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Characters and descriptions belong to their respective players.

Artwork done by Jun and Tal

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    Students A-L 

Atsuko Nakamura

SHSL Shadow Puppeteer
"Ara, let Atsukonee-chan look after you!~" ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)
Bringing shadow puppetry back into the mainstream, Atsuko Nakamura is widely praised for her deep, intricate stories and worlds, and the manner in which she tells them. Using handcrafted puppets, models, cut-outs, sometimes even just her hands, Nakamura enraptures audiences old and young alike with beautiful sights and sounds, expertly writing and performing tales that appear simple enough on the surface, yet provide profound emotional and philosophical narratives to those that dare to look deeper. With her latest play, “Waiting.” receiving critical acclaim and garnering her hundreds of thousands of followers, the future shines bright for Atsuko Nakamura, her story having only just begun.

  • Blinding Bangs: Atsuko's eyes have yet to be revealed and are hidden behind thick bangs shown in her profile image.
  • Onee-sama: She's called herself everyone's big sister in the game.
  • Third-Person Person: She refers herself as 'Atsuko-chan'.
    Atsuko:"Hajimemashite, Atsuko-chan is Atsuko Nakamura, the super high school level Shadow Puppeteer! It's a pleasure to meet you all!~" (≧◡≦)

Coco Mara

SHSL Oneirologist
"¦3 💤"
Most of the time you will find Coco sleeping the days away. However, such isn’t considered leisure, because this is what turned her into an expert in dreams and the science behind them. Dreams always have a meaning, a reason, an impact and a way to be studied. This quiet girl has not only aided others in her town with slumber related issues and inquiries, she has also worked side by side with professionals to help many people that suffer from sleep and/or dream related problems. Alongside a group of scientists from the prestigious mental research facility BAKU labs, she is contributing in the development of a technology called Dream Jumping, that will eventually be able to transfer consciousness from head to head as a method for dream therapy.

  • Sleepyhead: It's her job to sleep and aid in dream-related studies.

Edmund Hollis

SHSL Pocket Watch Maker
"Give me a good reason and I'll do it."
If you’re a cosplayer, anime fan, or just a lover of pocket watches, Edmund-Altair Hollis is a name you’ve probably at least heard of. Hailing from the smithing and mining country Yserun, Hollis’ fame rose following the fame of The Clocks Within Us, an infamous anime of the year. In the TCWU world, everyone has a music pocket watch from birth. Said pocket watch counts down the time until the owner’s most wanted wish comes true. However, things quickly turn bad as the most wanted wish becomes one’s greatest fear. A group of mismatched people must work to figure out the clocks before their own time runs out. Hollis soon appeared on the TCWU scene with high-quality pocket watches that looked exactly like the main characters, down to the smallest details. After garnering fame, he quickly set up a website where people could have their own custom pocket watch for a reasonable price. It came to no surprise to anyone when Hope’s Peak Academy soon scouted him for the title of Ultimate Pocket Watch Maker.

  • Curtains Match the Window: Shown in Edmund's profile image, his hair and eye color are the same.
  • Fictional Country: Edmund was born in a country called Yserun. According to his player, it's located somewhere near Scandinavia.
    Edmund: "I do miss Yserun, I believe everyone would miss their home after a while—no matter the person."

Ikuei Yanagi

SHSL Horror Novelist
"....Burger King Foot Lettuce...."
‘25 Hours’ is a hit horror movie that is said to make even the most daring and the most bold of horror fans to quake in fear. It keeps the audience on edge, unable to tear their gazes away from the screen in anticipation of what will happen next - if they’re not already in tears from the contents, that is. The movie originally was a novel under the same name, who shocked the world with such a chilling book being written by a mere 16 year old. Known for his books of unspeakable monsters and twisted spirits, Ikuei Yanagi’s works make one’s blood run cold. It’s not just that the monsters are, well, monsters, it’s the surprisingly human side of them that grips his fans. Making the dead and living horrors alike human to the degree of them being inhuman, he pulls at the heartstrings of viewers and makes them fear their own selves for relating.

