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Danganronpa: Showtime! has a cast of twenty— all of varying nationalities, talents, and stories. Of course, the show doesn't prosper if everyone survives...

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    Male Participants 

Robin Flair Hiroshige Inoue

SHSL Electric Guitarist Reserve Course
Played by Chelse

If you don't know his name, you’ll soon never forget the rising star that is Robin Flair. Chances are you've heard at least one of his songs on the radio before. Whether due to his eccentric looks or his incredible guitar skills, the popular teen rock star has certainly been getting everyone's attention as of late.

After releasing his hit single 'Escapism' at the young age of 15, Flair has become quite a popular musician. Doing collaborations with other popular musicians and artists around Japan. Although he hasn't been heard of in a while, the young musician's name has recently been buzzing in the media when it was known that he was would attending Hope's Peak Academy. After getting accepted into the school of legends there’s no way his talent can be denied now!

Status: Alive

  • Butt-Monkey: In canon and out of canon, Robin seems to be the butt of most of the jokes. It's become a Running Gag to compare him with Yamato, send IC anon hate to his blog, or have characters pretend to not know who he is.

Theodore "Teddie" Hickinson

SHSL Hoverboarder
Played by Addlez

After videos of his stunts on a hoverboard went viral, the internet bombarded Theodore with questions about how he managed to get his hands on one and whether or not it was some sort of hoax with movie effects. His answer? No, it wasn’t a hoax, and he spent the last four or five years building it himself. With video evidence and eyewitness reports backing him up, Teddie is now sought out in the technology and transportation industries for his talent and brains, in hope that with his assistance, everyone can be like Marty McFly in the near future.

Status: Alive

  • Keet
  • Teen Genius: It definitely takes some brains to make a hoverboard from scratch.

Itachi Noda

SHSL Escape Artist
Played by Pider

Itachi Noda is a rising star in the entertainment business, and he is rising fast! Famous for his boisterous stage presence and his death defying stunts, he knows how to rile up a crowd and get people on the edge of their seats.

His origins are mysterious, seemingly appearing on the scene out of nowhere, but he took the country by storm! Rumor has it he started off in the circus, honing his craft performing smaller stunts. But he is definitely deserving of his fame now. He’s always pushing the limits with each stunt, putting his life on the line each time. From the classic Water Coffin routine, to the tricky Concrete Burial, Noda has seemingly reached perfection, and still finds ways to astound the audience in later shows.

One of two victims in chapter 3.

Status: Dead

Aibek Karimov

SHSL Bürtkitshi
Played by Kris

The Bürtkitshi are proud protectors of a Kazakh tradition dating back centuries. Aibek Karimov and his eagle Umay are the finest example of this. His talent as a hunter, tamer, and even a performer at the Golden Eagle Festival is matched only by the beauty and power of Umay, famed as the finest bird on the steppes. The two have a seemingly unbreakable bond.

The murderer of chapter two, having killed Yoriko Kozakura in order to hide his secret. Umay is okay, though!

Status: Dead

Yamato Hitoshi

SHSL Rock Vocalist
Played by Sora

Yamato Hitoshi is the lead vocalist of the band Alpha Omega. Alpha Omega has been known for their rising fame due to the outstanding talents of the vocalist himself alongside his three other bandmates who performed on the drums, bass and keytar respectively. Specializing in rock they have risen to the ranks of legendary bands already, gaining a large following in Japan as well as other countries. The vocalist himself, however, claims that their success is all due to his own talent, something which others debate.

The vocalist himself has been known to have quite the ego, often referring to himself as “living perfection.” Often times it has been seen that he will force his way into the spotlight of any situation, often bragging about his own rise to fame from his small-town to the big city itself. Little else is known about him, as he often keeps his personal life under wraps to avoid the paparazzi from tarnishing his image, however there are countless forum posts on differing websites often accusing that his cheerful nature is fake due to their “past experiences.”

