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Misty Rosenblum

Voiced by: Mariya Ise (Japanese), Amanda L. Baird (English)

The Princess of Rosenblum, a kingdom that is neighbor to the Misurugi Empire and has jurisdiction of Arzenal. She admires Angelise and is aware of Arzenal's existence.

  • Nice Girl: She is the only human sans Momoka who never showed any fear towards Ange even after she was revealed as a Norma.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: Both her Iaria uniform and Princess dress are pink.
  • Ojou Ringlets: Her hairdo.
  • Secret Keeper: One of the few humans who are allowed to know about Arzenal.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: It remains to be seen of her fate after Embryo is killed and the mana network is severed.



Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki (Japanese), Chris Patton (English)

A mysterious man and all the leaders of the world answer to him. Is referred to as a god by Jill. Pilots the Ragna-mail called EM-CBX001 Hysterica.

In actuality, he's the true villain of the series.

  • 0% Approval Rating: Embryo is always despised by everyone outside of Mana society—Norma, DRAGONs, and Ancient Humans. Salia and Chris, who are still loyal to him, found that out the hard way when the former gets called out by Jill in the penultimate episode.
  • Achilles' Heel: Hysterica, which powers duplicates of his real body. Logically enough, Embryo is killed when Tusk slices him in half and Ange destroys Hysterica.
  • Actually a Doombot: He gets shot in the head, stabbed in various spots, hit by a car, sent to a 100-meter fall, and being bombed. Turns out that they are duplicates of his real body, which is powered by Hysterica.
  • Amazon Chaser: He falls madly in love with Ange because she represents the cultured, yet untameable nature of humanity he so desperately wants to see in everyone. In his own words, he'd rather have a world ruled by "strong, intelligent women".
  • Ambiguously Evil: Yes he suggested to "reset everything", however with his backstory about him trying to prevent another world war that would destroy all of mankind, the Norma concept being an accident thanks to genetics, and trying to prevent mass panic that would have erupted from said flaw in the system, he stands firm in the Necessarily Evil territory. Ramps up the ambiguity with him performing several Pet the Dog moments one seemingly out of no other reason than he could. Later subverted, when his true colors start showing.
  • Ambition Is Evil: His ambition is to create a new humanity without causing wars. He'll go through any means necessary.
  • And Now You Must Marry Me: Really wants to marry Ange because Ange has resisted him so many times. It doesn't work.
  • And There Was Much Rejoicing: Admit it, you all cheered along with Ange, the Norma and the DRAGONs when this jerk got killed in the finale.
  • Arch-Enemy: To the Norma, Ancient Humans and the Dragons as a whole; the Norma's Libertas as well as their alliance with the Dragons are to kill Embryo once and for all. In this end, he becomes a personal enemy of Ange in the very bitter end before his death.
  • Ax-Crazy: He's a crazed sociopath. He intentionally kills off lifeforms (including the Norma, DRAGONs and Ancient Humans) on different Earths. He severs the mana network, merges the worlds together and the Diamond Rose Knights without much regard for the civilians who could get hurt or die. When he unsuccessfully tries to rape Ange for the umpteenth time, he resorts to just killing her and Tusk in cold blood.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Constantly wearing a green nobleman coat and pants, Embryo makes short work of anyone he deems unnecessary with style. Just ask Julio.
  • Bad Boss:
    • In "Necessary", Embryo chokes Ersha to the point that she pulls a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! and abandons the world council leaders.
    • In "Eve of Destruction", he decides to abandon the Diamond Rose Knights, including Salia.
  • Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work:
    • He kills Julio because he claims he does not want Ange to taint her hands.
    • Many normas want to see the mana world destroyed. He does destroy it in the final episode of Cross Ange.
  • Bait the Dog: A master at this. Baits anyone in their moment of need, wins their loyalty with kind words and favors, and in the end, uses and abandons them.
  • Berserk Button: Anything that reminds Embryo of the Ancient Humans will make him very upset.
  • Big Bad: Embryo is the definitive main antagonist of the series and a truly terrifying one at that. He nearly succeeded in killing off the Ancient Humans, including Tusk's parents István and Vanessa as his way of ending World War Seven. Stealing Aura also made him the primary target for DRAGON-kind. The Diamond Rose Knights, the world leaders, and the Mana society in general are nothing more than pawns to him. He will also kill anyone who gets in his way.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: A partial example. He succeeds in merging the two worlds together, but everyone (except him) makes it out alive.