Since being thrust into the spotlight two years ago, Ikuei has produced several more works in the horror genre, with sky-high reviews across the board. His works and young age, however, has received a bit of backlash. Many say that making twisted monsters relatable is a result of his naivety and that he shouldn’t make the monsters have human attributes, as it’s an insult to humanity itself. He has yet to make a statement on this matter.

  • Megane: He is the only person in the cast who wears glasses and uses them regularly for his sight.


SHSL Despot
"...But incel is TECHNICALLY inaccurate! I'm just more beauty than brains!"
And beneath the earth, in the pits of hell

Among the flames, the dread king dwells

Killed times thousand he thirsts for blood

The world collapsed under his army’s flood

But justice awaits, we won’t give up the fight

For the day Radiant Ronin returns the light!

Radiant Ronin Opening Theme, Season 6, “LET’S FIGHTING! ★ HELL’S DEMONS”

  • Adorkable: KING DRAGON is a persona he plays around with and does awful pickup lines while managing to be adorable at the same time.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Part of his villain look includes black pupils.
KING DRAGON:"Oi, oi, I'm not just a TV character. I am the TV character."

Kioko Satou

SHSL Gossip Artist
"Oops! I did it again!"
Kioko Satou is the go-to gal for a quick scoop on just about anything you could imagine. Born to a world-renown news reporter and an esteemed journalist, Kioko grew up with a love of learning and exploration. She is the leader of her own self-published school news club, the Kioko Times, where her talent for gossip-gathering shines. As Kioko Satou once said: “I go where the scoop goes! So if the sky’s the limit, I’ll go until I hit my head!”

  • Curtains Match the Window: Shown in Kioko's profile image, her hair and eye color are the same. Only applies to her VR appearance where her color scheme is monochrome.
  • Gossipy Hens: Kioko's talent has to do with spreading news which granted her the title SHSL Gossip Artist.

Kou Takishima

SHSL Doctor's Assistant
"Get in losers, we're going gaming!"
Well-liked for his handsome appearance and lighthearted personality, Kou Takishima is known for keeping patients company in Kitahana Hospital, the hospital said to be haunted. Rather than treating patients himself, he provides comfort and distractions through conversation to calm them down from any shock they may be suffering. Many former patients often return to show their gratitude for soothing them through a painful time, making him regarded highly by any visitors or new patients.


SHSL Atotori
some caption text
From Kyoto’s oldest geiko district, Kamishichiken comes Koume, the biological heiress to Umeno Okiya. The fifth maiden to inherit the manor, she is known for her beauty and grace with an uncanny gift to light up a crowd and switch on the atmosphere. Her skills in hospitality most desired in the karyukai, “the flower and willow world” where the spirit of geikos reside, Koume helps an old tradition to thrive in modern day as a testament to the time, labor and work ethic it takes in preserving the past that has decreased through decades. Continuing such an esteemed legacy, the recognition she gained from aiding others to the path of geiko was plenty for her to receive an invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy and become the ambassador of worlds that have yet to intertwine.

  • Empty Eyes: There's not a flicker of light in Koume's eyes in her official reference sheet.
  • Hopeless with Tech: Koume isn't allowed to use technology due to strict traditions maiko have to follow. Hence her lack of knowledge which is ironic considering the fact they're in a VR simulation.
  • Ojou: She looks and speaks like a typical well-behaved and wealthy girl.


SHSL Informant
"I could come up with a good quote for this page, but that's none of your business."
There’s an old saying that goes ‘snitches get stitches,’ but in the case of criminal informants, so-called ‘snitches’ can get a lot more—a large payout in cash, reduced jail time, police protection, favors, you name it. In the case of the young informant known only to public records as ‘Kyoju,’ there are a number of rumors floating around about both his boon from law enforcement and the crimes committed to end up in jail in the first place... but it’s all confidential unless you’re in league with the informant himself. Regardless of what he’s done in his past, Kyoju is responsible for the takedown of several large drug and gambling rings across Tokyo, which culminated in the eventual arrest of CEO and yakuza head Daijiro Isomura.

