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This is a character page for characters in the game Crackdown and its sequels.

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The Agency

     The Agent 

The Agent

  • Anti-Hero: At times, you appear almost as bad as the gang members you're trying to take down. Then it turns out you were an Unwitting Pawn.
  • Death Is Cheap: No matter how many times an Agent is killed, the Agency can always clone them a new body and let them return to action.
  • The Dragon: To the Director.
  • Dumb Muscle: They can be seen as this. Standard Operating Procedure for them is to eliminate criminals, Freaks, and CELL members in the most brutal and mindless manner possible, they never question their orders (or anything, for that matter), and are little more than a hyper-destructive pawn for the Agency.
  • Giant Mook: Not so much in the first game, but in the sequel this applies when you get to higher levels, since you're taller than most Peacekeepers and Cell members. Some freaks rival you in size, but even then most do so barely.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: At first in the sequel, you don't have a helmet, but later gain one as you grow tougher.
  • In a Single Bound: It's possible to leap over some smaller buildings with the right level of agility, in the sequel.
  • Knight Templar: Definitely in the sequel.
  • Legacy Character: The Agents in the sequel are a successor group; with the Agents from the first game being turned into freaks.
  • Light Is Good / Dark Is Not Evil: Depending on your colour scheme.
    • Light Is Not Good / Dark Is Evil: In the sequel, the Agency has become more aggressive and actively malevolent- the Agent does the same, but does not necessarily know it.
  • Lightning Bruiser: By the time the Agent's skills are fully maxed, he counts, especially in the sequel. He runs fast enough to keep pace with many vehicles (and in 2 gain the ability to plow straight through oncoming traffic), can lift and throw heavy objects with ease, and are able to resist quite a lot of ordinance and rapidly heal any damage taken.
  • Nominal Hero: You're in it to make Pacific City a better place, but damn if you aren't brutal.
  • No Name Given: You're only referred to as "Agent".
  • Not Quite Flight: You get a wingsuit as your agility improves in the sequel, which allows you to theoretically glide across and soar higher, but it requires a bit of practice to even be considered flying. You can get thruster boots when your agility is maxed out, or alternatively get the DLC and use them early, at the cost of an equipment slot.
    • Weaponised Exhaust: Using the thruster boots can set enemies alight, and there's an achievement which rewards you for setting certain numbers alight in a single flight.
  • One-Man Army: In both games, but particularly the second, where you can plough through legions of Freaks as if you were crossing the street for a loaf of bread, take entire, heavily fortified tactical points by yourself, and fight off mutated versions of previous Agents.
  • Rogue Protagonist: The first game's agents are turned into freaks in the second.
  • Scary Black Man: The default agent is a very tough looking black dude.
  • Silent Protagonist: They don't talk, but they don't have to.
  • Super Soldier: Genetically designed to go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In-game, you do this as your skills get better. In-universe, the programme itself seems to have taken one for the sequel, owing to the fact that the Agent at the end of the sequel is stronger than the one at the end of the first game, with better technology, vehicles and weaponry to boot.
  • Unwitting Pawn: In both games so far, the Director misleads you into wiping out Agency enemies. You can possibly be more unwitting as you find more audio logs, however.
  • Villain Protagonist: By the time of the second game.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: In the second game, though you are an Unwitting Pawn.

     The Director 

Director Charles Goodwin

  • Big Bad: Of both games.
  • Berserk Button: Don't annoy the director by killing Peacekeepers or Civillians. He will say stuff such as Don't kill Peacekeepers agent. IT HURTS ME AS MUCH AS IT HURTS YOU!!!. Or Kill Freaks, NOT PEACEKEEPERS!!.
  • Combat Pragmatist: While he hasn't appeared in person (at least directly), the Director will always send in The Agent to solve a problem. Given the Agent's skills, this works very well.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Most quips he makes when you are hurt come to mind.
  • Evil All Along: The Director is worse than the gangs, and wiped them out so he could take over their spot. And the kicker? You just made it all possible. Good job.
  • Eviler Than Thou: To the gangs in the first game, who he eliminates.
  • The Faceless: Owing to the fact we haven't seen his face- we've seen him, but his face is always shadowed.
  • Jerkass: Generally mocking and rude, even when you are on fire or in serious pain.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: His wiping out the gangs to forward his own agenda and become a tyrant is somewhat monstrous, but none of them were particularly noble or benevolent in the first place. This is actually recognised by him as a good form of PR.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He ends up basically being in charge of Pacific City by manipulating the first Agent into wiping out the competition.
  • Mission Control: In both games.
  • No Name Given: Until Crackdown 3 lists his name as Charles Goodwin.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Shooting civilians is bad PR, and also doesn't let you rule over people if they're all dead. That's more or less the only reason that the Agency will kill you if you start going on a rampage.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: He swears much more than any other character in the franchise.
  • Slave to PR: Why he insists on having to Kick the Son of a Bitch, and why he tries killing the Agent should they go rogue and start murdering civilians / Peacekeepers.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: In reality, the Director used the gangs as an excuse to further the Agency's power by giving them a Super Soldier or five. He wipes out the Freaks partially for this reason, since they drain his resources by attacking civilians. This makes him a Slave to PR.
  • The Voice: Always communicates with you via radio.


