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    Male Students 

Soemu Konoshima

Super High School Naval Captain

’’There’s no fucking public bio yet’’

Takuboku Kuroda

Super High School Illustrator

Takuboku gained recognition online for presenting a portfolio with over a thousand fully completed pieces created in the span of a year. His illustrations caught the public eye after a children’s book series he had created covers for became the number one bestseller all over the country, and he landed the opportunity to create illustrations for Japanese high-school text books. It was then his work would go viral after numerous articles spread online comparing that work to his less child-friendly horror pieces. Hope’s Peak Academy caught wind of this and invited him under the title SHSL Illustrator, for his ability to adapt his style to fit his clients’ standards while still being distinctive and unique to him.

Nakao Shinkichi

Super High School Level Horror Movie Actor

An already accomplished star in the Horror Films industry, Nakao Shinkichi continues to bring scares to the big screen. There is not a person in Japan who does not know the name Nakao Shinkichi from movies such as “Demon Baby” or most recently “When Zombies Bite”. When it comes to seeing him off screen though, he is rather sheepish around others and sometimes will shy away! But when it comes to meeting fans he greets them with hugs! He is very dedicated to being a Horror Actor, which is how he was invited to Hopes Peak to begin with, being given the title of SHSL Horror Movie Star due to how famous he already was, it didn’t hurt to have such a well known name join their ranks of one day to graduate students.

Orpheus Edler

Super High School Level Fantasy Novelist

Not much is known about the young prodigy - even his real name is shrouded in mysteries. Going by his author name Orpheus Edler, he wrote many bestsellers, his most famous one being the “Memoirs of a soul” series. This book series is specifically known for its unusual ideas, diverse cast and spectacular plottwists which earned him the recognition of many other authors. Despite being so popular, Orpheus prefers to remain incognito, often stating in interviews that he doesn’t want anyone to intrude on his privacy. While many attempted to find out more about his person, only few details are known, though one can say that his golden pocketwatch is a trademark of sorts.

Edwin Black

Super High School Level Pianist

Edwin Black is a renowned pianist. Anyone who can call themself a classical music fan will recognize his name- some novices may even know it. The most popular new artist of his genre, Edwin is known not only for his talent, but his remarkably young age. He’s considered a prodigy by many, and has an array of fans. Though most people don’t consider classical pianists to be a teenage heartthrob, Edwin is as much of a celebrity as he can be for his genre.

Hoshi Itakura

Super High School Level Game Programmer

Itakura Hoshi, possibly better known by his online handle, seilestial, is the revered programmer for a multitude of games, several of which have made huge splashes in the media. Even if you haven’t heard of the duo behind the creation, odds are you’ve at least heard of sensational games such as Crappy Bird and Snapquest. He also makes games with a completely different spin, creeping into the genre category of horror and surrealism. Though these obscure games are much less well known, a tiny section of the fanbase hails them with cultlike fervor.

Nisemono Yoshida

Super High School Level Chess Player

'If you search Nisemono Yoshida’s name you’ll get dozens of results, but despite that, you’ve likely only heard of him if you’re interested in chess playing. Aside from winning a few local competitions, Nisemono is known for competing in the same large-scale championship three times. After an incident where Nisemono was disqualified on grounds of suspected cheating, he challenged the winner-by-default to a rematch— twice. Since then, he’s been campaigning against the disqualification, but his status still remains the same.
Nisemono: I need it. Don't correct me to 'want' it, I can tell you were thinking it. I can't... drink less than 2... cups. A day. At least. So you're wrong.
Kirigiri: Chess is overrated as an indicator of genius.