Luna Hemlock

"I'd rather die with the memory of loving you, than remain alive, forgetting the kindness you spared me."
Whether it’s dish-washing, shelf-cleaning, floor-sweeping, or even baby-sitting, any domestic service you require, Luna Hemlock is the girl to hire! Among the cloths and feather dusters, she packs a lengthy repertoire under her apron. Luna has been recruited by aristocrats and common folk alike, dispensing her humble services to anyone in need. Her services are not limited to house and estate maintenance however, proving successful in the department of child care— from pacifying the rowdiest of behaviors to taming all their shenanigans much to a parent’s disbelief. She tackles each task with grace and ease, whether it’s hefty labor to the gentility of sweeping. Adaptable and diligent, her ability to meet the needs of her clients has ensured and will ensure the satisfaction of all, no matter how taxing the task!

  • Chastity Dagger: She carries a garter with a dagger in it.
  • Long Hair Is Feminine: Luna's hair reaches down to her knees and overall she's polite and docile when conversing with others.


    Students M-Z 

Masaru Satsunami

“... I thought mercury was a fuckin’ plant.”
“Ladies, gents, an’ formal citizens, this is G.G. Beast! An’ I’m about’a teach y’alls how ta’ REALLY live by da beat!”

Highly respected on the Harajuku streets as G.G. Beast, Masaru Satsunami is a unique breakdancer well-known for inventing the power move, Scarab Flare, which is a fusion between a Buddha spin and an air flare on a longboard. From his outrageous, glow-in-the-dark outfits, to the rhythmic way he speaks, Masaru stood out the most in Harajuku’s hip-hop community and he often displayed his signature breakdance techniques during Yoyogi Park in the evenings. He’s a reasonable competitor when faced with other groups, thankfully, he’s usually flanked by the Raichidan (良一団 ) — a tight-knit group occupying him throughout his time at clubs and on the streets.

Aside from their normal activities, the Raichidan has uploaded numerous music videos and collaborations featuring Masaru’s famous, improvised choreography matched to their own outstanding rap songs. Don’t worry about hearing any vulgarities, these are made to be enjoyable as an introduction to the culture and for an audience already invested in the art itself. These can be accessed through their various social media accounts and on Youtube, so please, check out Masaru Satsunami and the Raichidan! He’s full of thrills, after all.

Mira Waki

SHSL Hot Air Balloonist
"Are you asking me to step on you?"
In a modern world of planes, trains, and automobiles, there are some manners of travel that come from a bygone era. Thankfully, there is one young woman who has grabbed the leftovers from yesteryear to excel beyond the limitations of current definitions of what sort of travel is feasible- and that is Mira Waki, the SHSL Hot Air Balloonist. A charming vixen of a woman, Mira has become a valued member in the hot air balloonist community both nationally and beyond, after her rich family allowed her to pick up the hobby on multiple trips of studying abroad. While far from an adventurer, Mira has traveled far and wide to prove she’s the most capable balloonist around, coming out on top in several races around the globe, acquiring plentiful trophies to prove it. Finally returning to Japan after a third year of learning the schooling of other countries, she is ready to prove that her favorite way to cruise is just as valid and thrilling as any other out there.

  • Berserk Button: Once Koume mentioned her parents in Chapter 1, Mira got extremely angered by this.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: Subverted during the first event of the game, a bright light appeared in front of the students when Vix made their appearance. Thanks to Mira's goggles, she didn't get blindsided by it.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: Mira is the tallest person in whole the cast with whopping 6'2" in height.

Nike V

SHSL Athlete
"I have more class than that."
Versatile, agile, resilient, charming... These are just a few words used to describe the worldwide sensation, known as ‘Nike V’, Nike for short. Breaking barriers and showing that nothing is impossible, this young athlete has been taking on the world of sports by storm! Winning his first match at just 6 years old, Nike has continued to baffle the masses with his impressive skills! With, at least, 4 world championships, a collection of 10 gold medals, 6 silver, and 3 bronze and counting, it should not come as a surprise that this young athlete would be given such a nickname. He even won one of his competitions while being injured! Not only that, but there are some who swear he is also the enigmatic ‘Lighting Cat’! A legend in the world of chase tagging. Is there a sport this young athlete is unable to master?! Rumors say that he moved to Europe to attend specialized training, but has returned to Japan after receiving an invitation by none other than Hope’s Peak!