    In General 
Los Muertos, The Volk and the Shai-Gen Corperation are the three biggest and most powerful gangs in Pacific City, each dominating and controlling a district of the city, and being led by a kingpin and six generals. They are the main antagonists of the original game.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: The kingpins of each gang share the role as rivals. However, The Director is the true Big Bad.
  • Co-Dragons: All kingpin has six generals under them who each play a primary role in their organizations.


Los Muertos

    In General 

Los Muertos

Kingpin: Don Domingo Garcia

Generals: Juan Martinez, Ramon Gonzalez, Rodrigo Alvarez, Rafael Diaz, Jose Guerra & Violetta Sanchez

District: La Mugre
Several members of Los Muertos, including all its leaders from left to right; Gonzalez, Martinez, Alvarez, Garcia (the kingpin), Guerra, Diaz, Sanchez
Los Muertos, "The Dead", have rapidly grown from a petty band of Central American drug deals intoan significant narcotics operation, dominating the two islands forming Pacific City's east side, a district now known as "La Mugre", The Dirt. The gang's "Death" designation was originally chosen to strike fear into those who might dare stand in their way. Now their name is more associated with the consequences of their vile trade. Los Muertos are formidable fighters with remarkable brute strength and brutality to match. They are also renowned vehicle specialists, stealing and customizing the finest cars and vans before using them to great effect in crimes and getaways. Beware that La Mugre's south island is packed roof tops that present an ideal retreat for athletic agents under extreme duress.

    Don Domingo Garcia 

Don Domingo "El Brazo" Garcia

Position: Kingpin of Los Muertos

Location: Villa
Don Domingo "El Brazo" Garcia is a tough and intelligent man who's violent temper serves him well as the leader of Los Muertos. In the past decade, he has used raw muscle and capable accomplices to elevate this street gang into the big leagues, making Los Muertos one of Pacific City's three dominant criminal organizations. On his rare visits into the capital, Garcia stays exclusively in his villa, protected by his elite guard unit "La Sombras".


    Juan Martinez 

Juan "El Numero" Martinez

Position: Treasurer

Location: Hilltop Housing
Juan "El Numero" Martinez is the "eyes and ears" of Los Muertos, and thanks to his loyal "Bangers" knows everything about anything on the streets. Residing in the heart of the multi-level hill-side housing development on La Mugre's southern island, this manipulative and malicious criminal also holds Los Muertos' pierce strings. Martinez puts the gang's ample illegal earnings to especially effective use when threaten by hiring the best assassins money can buy.

    Ramon Gonzalez 

Ramon "Pistola" Gonzalez

Position: Arms Dealer

Location: Lighthouse
Ramon "Pistola" Gonzalez is a brutal and volatile man with an unnatural love of the gun. He handles his hardware with psychotic affection and lethal efficiency. Gonzalez controls the flow of Los Muertos cutting-edge munition supply from frequent deliveries at a secluded north cost cove to distribution to ground forces.

    Rodrigo Alvarez 

Rodrigo "Montana" Alvarez

Position: Physical Trainer

Location: Sportiz Sports Complex
Rodrigo "Montana" Alvarez knows no morality, no fear, no boundaries. This mountain of a man rules a brutal pit fighting operation at his sports complex on La Mugre's southern island. He trains the men for his physical indulgence, showing off his prowess in the ring against multiple assailants. The result, Los Muertos is fit and lethal in close quarters combat.