    • One of the endings in the PS Vita game can result in this. Only it's more absolute than it is in the anime.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: A gender-swapped version. His Affably Evil status has come into question since discovering that all of his Pet the Dog moments were just him manipulating prospective Ragna-Mail pilots to his side, that he was in a sexual relationship with Salia while having no true love for her (all the while making her think he did), and when Ange continues to fight his advances and influence, he takes the kid gloves off and resorts to rather Squick-tastic methods. Oh, and did you ever wonder why the first Libertas failed miserably? Turns out Embryo essentially raped Alektra's mind and body while her comrades died horribly. And finally, in "Eve of Destruction" he outright abandons his Ragna-mail pilots to die by deliberately teleporting them into the midst of a massed group of DRAGONs and forcing their Ragnamails to fire by remote control. He also ended World War Seven by using Ragna-mails to kill off Ancient Humans, and a montage of him and Hysterica in action in the past suggests that he has messed with timelines other than his own as well. That, and forcing the Norma into lives as Cannon Fodder to farm DRAGONS.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: While he is without a doubt quite a capable strategist (his decade-long war with the DRAGON race went quite well for him), his most significant advantage over his adversaries remains that he simply has much more knowledge over the setting than anybody else. The fact alone that he entrusts critical knowledge to people who have declared themselves his sworn enemies (Jill and Ange), but also lets them live after that and get away indicates that the man is not nearly as clever as he likes to paint himself. Granted, he just does it because he knows he can't be killed that easily. His biggest mistake, however, has to be not killing the biggest arch-rival and spanner in his plans—Tusk—before abducting Ange. Tusk, who has bonded heart and soul to her and as an Ancient Human, is outside his control. By the time he finally wises up and tries killing her in cold blood, Ange and Tusk are in his host dimension, and destroy him in both body and Ragna, killing him for good.
  • Broken Pedestal: For Salia when witnessing that Embryo prefers Ange and that he gave Ange a Mind Rape, and the Diamond Rose Knights as a whole.
  • Bullying a Dragon: This seems to be an unfortunate trait for Embryo when dealing with the Norma or the Dragons. It ultimately leads to his downfall when Ange, whom he thought he could easily make a wife out of, resists his advances to the very end.
  • The Chessmaster: On a cosmic level. He enacted his Evil Plan to wipe out the DRAGONs to a handful and used the Aura to power Mana for the humans. No one was the wiser for a long time.
  • Char Clone: Not surprising seeing the various Gundam references that the producers managed to sneak in. He even bears a striking physical similarity to Gundam Wing's Zechs Merquise, and voiced by Gundam Seed's Rau Le Creuset.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: He turns on everyone who placed trust in him when he decides that they're a liability or no longer useful. The Diamond Rose Knights and the world leaders found that out the hard way.
  • Control Freak: An even bigger one than Jill due to him being the Big Bad of the series.
  • The Corrupter: Turns every single Norma who joins his side into pawns... until they realize just how horrible he is. The sole exception to this is Ange, who always resists his advances to the point that she kills him.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Being cut in half by Tusk is definitely not a nice way to go.
  • Death by Irony: In "Beyond Time", Embryo is killed trying to exploit the Norma for his own evil deeds.
  • Death Is Cheap: Ange has managed to kill him plenty of times. However, due to his godlike status, he comes back every single time. At least until "Beyond Time".
  • Defeat Equals Explosion: In "Beyond Time", Hysterica and its copies explode after Ange, Salia, Sala, and Hilda destroy them.
  • Diabolical Mastermind: He has genius-level intelligence and hatches a scheme to murder millions of people to create a new type of race for women.
  • Dirty Business: Kills Julio for Ange, as he puts it, in "Arzenal Burns".
  • Dirty Coward: Very much besides cheating death. Best demonstrated in the final episodes of Cross Ange, after his business with Tusk is finished, he abandons his Diamond Rose Knights to be killed fighting the DRAGONs to buy himself time to abduct Ange. Then in the finale, he takes control of Salia and Hilda's Ragna-Mails into attacking Salamandinay.
