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Somebody died when they weren't supposed to, and the world went slightly sideways as a result. The only thing that stayed the same in both is the people. Sort of...

This is the character page for Cranes, which is always under construction- Loads and Loads of Characters doesn't even begin to describe it. Please add applicable tropes as you spot them.

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The City of Gotham is a dark city with equally dark history. People can rise to the top or die in the streets here... It's also cursed, but everyone knew that.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Dear god, yes.
  • Genius Loci: The Gotham Narrows- a particularly malevolent one.
  • Indian Burial Ground: When the one Gotham's founding families, the Arkhams, bought the land that would become Arkham Manor (later Arkham Asylum) it wasn't a burial ground but the land was said to be cursed.
  • No OSHA Compliance: The Gotham skyline while beautiful and distinct is very dangerous and confusing for the residents.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: There's a demon trapped under the city- and has been for as long as the place existed.
  • Swamps Are Evil: The area where Arkham Asylum and the Narrows reside was originally a cursed swamp.
  • Water Source Tampering: Along with the many other chemicals criminals used to poison the Gotham city water supply, it has also also poisoned by a leak in a Lazarus Pit. Edward Nigma's father attempted to fix the problem by making a water generator to dilute the poison.


Originally consisting only of Batman and his butler, it grew with the adoption of Johnny Crane and Dick Grayson. It's continuing to grow as Bruce adopts several dangerously trained and competent children- more pop out of the woodwork every day.

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth

Butler and guardian of Bruce Wayne, (former) secret agent and loving father, uncle and grandfather.

Jonathan Nathaniel Pennyworth Crane (Somewhere around 17 - 20 years old)/Scarecrow

Was given a second chance after a cosmic filing accident which was much more meta than it would first appear- he died before his time and was reincarnated. He is called Johnny Crane and is the shy first son of the Bat Clan and associate (not sidekick, ever) of Batman. Has three actually four, personalities named Johnny, Doc and Scarecrow and Scarebeast

Richard John Grayson (13 years old)/Robin

After his parents were killed by Anthony Zucco, he became the second son of the Wayne family. When he found out Batman's secret identity he became Batman's sidekick, Robin.

Bruce Wayne (29 years old)/Batman

The patriarch of the Batclan, and... a bit oblivious to certain consequences of his actions.
  • Billionaire Playboy
  • Fantastic Racism: Batman hates metahumans and makes this fact very clear, so much so that it's one of the things that is generally known by the public about Batman. Batman's racism is so intense, and so notorious, that Gotham City is considered one of the worst cities in America in which to be a meta-human. The local nickname for a powered individual is "Deader-Than" — that should spell out just how bad it is.
  • Good Parent: He has his quirks and his flaws, but he genuinely is a good and loving paternal figure.
  • Parents as People: While Bruce can be very awkward around his kids, it doesn't stop him from being a loving father.
  • Hidden Depths: In-Universe with his Brucie persona: he is a shallow playboy, but adopted many children and is a loving father.

Maureen Conners (16 years old)/Permafrost

Was once part of Haley's Circus, Maureen ran away from Social Services after her father lost custody of her. She decided to look out for the Gotham Narrows herself- and gets the occasional backup from Scarecrow, Batman, and Robin. She is the shy first daughter of the Batclan.

Jason Todd Wayne (3 years old)/Red Hood

Intended to be CADMUS's replacement for Batman, he was rescued along with Wonder Girl Red and Superboy. Distinct from the others for still being a toddler while the other clones were artificially aged to teenagers. That's because he's not a clone. Adopted as the third son of the Bat Clan.

Damian Alexander al Ghul (10 years old)/Kid Shiva

Formerly one of best trained assassins in the League of Shadows, he defected to the Stray Cats and ended up joining the Bat Clan.

Stray Cats

A gang of child thieves that came together to survive and make a home in the streets of Gotham; notable for the fact that only one of them is over the age of twelve.

Damian Marcus Kyle (10 years old)/Catboy

Son of Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne- he's actually a caring little dude.

Barbara Gordon (13 years old)/Oracle

Stephanie Brown (10 years old)/Spoiler

Carrie Fischer Kelly (10 years old)/Kitten

Cassandra Cain (6 years old)/Black Cat

A cute young girl with a powerful technical mind and a love of engineering- in all it's forms.