    Rafael Diaz 

Rafael "Chuco" Diaz

Position: Vehicle Supplier

Location: Easy Riders Garage
Rafael "Chuco" Diaz is a renowned and accomplished car thief, joy rider and getaway driver. His extensive skills and knowledge are literally a driving force for any Los Muertos behind the wheel. Diaz supervises the creation of high-performance vehicles from the illegal acquisition of the best civilian transportation available to the extensive customization process. His base of operations is distinctive garage on La Mugre's north island where he and his "Easy Riders" race on a regular basis.

    Jose Guerra 

Jose "Tremendo" Guerra

Position: Chief Drug Lord

Location: Guerra's Nightclub
Jose "Tremendo" Guerra uses his failing nightclub on La Mugre's southern island as a front to ply is vile trade: the manufacture and distribution of potent and addictive narcotic cocktail. A cunning, cold-blooded operator, Guerra takes the deliveries of the drugs by day, and deals them to the desperate by night. This operation alone accounts for a significant percentage of the Los Muertos' illicit income.

    Violetta Sanchez 

Violetta "Santa Maria" Sanchez

Position: Head of Recruitment

Location: El Castillo Apartments
Violetta "Santa Maria" Sanchez: "hot, dirty, deadly." Three choice words used by an undercover officer to describe the persuasive Los Muertos recruiter before he fell foul of her charms and her extreme initiation ceremony. Sex and violence are her favorite tools. Beyond a severe beating, lies the allure of an endless and effortless supply of the finest women, narcotics, firearms, and vehicles.

The Volk

    In General 

The Volk

Kingpin: Vladimir Golyak

Generals: Sergei Yuriev, Olga Romanova, Viktor Rabotnikov, Natalya Gryzunova, Igor Biragov & Boris Mikhailov

District: The Den
Several members of The Volk, including all its leaders from left to right; Rabotnikov, Mikhailov, Yuriev, Golyak (the kingpin), Biragov, Romanova, Gryzunova

The Volk, The "Wolf", is a beast to be reckoned with. Tired of relentless fighting for poor pay and no recognition, hardened militia from all over Eastern Europe came together to put their skills to more profitable use: organized crime. The Volk brought with it a strong pack work ethic, and a vast horde of munitions and armed vehicles of war. The mob's Wolves embrace strict military discipline and are experts in the use of firearms and explosives. They bolster their ranks with skilled illegal immigrants and use the rest as a disposable workforce. The Volk controls the entire industrial area of Pacific City, locally known as "The Den".

    Vladimir Golyak 

Vladimir "The Wolf" Golyak

Position: Kingpin of The Volk

Location: Exetron Oil Rig
"The Wolf" Golyak put his exceptional military training to successful use as a mercenary in the previous decade, forging strategic alliances with sinister and influential people whose appreciation of his work he used to build his own powerful empire. Golyak has returned to Pacific City to reclaim control of his troubled organization. His base of operation is an oil rig anchored off-shore, and heavily defended by his trusty "Kroff" who will likely present you with a challenge, Agent. Tread carefully.


    Sergei Yuriev 

Sergei "Sovetnik" Yuriev

Position: Treasurer

Location: Puregy Refinery
Sergei "Sovetnik" Yuriev runs The Volk's oil refinery on the Den's north cost, pushing Workers hard on continual shifts to create vast amounts of cheap fuel to sell at a high-profit on the black market. Yuriev is convinced the Agency is out to get him, and he is correct in that assumption, which explains why he never leaves his tower at the center of refinery, and is guarded like gold.
  • Badass Mustache: A very prominent one.
  • Bald of Evil: Not a single hair on his head.
  • Friend in the Black Market: For the Volk. Killing him causes their ties to be strained and their cost-efficiency to suffer severely.
  • I Shall Taunt You: If you approach him while he's still safe inside his tower, he'll flip you a double duce.
  • Properly Paranoid: Keeps a heavy guard and refuses to leave his reinforced tower out of fear that the Agency is targeting him. As the Director notes, he's right on the money.
  • Puzzle Boss: Before you can even start killing him, you need to force him out into the open by destroying three consoles around his refinery, blowing up his tower floor by floor until he's forced on to the roof.

    Olga Romanova 

Olga "Meat" Romanova

Position: Explosives Supplier

Location: Mason's Quarry
Olga "Meat" Romanova. Experimental steroids have reshaped this former athletic prodigy, a delightful beauty into a vile beast. Romanova and her loyal "Puppies" operate the quarry on the east cost of the Den's southern island. From here, they direct the distribution of The Volk's near endless supply of explosives to the Workers in the Den. Be advised, Agent. They are skilled and excited by the use of their wares.