Jun Konoshima

Super High School Level Gyaruo

’’come on wyn’’

    Female Students 

Nami Samidare

Super High School Level Marine Biologist

If you're one for turtles, or your heart belongs to the sea, the name Nami Samidare is bound to be clear in your mind. Having been born and raised in Yakushima, Japan, on the coast, Nami has always had a love for the ocean. She began her studies after witnessing the hatching of several baby sea turtles, having been inspired by her first interaction with marine life— witnessing the beauty of the sweet little creatures brought her to researching every fact she could on every creature of the ocean that she could. Her bond to the sea was indestructible. On a trip to the Ivory Coast while Nami was eleven, her mother’s homeland, Nami discovered the skeleton of a prehistoric crustacean while snorkeling by a coral reef. She traced all of the pieces of the skeleton and even a few traces of its armor— and upon bringing this information to light, the world went crazy to find out more about the species she'd discovered. Nami’s innumerable discoveries spanned across the world as she aged, and she quickly became renowned as a genius— a marine biologist beyond her years. When she turned 15, she was given the title of the Super High School Level Marine Biologist— and to this day, Nami’s name is universally known across the marine biology scene, and she's famous to both sea-fans and biologists alike. Some suspect that, due to her innate gift for tracking and unveiling previously unknown species of the sea, Nami may not be truly human…


  • Alpha Bitch: She'll put on a kind and mysterious act, but if you happen to show any form of conflicting interest, she'll not delay in cussing you out in French or generally trying to make your life hell.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Nami is the heaviest out of everyone in the roster, and she remains mystically beautiful.
  • Femme Fatale: Beautiful and sweet at a first glance, but has a harsh interior that you may be too late to escape from... part of her siren mystique.
  • Meaningful Name: Nami meaning "wave," Samidare meaning "early summer rain." Both pertain to the water, and furthermore her talent.
  • Safety in Indifference
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: While Nami maintains the sweet, benevolent aspects of the Mermaid she represent, as shown with her interactions with Edwin, she can be pretty dangerous.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her hair is a green-blue shade.

Nanami Mi-young Sakuya

Super High School Level K-Pop Artist

Sakuya Nanami Mi-young (born April 10th, XXXX), known professionally as Na Na (previously known as Kaguya Nanami Mi-young), is a Japanese-Korean singer and television personality currently on hiatus to pursue her studies at Hope’s Peak Academy in Japan. Born in Sapporo, Japan, Na Na joined R.S. Entertainment at the age of 12. She debuted as a member of the girl group 7C.S. in July XXXX after three years of training, who went on to be one of the best-selling artists in South Korea and one of South Korea's most popular girl groups worldwide. Due to receiving an invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy, Na Na is currently taking a leave of absence from 7C.S..



Super High School Level Speedrunner

Not much is known about the anonymous speedrunner who calls herself “Cherry”, but she has revealed in streams that she is of high school age. She currently holds more speedrunning records than any other let’s player located in Japan. When not working on speedruns, she streams regular games for her fans. After a recent face reveal, she was recruited into Hope’s Peak Academy, but her personal info has not been revealed to the public.

Mika Tomimoto

Super High School Level FX Makeup Artist

The youngest child born to famed celebrity actors Akane and Noboru Tomimoto, their daughter Mika is becoming quite the rising star in the Horror Movie industry. While the Tomimoto's are already quite popular in today's media, Mika is especially known for her incredibly lifelike FX makeup. The adorable teen has work on dozens of horror movies over the past six years, lending her talents to help make actors alike look grotesque and horrifying! Making terrifying creatures of the night that will haunt your dreams for days to come, it was only a matter of time before her artistic talents caught the attention of the famed Hope's Peak Academy. Having recently accepting the invitation the go as the SHSL FX Makeup Artist, Mika's popularity and fame can only go up from here!

Uri Ebi

Super High School Level Con Artist

The surfing jewel of Tokyo, born in the Amami Island, Uri Ebi’s claim to fame is certainly one of controversy. This ginger-haired bombshell started a trend among highschool girls looking to get back at their parents and society by faking enjo kōsai in order to get money and high-class goods from older men. Some see her as a symbol of feminism and rebellion, others a simple con artist or something sleazier. Articles of her cons have circulated online for several months now, reaching a pinnacle when a member of a bigtime Tokyo hospital board member was identified as a victim, resulting in his removal from the company. Whatever your take on her is, there’s no doubt that she’s a controversial figure.

