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    The 13 Cowards 

In General

  • Flower Motifs: In their respective levels, the Cowards are each portrayed as being associated with a certain flower that symbolizes their individual fears, personalities, and character arcs. They also hint at their backstories, and foreshadow the specific trials they undergo on the island.
  • You Are Number 6: The Lionhearted refuse to refer to the any of the Cowards by their actual names, and call them by their designated numbers instead. (These were assigned chronologically, based on the order that Monitor catalogued them/the order that they arrived on the island.)

Princess Theeny (No. 1)

  • Cool Mask: Theeny wears a strange gas mask at all times.
  • Nice Girl: She is very proper, well-mannered, formal, and polite.
  • Shrinking Violet: She is shy and skittish, and hides from strangers often.
  • Uncanny Valley Girl: She is overly courteous, to the point where it comes across as unsettling.

Lucas Saturn (No. 2)

  • Cool Mask: He wears one such mask. It has a winking expression on it, and it resembles a golden clock.
  • Older Than They Look: He looks and acts as though he is seventeen, despite actually being over ninety years old.

Taylor Arachne (No. 3)

  • Living Clothes: Taylor is a sentient hat, or rather, an example of a hat parasite species whose members absorb the sentience of their wearers.

Porter Arachne (No. 4)

  • And I Must Scream: In the Hello, Dolly Ending, in which she is stitched up and turned into a living doll by her monsters.
  • Ironic Fear: She is afraid of mannequins, and her mother is a tailor.

Pyre Virtex (No. 5)

  • Covered with Scars: Half of Pyre's face is completely burnt off, as a result of a tragic fire that happened prior to the events of the game.
  • Facepalm: This is Pyre's default reaction to most things.
  • Only Sane Man: He appears to be the only rational character on an island full of nutjobs.
  • SWAT Team: This was his job back on the mainland. He belonged to an organization known as the Knights, who essentially served as this universe's equivalent to a police force.

Trilby Marsin (No. 6)

  • Agent Mulder: Trilby holds many strange and unconventional beliefs. He is superstitious and paranoid, and quick to connect happenings to paranormal, occult, or alien activity. Despite not having concrete evidence, he is convinced that the government is definitely conspiring to harm him.
  • Conspicuous Trenchcoat: He wears a lime green trenchcoat.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Trilby takes this trope Up to Eleven. He spends much of his time investigating conspiracies, as well as taking precautions to protect himself from them.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He is extremely smart and talented, especially with regards to technological matters.
  • Misanthrope Supreme: Lord of the Flies ending, where he believes all of what’s happening is a simulation run by the government. This causes him to go berserk and attack everyone in sight, in an attempt to break free of the world which he perceives to be an illusion.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: He acts like a goofball to cover up both his instability and intelligence.

General Barnum Bellona (No. 7)

Chad Richard Mcsweeney (No. 8)

  • Jerk Jock: He hangs out with a group of these. Despite his facade, Chad is actually rather innocent, although he is influenced by his friends to start acting like this trope.

Misery Venus (No. 9)

Kit-Kat (No. 10)

Tsark Hybris (No. 11)

"Daizee" (Damien) Penlope (No. 12)

Hatlin Arieus (No. 13)

    The Lionhearted 

In General

  • Heart Symbol: All of them wear some sort of heart symbol somewhere on their outfits.
  • Holier Than Thou: This describes how their organization treats the Cowards. They are generally condescending to them, since they believe themselves to be morally superior, courageous, and more deserving of freedom.
  • Knight Templar: They imagine themselves to be righteous heroes of justice who are pure in heart. Their methods, however...
  • Witch Hunt: This trope describes their mission to hunt down and imprison every person they deem to be cowardly.

Mikivi Prometus








Lil' Missy and Big Bertha



Leona Penlope


    The Tarot Court 

In General

Idleos (I: The Magician)

Delpii (II: The High Priestess)

(III: The Empress)

(IV: The Emperor)

(V: The Hierophant)

(VI: The Lovers)

(VII: The Chariot)

(VII: Strength)

Noneix (IX: The Hermit)

Tychxe (X: The Wheel of Fortune)

(XI: Justice)

(XII: The Hanged Man)

(XIII: Death)

(XIV: Temperance)

(XV: The Devil)

(XVI: The Tower)

Xivii (XVII: The Star)

(XVIII: The Moon)

(XIV: The Sun)

(XX: Judgment)

Xawarix (XXI: The World)

(XXII: The Fool)


     Boss Monsters 


The Ringmaster


Slash the Slasher




The Doppelgänger

Dan Towers

The Boogeyman

The Dancing Queen

Closet Cat

Memory Lane

    Other Characters 

King Phobos

King Deimos

Myndie Lyre

Fraun Lyre

Lord Camisado

Baron Camisado

Marquess Foresthill

Countess Foresthill

Pandora Mitral


    Easter Egg Characters 

Wilson Urie

The Crab

     The Pantheon 

Umu, the God of Wishes and Dreams

Draco, the God of Art and Gay

Angelus, the God of Time and Oblivion


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