Status: Alive

Pietro Di Mercurio

SHSL Jester
Played by Mel

Pietro Di Mercurio delights in the smiles of others. That’s one of the things that drove him to compete and conquer the International Jesters Competition of Muncaster Castle at the tender age of 16. He is always full of energy and ready with a friendly greeting. Although he is a bit of a clutz off the stage, never fear! As one of the world’s only certified Court Jesters, when he is performing he is a master of dexterity and wit, sure to bring joy to all who watch.

A recent phenomenon in Japan, Signore Di Mercurio has taken his acts both to the streets and the screen. Performing on various comedy game shows as well as late-nite tv, the jester has amassed more than a few fans. He garnered even more public attention when he broke a juggling world record on live television.

Status: Alive

Hiroshi Miura

SHSL Book Club President
Played by Henry

Hiroshi Miura (三浦 博史, Miura Hiroshi, born in October 29th) is the name of the 17 years old Japanese young man in charge of leading The Writting Desk, the biggest and most well-known Book Club in Japan. The Book was founded by Hiroshi's father, Kanzaki Miura, presumably as a memento for his grandfather who is said to have been acquainted with Charles Lutwidge Dogson, also known as Lewis Carroll, the mind who wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Hiroshi in the presidency of The Writting Desk since he was 13, his knowledgeable personality proving to be of vital importance for the prosperity of his book club, influencing the youth to be introduced to literature since young age and also negotiating with entertainment corporations in order for both their audience and their profit to meet a common ground.

Even though Miura's name is often associated with the literary world, there is no register of written works of his own published, however it is known that he has advised in the writting of many novels and even movie scripts, proving himself to be of great value to his field. Due to how influential he came to be, many famous writters, teachers, professors and scientists (some even related to the great Hope's Peak Academy) are members of his club, therefore not being a surprise that he has been chosen to course Hope's Peak Academy under the title of SHSL Book Club President.

Status: Alive


SHSL Cold Case Detective
Played by Jirdan

“Kurogane” is the name you will find under the title of SHSL Cold Case Detective. There isn't much known about Kurogane himself, only his date of birth, the location where he worked before coming to Hope’s Peak, and where he currently lives [the Academy itself]. Born on June 29th, Kurogane is 19 years of age, and is currently employed under the Ikebukuro Police Department as head of their Cold Case Investigations. Anyone who meets him can say he’s good at his job, but not good at socializing. People often avoid talking with Kurogane unless they absolutely have to. Standoffish and a little cruel, Kurogane isn’t easy to talk to.

Status: Alive

Kazuhisa Reizei

SHSL Construction Worker
Played by Isa

Kazuhisa Reizei (冷泉 和久 Reizei Kazuhisa) is an eighteen-year-old who is well known for his outstanding expertise in construction work. Born in 24th May 199X, the lad is the third and the last child of the Reizei family. His passion concerning architecture bloomed since he was a toddler, as he showed much enthusiasm to construction toys. Not only that, he exhibits tremendous physical strength and stamina during school years, always representing his class in various sports, mainly marathon and shot-put during sports carnivals. However, his academic performance is way below average, due to his poor calculation and language skills.

He is currently affiliated with Shiraishi Corporation, a small construction company located in his hometown, Chiba, Japan. Due to his enormous strength as well as impressive balance and coordination, he is able to carry construction materials and climb to high places with bare hands in construction sites, without damaging his surroundings. One of his stellar achievements is his contribution in building an eighty-story skyscraper which is a collaboration of a few construction companies, including Shiraishi Corp. Although he is the youngest among the workers, his productivity in construction sites triumphs them all. According to a head architect, he is able to do three times the work of an average worker. Because of this, he becomes the center of attention in the construction world. As such, he has been invited into the most prestigious school in Japan, the Hope’s Peak Academy, by the scouters who acknowledge his ability.

