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The characters of the visual novel Coming Out On Top.


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    Mark Matthews

Our 22 year-old main protagonist of COOT. He is a gay undergraduate student in his senior year in Orlin University. He is living with his friends Penny and Ian in an apartment.
Mark is the only child in the family and his father's name is Stanley. His mother was unnamed in the story. If Mark chooses to come out to his parents, they will openly accept him and even his mother set up dates for him.
Mark was in the water polo team previously and his swimming abilities earned him the nickname "Spanish Armada". He stopped playing water polo due to a shoulder injury. Mark is also academically smart as he has an option to tutor English to non-native speakers on weekends.

  • Academic Athlete: He got good grades AND was good at water polo in high school. Based on your choices, he can continue that trend in college.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Jed will call him "Sparky." Mark reminded Jed of an old, good friend of his during Sunday school days when he was a kid. That friend's name was also named "Sparky."
  • Caught with Your Pants Down: It's possible for Mark's parents to repeatedly call until Mark answers while he is... full.
  • Closet Key: For Brad and Ian.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Don't let him talk to his pet fish too much, or creep out one of your potential dates...
  • Covert Pervert: Can be played as one, with or without repercussions. In Alex's route, he can sneak a peek at his butt while playing racquetball, while in Brad's story route, Mark can choose to stumble across a nude pic of Brad while he's in the bathroom in a few examples.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Mark can spend some quality alone time at multiple points throughout the game.
  • Devoted to You: He sparks not only interest, but overwhelming, life-altering passion in the potential Love Interests.
  • Distressed Dude: Can happen to him in Phil's route.
  • Eating the Eye Candy: Does this to most of the main guys, and has to option to do that at the gym.
  • Embarrassing Nick Name: He was called "The Spanish Armada" by his high school water polo team.
  • The Everyman: Mark is left open (mostly) in terms of personality so that the player can decide how to shape his character to their pleasing.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: If Ian and Luke are any indication.
  • Jerkass: If the player so chooses to make him one.
  • Likes Older Men: Especially in the case of Donovan, who acknowledges and lampshades the age gap between them.
  • Mistaken for Racist: Happens twice in the beginning of the game. One from his first encounter with Phil, the other from a football player Mark mistakes as the guy he is supposed to tutor.
  • Non-Action Guy: See what happens if you let Mark try to take on a fight with a marine.
    • See what happens when you let Mark go into a mosh pit at a punk concert.
    • See what happens when you let Mark intimidate a jock for being neither a babe nor hot.
  • Open-Minded Parent(s): Mark worries about coming out to his parents, but if/when he tells them, they are extremely supportive and even try to immediately start playing matchmaker for him, much to Mark's dismay.
  • Private Tutor: Mark can be hired as one for Brad, who is failing his literature class. He also teaches ESL kids, and can do so during the weekends for extra cash.
  • Prone to Tears: Mark has quite sensitive nerves.
  • Straight Gay: Until Mark came out, most people just assumed he was straight.
  • Technical Virgin: Penny questioning Mark about his virginity causes him to spurt "I might have done a thing or two!"

Romantic Interests

    Ian Manachevitz

Mark's roommate and best friend, along with Penny. Ian has been roommates with Mark and Penny since they started at Orlin University. He's a C average Zoology student and works as a part-time Barista at the local college coffee shop hang out, JoJo's. He is currently attempting to get into a Grad program that will send him to South America for 2 years to study Capuchin Monkeys.