Timothy Drake (somewhere between 2 and 5 years old)/Red Robin

A little boy of undetermined age- who was kidnapped, found, and taken in by a gang of thieves.


Not everyone is so clearly bad or good, y'know.

Selina Kyle (29)/Catwoman

Clever researcher, fine burglar and loving mother.

A city half-stuck in a perpetual timewarp/fairytale, Fawcett is a beautiful place to visit- and a bizarre place to live.

Durante “Dudley” Zatara

A sorcerer with a checkered past. Uncle to Zatana and foster father to Billy
  • Don't Call Me "Sir"':
    Billy Batson: “…No problem, Mr. Zatara.”
    Durante "Dudley" Zatara:“Call me Dudley, kid; Mr. Zatara is my father. And my brother, come to think of it…”

John Zatara/ Doctor Fate

A well meaning loving, but misguided father.

Zatanna Zatara / Zatanna

A young girl under a nasty spell. A sorceress and devoted daughter

William "Billy" Batson (10 years old)/Captain Marvel

A ten year old boy with a good soul and phenomenal power.
  • The Cape
  • Do Well, but Not Perfect: He does good in school to pass, but doesn't do 'too' well so as not to attract attention from teachers.
  • Free-Range Children: Justified as he lives alone.
  • Flying Brick
  • Homeless Hero: Billy squats in an abandoned building and eats bad food thrown away by grocery stores. Deconstructed in that Billy suffers a number of health problems due to his poor shelter and diet. He gets better.
  • Ill Boy: Due to malnutrition and poor shelter.
  • The Pollyanna: Remains optimistic and tries to make the best of his bad situation.

William Hayes (Formerly 16 years old)/ Secret

An older brother is still and older brother- even if he's dead.

Greta Hayes (14 years old)/ Harm

A little sister with some serious issues.


Conner Kent/Kon-El/Superboy II

A walking weirdness magnet- he has a strange effect on animals.

Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superboy I/Superman

Lois Lane

The craziest reporter in the world; is Jimmy Olsen's personal hero.

Milo James "Jimmy" Olsen

The craziest, and possibly the best, photographer in the world; is stunningly knowledgeable about the strangest subjects.

Cat Grant

A delightful homemaker... on paper. A grungy Gonk in real life.

Alexander "Sandy" Luthor

A young man desperate to get out of his father's shadow.
  • Fake Band: Subverted- he's really in an actual music playing band with his friends.

A trio of cities that are... rather weird, if you've never been there before. Very fast paced places.

Flash Family

A large related group of speedsters who love to help out.

Barry Allen/Flash

Iris West-Allen

Lia Hélène West-Allen (8 years old 13 after the time warp)/Tangent

First daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West, cousin of Wally West, and annoying as hell. Got thrown back in time for five years, and is now a teenager.

Doan West-Allen (6 years old)/Tornado Twin

the Younger Brother

Dawn West-Allen (6 years old)/Tornado Twin

the Older Sister

Mary West

The mother of Wally, Bart, Isadora and Isabella West, older sister of Iris West and a loving aunt

Wallace Matthias West (15 years old)/Kid Flash

The oldest young speedster of the Flash Family, and the fastest boy alive.

Bartholomew Carlos West-Apressar (8 years old)/Impulse

Isadora Apressar (6 years old)/Mas

The elder twin sister

Isabella Apressar (6 years old)/Menos

The younger twin sister

Rudolph West-Apressar

Husband of Mary West and Stepfather of Wally.
  • Good Father
  • Wicked Stepfather: Inverted, Wallace Mathias West had an abusive deadbeat biological father, his stepfather Rudolph West-Apressar is a loving father, uncle, and husband.


Dervish is a city that exists both in a vast hidden valley, and in an area three square blocks around, located geographically between Central and Keystone. Notable for having it's own ruling houses, a complex political structure, being home to a gigantic menagerie of mythical creatures, a tourist spot for Anthropomorphic Personifications, and for having a giant sentient cheese as a Judge. It is a tornado twenty-thousand feet high and five miles wide.

Klarion le Garçon Aux Sorcières (16 to 20 years old- technically.)

A Lord of Chaos and Sorcerer. Less amoral than his canon self. Becames King of Dervish after Nabu killed his parents, the previous monarchs. Is mostly immortal.

Teekl le Chat (4 years old- sort of.)

