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NOTE: Not all characters are on this TV Tropes pages yet. The ones listed here are the mod's students and a fellow participant's (who happens to be a Troper) own character.

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    Klass 24 

Owari Nashinoki

Super High-School Level Sequential Artist

A magnificent Visual Novelist, Story-boardist and anything that involves sequential art! This short pea body can sure draw the hell out of a comic book. He can get his drawings done at a remarkable speed. He's met most of the comic book artist giants and shook their hands along with offering them his collection of graphic novels he produced. He's a pretty free and happy spirit and likes tomake people smile along his life. Will that all change once he steps foot into Golden Peak Academy?

Akiko Kanagawa

Super High-School Level Fashionista

Shinji Anderson

Super High-School Level Evangelist

Gungho Kujo

Super High-School Level Mastermind

???? Nagano

Super High-School Level Good Luck[?]

Chiemi Shinozaki

Super High-School Level Broadway Performer

Having performed in over twenty Broadway Productions, she was scouted at 12 years old. Chiemi is one of the youngest Broadway actresses to work both on Broadway in New York as well as several different performing districts at home and in England. She also does a bit of ballet, which her parents attempted to encourage her to partake in, but it isn’t her passion. One day, while she was on tour to England, her parents were both killed during a terrorist attack while vacationing somewhere in the middle east. A suicide bomber happened upon their travel bus and killed them almost immediately. She sometimes blames herself for the tragic incident, and does her best not to get close to others.


    Klass 14 

Dorobo Fujiyama

Super High-School Level Cat Burglar He was the fifth victim

A robin hood or a careless hoodlum? Dorobo Fujiyama, super high school level cat burglar. He’s a well known thief to the dark side of japan,stealing from the extremely wealthy and giving it to the poor. Though he is a bit bias, as he was poor himself. Living out his whole entire life taking and giving. Is he really a bad guy?

Mina Ito

Super High-School Level Makeup Artist

Being a well renowned makeup artist since the age of 13, she is an expert at makeup. A girl who is always ready to greet everyone with a smile on her face and a story to tell, she is always nice to anyone she meets. She is never without her makeup bag, "Pursey," and is never without at least eyeliner on.
  • Desus Exit Macinima: Mina had a cold through most of the trials. It turns out, this was because her creator was grounded for over a month. However, Mina is back, and is ready to play.
  • The Fashionista: She specalizes more in makeup, but she still falls under this trope
  • Hair Decorations: She wears a yellow headband that her grandmother made her.
  • Idiot Hair: She has a very small ahoge, but she's not an idiot, just talkative.
  • Long Hair Is Feminine: Her hair goes down to her chest, and she is very girly.
  • Motor Mouth: She has the ability to talk very, very fast.
  • Oddly Visible Eyebrows: A minor example.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Her normal expression is a smile, and she is often described as smiling.
  • Valley Girl: She sometimes talks like this, saying things like "howtha'", "Whattha'", and "broughtcha'".

Tetsuo Gunma

Super High-School Level Janitor

Shizuki Yamagata

Super High-School Level Baby Sitter

Nova E. Sinclair

Super High-School Level Game Designer He was the fifth person to be executed

Nova E. Sinclair is a talented game designer, responsible for many hit games on the market, even some that his name is not attributed to directly. He is an expert at finding the tinyest errors in code, and coming up with grand ideas of worlds and levels in an instant. However, he is very easily distracted. He can go off on a video game tangent easily, and normally doesn't realize he's doing anything wrong. He is naive and innocent, but understands the value of work and effort. He is very sociable and trusting, even if it hurts him sometimes. Overall, he can be hard to befriend, but it can be worth it.

Hikari Seto

Super High-School Level Disc Jockey

Michi "Kitty" Tsukino

Super High-School Level Cosplayer

Tomoko Tenshin

Super High-School Level Microbiologist


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