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The characters list for the animated series C.O.P.S..


C.O.P.S., or the Central Organization for Police Specialists, is a team of the best law enforcers in the United States. C.O.P.S. was founded and is led by "Bulletproof" Vess with the expressed purposes of stopping the Big Boss and his gang's rampant control over Empire City. Each member of C.O.P.S. has a special skill, weapon and/or vehicle used to effectively stop crime in its tracks, and is also based on a particular law enforcement archetype.


Bulletproof (Archetype: FBI Agent/Detective)
Real Name: Baldwin P. Vess
Voiced by: Ken Ryan

An FBI Agent brought into Empire City by Mayor Davis to take down Big Boss and his gang of crooks. He is gravely injured after a conflict with some of the crooks. To save his life, he is given an experimental surgery which gave him a special armor plated cybernetic torso to repair his body. The torso is bulletproof (get it?), can plug into other machines and control them and contains disks that can short circuit any robot or machine the crooks have up in their arsenal. As leader of C.O.P.S., Bulletproof assigns which officers are best suited to handle a case.

  • Badass Baritone: Bulletproof has a noticeably deep and commanding voice heard as early as the show's theme song.
  • Catchphrase: "It's Crime Fighting Time!", "Here's how the caper went down." and "Case Closed!"
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  • The Captain: Head of the C.O.P.S. team who chose the other members and assigns which members handles the cases.
  • Cool Shades: Black rimmed shades with midnight blue frames.
  • Hollywood Cyborg: Not seen often due to him not going on many missions himself, but he has cybernetic implants including a bulletproof, metallic torso after his first run in with Big Boss' gang of crooks.
  • Meaningful Name: Not only does "Vess" sounds like "Vest" (as in his armored torso) but it also rhymes with "Ness" (as in Eliot Ness, the leader of the anti-Al Capone task force eventually known as "The Untouchables").
  • Mission Control: To the C.O.P.S. team during the cases.
  • Positive Discrimination: He's a hyper-competent, African-American, FBI Agent, cyborg who leads a crack team of heroes.
  • Punny Name: "Bulletproof" Vess?
  • Sunglasses at Night: It's extremely rare for Bulletproof to go shadeless, though he does lower them at the end of the Title Sequence, as seen above.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: During the pilot, "The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1", where he rebuilt as a cyborg.

LongArm (Archetype: Patrol Officer/Beat Cop)
Real Name: Patrick "P.J." O'Malley
Voiced by: John Stocker

- A patrolman born and raised in Empire City, LongArm serves as the second-in-command of C.O.P.S. He is the 10th generation of O'Malleys to be a police officer and is a very firm believer in the law. He can detain or capture criminals using a device on his arm that fires out a single handcuff attached to a thin but strong cable (his "powercuffs").

Mace (Archetype: SWAT Officer)
Real Name: Colt Howards
Voiced by: John Stocker

Originally a member of the Philadelphia S.W.A.T. team, Mace is very skilled weapons expert and can contain the toughest situations single-handedly. He is rarely ever seen without his trusty laser bazooka.

Highway (Archetype: Highway Patrol Officer)
Real Name: David E. Harlson (TV show)/David Y. Harlson (comics and toy file card)
Voiced by: Ray James

Originally a member of the California Highway Patrol based in San Francisco, Highway rides the "Bluestreak" motorcycle, the fastest vehicle in the C.O.P.S.' arsenal. Because of the "Bluestreak's" speed, Highway often cuts the crooks off before they can escape.

Bowser and Blitz (Archetype: K-9 Officer)
Bowser's Real Name: Rex Pointer
Bowser voiced by: Nick Nichols

Originally members of the Chicago PD's K-9 Unit, Bowser, is an expert animal handler with an interest in dogs and Blitz is Bowser's cybernetic canine partner that is very intelligent and can think like a human being. Blitz was once a normal dog, but, like Bulletproof, he had to be be rebuilt into a cyborg after a near fatal accident.

Barricade (Archetype: Riot Control Officer)
Real Name: Stan Hyde (TV show)/Stan Bach (comics and toy file card)
Voiced by: Ray James

Originally a cop from Detroit, Barricade often worked as a crowd control officer and also has skills as a negotiator for peaceful resolutions. He wears riot gear on patrol and uses the "MULE", a streamlined battering ram that can launch its head, to peacefully detain crooks and knock down doors and walls.

  • Massive Numbered Siblings: His experience in crowd control comes from growing up in a household with eight kids and only one bathroom.
  • Odd Friendship: He becomes pals with the Instant Justice robot he had talked down at the end of "The Case of The Bogus Justice Machines".
  • Punny Name: "Stan Bach" sounds like "Stand Back", something a crowd control officer would say.