Status: Alive


    Female Participants 

Naomi Ishii

SHSL Ballerina
Played by Alli

Hailing from one of the most acclaimed ballet academies in Japan, Naomi sits at the top of its ranks, having been invited to perform the prima ballerina role in multiple youth aged ballet companies around the world. Ballet enthusiasts and expert choreographers alike praise her for her almost otherworldly grace and fluidity that demands the attention of any who watch her, which some say she directly inherited from her mother, Kamiko Ishii, who was once a world renowned ballerina until an injury left her unable to continue performing. Even off the stage, people report that Naomi talks and acts with the same grace she performs with, earning her a great deal of respect among fans.

Naomi continues to make countless marks in the world of ballet, including recently starring as the prima ballerina in performances of the famous ballet productions La Bayadere, Giselle, and a new, modern production by the name of Le Lys, which tells the story of a young French orphan who must undergo the trials of coming of age on her own.

Status: Alive

Ae-jung Han

SHSL Competitive Gamer
Played by June

If you're familiar with the competitive gaming scene, if you regularly participate in comp matches, or simply enjoy a more heated style of video game livestream, the name Ae-jung Han— or 장미 (Jang-mi in Korea, “Rose” on English servers), as she is much more commonly known, is sure to be familiar to you. With stunning amounts of charisma, a dazzling smile, and a natural talent for any competitive manner of gaming she picks up, Ae-jung is a fan favorite when it comes to the gaming scene— inducing rage in her adversaries, joy in her compatriots, and admiration from her watchers. From Overwatch to Team Fortress 2, to Starcraft II to Counterstrike, Ae-jung plays them all— and certainly reaps the rewards.

Ae-jung started out small— livestreaming her escapades in Starcraft, slowly gaining more viewers as she plowed through ranks and opponents alike. She branched out to other games and her fanbase followed, excited to watch the (at the time) fourteen year old tear apart her enemies. When Overwatch was released, Ae-jung truly made her name— becoming the youngest player in the Top 500, and reaping gold weapons to show her skill. Soon enough, Ae-jung had a full blown fanbase— viewers who watched her every stream, sent her fanart of both her and her favorite characters to play as, and even stayed up throughout her tournaments and championships. Now, Ae-jung continues to rock the competitive scenes as the Super High School Level Competitive Gamer, and if you happen to pop into a comp match..? Pray her name is on your team.

Status: Alive

  • Becoming the Mask: When she's entering a panic attack or dangerous situation, Ae-jung will pick up her Jang-mi persona and act as though she's streaming. It's implied that she wishes she could channel Jang-mi all the time.
  • Berserk Button: While we have yet to see anything genuinely harmful come out of it, when Sekai refers to her and the other she as "her children," Ae-jung starts crying...but she doesn't stop smiling.
  • Broken Bird: Heavily, heavily implied by her relationships page, which keys in some very...unusual responses to Retr 0, Itachi, Fahkeet, and part of Jitsuko's.
  • Challenge Seeker: Always open to any challenge and will often take on things she cannot handle.
  • The Face: Described as the face of the South Korea Overwatch team.
  • Fan Disservice: After the motive reveal (the temperature rising to 50 degrees Celsius and the air conditioning faltering), Ae-jung reluctantly strips off her usual ensemble to reveal a ridiculous amount of scars and faded bruises. Most notable are the fingernail marks on her wrists and inner thighs...
  • Forgets to Eat: Her mun says this is an unfortunate side effect of her devotion to gaming.
  • Hair Decorations: She wears three roses in her hair as part of her public face.
  • Hates Being Touched: Shown through many interactions, especially in response to when Kurogane moves her aside when she's crying over Dai's "corpse."
  • Ill Girl: When the chapter 2 motive (revelation of the dark secrets of all but the top five performers) was revealed, Ae-jung confessed that her secret was her suffering from an immunodeficiency disorder that is slowly killing her.
    • As to why she kept it a secret? Her sponsors she gained for streaming would cut their funding toward her if they figured out that they were giving money to a dead girl walking.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Her public persona, Jang-mi, is intended to be this toward fans.
  • Nobody Calls Me "Chicken"!: In her first thread with Arabella, the two meet after Ae-jung annihilates a team that accused her of cheating to get where she is...
  • Omniglot Ae-jung speaks English and Korean fluently, and is on her way with Spanish and Japanese. She says it's so she can appeal to a wider audience during her streams.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Subverted. Absolutely decked out in pink, but she tends to be very tomboyish and seldom behaves "ladylike." She does love to dress up, though.
    • Played straight with her online persona, Jang-mi.
  • Stepford Smiler: Implied.
    • Confirmed with the appearance of her "alternative persona," Jang-mi. She seems to use Jang-mi as a means of removing herself from a situation and pretending to evade worrying people.
  • The Tragic Rose
  • Worthy Opponent: Deemed this by Retr 0 in her relationships page.