  • Adorkable: The lovable master of this trope; leave it to Ian to demonstrate his dramatically silly kung-fu skills in an effort to intimidate Brad during Brad's story mode. Then again, his kung-fu may be real...
  • Ambiguously Bi: It's not clear if his feelings for Mark are general bisexuality or just If It's You, It's Okay. The fact that he comes out to Penny at the end of his romance suggests the former, and even before that it's pretty clear that Ian is sexually open enough that he'll admit he's very into using anal toys. Heck, the real start of his romance comes when he kisses Mark in front of two girls to prove how open-minded he is.
  • Amicable Exes: With Zoe. She even helps him deal with his feelings for Mark.
  • Bed Trick: It Makes Sense in Context, but in the final sex scene with him you are essentially pretending to be yourself.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: He may be a goofball, but if his friends are in a pinch, he will come running. Ask Mark and Amos in their wrestling match against Gregor and Dante.
  • Book Dumb: Ian doesn't get very good grades, but he seems to know a lot about the rainforest.
  • Bromantic Foil: To Mark.
  • Casual Kink: One of his favorite fantasies is being tied up (blindfolded) and anonymously fucked by Mark. You can make this a reality for him at the end of his route.
  • Chained to a Bed: In the literal sense. Mark comes across a blindfolded Ian in this fashion.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: The man practically embodies this trope. In one example, he once tried to pick up girls at a party by kissing his own wingman in an effort to impress them. THEN, when it's his turn to act as Mark's wingman, his exaggerated fib over Mark's...size creates a line that nearly reaches the exit door!
  • First Guy Wins: If you successfully complete his route, the game ends at your wedding.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: At first Ian seems like he's just being an overly-protective friend by showing disapproval in EVERY other guy Mark pursues, but you don't realize until you play Ian's route that this is because Ian is totally in love with Mark.
  • I Don't Want to Ruin Our Friendship: His reasoning as to why he never pursues anything with Mark, even if Mark openly shows romantic interest in Ian.
  • If It's You, It's Okay: All of Ian's romantic and sexual escapades have exclusively been with girls, but despite this, he doesn't flinch at the notion of making love with his male best friend and even fantasizes about it many times.
  • Informed Judaism: Implied by his last name.
  • In Vino Veritas: Drunkenly admits to Mark that the kiss they shared at the party aroused him and was mostly all he could think about during his threesome with Molly and Holly.
  • Loony Friends Improve Your Personality: Their friendship for Mark. Following Ian's advice to a tee is the best way to impress the rich investors at the fancy party: "Your friend is so fascinating!"
  • Men Can't Keep House: Ian's room is messy with bottles sitting everywhere and ground stale chips on his bed, something Mark describes as "biohazard". He's also prone to leave his stuff around the house, including his lube.
    • A comment he says shortly after Mark comes out makes it pretty clear that he hates doing the dishes.
  • Nice Guy: A lovable sweetheart who always helps out his friends when he can.
  • No Social Skills: Penny mentions that the last time Ian had a "word" with their neighbors, his tires got slashed.
    • He fumbles with words often during conversations with Mark.
  • Optional Sexual Encounter: Twice. If you do the first, then you won't get the best ending. Whether you do or don't do the second doesn't change anything, however.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Most of the funniest lines in COOT are from either Ian or Penny.
  • Relationship Upgrade: In the original demo, he wasn't a romance option and seemed to just have a lot of Ho Yay moments with Mark. But in the final version, he is confirmed as one of Mark's romance options.
  • Romantic Wingman: "Tries" to be one for Mark after Mark helps him score a threesome. He does terribly, though. Whether it's natural or intentional is up for debate.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: If you choose to make Mark say to Ian someone hit on him when he went to gay bar during their walk to campus, some lines in Ian's response are filled with this. It's one of earlier hints that he's attracted to Mark.
    Ian: I mean, you came out last night. It's just happening so fast. I mean, not like it shouldn't happen so fast. You're perfectly capable of attracting- I mean, you're good enough looking dude. Not that I'm like, checking you or anything. Not that it's wrong to check out other guys.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Penny and Mark.

    Alex Davies

A guy Mark meets a bar. Also Mark's anatomy professor. He frequents the campus gym on the weekends and he is an excellent racquetball player. His research has been published and is in the running for a tenure in the university.

