dog, who occasionally gives Daring advice. First appears in Curse of the Yeti He's a former adventurer-slash-reporter (though now retired, thanks to his addictions), and was also a member of Daren Do's cadre of archeologists. Now works as a novelist when not teaching at the university, having written several popular books, including Where the Buffalo Roam, Fear and Loathing in Las Pegasus, and The Cider Diary.

Played by Jeff Briard in the film series.

  • The Alcoholic: And loving it very much.
  • Closet Geek: Seems to be a secret fan of the comic book "Sasquatch Mafia", but isn't telling anypony.
  • Cool Shades
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Even Slightly Deranged Addicts Have Standards: Takes moderate offense to Tabula not wanting Rayback to accompany him and Storm to the Blank village during Tinker's Seal.
    "I love kids. I'm not gonna tie him down and force him to drink the hard stuff. I would have even brought the soft Apple Cider."
    • It should be noted while her objection to Storm and Ghoul specifically taking him due to the fact that they're bad influences is Played for Laughs, Storm reminds him they're heading to a town full of paranoid, undead, ritualistic murderers in the middle of a dangerous forest, and as such is no place for small children, draconic or not. Not that that stops Rayback from stowing away in Storm's luggage, much against Tabula's wishes.
  • Immune to Drugs: Has smoked enough Poison Joke, drank enough hard Apple Cider, and snorted enough Diamond Dust to kill the entire Canterlot Royal Guard, and it's had no adverse physical effects. Mental effects, on the other hoof...
  • Intrepid Reporter: Was once this, back in the day.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: He seems determined to subvert this as much as possible. He could honestly care less about war or peace, so long as he has his cider.
  • Nice Hat: A floppy white fisherpony's hat, as well as an ever-present pair of Cool Shades.
  • Noodle Incident: Curse of the Yeti has a brief description of his book The Cider Diary, which describes how Ghoul, in his Intrepid Reporter days, exposed a drug trafficking baron while working in the Gallopagos. While Daring believes his claims that it's true, she decides not to ask him if that's where he discovered that Witch-Weed that he loves so much.
  • Rebellious Spirit
  • The Stoner: He's very fond of Poison Joke and diamond dust.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Hard Apple Cider
  • Verbal Tic: Seems incapable of speaking without clenching his teeth. He also, for reasons known only to him, likes to give everypony nicknames ending with "-ton" or "-ington" (Darington, Herpington, Nagridgeton). The latter appears to be a voluntary tic, as he drops it during serious situations, such as his attempted Heroic Sacrifice in Tinker's Seal. How he deals with names that already end in "-ton" or "-ington" is highly inconsistent, perhaps intentionally so.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Fruit Bats: Has a deep, deep-seated fear of Fruit Bats.
  • Writer's Block: Has been stuck on his current book, How do You Solve a Problem Like Hysteria, for roughly two years.

Professor Ed

An earth pony who teaches philosophy at the university. First appears in Curse of the Yeti, hoping Daring will date an 'ancient urn' he bought, only to be told it came from Pottery Stable.


The President of the Royal Canterlot University in the early books, and former general for the Canterlot Guard. While she doesn't appear until Curse of the Yeti, she is featured in the two canon books set prior to Sapphire Stone. She's implied to have retired in the opening chapters of Cove of Candles, being replaced at the end of the book by Nagridge. Her typical role is chastising Daring for neglecting her teaching, though she is usually willing and able to provide useful advice on the few adventures Daring tells her about in advance, and it's clear that she values Daring's contributions to the University.

Played in the film series by Alphabet Soup, who reprised the role in the recent Pony In A Box Productions adaptation of Sapphire Stone.