  • The Dreaded: Even Ange is afraid of him especially after her Mind Rape experience.
  • Driven to Villainy: Witnessing many wars when he was a scientist is what leads to him becoming the Big Bad.
  • Emperor Scientist: His word is law and in his backstory, he was the leader of a group of scientists.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Zig-zagged. He is very appalled at the massacre Julio ordered against the Norma and he claims that he never permitted any of this. He also tells Ange he is appalled at the complacency of the mana society, who give in to the racism towards Norma too easily. However, Embryo himself is just as xenophobic and sexist as Julio was (if not worse) and wanted Omnicide. On the other hand, his desire of omnicide is also rooted from the trope, he has seen the Mana community grew decadent and we're already shown just how rotten the community has become, what with their rampant racism and prejudice. Of course, when how they acted were devised by himself, it's either this trope or he thought he made a mistake and wanted to make it right next time, but then proceeded to trip every wrong flags that made his points invalid.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: His overconfidence and manipulative nature blinds him to the idea that Ange would resist his advances from the get-go, which causes his plans to fail. The thought that Tusk would avenge his parents' deaths never entered his mind either.
  • Evil Genius: He always has strategies for his plans.
  • Face–Heel Turn: In his past, he was a well-known scientist. Then, he witnessed many wars and the rise of the Norma, at which point he decided to create a new humanity and used the Norma as scapegoats for the Mana.
  • Fallen Hero: Once a brilliant scientist who turned into an Ax-Crazy Omnicidal Maniac who seeks to destroy all life on Earth.
  • False Flag Operation: In "Dark Angel of Destruction", he knew the DRAGONs were coming to Earth near the Misurugi empire because he managed to get the information out from Liza. He then forces the transfer of the gate somewhere far away from the empire and into five waiting Ragna-mails.
  • Famous Last Words: "ANGE!"
  • Fantastic Racism: Considers Ancient Humans like Tusk to be products of a bygone era and would sooner have him dead for it since it's his Berserk Button.
  • Fatal Flaw: Embryo's Ax-Crazy sociopathic and lustful behavior proves to be his biggest flaw as by the end of the series, his sanity is completely whittled, to the point that he tries to kill off Ange and Tusk in cold blood and attempts to controls Hilda, Ange, Salia and Sala's Ragna-mails during the climactic Final Battle.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He's very polite in public. So is he when he does a Mind Rape on Ange and plans to merge the two dimensions together.
  • Final Boss: He is the last enemy that Ange and her allies confront.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: From a brilliant scientist to a Diabolical Mastermind.
  • Gone Horribly Right: His interference with human genetics helped create the norma and he tried to suppress it. It worked out for him until Ange teams up with the DRAGONs and the remaining Norma to initiate Last Libertas.
  • Gratuitous English: After seeing Ange's resolve especially from her breaking his mind control, there's only one thing he can say in the original Japanese version:
    Embryo: Dramatic!
  • Green-Eyed Monster: He got very jealous when he awoke to find out that Tusk became Ange's boyfriend.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: His fate, when he gets bisected diagonally by Tusk during the finale of "Beyond Time".
  • Hate Sink: Embryo is shown to be a despicable character, which is driven home when he attempts to rape Ange and abandon the world leaders and the Diamond Rose Knights to their doom. After experiencing his Half the Man He Used to Be death, he gets no sympathy from the audience.
  • Hero Killer: Tusk and Jill repeatedly warn Ange that Embryo is not to be trifled with, and it shows when he can manipulate everyone at will and crush them if necessary.
  • Hypocrite: Calls Ange, and Sala and the Mana users "violent" and/or "savage", even though he's been responsible for the near complete genocide of a former earth, and having DRAGONs killed. Also accuses Tusk of sullying Ange and plans to "purify" her in the final episode, even though Ange and Tusk had consensual sex and that Embryo has been trying to rape Ange. Unfortunately for Embryo, Ange gives him a Shut Up, Hannibal! in response.
  • If I Can't Have You...: He lusts after Ange and wants to make her his wife. Once Ange rejects his advances for the umpteenth time, Embryo decides to kill her in cold blood. It doesn't work as he ironically ends up being killed by her.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: Towards Ange, every other episode.
