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Characters / Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

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This page is for characters who appeared in Tiberian Twilight. For Kane, see Command And Conquer Tiberium Series Factions And Characters.

Commander Parker

A GDI officer severely injured in action, Parker received revolutionary new optical implants courtesy of Kane, through his newly forged alliance with GDI. This allowed the commander to interface directly with his combat control systems, along with a number of other things, many of which he was not even aware of. His work was impressive enough that he was eventually given a choice to either remain with GDI or to join Kane as his personal commander.


  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: Both campaigns end with Parker getting shot. If he joined Nod, Lillian is there to cry over his body. If he stayed with GDI, she is killed in an earlier mission and the last thing he sees is her face before the Fade to Black.
  • I Have Your Wife: Kane uses Lillian's safety to help insure Parker's cooperation.


Lillian Parker

Played by Emily Hampshire

The wife of Commander Parker, she supported him in the time after he lost his eyesight in the line of duty, and while he was recovering from the surgery that gave him his implants.


Colonel Louise James

Played by Iona Morris

Col. James is Parker's CO. She is a career military officer whose family goes all the way back to TW 1. She is deeply mistrustful of Nod, and is convinced that the peace they offer is a ploy to lure them into some sinister scheme.

  • It's Personal: Her family were killed by the Scrin, and she holds Nod responsible for drawing them to Earth.
  • General Failure: Her attempted coup of GDI is shot down immediately after it starts.
  • General Ripper: When ordered to stand down, immediately after claiming she had "conclusive intelligence" that Kane was trying to bring back the Scrin (Which was her just jumping to conclusions), she attempts to start a coup and take over the government. This is after lying to Parker about the death of his wife to manipulate him into joining her.
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  • Knight Templar: Is convinced she's saving GDI from itself.
  • Military Brat: Her family has all been military. Her father fought in TW1.
  • The Millstone: Her actions put considerable strain on relations between Nod and GDI, and eventually she attempts a coup of the GDI leadership.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Keeps the fact that Lillian's death was the result of friendly fire from Parker to keep his anger focused on Nod.
  • Unfriendly Fire: She's the one who shoots Parker.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Assumes that the Big Bad of the series and a terrorist organization that has been trying to take over the world for decades and can't speak a word without condemning GDI are planning a double cross. Perfectly legitimate concern, but she's wrong.

General Wesley Riggs

Played by Tim De Zarn

A high ranking GDI officer and Col. James' superior. He ordered her and Parker to escort a Nod VIP to the commissioning of the Tiberium Control Network who turned out to be none other than Kane himself.

  • Four-Star Badass: Has fought in two of the Tiberium Wars and leads a team of marines to capture James and Parker after their coup attempt.
  • Old Soldier: He's silver-haired and was fighting since the 2030s. Tiberian Twilight is set in 2077.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He's far more reasonable than Colonel James, and opposes her plans to go after Kane despite his own distrust towards him, knowing that doing so would ruin any hope for the TCN's completion. Subverted in the Nod campaign, where he turns on Nod just as they were about to activate the TCN for reasons never explained.

Director Evelyn Rios

Played by Natacha Roi

Successor to Redmond Boyle as Director of the Global Defense Initiative, though nowhere near as corrupt as he was. She is a strong advocate of the GDI-Nod alliance and is committed to making a lasting peace.

  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: Colonel James believes her to be this, because of her refusal to admit that Kane is plotting something behind their back. It turned out that she wasn't, and James was simply delusional.
  • Our Presidents Are Different: She seems to be President Personable while in the public eye, but seems more of the scheming type behind closed doors.

Sergeant Nash

Played by Caleb Moody

Nash is a loyal GDI officer who holds great respect for Commander Parker, due to the latter saving his life in the past. He serves as a tactical adviser and sometimes provides insights and strategy to better organize GDI troops on the battlefield.

If the player sides with Nod, Nash takes over what would have been the player's role in the GDI campaign. Parker would then be forced to fight Nash in several of his missions.

  • Undying Loyalty: To Commander Parker. The first thing he says after he is introduced is "I'm alive because of you."
  • Nice Guy: He's helpful and keeps a calm and respectful demeanor throughout the GDI campaign.



Played by Christopher Wolfe

When Kane proposed his alliance to GDI, there were many in the Brotherhood who felt he had betrayed their ideals. This began a separatist movement of which Gideon eventually emerged as the leader. He now wages a campaign of terror against both GDI and Nod loyalists.

  • Awesome, yet Impractical: A seeming proponent of these designs, Gideon condemned the original (and more practical) smooth-hulled Scorpion Tank design for looking somewhat like a Cockroach, and designed his own version to be little more than a giant metal scorpion on treads with an obelisks for a tail.
  • Enemy Mine: How did he get his hands on Dr. Pascal? In the Nod campaign, it's revealed that James handed Pascal over to him in exchange for a chance to assassinate Kane.

Sister Chavra

Played by Makinna Ridgway

Chavra was one of Kane's followers during the Ascension War. She performed important actions on his behalf.

  • Action Girl: She does many of the missions Parker would have if he doesn't defect.

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