Arabella Salvatto

SHSL Harpist
Played by Liz

Known not only for having the surname Salvatto, name of one of the biggest modelling and fashion products industry in the world, Arabella, completely disconnected from the modelling industry, prefers to be recognized by her own success: music - which is not a very rare occasion. Apart from her unique look for a harpist, it is very hard nowadays that a household does not have at least one album from Arabella, cativating from the most elitist maestros due to her outstanding technique, to the ones who were never into classical music due to how pleasing and graceful it sounds. The blue-haired harpist is deemed to be a, if not the most relevant reason why classical music appears on the rise, following great names of the past for her own compositions.

Her newest "Bella Virtú" album is quickly rising to the top of the sales, surpassing even great names of the pop industries, surpassing the select audience for classical music and bringing the most varied types of people, from kids to adults, teenagers to elders. It appears that, no matter what is the musical preference of the individual, Arabella's performances make it seem like she's not only strumming the strings of her harp, but also the heart of her spectators with any emotion that which the virtuous musician deems fitting for the current composition.

Status: Alive

Yoriko Kozakura

SHSL Vocaloid Producer
Played by Lily

Sixteen year old Yoriko Kozakura, better known as Nico Nico Douga user saku13 and affectionately called Cherry-P by her fans, is an up-and-coming Vocaloid Producer and a sensation among Vocaloid fans worldwide. Yoriko has been writing music since she was thirteen, but only in the last two years has she become popular. Since her breakout hit ‘Tanabata Lovers’ was published on Nico Nico Douga, Yoriko’s music has consistently ranked in the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking, garnering attention from other producers several years her senior. While she dabbles in various genres of music, all of Yoriko’s songs have one thing in common ‒ they’re inspired by Japanese mythology and are usually about feelings of love. Despite her immense popularity in the last few years, Yoriko has declined to participate in the Vocaloid Master Convention for reasons left unspecified.

Status: Dead

Retr0 Eriko Kotara

SHSL Hacker
Played by Rhea

Here comes Retr 0! Owning the popular online blog known as ‘Hax for Laffs’, this hacker has become an internet idol for her incredible abilities when it comes to anything with a code. Pulling pranks and tricks on targets assigned by other people, she’ll do practically anything as long as she’s paid and it’s legal. Alongside that, she’s assisted in fixing coding in programs across Japan, ranging from games to animations. There have even been rumours spread that she was requested to assist in creating top secret programs for military facilities, but rumours remain rumours to this day. With a keen eye for bugs and a handy ability to piece together chunks of code at a time, this remarkable digital prodigy is swiftly climbing the ranks of the coding world.

When it comes to the social life, Retr 0 prefers to spend it behind a screen. She’s declined any form of physical interview, but has allowed an interview over text. ‘Coding and programs have always been my passion’, claimed the techno prodigy, ‘It’s just something I found easy!’. She hinted towards a game that she may possibly publish in the far future, but no official confirmation has been released as of yet. Given her abilities and ever-growing fan base, it’s highly likely that whatever she shows off in the near future will be adored by fans and coders worldwide.