Ninki Honzon

SHSL Social Media Influencer
"What an epic gamer moment~!"
It’s hard to navigate social media anymore without overhearing the incessant buzzing of the Ninki Nation at least once. Rising star and the internet’s favfurite pretty kitty, Miss Ninki Honzon made a name for herself from a young age as the eldest daughter of Riko Saito, founder of the famed tech company, Kakument, long before her career even debuted. At only age ten, Ninki began to produce videos from her Youtube account, ‘Nico Nico Ninki’, and the videos that premiered made the world’s heart flutter for her. She was impressively articulate, she was funny, she was excited to be there, and the world fell in love with this adorwable widdle girl! What made it even more impressive was the high quality of these videos, as Ninki made it openly clear that she was the sole producer of them, editing them all by herself. Over the past seven years, Ninki has continued to rule the hearts of all, because her content only has seemed to get better and better. Spreading from Youtube, to Twitter, to Instagram, always keeping her Nico Nico Ninki brand, she has made herself known far and wide — on Twitter as quite an internet funnyman, and on Instagram as a beautiful model for designer brands, a skilled makeup artist, and quite a proficient baker, and on Youtube as quite a chipper personality who caters to the masses. With the recent announcement of a new clothing line and makeup line on her store (, and the reveal of her up and coming book, EP, Youtube Red series, and comedy world tour coming up next year, this pretty kitty hearts of all the world in her paws.

With all of this talk about Ninki, it’s surprising it wasn’t due to any controversy. Ninki has grown to extreme fame, being one of the biggest influencers online, and all without a single scandal. While some people may be popular, no one’s popupurr like Ninki, and that’s why Hope’s Peak Academy has acknowledged her sway and credibility with the title of the Ultimate Social Media Influencer.

  • Cat Girl: Ninki wears cat-themed headphones and her motif surrounds around cats!
  • Genki Girl: Good luck keeping up with her, especially when she gets excited.

Rie Okada

SHSL Mori Kei Model
"...W-what the heck..."
Within recent years, the “Mori” subculture has practically exploded on Japanese forums and the like, yet a relatively new face has been thrown into the limelight after the “P@STEL SPRING” photoshoot was released, introducing the girl in question— Rie Okada. Delighting in beautiful fabrics and textures, Okada’s almost childlike nature sets her apart from typical models seen in the industry, avoiding to look overly cute, and shunning more simple clothes for quirky outfits. Flats instead of stilettos, short nails instead of long, layers of clothing instead of few. Rie has been known to look rather natural with this choice of style and is known as the main influence as of late for new growing models relating to this trend, and more designs are being issued under the high demand thanks to Okada’s recent works.

Intrigue in the Mori lifestyle has risen ever since Okada’s name was revealed to the public, and even more photoshoots have been released onto her website before she was even coined as an Ultimate, regaining her whimsical persona throughout many of her shoots despite the variety of themes used. The indie sensibility reflected in her style and image have left Rie Okada to be labeled as the face of the Mori Girl trend from the very beginning, and her refreshingly earthy and natural outlook is a breath of fresh air compared to other models being seen trying to outdo each other in terms of cuteness. This star has really risen to become the poster girl of the Mori aesthetic, and her appearance always manages to attract others into joining her in her whimsical adventure.

  • Only Sane Woman: The only person in the game who is questioning everyone's VR appearances.

Shinju Sugimori

SHSL Wagashi Chef
"The fuck would that look like? Blank white space with Clippy threatenin' t'put a cap in yer ass?"
Have you ever been to a traditional tea ceremony? Have you ever eaten wagashi, those adorable little cakes served alongside tea? If so, chances are that their designs were inspired by the work of Shinju Sugimori. Known across Japan as the SHSL Wagashi Chef, she is famous for perfectly designing and cooking wagashi, as well as officiating tea ceremonies for everyone from foreign diplomats to movie stars. With her docile, poised personality and stunning appearance, she’s gained a decently large following on social media as well.