  • I Love You Because I Can't Control You: When Ange breaks his control over her and bites him, he really falls for her. Unfortunately for him, this also leads to his downfall.
  • Immortal Life Is Cheap: His ability to respawn after one of his projections is killed allows him to screw with his opponents with great impunity.
  • Insistent Terminology: While Jill and almost everyone else would call him "God" and has the necessary powers to be considered one, he would never claim that title because he thinks it's a very crude expression. He would prefer using the term either "creator" or "tuner".
  • Invincible Villain: The only thing that can harm him is destroying Hysterica. Ange has repeatedly tried to best him, but he lived to fight another day. At least until Ange kills him in the Grand Finale.
  • Irony: The Norma, whom he created from human genetics, are the ones who would destroy Hysterica and stop the space-time convergent.
  • It's All About Me: His Evil Plan to cause wars and kill off the DRAGONs and humans begins and ends with his ego.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Whenever he seems to have a remotely soft side, this is always subverted because of his overconfidence and lust.
  • Join or Die: Embryo attempts to get Ange to join his side and become his wife whenever he has the chance. Ange refuses, so he plots to kill her but she puts a stop to it.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: After years of almost exterminating species like the DRAGONs, as well as manipulating and threatening the Norma, Embryo finally gets what's coming to him when Ange and her allies kill him at the end of the final episode.
  • Karmic Death: Embryo is killed by both the very descendant of the Ancient Humans whom he massacred and one of the Norma whom he tried to exploit.
  • Kick the Dog:
    • He attempts to rape Ange several times in order to break her. Unfortunately for him, Ange has begun a relationship with Tusk and rejects Embryo's advances every time.
    • By the time of "Necessary", he chokes Ersha and outright states that she's outlived his usefulness.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch:
    • In "Arzenal Burns", Embryo kills Julio as punishment for straying away from Embryo's plans. While it was a cruel action, Julio committed mass murder of the norma and caused Ange to be exiled to Arzenal.
    • By the finale of "Necessary", he severs the Mana network, but the humans using the Mana power not only ridiculed Ange and the other Normas; they also worshipped Embryo as a god. Additionally, this was also a natural part of his original plan to restart the world as he saw the humans he made grew decadent, but by this time he has suffered a Motive Decay. But even then, this would erect more of a reaction of 'they had it coming', even from a bastard like Embryo himself.
  • Killed Off for Real: Inevitably so in the Grand Finale, "Beyond Time", where Tusk cuts him in half and Ange, Salia, Hilda and Sala finally destroy Hysterica, ceasing the space-time convergence that made him immortal..
  • Kinky Spanking: Does this to Salia in the beginning of "Necessary" as punishment for letting Ange escape.
  • Kneel Before Frodo: Kneels down before Ange and proclaims that Ange may be the one he has been looking for a long time.
  • Lack of Empathy: He feels no remorse for becoming an Omnicidal Maniac and leaving the Diamond Rose Knights to die.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: His obsession with Ange did more than anything else to foil his plans and doom him.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Projects a shield to protect his Ragna-mail.
  • Lust: What ultimately leads to Ange rejecting him many times and eventually destroying Hysterica.
  • Mad Scientist: He experimented on a humanity and created the norma in the first place.
  • Mainlining the Monster: He does this with Aura, the leader of the Dragons, making society completely dependent on Mana, that he extracts from her body after force-feeding her people to her. He's then visibly disgusted by the fact that people are completely dependent on him, and follow his orders without question, completely ignoring the fact that anyone who DOES question him tends to get horribly brutalized in one form or another, usually at his own hands.
  • The Man Behind the Man: The humans would never have discriminated the Norma and the DRAGONs would never have been used as Cannon Fodder for the Norma if he didn't let them.
  • The Many Deaths of You: Embryo goes through a lot of deaths at least until Ange offs Hysterica during the finale of "Beyond Time".
  • Meaningless Villain Victory: Even though he partially merged the two worlds, he doesn't survive thanks to Ange and Tusk.
  • Me's a Crowd: Because he's using Hysterica, Embryo can create multiple copies of himself.