A sweet, catty young woman. Is much older than Klarion, even though they are relativly the same ages.

Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard

A young Knight of Dervish, he is struggling to learn to control his new powers under the tutelage of his Aunt Kismet.

Kismet/The Universe (No, really.)

The original GeniusLoci, Kismet isn't allowed to interfere with much... other than her family.

Mordru le Infame

The former King of Dervish, and a nasty piece of work.

Morgan le Fey

The former Queen of Dervish, and an even nastier piece of work.


A group of grey-hats that are based in Keystone.

Len Snart/Captain Cold

Hartley Rathaway Lane/Pied Piper

James Jesse/Trickster

A young man who doesn't know who he is, but at the same time, does.


A person who is as-of-yet unknown. Not if you know your Flash villians.

    Star City/Platinum Flatts 
Star City is just like Gotham- only backwards. If that makes any sense. (It doesn't.) Platinum Flatts is like Austin, TX- it's primarily a college town with a lively city aspect.
  • Big City Rivalry: The people of Gotham and Star City for many reasons: the historical rivalry between the original architects of both cities, streets being made the opposite direction of each other which confuses visiting Gothamites or visiting Starries, the general loathing the cities themselves have for each other... the list is endless.
  • Departmentof Redundancy Department: Almost all the buildings and landmarks in Star City have the word "Star" in front of it to inform people that they are in Star City.
  • Red Light District: There's a rather famous one under Star Bridge aka The Milky Way Bridge.

Roy Harper II/Red Arrow

A heroic archer in a loving, stable relationship with Kaldur. He is also a clone created by CADMUS.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

A lovable doofus, with communication issues.

Birds of Prey

An internationally renowned team of Cheerleaders/Rollerderbists. They are also a (technically) all female super-group.

Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress

Artemis Crock/Artemis/ Dana Tan/ Alice

A beautiful young woman who is running from her past.
  • Composite Character: Is canon Artemis but is also Dana Tan
  • Dating Catwoman: Has this with Cameron Mahkent, AKA Icicle Junior.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Accidentally killed her father by melting his brain with one of her acid arrows.
  • Dye Hard: Artemis changes her hair various colors every two weeks or so.
  • Dye or Die: She dyes her hair to not match her description.
  • Guile Heroine: Artemis, who at the age of ten made and followed a two-year plan to escape her father's clutches.
  • Promoted to Parent
  • Real Name as an Alias: Justified Artemis uses the alias, Dana Tan, for her civilian identity while Artemis is her superhero name and seems to be a themed-name with her mentor, the Huntress.
  • Retail Therapy: Artemis made thrifting part of her escape plan, and enjoyed herself while doing it.
  • The Runaway: Run away from her father after reading a pamphlet on the criteria on an abusive relationship. Her father completely matched the description
  • Thou Shall Not Kill: Implied to subvert this when dealing with the League of Shadows operatives looking for her
  • Totally 18

Lian Harper Tan/Speedy III/ Alice II


Atlantis is an empire with many city-states- there are seven large, influential ones, and multiple smaller ones scattered the world over.
  • Atlantis Is Boring: Averted, Atlantis is a massive empire with varying cultures, ethnic groups and city-states.
  • Down on the Farm: The region of Shayeris is mostly farmland.
  • Fantastic Racism: Blonde hair is the mark of Kordax, which signifies the ability to telepathically control animal/and or plants, which is a major taboo. The racism varies from region to region.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: Can vary from looking superficially human to having a fish tail, or like creatures from the Black Lagoon- it varies from place to place.


The king of Atlantis- and an easily underestimated force for good.


Kaldur's Mother is a lovely woman- er, mermaid.


Apprenticed to Aquaman, Kaldur moved to the surface world for his year's furlough- where he found love in a surface-dweller, Roy. He's now pregnant and engaged to wed.
  • Call to Agriculture: While he enjoys being Aqualad, he plans to someday go back and run his ancestral farmland with Roy.
  • Farm Boy: Raised on a farm until he was drafted into the Altanian Armed Forces.
  • Humble Goal: He wants a husband, a family, and his farm to be prosperous.
  • Gender Bender: His body has become female to get pregnant- but Kaldur himself is still very much a boy.
  • Make-Out Kids: Roy and Kaldur were this after they got to know each other
  • Momma's Boy: Has a close and loving relationship with his mother, and investigated an art smuggling case because the smuggler's route was over his mother's backyard.
  • Pregnant Badass
  • Mr. Seahorse: Subverted- his biology turned him into a woman to get pregnant.