  • Above the Influence: Less and less while falling for Mark.
  • Am I Just a Toy to You?: Slightly downplayed. If Mark and Alex have sex, the latter suspects the former of this as he's having his way with him, assuming Mark has a hard time studying in his class due to staring at his ass the whole time. Mark, completely and utterly Overcome with Desire, cannot even come up with a comprehensible response.
  • Badass Teacher: In addition to teaching at a college, he also plays a mean game of racquetball and can take a hit, as Mark can attest.
  • Break the Cutie: By the hearing and the danger of not being allowed to teach anymore.
  • The Charmer: It's hard not to fall for a man with with a smile, confidence and stature like his. He's definitely the talk among the campus he teaches at, as well, for this very reason.
  • Celibate Hero: Alex is the only path for which there is no option for a sex scene that won't spoil his romance. If you agree to any of the three possible sex scenes in his office, you can't get the best ending with him. Even in his best ending the sex is only implied, not shown.
  • Clear Their Name: The main premise of Alex's route.
  • Cool Teacher: He has an unconventional, but endearing teaching style that his students come to appreciate and love. He's also shown to get along with his fellow/former students quite well, as seen towards his ending.
  • Distressed Dude: Alex becomes this when his beloved teaching profession is threatened after Edwina has evidence of his love affair with Mark (which goes against Orlin University's policy of professors dating students) and as such, threatens his beloved teaching profession at the university. It's up to Mark and his friends to see to it that nothing becomes of this.
  • Dramatic Irony: Alex struggles to resist Mark for the sake of his career. Guess what will be about to ruin his career. Double twist: the charges aren't far from his feelings and desires.
  • Erotic Dream: Mark has one of Alex where he volunteers his body to Alex for all of the class to see.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Careful as Alex was, he didn't think of the possibility that anyone might get suspicious about him asking Mark for some private talk after almost every lesson.
  • Freak Out!: Suffers one when his teaching license is under investigation due to Graham's meddling. The students (including Mark, of course) he teaches are subjected to this as the bouts get increasingly worse with each passing day).
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Blonde haired man who really cares about his students.
  • Honor Before Reason: Alex doesn't only refuse dating in secret, he doesn't want to act on the clearly mutual attraction, even when he is already accused.
  • Hot Teacher: Most people acknowledge his hotness. Mark has the option to find him hot or not.
    Penny: "Didn't realize Norse gods stooped to teaching undergrads."
  • I Didn't Mean to Turn You On: Alex showing Mark his bruise, shirtless, in the locker room.
    Alex: "Sorry, Mark. This is definitely a mistake."
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog: Abruptly leaves Mark in the hallway if he loudly admits he is the sole reason Alex gets to keep his job.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: For the most part, unless Mark chooses to seduce him.
  • It Doesn't Mean Anything: Alex declares that on the day after their strange moment in the locker room.
  • Lust Object: For Mark (to a painstaking degree), and if you play your cards well, it's on Alex's for Mark side too.
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: Mark and Alex have sex in Alex's office. Alex does close the blinds and locks the door to make sure no one walks in, though.
  • Meaningful Name: Alex Davies ('beloved')
  • Not So Above It All: What happens to him after he's at risk of losing his job.
  • Old Maid: Subverted. Alex is mentioned to be older than Mark several times, but it doesn't make him less attractive. You can turn him down saying he is too old for you, though.
  • Optional Sexual Encounter: You can have sex with him in his office during his mental breakdown, but doing this will prevent you from getting the Good Ending.
  • Rescue Romance: Save Alex's career to have him.
  • So Beautiful, It's a Curse: He has a hard time getting the deserved credit for his brains.
  • Spirited Competitor: Alex loves challenging Mark at racquetball, and likes him more for returning the cockiness and being a worthy opponent.
  • Straight Gay: If Mark didn't meet Alex at the gay bar, then Mark just assumes that Alex is "straight with 2.5 kids."
    • None of the other students in his class seem to notice his sexuality, either.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: The romance doesn't truly blossom until after Mark's semester is over, however.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Alex admits he is naive and unfit for political stratagems.
  • Wine Is Classy: You get a few extra Alex relationship points for ordering wine in the bar. And Alex likes maturity. Though he approves of whiskey more.

    Bradley Melnick 
Quarterback football player of Orlin University. His athletic abilities are excellent and he is potentially going pro in NFL once he graduates, but he's having major trouble in academic areas and seeks tutoring in order to pass college.
Growing up, Brad's father was irresponsible and neglectful, forcing his older brother Beau to act as a stand-in father figure.