Sundown (Archetype: Texas Ranger/Cowboy)
Real Name: Walker Calhoun
Voiced by: Len Carlson

A former member of the Texas Rangers, Sundown is a quick and gifted gunslinger, keeping a pair of pistols at his sides when needed. He also is proficient with a lasso.

Mirage (Archetype: Vice/Undercover Officer)
Real Name: Suzie Young
Voiced by: Elizabeth Hanna

Mirage is an officer originally from San Francisco, where she did mostly undercover missions. A master of disguise, Mirage is able to spy on the crooks unnoticed.

  • Master of Disguise: Her skill set on the C.O.P.S. team used to infiltrate the crooks and find information.
  • Toyless Toyline Character: Mirage is one of five characters of note to never receive a toy. Since she was a woman character in a show made for boys, she got the short end of the stick.
  • Two Girls to a Team: With the tech-savvy, Mainframe.
  • Twofer Token Minority: An Asian woman in a group of (mostly white) men and the only notable Asian character in the show.

Bullseye (Archetype: Helicopter Patrol Officer)
Real Name: Hugh S. Forward (TV show)/Hugh S. Sikorsky (comics and toy file card)
Voiced by: Peter Keleghan

An ace helicopter pilot from the Miami PD, Bullseye flies the "Air Raid" a two-cockpit helicopter with twin machine guns. With the "Air Raid", Bullseye is as skilled in hunting down and capturing crooks as he is doing aerial reconnaissance.

  • Ace Pilot: His role on the team.
  • Cool Plane: The "Air Raid" (though it is a helicopter)
  • Meaningful Name: Hugh S. Sikorsky references to "Hughes" and "Sikorsky", two helicopter manufacturers.

Hardtop (Archetype: Pursuit Specialist)
Real Name: Donny Brooks
Voiced by: Darrin Baker

A rookie patrolman and LongArm's partner before C.O.P.S. is formed, Hardtop along with Mainframe were not initially part of the team. They proved themselves to Bulletproof on the C.O.P.S. first case and became official members. With his highly skilled driving, Hardtop now drives the "Ironsides", an armored assault vehicle with an external machine gun area.

Mainframe (Archetype: Dispatcher/Technical Officer)
Real Name: Tina Cassidy
Voiced by: Mary Long

A rookie officer who works as a police dispatcher. Mainframe along with Hardtop were not initially part of the team. They proved themselves to Bulletproof on the C.O.P.S. first case and became official members. Mainframe has a genius level IQ and is very adept with technology. Her high tech skills become a very crucial part in the C.O.P.S. cases.

Big Boss' Gang (The Crooks)

The Big Boss' Gang are some of Empire City's most nefarious criminals. Like the C.O.P.S., the members of Big Boss' Gang brings a special skill, weapon and/or vehicle used to commit their crimes.

Big Boss
Real Name: Brandon Babel
Voiced by: Len Carlson

Big Boss is the source of most of the crime caused in Empire City. With no legitimate business practices as fronts or legitimate wealth from his fortune, Brandon Babel's identity as the Big Boss is obvious. He does very little to hide it, going as far as to extort the mayor and threaten the city publicly. He is also rarely seen without his servant Squeeky Kleen and partially mechanical pet weasel Scratch.

  • Big Bad: Most of the episodes deal with the actions of him or his gang on Empire City and the C.O.P.S. effors to stop him. In the comics, he has a personal grudge against Bulletproof with the death of his twin brother.
  • Catchphrase: "Crime's a Wastin!"
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: He loves Big Momma enough to lie about his criminal activities when she comes for a visit. Instead he puts on a philanthropic ruse for her benefit.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Despite all the crimes he has pulled on Empire City, he hates drugs and refuses to work with anyone that sells them. The other Crooks appear to agree with him all too readily, and in the end he proposes a truce to give the Cops extra manpower to catch the dealer.
  • Fat and Skinny: Big Boss is notably portly while his manservant, Squeeky Kleen is a skinny as a rail.
  • Large and in Charge: In charge of all the notable crooks in Empire City and while he's not the biggest in terms of mass, is quite big and round.
  • Laughably Evil: Callous and cruel, Big Boss has his moments of comedy, both with well timed snark and insults and unintentional laughs for his failures.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: His voice is an obvious imitation of Edward G. Robinson, right down to the ", see?" at the end of many of his sentences. Not to mention the occasional "mah..."
  • Power Fist: He has a cybernetic left hand that gets a workout whenever he gets really steamed.
  • Right-Hand Cat: Scratch, who is actually a weasel, but still...
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: His life of crime has afforded him great wealth. Dezpite this, he'll have his crooks keep stealing to be come even more wealthy.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Mainly Berserko and Rock Krusher (to an extent). He often feels this way about the crooks, even the competent members, because the C.O.P.S. always foil his plans.
  • You Killed My Father: In the comic, he blames Bulletproof for the imprisonment and death of his identical twin brother.

