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Main Character


"It's a city of dreams... and I'm a big dreamer."
Voiced in English by: Cherami Leigh (female), Gavin Drea (male)
Voiced in Japanese by: Risa Shimizu (female), Chikahiro Kobayashi (male)
The playable protagonist of Cyberpunk 2077. As an up and coming mercenary out to make a name for themselves, V's appearance, past and skills are up to the player.
  • Badass Gay: Same-sex romances and sexual encounters will be available to the player for both male and female V, allowing you to play as a deadly hired gun operating in the Night City underworld who just happens to be gay or bi. The Gamescom 2018 demo showed a male V waking up from a one-night stand with a man.
  • Combat Stilettos: In the marketing, female V wears platform motorcycle boots with a noticeable heel. Presumably there will be other heeled shoes V can wear in the final game.
  • Übermensch: The game's synopsis describes V as the sort of person who is only bound by the morals they have set for themselves.
    In a world where you have no future, what matters is that you control who you are. To survive and protect your independence, you modify your body with advanced cyberware and take jobs others would never dare. You choose to live free, bound by no systems or controls—the only rules you obey are your own. Because you’re a Cyberpunk.

Other Characters

    Jackie Welles 

Jackie Welles
Ready to get back to the big leagues.

A gun for hire, Jackie is a highly skilled assassin.

    Dexter DeShawn 

Dexter DeShawn
Different faces of violence.

Dexter is a known fixer in the Night City, arranging deals between mercenaries and corporations and acting as the middle-man.

    Meredith Stout 

Meredith Stout
Different faces of violence.

Meredith is a rabid, violent, unpredictable egomaniac who will stop at nothing to reach her goals — and she's highly successful. She lives and breathes corporate. She despises the common folk and spits all over people from the lower classes.

    Lizzy Wizzy 

Lizzy Wizzy

A well-known fashion icon, Lizzy Wizzy is famous for her completely chromed skin, giving her a striking appearance.


    Johnny Silverhand 

Johnny Silverhand
"Wake the fuck up, Samurai. We have a city to burn."
Voiced in English by: Keanu Reeves
Voiced in Japanese by: Toshiyuki Morikawa

A world-famous rock star and founding figure in the Rockerboy movement. Believed to have been killed while leading an anti-Arasaka riot during the Fourth Corporate War back in the 2020's, he actually uploaded his consciousness into cyberspace.

  • Returning War Vet: You can see him wearing dogtags in his first trailer appearance. This ties into the original tabletop game where Johnny is actually a veteran of the USMC before he became a rockstar.



Arasaka Corporation

A massive Japanese zaibatsu with presence in nearly every industry imaginable and a security force large enough to rival the militaries of many nation states.


Militech International Armaments

American arms manufacturer that produces most of the weapons seen in the setting. They are Arasaka's main competitor in the security industry and the two are known to frequently fight with each other.

    Trauma Team 

Trauma Team International

A corporation specializing in rapid-response private medical service. They take their obligations to their clients very seriously and make sure to protect them by any means necessary.

  • Death by Ambulance: You don't want to get in the way of their ambulances. In the E3 trailer, one of their flying cars can be seen shooting down what appears to be a gang hideout with a side mounted machine gun. The gameplay reveal video also shows them threatening V with guns while treating the woman they just saved.



Eastern European gang that specializes in stealing cybernetic implants and selling them in the black market.


Technophilic and heavily armed gang obsessed with cybernetic modifications.

    Voodoo Boyz 

Predominantly Haitian and Caribbean gang that specializes in hacking. They are quite pacifist compared to other gangs, but it's still best not to set them off.


Gang that specializes in extreme body augmentation for incredible melee combat abilities.


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