Status: Dead


SHSL Street Magician
Played by Sashi

Little is known about ‘Cheshire’, even to her avid fans. Characterised by her signature cat-eared beanie, she performs in seemingly random locations after dropping a few small hints for her fans on her blog so that they can find the location of the next performance up to 5 days beforehand. Currently, the only known link between each location is that they are all in public areas with plenty of traffic- busy city streets, parks, playgrounds, in front of train stations, those kinds of things. Cheshire refuses to perform on live TV or participate in interviews, but has been known to occasionally show up at hospitals for both the young and old and entertain them, if she’s allowed.

It is believed Cheshire first started performing at least a year ago, though it is possible that she started even before that as this was when she created a blog for her fans to follow her and to figure out the next performance location. Nicknamed after the famous ‘Alice in Wonderland’ character for her ability to quickly throw fans off her trail until her next performance, it is not uncommon to hear one of Cheshire’s fans refer to themselves as an ‘Alice’. Despite her picture often being shared among others at many high schools, however, no one appears to recognise her, to the confusion and surprise of many.

Regardless of Cheshire’s ambiguous identity, however, many agree that her performances are incredible. Using ordinary everyday items and objects, Cheshire performs extraordinary tricks. Her performances always seem to whisk people away from their everyday lives into something almost dream-like, creating an illusion of a ‘Wonderland’ Cheshire temporarily takes them to, rather than a ‘White Rabbit’. She manages to involve her audience in some way with nearly all her tricks too, before at the end of each of her performances she glances at her watch and comments ‘Ah, it’s time to wake up.’, thus signalling the end of that performance, before she disappears into the crowd- waiting to reappear at her next performance.

Status: Alive

  • Animal-Eared Headband: Not a headband, but Cheshire wears a cat-eared beanie regularly.
    • An exception to her beanie is during the first Motive and Performance, in which she wore a cat-eared headband and wig respectively.
  • Appropriated Appellation: In an interaction with Pietro, she reveals that her name is 'Cheshire' because her fans chose the name for her and liked it.
  • Aside Comment: Upon entering the trial room, Cheshire's first comment is a very obvious reference to the original Danganronpa series
    Cheshire: Nye, nye, Sekai why are nya ripping off that supaw pawpular game? New Super Trigger Happy Havoc: Distrust?
  • Beneath the Mask: Implied in her first interaction with Robin and prior to the first trial, where she is seen appearing somewhat worried.
    • Completely revealed during the Chapter One trial where she completely tears into the culprit- she even stops using her infamous cat puns and looks a lot more serious throughout the period.
  • Cat Smile: Shown with this in a fair few of her sprites.
  • Character Tics: Cheshire's cat-themed beanie, combined with her name, smile and Verbal Tic overall give the impression of her being rather cat-like.
    • Unfortunately for her, this has led to some people believing that she might be/is a furry.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": In an interaction with Pietro, she mentions that she prefers being referred to as a 'Street Magician' over a 'Magician'.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Is briefly serious in her meeting with Robin, before quickly being cheerful again.
    • In Trial One, she gets serious to the point where she completely stops using cat puns at all for a while- when she's tearing down the culprit.
  • Pull a Rabbit out of My Hat: On her first meetings with a few of her fellow students, Cheshire pulls a some kind of sweet snack out of her beanie.
  • Verbal Tic: Regularly fits cat-themed puns into her sentences.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When Dai is found 'dead' and Kurogane punches them, Cheshire actually runs over and leaps onto his back, telling him to cool down.
    • Once the Chapter One trial has ended, she does this again in response to the culprit's reasoning.
    Cheshire: Cool motive- still murder.


SHSL Malware Programmer
Played by Marx

If you’ve ever wondered who the person behind those shady downloads you find online while looking for a harmless file or program is, well, look no further; despite maybe not being much of a stereotype for someone who wants to go out of their way to wreck your computer, Fahkeet isn’t the most friendly online persona. Though little, if anything, is actually known about her except for the screen name that she uses, and, of course- Her talent. Aside from those things, there’s really not much about her to be found. Perhaps some obscure fact or the like, but… Maybe it’s better to just ask if you’re curious.