  • Bait-and-Switch Tyrant: Spear of the Windigos plays this one for Dramatic Irony - her promotion to President of the University happens just after Daring's appointment to the Equinology department, and Ghoul and Storm seem to expect Masra to be a case of Tyrant Takes the Helm based on reputation - their comments unwittingly predict most of Nagridge's more benign if still frustrating changes. They're wrong, and by the end of the book they see her as the best boss the University has ever had.
  • Benevolent Boss
  • The Chains of Commanding: Was very willing to make the hard decisions when running Equestria's military. This comes back to haunt her in Cloudfall Conspiracy.
  • Cool Old Mare
  • Da Chief
  • Dented Iron: A recurring theme of Cloudfall Conspiracy is how she's getting old, and if she's still cut out for her jobs. This is revealed to be half the reason she resigned from her General post, the other half being guilt from betraying Silver.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Makes no claims that what she did to Silver was right, and freely accepts responsibility for her actions. Both times Silver has her cornered, she only stands up straight and stares him in the eye.
  • Hauled Before The University Board: Happens when the University Board tries to use her as a scapegoat for the University Office bombing. Her defense is widely considered to be one of the high points of the book.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Subverted. With the exception of Silver, nearly every character except her acknowledges that it must have been a tough choice to sacrifice Silver to end the Third Griffon-Diamond Dog war. Storm and Ghoul are both very thankful to her for ending it. It even has a reference to the Star Quest spinoff series' famous line about The Needs of the Many. Masra herself feels extremely guilty for abandoning Silver, but does not regret being able to end the war.
  • Iron Mare
  • Killed Off for Real: In Cloudfall Conspiracy.
  • My Greatest Failure: She considers her betrayal of Sterling Silver to the Griffon Guerillas to be this.
  • Put on a Bus: Sometime between Alicorn's Shadow and Cove of Candles with no explicit explanation, much to the consternation of her fans. Cloudfall Conspiracy provides an explanation for this.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure


The current President of the University, promoted from Head of the Mathematics Department following Nagridge's death, first introduced during Legacy Of Nightmare Moon and remaining in the position through most of the New Adventures. A capable administrator, though younger, friendlier and more sociable with his subordinates than either of his predeccessors.

The Wandering Dragon

A dragon of unknown origin and motivation, Daring occasionally bumps into him in the series, appearing only once in the book he appears in, usually to inadvertly save Daring from an antagonist by sheer presence.

  • Accidental Hero: Isn't TRYING to save anyone, but that's how his appearences end up being.
  • Chekhooves' Lecture: In Tinker's Seal (His ONLY Expanded Universe appearence) he makes an off-hand remark to Rayback. When Rayback relates this to Daring, it gives her an idea to save the day.
  • No Name Given: To date, the Dragon has never given Daring any form of identification. The 'Wandering Dragon' name comes from the series encyclopedia.
  • No-Sell: When Hoofstapo agents blast him with a full-frontal assault of magic, all he does is raise a Fascinating Eyebrow. (Ring Of The Marengeti)
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Unlike most dragons in the series, this one is far less antagonistic...if only from lack of effort.
  • Parental Abandonment: Didn't know his sire, but according to him that's normal for reptiles.
  • Walking the Earth: The dragon appears in different places each time, so he's possibly doing this.
  • Your Size May Vary: When Daring first meets the Dragon in Griffin's Goblet, he's described as bigger than a house. However, in Cove Of Candles he fits through a cave opening 'the size of a buffalo.' The series encyclopedia brings up the possibility that he can grow and shrink at will. (Twilight Sparkle of Ponyville's pet dragon once demonstrated this power, so it's not completely strange to imagine)


Darrin's on-and-off again donkey marefriend. She doesn't get much characterization in the main books.


An alicorn, white with yellow mane and tail, whose cutie mark is a rainbow above a unicorn silhouette. She appears in Spear of the Windigos to sort out the Raptorians.

Mrs. Jumbo

An elephant who acts as the Royal Canterlot University's head housekeeper. Mostly a background character used for a quick joke.