  • Mind Control: Can apparently do this to all the people who can use Mana. Momoka and Emma are no exceptions.
  • Mind Rape: He's capable of inflicting debilitating pain or pleasure on anyone. Just ask Ange and Jill.
  • Morton's Fork: In his backstory, the Norma concept was an accident because he couldn't foresee that problem. Unfortunately, the only two choices he had at the time were to either a: have another mass panic attack concerning about people who can negate mana and thus lead to another world war, or b: have the mana people discriminate the people who couldn't use mana and thus failing at what he's trying to prevent the most. He then chose the lesser of the two evils and thus the current setting.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: Let's just say the timeline of his backstory, as he explains to several other characters, simply doesn't add up, and leave it at that.
  • Motive Decay: Back in the past, Embryo was someone who just wanted to make a peaceful world where there was no war, conflict or even prejudice. On seeing the mana users getting really complacent and self-destructive, Embryo thought that It Is Beyond Saving and maybe he should just restart the world again and do it right next time. But then, lust took over him and he became increasingly more unhinged and seemed to care more about making a harem with Ange on top of the chain and him being the supreme creator rather than his old motives on why he wanted to restart the world in the first place...
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Both Jill and Tusk want Ange to be far, far away from him, and with good reason.
  • Narcissist: He only cares for himself and it's lampshaded by Ange at the end of the series.
  • Near-Villain Victory: He abandons the world leaders, severs the mana network, kills Jill and takes Ange into his dimension. Had he merged the two worlds completely and not left the Villkiss on the Aurora, Embryo would have won.
  • The Needs of the Many: The only way he could use and justify the Norma just so the mana civilization would have peace in mind.
  • Never My Fault: Embryo never acknowledges that it's his own actions that caused the Mana society have its violent and mindless tendencies. He also abandons the world leaders completely and leaves the blame for the failure of the World of Mana completely in their hands during the final episodes.
  • Not Good with Rejection: When Ange refuses Embryo's advances, he tortures her by forcing her mind to undergo overwhelming pain and then physical need. When Ange tries to escape, Embryo shows his true colors by taking over the mind of her faithful maid Momoka and even tries to fatally shoot Momoka when she resists. Upon the Final Battle, Embryo simply decides to obliterate all of humanity again, coldly rebuking Ersha for caring about others, and tries to sacrifice his loyal followers to buy himself time. When he finally has enough of Ange getting in his way, he resorts to killing her in cold blood, but it doesn't work out.
  • Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: According to Jill's exposition and from the images, Embryo was a scientist who thought that mankind is always embroiled with war. So to avoid that, he then created the mana system. However, there were flaws in the system where people are born without mana. And now that he feels the mana users have become complacent, he wishes to recreate the world anew forcefully merging both the mana and DRAGON worlds together. However he is notably pure evil and just as bad as Julio and the people of Mana if not downright worse. He also has his other plan being that he just wants to marry Ange.
  • Off-Model: His first appearance and somehow his fingers are pretty long. Then he loses his face at the end of the episode that followed. His face tends to get all distorted and derp-eyed in his later appearances as well. It gets fixed up in the DVD and Blu-ray versions, though.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: A downplayed example at first, with his initial intentions being to simply kill off the Norma (save a few, to become his army) and the DRAGONS so the Mana civilization can live in peace. By the time of the Grand Finale, we find out that not only has he killed off life on multiple Earths, both in and out of his timeline already. But has plans to wipe out every living being, human and creature alike, on two that still contain life by merging them together. Even Jill and the Misurugi Empire are not safe from his madness. And it eventually gets to the point where he's willing to kill the person he lusted after, and almost raped in order to achieve it. All this because he wasn't pleased with previous attempts at playing God. Needless to say, it doesn't end so well for him.