    Viktor Rabotnikov 

Viktor "Curse" Rabotnikov

Position: Arms Dealer

Location: Camp Johnson
Viktor "Curse" Rabotnikov has dedicated his life to doling out death including contract killing for business, serial killing for pleasure, and comrade killing for career advancement. He now controls The Volk's vast munitions operation, overseeing the distribution of firearms from the armory in the old fort the Workers in the Den.

    Natalya Gryzunova 

Natalya "White Fox" Gryzunova

Position: Physical Trainer

Location: Observatory or the Black Market
Natalya "White Fox" Gryzunova rose to power by strategic contact with selected bodies. Once she had their hearts, their trusts, and their assets, she took their lives. This cunning and fierce woman craves control over her surroundings to compensate for her extreme volatility. She commands mindless, but dependable brought squads that maintain order in the Den. Gryzunova personally prepares her recruits in a training ground to the north of the Den, but she can be usually found where typically trouble thrives in the black market area to the south of the Den.

    Igor Biragov 

Igor "Rafik" Biragov

Position: Vehicle Supplier

Location: City Coaches
Igor "Rafik" Biragov spent his formative years forging a far reaching reputation as a driver of safety-challenged trucks packed with volatile, hazardous compounds over incredible distances and through treacherous conditions. These days, he drives a smooth-running of The Volk's substantial fleet of trucks and military vehicles. His dedicated teams of "Gators" shadow all cargo routes throughout the city, and hijack trucks forced to pass through the Den. Biragov then sells the merchandise to desperate immigrants, and uses the proceeds to buy military vehicles from his extensive contacts.
  • Arms Dealer: A variation in which he sells the Volk military vehicles.
  • Beard of Evil: A very stylish one.
  • The Brute: Of the military patrols variety. He isn't necessarily stupid though, as he is responsible for shadowing cargo routes and dealing with repairs.
  • Evil Genius: Mechanical variation.
  • Fell Off the Back of a Truck: Most products he acquires are stolen from hijacked cargo routes.
  • Jerkass: The guy is described as exploiting desperate immigrants and using their profits to fund his fear campaign.

    Boris Mikhailov 

Boris "Baron" Mikhailov

Position: Head of Recruitment

Location: Docks
Boris "Baron" Mikhailov is responsible for the hordes of illegal immigrants flooding the city to become The Volk's new Workers. Where they come from is unclear, but there is no doubt that the numbers are phenomenal. Mikhailov smuggles in far more live bodies than required reportedly in foul conditions to ensure the survival of only the fittest. The remainder that don't make the grade are let loose to distract the Agency. Mikhailov and his depraved "Govnyak" guards reside at the Den's southern docks.

Shai-Gen Corperation

    In General 

Shai-Gen Corperation

Kingpin: Zuang Lun Wang

Generals: Mrs. Timbol, Dr. Balthazar Czernenko, Melissa Fang-Yin, Colonel Axton Cowell, Thadeous Oakley & Vitaly Rzeznik

District: The Corridor
Several members of Shai-Gen, including all its leaders from left to right; Oakley, Fang-Yin, Colonel Cowell, Wang (the managing director), Dr. Czernenko, Rzeznik, Mrs. Timbol
The Shai-Gen Corporation is a sinister and pervasive force for evil. It was founded and funded by the previous government with a remit to evolve radical preemptive defense solutions. Its intensive scientific research, strategic influence initiatives and black propaganda yielded staggering and disturbing results. The burgeoning division became financially independent, probably through illicit sources, and more powerful than its original patron. This led to its purchase by a mysterious individual and the birth of the Shai-Gen Corporation, and as a result, the Agency. Shai-Gen is based in "The Corridor", a space created for the lavish lifestyle of its personnel and a superficial utopia for its numbed citizens. Only exceptionally agile Agents have the capability to the heights.