Status: Alive

Amèlie Pierlot

SHSL Investigative Journalist
Played by Chroma

By nature of her work and abiding to her wishes upon enthralling in Hope's Peak Academy, the administration deems Amélie Pierlot's required public biography void and classified.

However, as per request from Hope’s Peak Academy’s administrative team, Ms. Pierlot has, since year one on campus, publicly claimed ownership to the writing and reporting of these following articles: “Web of Lies: Senator Webber’s Coup to Overthrow the President of the United States Revealed” (2008), “Marshall Law: How Stephanie and Rick Marshall Managed to Poison Three and a Half Million People” (2009), “Devil’s Advocate: Half a Billion Dollars of Donations Funneled Into Religious Icon’s Mansion” (2009), “Pull the Curtains: Fijahimi’s Corp. & its 4,586 Underaged Workers” (2010);

All the works aforementioned were published by Ms. Pierlot many throwaway accounts on many different blogs and news outlets. Method, she claims, she uses to further protect her identity.

Status: Alive

Mimori Fujita

SHSL Wrestler
Played by Tea

The latest star of women’s wrestling came from an unexpectedly small package. Mimori Fujita, nicknamed “Jaguar Mimori” by her fans, started off in middle school wrestling, and was trained by her aunt, a well-known wrestling coach, when she saw further potential in the young girl. Mimori quickly became a wrestling champion in a competitive wrestling setting regardless of her age and short stature, and her distinctive appearance coupled with her skill started to gain her a reputation.

After honing her skills, Mimori was contracted with the Japanese women’s professional wrestling league in spite of her age, and quickly became extremely popular due to her cute appearance and hero of justice demeanor in the ring. The nickname “Jaguar Mimori” started to stick due to her quick reflexes and ability to take down women twice her size, and her status as a moral hero like something from a comic book further endeared her to the public. Inspiring power into the youth, the Jaguar Mimori devotes herself to justice and defending the innocent.

Status: Alive

Jitsuko Murasa

SHSL Pharmacist
Played by Evie

Jitsuko Murasa is best known for being a technician pharmacist at the Murasa Pharmacy in rural Japan. The shop opened at her father’s hand but during his sick leave, she took over as the head manager, and dealt with clients and medications after years of training since she was a child. Her talent became widely known to the public since she claimed a world record for being the youngest to excel in her field.

Ever since this claim to fame, the Murasa Pharmacy has flourished in terms of customers, while her twin sister Estuko branches out into the world of art. The family for the most part seems to be well praised in their small town and outside regions but not much is known about Jitsuko herself. She’s said to be a very particular and quirky girl, however, with a knack for medical knowledge.

Status: Dead

    Non-binary Participants 

Dai Ko

SHSL Oil Painter
Played by Hope

From beautiful paintings of flowers to the personification of death on a canvas, Dai’s talent cannot be denied. Such a beautiful skill was completely in the dark, and unknown for years. His art was found by chance by a Hope’s Peak talent scout.

Originally the scout had been looking in a tattoo shop for a possible SHSL Tattoo Artist but seeing the paintings and depressive teenage child who had painted them, he was accepted alongside his friend.

Dai is one of two murder victims in chapter three.

Status: Dead- for real this time

  • Drowning My Sorrows: Although not seen in-game yet, it has definitely happened. It's very much implied he is an alcoholic.
  • Forgets to Eat: Frequently gets distracted by painting or doing whatever. Probably smokes more than he eats.
  • Functional Addict: It's been implied Dai has many addictions, but is still functional. In fact, in a conversation with Yoriko, he also implies he would have probably been dead presently if it weren't for his addictions - while also hating them.
  • Nightmare Fetishist
  • The Gambling Addict


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