  • Perpetual Frowner: In the game (due to the limitations of the CGI used). Not so much in the anime, where he usually defaults into either a Slasher Smile or Smug Snake look instead (an example of the latter can be seen in the picture above).
  • Person of Mass Destruction: He's more than capable of killing all lifeforms on planets on his own.
  • Prepare to Die: His speech to Ange after he has heard enough of Ange's rejection is composed of this.
  • Psychic Strangle: He telekinetically chokes Ersha before he abandons her.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Type B and C. Though he's a thousand years old and behaves like your typical genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist; but his numerous attempts of wooing Ange can be described as if he wants a Barbie Doll.
  • Psychotic Smirk: He flashes some evil smirks during the series.
  • Rape, Pillage, and Burn: Embryo wipes out entire civilizations just for the heck of it.
  • Reality Ensues: Once he has finally had enough of Ange and Tusk getting in his way, he resorts to just killing them in cold blood.
  • Really 700 Years Old: He has been waiting for thousands of years for a person and thinks Ange may be the one. Or so he claims...
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: His preferred ranged weapon on foot.
  • Royal Rapier: This is what he summons out of thin air when he fights against Tusk. Then he gives it to Momoka who's under his control to kill Tusk though Momoka snaps out of it.
  • Sadist: He loves causing suffering to others.
  • Sanity Slippage: While he was a psychopath to begin with, Embryo loses his sanity towards the end of Cross Ange. By "Beyond Time", he goes batshit Ax-Crazy to the point that he takes control of Hilda, Ange, Salia and Sala's Ragna-mails to save his life and attempt to kill both Ange and Tusk when he enters his Villainous Breakdown.
  • Say My Name: He yells Ange's name as his last words when Tusk bisects his real body.
  • The Sociopath: He cares only for his own glory and in order to obtain it he's willing to cause destruction and death of innocent people, even children and DRAGONs, with no regret at all.
  • Smug Snake: He's normally a competent person, but he fatally underestimates Ange.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Ever since he met Ange, Embryo's become infatuated with her to the point that he wants to have her as an ideal wife. It doesn't work.
  • Standard Female Grab Area: To Ange, twice no less. The second time however, she broke out of it on her own while Momoka distracted Embryo.
  • The Stool Pigeon: After Julio goes too far for Embryo's intentions by massacring Norma, Embryo snitches on him by informing Ange of his location.
  • Story-Breaker Power: He has the ability to always come back to life until Hysteria is destroyed, which is near impossible as it takes place in another dimension. He can also brainwash many characters, turning them against each other and he has a Super Prototype to most Ragna-mail. He only fails due to borderline luck and him being a case of Stupid Evil.
  • Straw Fan: Some viewers see him as a satire of Otaku culture, particularly regarding his creepy obsession with his "waifu" Ange's purity.
  • Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum: It's all in Tranquil Fury, but the effects are no less devastating.
  • Super Prototype: Hysterica is the very first Ragna-mail and only matched by Villkiss.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Singing El Ragna on his Ragna-mail aimed at Julio and his ship was a bit overkill just to off one guy.
  • They Just Dont Get It: After initiating multiple genocides in his own timeline alone, treating the Norma as cannon fodder and sex slaves, and "ending wars", that he likely started himself by playing God, through wiping out everyone on all sides, he simply can't comprehend why people hate him.
  • This Cannot Be!:
    • His reaction when Ange breaks from his control. Rather than breaking down about it, he is actually happy that someone actually did that and decided to bow down to Ange and proclaim that she may be the one he was looking for. He also has this reaction when Momoka was able to overpower his mind control to her. Didn't last long though.
    • He is surprised when Salia and Hilda manage to regain control of their Ragna-mails after he hijacked them and they proceed to destroy Hysterica's copies.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: He has a resigned but perturbed reaction when he sees that not only Salia, Hilda, Sala, and Ange are destroying Hysterica and its copies, but Tusk is going to slice him in half.
  • This Is Your Brain on Evil: Tries to control Salia and Hilda's Ragna-mails and attempting to force himself on a former princess after rejecting him numerous times? Oops.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Not only did he try to rape Ange, who rejected his advances every time, but he also tried to take control of the Ragna-mails used by Hilda and Salia. Seriously, what was he thinking?