  • The Ace: He is mentioned as being an exceptionally good football player. He can even end up playing for the NFL.
  • Appeal to Inherent Nature: How Brad tries to justify why Mark should write his papers for him, instead of actually tutor him like Mark was hired to do.
    Brad:"Look, this is Division 1 football. That's just how things work. You might not like it. I might not like it. But this system's way bigger than any of us."
  • Armored Closet Gay: The description of Brad is that he's "deep in the closet." He also admits to Mark though he's had sexual experiences with women, he never recalled finding them enjoyable. And if he's fated to go out with Daisy in one of his story route, it's implied he's very unhappy the whole while.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: If Brad spent half as much time studying as he did thinking up excuses for not studying, he'd probably be a pretty decent scholar.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Brad gets distracted really easily by Mark when Mark tries tutoring him, and vice versa.
  • Erotic Dream: Mark dreams of Brad taking him in a lone football field. He wakes up in Brad's arms, in the morning where Brad's essay is due.
  • Gag Penis: He might be exaggerating a bit, but Brad admits that most girls struggle to get him in their mouths.
    • Bigger Is Better in Bed: The implication of his sex scenes. However, the actual size of his penis in art makes it something of an Informed Attribute since Brad's looks just about identical to all the other guys'.
  • The Grunting Orgasm: With his animalistic grunts and groans and aggressive attitude in bed. Once the passion takes over, it consumes him.
  • Gay Guy Seeks Popular Jock: Brad's route in a nutshell.
  • I'll Be in My Bunk: At one point in his route, Brad will leave the room to go "take care of himself" if Mark doesn't offer to have him jack off next to Mark while they're watching porn together.
  • Jerk Jock: Played with. He can seem kind of like an Entitled Bastard at first when he tries to get Mark to cheat for him just because he's a football player. But throughout his route (assuming Mark actually tried tutoring him), he starts acting like a cute puppy with a crush on Mark, which puts him more into Lovable Jock territory.
  • Lust Object: Mark certainly…admires the way Brad's clothes hug tightly against his muscular body. Mark's whole existence becomes this if he promises Brad that he can do whatever he wants to him once he's done finishing his essay.
  • Manly Gay: Gives off a very masculine vibe from his attitude. Brad being a star football player for his university's football team certainly adds to this too.
  • Tall, Ginger and Handsome: He's 6'4".
  • The Quarterback: Orlin University's finest!
  • Rated M for Manly: With bulging muscles, impressive brawn and leading star of the football team, Brad is as manly as you can get in every sense of the word—and somewhat still not as close as his older brother Beau.

    Jed Zhou

Jed is a free-spirited lead singer and song writer of The Dirty Loofahs and plays keyboard in his band. He has frequent visits from his sister Sylvia. He works part-time delivering pizzas.

  • All Gays Are Promiscuous: He certainly is, and the easiest way to start his romance is to agree to his bukkake offer. In fact, Jed is the only character for whom having sex early on will not spoil his Good Ending.
  • Anything That Moves: Word of God has stated that his sexuality is fluid, though in-game his sister only mentions his sleeping with men.
  • Casual Kink: If his desire to give Mark a blow job in public on the roof with cops down below is anything to go by.
    • He openly admits he thinks the idea of Mark behind bars is sexy.
  • Child Prodigy: Was an exceptional classical pianist at a very young age.
  • Cultural Rebel: Taiwanese. While his prodigious piano playing suggests he may have had a Tiger Mom growing up, he didn't stick with the classical route long before diving head first into the underground punk/electronica scene.
  • Flirtatious Smack on the Ass: It's just a way to say hello in Jed-language should Mark start seeing more of him. And on the flipside, Jed is only character whom you can get outright and blatantly sleazy and sexual with and he doesn't respond with a insulted look or angry reaction. In fact, he encourages it, retaliating with some flirting of his own...
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Definitely the foolish one compared to Sylvia.
  • Karma Houdini: Should Mark choose to keep the large sum of money Jed gave to him for the band, an ending will play where the Dirty Loofahs will disband and Mark will be wildly successful. He never sees or hears from Jed again, who was last seen in the slums of Orlin, resorting to drug dealing to get by.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: Hell, he and Mark first met Jed mistook him for a guy he was gonna have a bukkake party with!
  • Naked on Arrival: The first time Mark meets Jed is when he is stark naked.
  • Not So Stoic:
    Jed:"This is me, actually giving a shit right now. You know, trying to act like you don't care, that takes a lot of effort."
  • Rebellious Spirit: Through and through.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Red Oni to his older sister Sylvia's Blue Oni.
  • The Tease: He's playful, devilish, and knows how irresistible he is. He can make Mark nearly take him right on his doorstep for the world to see had Ian and Penny not appear.
  • The Rockstar: Not a world-famous one or anything, but he seems to be pretty well-known amongst the local punk scene.
    • He can become one in his good ending.
  • Troubled, but Cute: He's definitely a risk-taker, but he's also definitely hard to dislike.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Shirts are a foreign concept to Mr. Zhou; the second time you meet him, he's shirtless.

    Philbert Healy

Penny's (favorite) cousin. He's a marine who just got back from boot camp and is being considered for Recon program once he graduates from infantry school. His father, Donald Healy, is running for state senate.