A mountainous, ornery kingdom, filled with rivers, clouds, and rainbows.
  • Persona Non Grata: Due their history with the Russian Waynes, all Waynes are banned from ever setting foot on Vlatvia

Queen Bernice Camilla Edwardine Georgette Maria Danielle Perdita Vertigo/Logistica

Count Warner David Edward Mark Keenes Vertigo/Count Vertigo

Perdita's uncle and Count of Vlatvia, formerly part of the Light.

    Paradise Island/Themyscira 
A lovely island that is run under a Feudal system of laws, Themyscira is full of wild animals and demons that will hunt you down to tear your throat out, dangerous terrain, and mystical convergences. Wonderful, isn't it?

Diana/ Wonder Woman

First Princess of Themyscira.
  • Dead Guy Junior: Named after an American WWII pilot named Diana Trevor, who crashlanded onto Thymescra and later died to save them.

Queen Hipployta

Danae "Donna"/ Wonder Girl Blue

Second Princess of Thymescira.

Cassandra "Cass"/ Wonder Girl Red

The Third Princess of Themyscira, and Wonder Woman's clone... or so it is assumed.

     Belle Reeve (Not Reve, Reeve. They actually mean the same thing.) 
A ridiculosly high-security prison located in some of the most hellish swampland in the world.

Cameron Mahkent/Icicle Jr.

A man with a five year plan, daddy issues, and a boatload of misinformation.

Thomas Tferore/Tommy Terror

A likeable enough guy... so far.

Tuppence Tferore/Tuppence Terror

Joar Mahkent/Icicle Sr.

     Others- they aren't exactly affiliated with anyone, but... 

M'gann/Miss Martian

A young martian woman with many issues, and incredible self-control.

Blue Beetle/Jamie Reyes

He's a kind young man with two little siblings that occasionally try to kill him. What can you do?

Green Lantern/Kai-Ro

A young boy with issues.

Green Lantern/Millagro Reyes

A young girl who's really good at what she does.

Ace/ Alice Roquette

  • Blessed with Suck: Her powers are too much for her mind and body to handle; she had to be put into a medical coma so that she could recover.


     League of Shadows 
A sneaky, shady group of assassins dedicated to getting paid.

Jade Nguygen/Cheshire

Mother of two, world class assassin, poisoner, swordswoman, older sister, and a Taoist.

Lawerence Crock/Sportsmaster/ Deathstroke


Kai-Ro's father,An all around bastard, with frightening tendencies towards... bad things.


Terry McGinnis /Red X

Matt McGinnis / Triple X

Roy Harper I/Speedy

The original Speedy, father of Lian Harper and Jason Todd, believed to be dead.

Talia al Ghul

A woman who doesn't understand that "No" means "No".

Ah, CADMUS. If the name doesn't give the purpose of this laboratory away, nothing will. Except for, you know, the multitude of vicious monsters running around the 52 lower levels...

Serling Roquette/Puss in Boots

     The Light 
A group of unknown people with a distinctly nefarious purpose.

  • Would Hurt a Child: Killed the original Guardian and the Newsboy League for knowing too much.

Mary McGinnis /Dubbilex

Queen Bee

Lex Luthor


The Clown Prince of Crime.

Ra's al Ghul

Dakota is a city with a large population of Meta's, Gangs, and corporations.

Richard Hawkins

A man with a checkered past- he used to be the African hero Anansi the Spider.

Virgil Hawkins

The son of Richard Hawkins, and a Freshman in highschool.

Sharon Hawkins

The daughter of Richard Hawkins, and a Junior in college.

Lashawn Marie Hawkins-Baez

The niece of Richard Hawkins, and an Eighth-grader. She's visiting her family in Dakota, but she lives in Central.

Inara Quen

The daughter of the Mayor of Dakota, Inara... has some rather spectacular issues.

Allison "Allie" Langford

A nice young woman who is technically a Girl of Themyscira.

These are characters without which the entire story would not exist.

Librarian/Mar Dumax

A young man who is the observation point for the entire story; we know some things about him, and where he came from, but not many.

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