  • Totalitarian Utilitarian: Embryo's end goal is to abolish war, or so he claims. To achieve this, he commits numerous acts of genocide, initiates a Forever War with the Dragons by kidnapping Aura their leader, to use her as a power source for the "mana" that the society runs on, forcefeeding her the hearts of her people that are trying to rescue her, creating the superstition that the Norma are scapegoats and Unwitting Pawns to fight the Dragons in the war he started, and using copious amounts of mind-control, mind-rape, and Cold-Blooded Torture to keep it all stable, and rewards himself for his efforts by engaging in Gratuitous Rape.
  • Troll: How he can casually just appear alive after being killed so many times has him pulling cheap shots and jerk moves on everyone a few times.
  • The Unfettered: Nothing will stop him in his efforts to destroy all life on Earth, the whether it's manipulating humans to discriminate against the norma, initiating multiple genocides in different universes, using the space-time convergence to merge both worlds together, letting the Diamond Rose Knights die, etc.
  • The Vamp: Uses sex as one of his tools to control his underlings, such as Salia, and Jill in the backstory.
  • Villain Ball: Attempting to kill Ange, the object he lusted after, ends up being his undoing.
  • Villain Has a Point: Embryo shares the same mindset that Ange came into: The Mana community he created has gone beyond redemption and only a restart would suffice. It's just the way he's approaching that goal that made everyone with a sound mind put their crosshairs on his head.
  • Villainous Breakdown: While he was a psychopath to begin with, Embryo loses his sanity towards the end of Cross Ange. By "Beyond Time", he becomes Ax-Crazy to the point that he takes control of Hilda, Ange, Salia and Sala's Ragna-mails to save his life and attempt to kill both Ange and Tusk.
  • Villain Takes an Interest: He is interested in having Ange create a new race with intelligent women. It doesn't work.
  • Villain Teleportation: He is the main teleporter of the series and can teleport himself, others (without clothes), and all of his Ragna-mails.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: He's seen by the humans with Mana as a god, but is in fact a total psychopath and a mass murderer.
  • Villainous Crush: On Ange. He's what happens when you cross a villainous yandere with the T-1000.
  • Walking Spoiler: By the time he is properly introduced, Jill has dropped a ton of exposition on the truth about
the Norma, then the DRAGON race. Then he proceeds to intervene directly in the story, making each and every of his actions twist-worthy.
  • Wishful Projection: Embryo sees Ange as the ideal individual he nonetheless has under his thumb. Too bad for him that's not how Ange rolls.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Keeps Ange alive simply due to his one-sided love for her.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He has no problems with raping or even killing a woman to advance his plans. This is averted with Ange, who resists his Attempted Rapes whenever she has the chance.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He is perfectly capable of allowing children to die. Just ask Ersha's 10 adopted children.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Typically manages to come out of a situation with something he wants. Even though Julio and his fleet were destroyed in the Arzenal siege, he captured or turned at least a couple mail riders over to his side.
  • Yandere: His reaction when Tusk tells him that he and Ange had sex is of insanity.
  • You Have Failed Me: The punishment for failing him is the mandatory death sentence. Julio really asked for it when he nearly commits genocide on the Norma on Arzenal and strayed away from his plans. Embryo's naturally annoyed by this and proceeds to kill him.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: He has virtually everyone who has helped him with his plans abandoned or disposed of at some point when he decides he doesn't need them anymore.
    Embryo: I have no more use for my old girlfriends, Alektra!
  • You Monster!: Tusk refers to him as the "demon of Heiselberg, resident of a non-deterministic world".
  • You're Cute When You're Angry: Says this nearly word for word when Jill reacts furiously to him in "The Right Arm's Past". And there's the way he describes Ange's anger in "Arzenal Burns" that you'd be forgiven for thinking he was hitting on her. Again, almost says this word for word to Ange in "The Survivors".
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Mind rape, teleportation, mind controlling mana users and communicating through them... he's nigh-inescapable.
  • Your Mind Makes It Real: If he ever so touches your brain, consider yourself in the palm of his hands. Just ask Ange and Jill before her.


