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Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh
"I want the truth. That's all."
Played By: Jill Hennessy

A forensic pathologist in the Boston Medical Examiner's Office who solves crimes during the course of investigations. Jordan is emotionally scarred by her mother's murder when she was a child, indicated by significant trust issues that, until recently, severely limited her relationships with men. She attended University of Massachusetts Amherst and Tufts University School of Medicine.


Dr. Garret Macy
"You're a pain in the ass. And I say that with love."
Played By: Miguel Ferrer

The Chief Medical Examiner and Jordan's boss. Macy must deal with Jordan's erratic behavior as well as his confused family—he has a teenage daughter, Abby, but is divorced from his wife—and his own personal demons; he is a recovering alcoholic. Garret has an affinity for jazz. He has been known to have had romantic entanglements with grief counselor Lily Lebowski, ADA Renee Walcott, Charlie Davis, and his one-time wife, Maggie Warner. Garret admitted to his drinking problem after finding out his daughter, Abby, had become addicted to heroin upon dropping out of college and becoming involved with another heroin addict. He is also allergic to strawberries and peanuts.



Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy
"Bring on the marmalade. He's already toast."
Played By: Ravi Kapoor

A brilliant but shy forensic entomologist of Indian ancestry from Liverpool. His nickname refers to his knowledge of insects.


Lily Lebowski
"When I close my door to counsel someone, I'm making that person a promise that they can trust me."
Played By: Kathryn Hahn

A sweet but eccentric grief counselor.


Dr. Nigel Townsend
"Shazam, baby."

Played By: Steve Valentine

The morgue's resident lab rat, a wise-cracking British criminologist with an ambiguous personal life.


Detective Woodrow "Woody" Hoyt
"Is sarcasm a prerequisite for being an M.E.?"
Played By: Jerry O'Connell

A police detective for Boston PD, originally from Wisconsin. Also Jordan's on/off love interest.

  • Berserk Button: After accidentally overdosing on a heroin-laced sweater, he tells Macy, who is trying to convince him to go to a hospital, about his personal hatred of drugs.
    Woody: I hate drugs. I hate drugs. I've never taken so much as a... my brother had a problem. He's clean now, or he says, but watched what they did to him, watched what they turned him into.
  • The Big Guy
  • Drugs Are Bad: Woody firmly believes this, to such a point that Nigel considers some of his viewpoints "a tad dogmatic, wouldn't you think?"
  • Fair Cop
  • Naïve Newcomer: In the first two seasons.

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