    Zuang Lun Wang 

Zuang Lun Wang

Position: Managing Director of Shai-Gen

Location: The Tower
Wang is Pacific City's most prominent yet enigmatic inhabitant. The Managing Director is rarely seen or heard. His seemly boundless capabilities lend credence to speculation that he employs the dark arts to fuel his phenomenal success and to empower his deadly "Kuow Louung" guards. While speculation is rampant, facts about this figure are almost non-existent. Only now, Wang signal his intention to engage with the Agency do we know know the location of his headquarters, the skyscraper in The Corridor's main square. Clearly this a trap.
  • Big Bad: Head of Shai-Gen.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: With Don Domingo Garcia and Vladimir Golyak. The Director is the true Big Bad.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: The Kingpin of the Shai-Gen and one of its highest ranking executives.
  • Final Boss: If you take out the gangs in the intended order, since he's the head of the most difficult of the three.


    Mrs. Timbol 

Mrs. Timbol

Position: H.R. Director

Location: Human Reality Incorporated
Mrs. Timbol's primary role is ruling Shai-Gen's Human Resources Department, supervising the training of new recruits for the corporation's radical security force. Those who fail her ruthless indoctrination program provide target practice for those who succeed. Mrs. Timbol described by undercover Agents as the "Devil made flesh". This woman who has no heart or soul revels in stealing both via Shai-Gen's "Acquisitions Department", a covert group that kidnaps innocent civilians used in sadistic training exercises and research.

    Dr. Baltazar Czernenko 

Dr. Baltazar Czernenko

Position: Research Director

Location: Institute of Research
Dr. Baltazar Czernenko is Shai-Gen's Research Director. His most successful inventions are the emotion suppressants used to keep civilians docile, and the genetic accelerants used to create so-called super soldiers. Czernenko's work focuses on every unlawful, unethical and unfounded field of medicine. The results seldom practical or pleasant, but Shai-Gen is confident another breakthrough is imminent. Fortunately for Czernenko, Pacific City provides a healthy supply of potential test subjects.
  • Bald of Evil
  • Chekhov's Gunman: His earliest appearance is in the opening cutscene; his research having served as the basis of the Agent program.
  • Evil Genius: Of Shai-Gen.
  • Evil Old Folks
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: He's killed by one of the superhuman Agents his unethical research helped create.
  • Mad Scientist: His experiments are clearly unethical, and have resulted in the creation of twisted monsters.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: In-game, he's just another gang boss to take down; but his attempts to recreate the Agent program as a member of Shai-Gen results in the Freaks, and after his death they escape his compound to start the Zombie Apocalypse in Crackdown II.

    Melissa Fang-Yin 

Melissa Fang-Yin

Position: Intel. Director

Location: Knowledge Bank
Melissa Fang-Yin is Shai-Gen's exceptional Intelligence Director. Her comprehensive intelligence network relies on the interception and assessment of all communication within the city as well as anything that flow in and out. We find information is directed to the relevant departments to control conduct withing the Corridor. The population is under constant vigilant scrutiny from Field operatives known as "Analysts". They seek out infractions and insubordination and convey precision data to the "Enforcers" who administer immediate and extreme reprisals.

    Colonel Axton Cowell 

Colonel Axton Cowell

Position: Defense Director

Location: Central Point
Colonel Axton Cowell acts as Shai-Gen's Defense Director, providing water-tight protection for the "big fish". From the top floor of his war room, Cowell keeps track of all key figures and events throughout the city, ready to act when the need arises typically to stop trouble before it starts. It's not clear why this highly decorated ex-Special Forces legend aligned himself with Shai-Gen, but his presence is a significant obstruction to justice.

    Thaddeus Oakley 

Thaddeus Oakley

Position: P.R. Director

Location: Exhibition Center
Thaddeus Oakley is dedicated to the "Message", the corporate lines that captured the hearts and minds of an unsuspecting nation. His management of Shai-Gen's extensive and effective public relations campaign is exemplary. He single-handedly made the corporation irresistible, and encouraged an unprecedented influx of new talent. Oakley employs his own subliminal branding techniques, using methods too sophisticated to be understood by anyone else. Clearly Shai-Gen's reputation hinges on Oakley existence.

    Vitaly Rzeznik 

Vitaly Rzeznik

Position: Security Director

Location: Insight Counter Services
Vitaly Rzeznik, Security Director for the Shai-Gen Corporation, runs a private militia to rival the country's official armed forces. His enforcers keep the Corridor clean through their judicious use cutting-edge equipment and expertise combined with exceptional analyst intelligence. Rzeznik is supremely paranoid. His trust only extends to Melissa Fang-Yin. Doubt was blinded by her beauty and intellect. He rarely leaves his office on the top floor of a fortress-like security complex overseeing the east side of the Corridor.