Real Name: Barney L. Fatheringhouse
Voiced by: Paul De La Rosa

The nephew of Big Boss, Berserko is an above-average crook who, while lucky at times, is psychotic, foolhardy and terribly incompetent. Because of this, he is imprisoned more than any other crook in Big Boss' inner circle. Twin handguns are his weapon of choice and he often rides the "Jail Bird" air speeder.

  • Badass Biker: The Jail Bird air speeder is his signature vehicle. While some may contest that Berserko is a badass due to his personality, he certainly has the appearance of one.
  • Born Lucky: If he escapes arrest, this is usually why.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: He's a certified head case whose "plans" border no the nonsensical if not assisted by another crook.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Whenever he catches the Smart Ball.
  • Cool Plane: the "Jail Bird" air speeder, kind of.
  • Disappeared Dad: In the comics, his father is arrested by Bulletproof and dies in prison. Big Boss is the only father figure he has.
  • Dumb Blonde/Dumb Muscle: Blonde and absolutely jacked, yet unitellegent to the point of sometimes being a liability.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Both he and his uncle comment on how he's not dumb enough to get involved with drugs, and helps catch the dealer when an accidental exposure to his Fantastic Drug lands him in the hospital.
  • Evil Laugh: And what a laugh it is.
  • Fun T-Shirt: In the toy line, his shirt says "BAAAD is Good!".
  • Laughably Evil: The chief source of comedy in the show, usually brought about by his goofy antics or annoying his uncle.
  • Manchild: If his whiny voice, impulsiveness, and simplistic train of thought isn't a clue, then maybe his secret hideout being a fun house certainly will.
  • Nepotism: Why he's so high up in Big Boss's organization.

Dr. BadVibes and Buzzbomb
Dr. BadVibes' Real Name: Percival Cranial
Dr. BadVibes Voiced by: Ron Rubin

An archetypal Mad Scientist, Dr. BadVibes used to work for the Comtrex corporation, before he was fired for stealing. He joined Big Boss' gang almost immediately and proved his use almost as quickly. A gifted inventor, Dr. BadVibes inventions usually aid in the plans of the crooks. R2D2 Buzzbomb is BadVibes robot assistant who communicates with him with various beeps and whistles. He is very intelligent and emotional, often bribing his creator for help with his inventions and capers. Buzzbomb can also turn his hands into buzzsaws.

Buttons McBoomBoom
Real Name: Constantine Saunders
Voiced by: Nick Nichols

The Big Boss's personal bodyguard and hitman, McBoomBoom is an old-school gangster with a cold personality, and a hatred for bugs. His signature weapons are machine guns, a Tommy gun he keeps in a violin case and two machine guns that are cybernetically implanted in his chest.

  • A-Team Firing: In the comic, he doesn't want to kill anyone, just make them suffer greatly. In the cartoon, however, he normally doesn't hit anybody.
  • Ax-Crazy: Him toying with his victims in the comic, his overreaction to bugs
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Looks like hitman from The Mafia, complete with the fedora.
  • Berserk Button: Buttons hates insects to the point, that he'll start firing at it if he sees one.
  • Chest Blaster: The chest guns mentioned above.
  • Cyborg: He has two retractable machine guns where his stomach should be.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Has a pale gray complexion, dark hair and works as a hitman for Empire City's biggest crime boss.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He's in favor of Big Boss opposing drugs, saying that he doesn't need them himself because "I get my kicks from crime".
  • More Dakka: Like his bio sates, he has at least four guns at his disposal.
  • Meaningful Name: A "buttonman" is a term for a hitman.
  • The Stoic: As long as bugs are off the table, Buttons is usualy the most reserved and professional of Big Boss' crew.
  • Senseless Violins: The toy comes with a huge cello case, and we bet it isn't because he's got a recital coming up.
    • Indeed, the action figure's gun fits inside the cello case.

Rock Krusher
Real Name: Edmund Scarry
Voiced by: Brent Titcomb

Unlike most crooks, Rock Krusher likes being in jail, but when the Big Boss is in need of his services, he can easily break out. Rock Krusher is incredibly strong and resistant to harm. His tool of the trade is a jackhammer.

  • Bald of Evil: No hair up top and brakes out of prison on a regular.
  • Cardboard Prison: All of Big Boss' gang can break out of prison, but Krusher actually willingly lives there until Big Boss needs him.
  • Dumb Muscle: Though in all fairness, while he's no genius, he's not incredibly dumb and if often shown to be one of the more competent members of the Crooks. The guy did almost succeed in taking over a prison and destroying half the city. At any rate, he's no Berserko.
  • Manchild: Mostly when partnered with Berserko, Krusher does like to have fun, but knows when "crime's a wastin'".
  • Mighty Glacier: A massive wall of muscle with ridiculous feats of power to match.
  • Super Strength: True to his name, he can crush metallic items with his hands. He also helps Ms. Demeanor lift a police cruiser (with Mace still inside) then tosses it far and high in the show intro.
  • Weapon of Choice: A jackhammer.