Motoko Higashikokubaru

Super High School Level Shounen-Ai Mangaka

Every girl’s got their hobbies, and Motoko’s just so happens to be drawing gay manga. Making her big debut on the manga scene at a local convention, her one shot “Guilty Kiss” sold decently well with how competitive conventions tend to be. However, she truly caught HPA’s eye when a brand new series of hers, “Surprise Sunshine” was published in a monthly magazine and was later released in volumes. Doujinsoft games, spin offs, fan art and one rumoured anime later, how could a school overlook her when she’s created such a following at her age? Even with the harshness of the manga world and crushing deadlines, she still manages to release a quality story with art that can compare to no other. Surely, Motoko Higashikokubaru was more than worthy of her talent.

Minako Midori

Super High School Level Horror Novelist

The Midori family name is famous in Japan for being old money. Despite having been wealthy before the war, they are thriving now more than ever. While the family’s investments still seem to be changing at a rate even financial analysts can’t keep up with, the Midoris have most recently been focusing on family. Namely, raising the only heiress to the main family fortune. Minako Midori has been a budding socialite for years, but has only recently made her debut into the public sphere. Her strange, attention-grabbing tendencies leave the gossip columnists with quite a bit of content to work with, yet nobody seems to have it in them to give such an endearing girl a bad name. Instead, they applaud her ability to shine brightly in any situation and approve of the Super High School Level Socialite title that Hope’s Peak Academy has given her.


    Nonbinary Students 

Kyou Geimu

Super High School Level Game Designer

Besides a chair-gripping and nail-biting plot, the next thing that really grabs a player’s attention is the art. The graphics behind the RIP★sei games is all done singlehandedly by a single artist, Geimu Kyou, more widely known as RIP online. No matter what type of game, their ability to create stunning character designs and scenery just before the deadline is gasp-worthy. Cheesecape, Snapquest, and, of course, Crappy Bird are all excellent games in their own right but, graphics-wise, only show a fraction of their abilities in comparison to their arcane releases. And, deep in the forums, they’ve achieved a rather ominous following…

Makoto Kirigiri? As made obvious by the question mark, and as they readily admit to Nisemono, not their real name. What it actually is remains unknown.

Super High School Level Detective

Their name isn’t exactly available to the layman, but it doesn’t take much searching to find out about Makoto Kirigiri, either. Famous on conspiracy boards as well as in communities based around law enforcement and true crime, Makoto Kirigiri appeared one day at a crime scene in Shibuya and to the shock of almost everyone gathered pronounced that they would solve this case. To even greater shock, their claim held true. They appeared similarly around Tokyo, solving many violent crimes and even catching three serial killers without any signs of collaboration with the police. Still, when one looks deeper into Kirigiri, the plot thickens. To begin with, no person under that name legally exists, and their face doesn’t show up in any databases, either. The police refuse to comment on the mysterious teenager, and rumors float around of various menacing things that Kirigiri could be. For their part, Kirigiri seems withdrawn and unwilling to comment. Their acceptance to Hope’s Peak came as a shock, and some speculate it to be the government’s way of trying to get Kirigiri on their side, but they seemed willing enough to attend, anyway.

Hanamaru Matsudaira

Super High School Level Kyudoka

''Not even a moving target can escape this fox’s arrow! Hanamaru Matsudaira is widely known for their skill and mastery at Kyudo, especially within their age group. While nicknamed as the ‘Kitsune of Kyushu’ after their signature fox mask that they wear, they have performed in various Kyudo competitions from the young age of 15 years. Known for their impeccable win streak, they have been said to against seasoned veterans of the art. They even have been said to be able to hit a target at a 130 meter distance as many as 93 times out of a 100. Their attention with the media as a prodigy Kyudoka had recently increased with her recent winning of first place at a Kyudo competition of 340 other participants that occurred just a month before the news emerged of her admittance to Hope’s Peak Academy. Alongside Kyudo, they have been known to be able to perform other archery-related activities, such as Yabusame (mounted archery) and Shihan Mato (seated archery), with both of them often seen in her participation of festivals scattered all over Japan. Through training through their family’s kyūdōjō themself, they surprisingly have now surpassed several other senior Kyūdōkas before them at just the youthful age of 17 years. With their victories piling up as they continued pursuing Kyudo, it wasn’t a shock to anyone that they would eventually be admitted into Hope’s Peak Academy, as the Super High School Level Kyudoka.’’


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