  • Adorkable: He may be an extremely tough marine, but his love of trivia and comic books are quite endearing.
  • Badass Gay: He is a marine, after all.
  • Berserk Button: DO NOT attempt to use your relationship to extort money from his father's campaign.
  • Black and Nerdy: There are a few hints before hand, but he won't admit this it until you lock-in his route.
  • Closet Geek: You wouldn't know right off the bat he's a natural at trivia games, but...
  • Consummate Professional: He acts like he's on the military base…even when he's at a restaurant with Mark.
  • Elites Are More Glamorous: Phil wants to be a Recon Marine.
  • Embarrassing First Name: Philbert. He just goes by "Phil" now.
  • Defrosting Ice King: He starts out really harsh and aloof. But over the course of his route, he becomes much nicer.
  • Geeky Turn-On: You can seduce Phil by winning the trivia contest, to which he admits was really hot.
    • What gets him to pounce on Mark is if you respond with 'But was it hotter than Death Valley on July 10, 1913?'
  • Interrupted Intimacy: Ian appears while Phil's having sex with Mark on the couch. Averted if Phil's topping, but played straight if Mark's taking the lead.
  • Manly Gay: Very much so.
  • MixedRace: As expected coming from a diverse family—but as his mother never makes an appearance, he is ambiguously black for the most part.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "dear, beloved."
  • Military Brat: His dad served as a marine in Vietnam.
  • The Stoic: If his deadpan, serious demeanor from the airport/brunch scene is anything to go by.
  • Tsundere: Hard type-A. He spends the first half of his route detesting you.
  • Uncanny Family Resemblance: Played straight with his dad, but averted with his cousin, Penny. He looks little to nothing like her. Mark comments on this when he first meets Phil.

A flower shop owner Mark can meet after a failed outing to a gay bar with Ian. An older leather bear who is extremely romantic, his interests include poetry, wrestling, and classic films. He has a "shit-poo" named Dulcinea, and used to date Gregor. His favorite poet is Walt Whitman.

Mark's trusty pet goldfish, bought and brought into Mark's abode the day before the game starts. Can be "antagonistic" should Mark decide to pursue no romantic interest in anymore, "convincing" Mark to kill his friends, ultimately leading up to a memorable ending where Slurpy either makes love to him or murders him.

  • Mad Love: 'Indeed so'; Mark can even 'consummate' their love if taken far enough to that point.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Slurpy manages to convince Mark to kill his friends with a homemade bomb. It fails miserably.


Brofinder Guys

A startup founder and male feminist. A self-proclaimed "sex positive person." He is acrophobic. Jake's a foodie by trade and has struggled with an eating disorder since adolescence. He is also an avid gamer.

  • Big Beautiful Man: With a labret lip piercing and (optional) pink hair to boot! Fellow firefighters Sven and Drew (and of course, Mark) can attest to this as well, as they have sex with him inside of the elevator.
  • Elevator Going Down: Jake can have a moment like this with Mark in the elevator before Mark chooses to get a little more frisky...
  • Fat and Proud: He struggled with an eating disorder in the past, but nowadays he loves to eat, having a very big appetite capacity, and he's happy with his shape, too.
  • Geek: A devoted fan of The Legend of Zelda. Choosing for Mark also loving the games will give you a disclaimer for those who don't have knowledge about the games or video games in general.
  • Interrupted Intimacy: Thanks to Sven and Drew.
  • Polyamory: A believer of this, due to his open-minded outlook on love and relationships.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: On their heads, too! Can be subverted if the player wishes to change his hair color from pink to brown in the option menu.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: He's very warm, bubbly, cheerful and friendly, especially when you first meet him. Again, this can be subverted though, if you choose to change his hair from pink to brown.
  • The Charmer

A 35 year-old divorced construction worker and has a teenage son named Tristan. He works in construction in an adjacent to Orlin, Palm Valley. After his divorce two years ago, he finally comes out and trying to date for the first time since high school. Being out of the dating scene for far too long, he is completely lost and relies on pick up lines from a guide book. His son is the one whose been encouraging him to get out and date.