    In General 
The terrorist group that springs up in the time between the first and second games. They violently oppose the Agency and its efforts to clear up Pacific City from the Freak infestation. They are the main antagonists of Crackdown 2.
  • Badass Army: They're badass enough to take on the Agency and drive them out of most of Pacific City. Even when The Agent arrives, they're badass enough to apply More Dakka.
  • Determinator: One reason why you have to apply There Is No Kill Like Overkill- if a tactical point is left undefended, Cell can and often will take it back even after a bloody beating.
  • Elite Mooks: The Gatling Good mooks qualify, being more heavily armoured.
  • Knight Templar: Their methods for opposing the Agency involve gunning down any and all Peacekeepers, many of whom are innocent. Subverted when it turns out that Cell really were the good guys.
  • La Résistance: They oppose the Agency, by now one of the strongest factions in Pacific City. This is actually on moral grounds.
  • The Remnant: Presumably what they become after you wipe out most of their base of operations, since Cell members will still spawn en masse and on the streets to try and take you out- in any case, Catalina Thorne is still out there.

    Catalina Thorne 

Catalina Thorne

Voiced by: Cree Summer
The leader of the Cell resistance group, and the Big Bad of the second game. She opposes the Agency, declaring that it and all its workers are targets.
  • Big Bad: Of the second game and leader of the Cell. Subverted.
  • Dark Action Girl: While for the most part she stays out the way, she does do her utmost to stop you from lighting the final beacon. However, she's really an Action Girl as she's one of the most heroic characters in the franchise.
  • Hero Antagonist: One of the most heroic characters in the franchise.
  • Hot Scientist: She has pretty good looks.


    In General 
An evil corporation that serves as the main antagonists of Crackdown 3. They rule New Providence, and attack other major cities through total blackouts, forcing the Agency to respond. Unfortunately, TerraNova attacks the ship they sent, and kills all but one, who's saved and resurrected by ECHO. There are three divisions in the corp; Logistics, Industry, and Security. Each of them is led by a captain.
  • Man Behind the Man: It's mentioned in 3 that they were heavily involved in supplying the gangs of Pacific City from the first game. It's left uncertain if they knew the Agency was also involved.
  • Mega-Corp: Even bigger and more powerful than the Shai Gen in the original game.
  • Toxic Phlebotinum: Chimera, a glowing green mineral mined in New Providence, powers much of their technology.

    Elizabeth Niemand 

Elizabeth Niemand

The CEO of TerraNova.


    Kuli Ngata 

Kuli Ngata

The head of TerraNova Security

    Liv Sorensen 

"Enforcer" Liv Sorensen


    Katala Vargas 

Katala Vargas

The head of TerraNova Industry

    Ojmon Keita 

"Chemist" Ojmon Keita

    Reza Khan 

"Manufacture" Reza Khan


    Alois Quist 

Alois Quist

The head of TerraNova Logistics


"Monorail" ROXY

    Wilhelm Berg 

"Manpower" Wilhelm Berg

Other Characters


"Echo" Enakshi Swift

  • La Résistance: Organizes one against Terra Nova. Given that she eventually teams with (and is offered a job by) The Agency, may be a case of Full-Circle Revolution.
  • Mission Control: Shares this role with the Director in 3.
  • Playful Hacker: Quite supportive to the Agent, and an excellent hacker. Within the first few minutes of talking to him, Echo manages to identify Charles Goodwin, the Agency Director
  • Summon Bigger Fish: She resurrects the Player after death in 3 as she needs help in bringing down Terra Nova.


Chad Stroker

A journalist whose prior logs cover the rise of the Freaks in the second game.

  • Apathetic Citizens: Defied, in part owing to his job and in part owing to his disbelief as to how many people are out and out unconcerned by the Freak virus.
  • Apocalyptic Log: Downplayed. He records how most of Pacific City is starting to go to hell, but it isn't destroyed and he survives. Supposedly.
  • Deadline News: Narrowly averted, as a few times he's almost caught when evacuating from a news area deemed too dangerous.
  • Nice Guy: In most of his reports he expresses nothing but the desire that Pacific City and its inhabitants will be safe.

The Freak Watcher

A man whose prior logs cover the rise of the Freaks. He's rather obsessed with them.

  • Admiring the Abomination: One of his logs has him view a Freak for the first time, and admiring its rather gruesome characteristics.

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