  • Beneath the Mask: In the prologue, she is shown to be the opposite of what her description gives.
  • High Class Gloves: Black gloves are part of Shinju's design to empathize her status.
  • Mismatched Eyes: Shown in Shinju's profile image, she has heterochromia.
  • Parasol of Prettiness: She carries a parasol in her official reference sheet.
  • Sir Swearsalot: Shinju hasn't stopped cursing ever since the prologue reveal, where she snapped at KING DRAGON for trying to help her get up from the ground.

Toma Moto

SHSL Seamster
Born from powerful members in the social ladder, it was no surprise for Toma Moto to have quickly found a spotlight of their own growing up.

Moto’s parents funded a small business for the young child as soon as their skill became apparent. Ketch Stitch and its merchandise, eventually sprouted into a must-have for anyone aiming for rustic street fashion. Even while clearly using the power of connections to fester their influence, Hope’s Peak Academy couldn’t ignore the young Moto’s apparent talent and intuitive skills in design, business, knitting, and of course, sewing.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: They got pinned to death by pins after cursing Vix. Ironic considering the nature of their talent and their design.
  • Gijinka: Confirmed by their player, Toma is based on a tomato pin cushion.
  • Prim and Proper Bun: With additional pins and needles shown in their profile image!

Xiangxi Li

SHSL Record Keeper
"I don't have to, but I want to."

Behind every successful business is a trail of documentation, and behind every stack of well sorted paperwork is a dedicated record keeper. Scouted from the mountainous regions of China, Li Xiangxi is far from a household name— yet for the organizations that have called on their services, they’re no less than a savior. Rumor has it that they’ve saved numerous groups from fraudulent lawsuits with their thorough and diligent accounts, and though they’ve received several discrete offers from large corporations, their track record seems to indicate that they only work with non-profits.

  • Born Unlucky: On each roll, their stats are automatically lowered by their player. The reason why this happens is still unknown to the players.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Their uncle keeps them away from what's going on around them.
    Xiangxi: "...There's no one there. Everyone is busy. Everyone but me."
  • Rapunzel Hair: Xiangxi's official reference sheet shows them with beautiful, long hair.

Miyame 'Yam' Faille

SHSL Garbage Collector
"I'm trash, so..."
Miryame Faille is an elusive one. Brought to the public’s attention only after playing a crucial role during a fire disaster in their hometown Juneau, their public restoration deeds — which had previously gone unnoticed — were also brought to light.

For the past sixteen months, Miryame has been working anonymously to clean streets, parks, and other public locations in Alaska of litter and trash. Follow-up interviews revealed that Miryame is also responsible for the mysterious beach clean-up in Hawaii a couple years ago — a feat that they explain was done single-handedly. Other than their remarkable diligence and passion for garbage sorting and trash disposal, they have no other outstanding accomplishments.

  • Guilt Complex: Yam is often seen blaming everything on themselves due to unknown reasons.

Yoko Komagata

SHSL Otokoshi
"Koume-sama's safety comes before all else. However, I don't mind lending a hand to you as well."
While the ethereal beauty of a geiko is what most people know of the Geimai world, an otokoshi melts into the background to allow the sun to shine. Due to the private nature around the profession, not much is known about all that they do. What is known is that they prepare the girls for their misedashi and be their guard when they make their debut to the public. This young man has already helped with the debut of two geikos from the Umeno Okiya, a widely popular okiya house. Under the tutelage of the propertieress Ichiume, this young man continues to work hard for this other world.

  • Curtains Match the Window: Shown in his profile image, Yoko's hair and eye color are black.
  • Overprotective Dad: Yoko's spent five years inside Umeno Okiya where he tends Koume and 14 other girls. In game he's extremely protective of Koume, who are both acquaintanced with each other.
  • Empty Eyes: There's not a flicker of light in Yoko's eyes in his official reference sheet.
Koume: "Yoko-han, I can not hear if you cover my ears."
Yoko: "Do not worry about that right now."
Yoko: "It is very much against our heiresses' principals to use technology."
Yoko: "Release us immediately."
  • The Stoic: So far he's either been indifferent or shown dislike towards everyone else aside Koume.



SHSL Mastermind
"I don't get paid to do this job so I'm gonna do it however I want."
...Sadly not a part of the actual RP.


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