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There are many characters created on the wiki. Some are loved, some are hated. Some are original, some are third-party. Some are used for brilliance, some are used for shitposting. But no matter what, they are still just what the title suggests — a character. Characters or really any being created on the wiki is recommended to be categorized as "Beings".

The dank memers... ehhh... users of this wiki and their characters.


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  • Self-Deprecation: Chrome is often seen making jokes about how terrible he is. He does it for humor in most cases, but sometimes he may actually feel this way.
  • Chrome is a robotic android and the main protagonist of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness. He shows examples of:
  • Nova is a murderer and the main antagonist of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness. He shows examples of:

     GensokyoAngel/Gensomura/Igor the Mii 
The Otaku of the wiki.

A Tamagotchi when a user named BoyInCharge55 put him in dozens of projects, including the projects of other people whenever he could edit them.

     Onion Senpai 

     PB&Jotterisnumber 1 
  • Manchild: Some say she acts immature for her age, despite Sophie being 16.

     Insecurity 97 

     Zombie 407 


     Ralf Hat 


     Sylvester the Shiny Sylveon 
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Sylvester, out of all the users, swears the most, constantly using F-bombs.


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