Ms. Demeanor
Real Name: Stephanie Demeanor

Ms. Demeanor is an ugly, callous, musclebound crook who is as strong (if not stronger) than Rock Krusher, picking large items and punching through walls with little effort. She also is armed with a pistol whenever the situation requires it.

  • Badass in a Nice Suit: She may not be a looker, but with the sharp dress she wears, no one can say that she doen't have good fashion sense.
  • Body Horror: A humorous example from issue #12 of the comic. In order to get Berserko to break off his engagement to Ms. Demeanor, Dr. Badvibes attempts to use technology to make her dumber than Berserko. He fails, but inadvertently makes her as ugly as she is in the cartoon.
  • Boobs of Steel: The largest bust of the four main woman characters and she's incredibly strong.
  • Brawn Hilda: While she isn't bigger physically than any of the male characters, she larger than Nightshade, super strong, and quite ugly.
  • Butter Face: Has a lovely, well-toned, and muscular body that would have made her an Amazonian Beauty... If she didn't have such an ugly mug.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: In the cartoon, Ms. Demeanor has blonde hair and Ambiguously Brown levels of tanned skin.
  • Evil Redhead: In the comic, she starts out as a redhead before she was transformed and works for the Big Boss' gang.
  • Punny Name: Ms. Demeanor is a homonym for misdemeanor which is defined as a lesser criminal act.
  • The Starscream: In the comic, she wants to usurp Big Boss by seducing Berserko.
  • Super Strength: Among her feats of unnatural strength is helping Rock Krusher to lift a police cruiser (with Mace still inside) tossesing it far and high in the show intro.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: She's quite manish compared to Nightshade... unless you count the clothes.
  • Toyless Toyline Character: Ms. Demeanor is one of five characters of note to never receive a toy. Since she was a woman character in a show made for boys, she got the short end of the stick.
  • Two Girls to a Team: With the Classy Cat-Burglar, Nightshade.

Turbo Tu-Tone
Real Name: Ted Stavely
Voiced by: Dan Hennessey

Turbo is Big Boss' personal getaway driver, pilot and auto mechanic. He is able to drive and control any vehicle, though he mostly drives the "Roadster", a drag racer with an external machine gun area.

  • Badass Driver: His action figure bio boasts about his driving skills against average cops, highlighting his his high chances of escape. In the cartoon, he drives all manor of vehicles with little issue.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: A suit that's dated, missing a suit jacket and with a pink shirt, but nice enough.
  • Badass Mustache/Hot Blooded Sideburns: He has a combo of a mustache and mutton chop sideburns with an unconnected goatee for good measure.
  • Cool Car/Cool Plane: As a skilled driver and pilot, Turbo has either been supplied with or stolen tons of awesome looking vehicles. Most of the time, he drives the "Roadster" drag race car.
  • Cool Shades: His black, wrap around style shades fits his throwback attire quite nicely.
  • Drives Like Crazy: He can drive better than the trope suggests, but when the C.O.P.S. are on his tail, he'll do whatever it takes to shake them.
  • '80s Hair: Has a fade haircut with hair on top and bald on the sides.
  • Evil Laugh: Has a noticeable deep, hearty chuckle.

Real Name: Rafaella Diamond
Voiced by: Jane Scholettle

Nightshade was from a very rich family, but was disowned when she turned herself to a life of crime. She now is an expert cat burglar on the Big Boss' payroll, but she isn't too chummy with him and is only in his racket for the potential monetary gain.

Squeeky Kleen
Real Name: Dirk McHugh
Voiced by: Marvin Goldhar

Big Boss' personal servant, Squeeky Kleen has a special microphone attached to his ear where he can only hear the words of Big Boss. He is almost always by the Big Boss' side, rarely working on the plans with the other crooks.

  • Bald of Evil: Although Squeeky himself isn't terribly evil, he does work for a crime boss.
  • Comm Links: Squeeky's earpiece, used to keep in touch with the Big Boss at all times.
  • Fat and Skinny: Big Boss is notably portly while his manservant, Squeeky Kleen is a skinny as a rail.
  • Harmless Villain: He's the assistant to the Big Boss and doesn't get directly involved in his schemes.
  • Punny Name: Squeeky Kleen is this for Squeaky Clean, a term that means that the person it describes is innocent.
  • Toyless Toyline Character: Squeeky is one of five characters of note to never receive a toy. and is only man in the category.
  • Yes-Man: Isn't brave enough or dumb enough to tell the Big Boss no.


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