  • Almighty Janitor: Being the physically strongest being on campus, she's naturally this.
  • My Beloved Smother: Tends to treat everyone on campus, students and teachers, like children, insisting that they eat healthy and not stay up too late at night. General opinion is mixed on this, but nopony's had the heart (Or courage) to tell her off.
  • Neat Freak: Hinted. Daring comes upon a sign that says WIPE HOOVES OR ELSE -Love, Mrs. Jumbo
  • Noodle Incident: Her reason for being is to be involved in quickly-mentioned, but unexplained events. For example; There hadn't been this much tension on campus since Mrs. Jumbo tried to wash Storm Talon's beak out with soap and water.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Storm Talon is the only one that comes close to being intolerant of her shenanigans.
  • There Was a Door: Due to her size and poor eyesight, she tends to wreck any door she uses. At one point Daring enters a building 'Through the hole Mrs. Jumbo created.' Nobody really calls her out on it, but the university just subtracts the repair cost from her paycheck.

King Scorpan

Prince of the Apes in classical mythology, he appears as King in Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

Margarita and Balthasar

Two of the three Ape Gods from classical mythology, they also appear in Shrine of the Silver Monkey. Margarita will be making a return in the Expanded Universe series The Tirek Trilogy.

Quibble Pants

A stallion and Daring Do fan who appears alongside Rainbow Dash in Seven-Sided Chest. He mostly serves as a Take That! towards the more...nitpicky members of the fanbase.

Patton Hayswalt has expressed interest in playing him once Seven-Sided Chest gets a film adaption.

  • And You Thought It Was a Game: He's originally under the impression that he's on a Daring Do-themed vacation.
  • Cosplay: He wears a Daring Do costume for his entire appearance, complete with fake wings.
  • Distressed Dude: Is kidnapped by Caballeron along with Rainbow Dash. They manage to free themselves, though.
  • Oh, Crap!: His reaction when he sees the Cipactli and realizes that no, he was on an actual Daring Do adventure this entire time.
  • Reality Is Unrealistic: He doesn't believe that Daring Do is a real pony.
  • Your Costume Needs Work: According to Rainbow Dash, this was his reaction to Caballeron.

Storm Strike

A stallion who is on poor terms with the Enigma Crew. Appears only in Cave of Secrets.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Daring first sees him chewing out a group of younger students at the University, which gives her a poor first impression.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Despite his first appearance, and anger issues, he gradually reveals himself to be firmly on the side of good- Compared to Ruby, Blade, and the Enigma Crew, who at first appear to be sweet and innocent, ultimately are shown to have dark secrets.
  • One Side of the Story: It's eventually revealed the students he was yelling at had been harassing him, and Storm had decided to finally bite back before Daring stepped in. To be fair to Daring, Storm didn't do much to clarify the situation, and the Enigma Crew, whom Daring already befriended and trusted, greatly and enforced the version with Storm as the aggressor.
  • Name's the Same: Almost. He shares a prefix with Storm Talon. It helps that they don't interact much, but it's still led to some confusion in a few fan discussions.

Enigma Crew

A group of budding student archaeologists who accompany Daring Do on her mission in Cave of Secrets. Daring Do is less then pleased about this at first, but gradually warms up to them. They have only appeared in Cave of Secrets to date.
  • The Ace: All of them.
  • Meaningful Name: Vellum is the product of a young sheep, referring to the fact that the enigma crew is in their adolescance. Specifically, it's the SKIN of a sheep, which lends itself to a rather different interpretation...
  • Teen Genius: Vellum. Actually all of them display surprising aptitude considering their age, though Vellum stands out as the only Omniglot.
  • Lovable Coward: Feather is the nicest member in the group and the most fearful. Deconstructed, despite her sweet nature, her becoming overcome with fear at critical moments gets the group in more then a few jams. It's hinted more then once that Feather has a low opinion because of her cowardice.
    • James happily refers to Doug's "Survival Instinct".
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Vellum for the first few chapters. He isn't referred to with a defining pronoun until chapter 5. Thorn and Poppy Seed avert this by being established as a Chick Magnet and a Dude Magnet respectively. Vellum, for the most part, is ignored by both genders.
  • You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!: Daring's first reaction to bringing them along.
    Dean Dean: Ms. Do, it'll provide them with valuable experience.
    Daring: I still don't see why I have to play babysitter all in the name of experience.


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