An Original Generation character for the Playstation Vita game. A test pilot who encountered DRAGONs and was shot down. By the time she wakes up from a coma, Ange is already part of the First Troop.
  • Another Side, Another Story: She can make choices Ange did not make: leaving Arzenal with the Aurora or join Embryo.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: In "Defiant Soul", Ange was given a blood stained pilot suit, with "NAOMI" on the name tag. Salia casually states that it belonged to a dead pilot as she peeled off the tag.
  • Original Generation: Only appears in the game.
  • The Protagonist: Of the PS Vita game.

    Mana Leaders 

Mana Leaders

A council composed of the six primary nations of the World of Mana, the Misurugi Empire included. They are the heads of their own nations, report directly to Embryo and are the only ones aware of the truth about their world.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Judging by the leaders of the their respective nations.
    • Misurugi, while having a medieval fantasy appearance, is supposedly based on Japan.
    • The Enderant Union is based on the European Union.
    • The Queen of the Veldan Dynasty looks like someone who came from India.
  • Not-So-Omniscient Council of Bickering: Are more concerned about their own personal problems rather than working together. It takes Embryo's intervention to get them to agree to something.
  • President Evil: The Enderant Union President. The Secretary-General of the Malmelia Republic could also count.
  • Puppet King: Implied that Embryo is the only one to have power in their World. Even if there are minor times when they act as a Reasonable Authority Figure, it's clear that they answer to the power behind their seats.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure:
    • Some on a minor note.
      • The Secretary-General shows some concern over Julio's mental instability and extreme hostility towards the Norma.
      • The Queen of the Veldan Dynasty is closest to the voice of reason, reminding the vocal members that they must keep the peace between their nations.
      • The King of Rosenblum, if his daughter continuing to live despite knowing the secret of Arzenal is of any indication.
    • Subverted in the later episodes when they decided to sacrifice their entire nations just to destroy the world. It bites them later when Embryo says he had no intent on bringing them with him.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: When things go to hell for the World of Mana with the Dragons and Arzenal residents at their doorstep, they step back from Embryo's plan and beg him to save their world. Embryo just ditches them.
  • Secret Keeper: They know about the Dragons, Arzenal and Ragna-mails.
  • Uncertain Doom: Their final scene has Embryo kissing them goodbye and abandoning them for good.
  • Unwitting Pawn: It comes as no surprise when they rely on Embryo to get anything major done in their world. Their creator manipulates them enough to prepare the destruction of the two worlds.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Embryo leaves them on their own upon proceeding his plan to destroy both worlds, declaring the World of Mana is now useless.

    Hilda’s mother 

Inge Schlievogt

  • Hypocrite: In a flashback, she claims she will take her of her daughter, Hilda, despite being a Norma, as she was taken away. Yet she rejects her for the same reason and replaces her with another Hilda.
  • I Have No Daughter: After being separated from Hilda, she disowns her for being a Norma, and replaces her with another Hilda.


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