  • Bait-and-Switch: When Donovan suggestively asks Mark to follow him and leads him into a construction site, Mark assumes they're going to have sex. If only after Donovan makes him change into construction gear that...
    Mark: "Oh god."
    Donovan: "What's the matter?"
    Mark: "I just're to teach me about building stuff."
    Donovan: "Well, YEAH, Mark...what the heck didja think we'd be doing? Macrame?"
  • The Bear: Can be especially this if beard and chest hair are turned on in the option menu.
  • Gag Penis: Naturally, in this game.
  • Good Parents: He devotes most of his time and all of his life to his son; it's Tristan who convinced him to go out into the dating scene!
  • Manly Gay: Has quite the muscular frame on him. Perhaps it's from all the rugged construction work...
  • Jock Dad, Nerd Son: Possibly, as Tristan enjoys competitive video games.
  • Lover and Beloved: Played With. While Donovan is the older one, it's actually Mark that can teach him a few lessons in love and sex...
  • Shower of Love: Where Donovan and Mark choose to have sex.
  • Straight Gay: Like Mark, Donovan has recently come out, but finds it very difficult to find a place within the gay scene at his age. He goes out to a nightclub in order to meet guys, but is very uncomfortable with younger men hitting on him and calling him "Daddy." The only way to get Donovan out of his shell is to go to the construction site where he works at, passionately discussing about the tools and craft he works with on a daily basis.
  • Wall Bang Him: What Mark does to Donovan in the shower.

A sound tech at radio station KLOL and guitarist of a band he formed named, A Gathering of Fine Gentlemen. They play funked out pop-rock with heavy jazz influences, mixed with a death metal and a trap twist. In a committed relationship with Pete. He is more concerned about the idea of having a threesome and had reservations until the end of the date.

  • Adorkable: Compared to Pete he's introverted and quite shy, but the reason he and Pete are together now is because he become fixated on an old, abandoned erotic comic Pete faithlessly worked on a few years ago and encouraged him to continue working on it.
  • Fetish: Is sexually into double penetration. If Mark can get Oz to reveal his fetish to Pete, the two lovers will do this to Mark if he agrees to it.
  • Understanding Boyfriend: Played both ways; Oz acts this when Pete reveals his cuckolding fetish to him, and Pete will be one to Oz should he reveal his DP fetish to him.

A graphic designer. In a committed relationship with Oz. He and his partner moved to Palm Valley from the east coast. They've been together for two years they met three years ago after Oz emailed him to ask if he was going to finish his erotic superhero web comic. Pete admitted that web comic was embarrassing and preferred not to be brought up in conversations. Mark is more open to having a threesome, and he's the one that messages Mark under Oz's name to come and hang out at a nightclub.

  • All Gays Are Promiscuous: Pete is more the vibrant one out of himself and Oz; He's lot more open and flirtatious with Mark (especially on the dance floor), which can rub Oz the wrong way at times.
  • Fetish: Pete's sexual fetish is cuckolding—watching his boyfriend have sex with other people while he helplessly watches in the background. Mark can help make this fantasy come true at their house if he can convince Pete to open up and reveal this secret to Oz.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: In every literal sense of the word.
  • Understanding Boyfriend: Played both ways; Pete is this when Oz reveals his DP fetish to him, and Oz will be this when Pete reveals his cuckolding fetish to him.

    Thomas "Tommy"
A prosecutor for Orlin County. In his free time he likes working out, reading and cooking. He's quite an accomplished amateur chef. He graduated from law school five years ago.

  • Gag Penis: Mark mutters "holy shit!" when he first sees it. It's up to him whether he wants to ride it, suck it, or leave it alone.
  • Honor Before Reason: It's implied that after his date with Mark, Tommy devotes himself to helping Darryl turn his life around within the legal system, even when he could have easily turned him back over to the police for attempted murder.
  • I Gave My Word: Delivers a promise to Darryl that he'll find a way to give him some restitution, and tell this to him verbatim afterwards.
  • It's All My Fault: Expresses remorse over having played some part in the downfall of Darryl's life, and is willing to help him seek retribution for the wrongdoing and suffering he went through as a result.
  • Men Can't Keep House: Averted. Tommy's apartment looks spiffy, clean and comfortable, too.
  • Real Men Cook: Enjoys cooking as a hobby, and is quite good at it, too.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Perhaps not-so-dark, but in addition to his good looks, he's a whopping 6'6".

A globe trotting billionaire... supposedly. He's actually a stripper ashamed of his profession, and his wealthy possessions are mere average ones.

  • Acting Unnatural: Nearly the whole time while on his date with Mark.
  • Ambiguously Brown: His ethnicity is unknown.
  • Bad Liar: At first he starts off claiming to be this bigshot rich guy with a wild sex life, but as Mark continues on the date with Frankie, he grows suspicious of his words and eventually can see right through his claims, to the point Mark can leave the date, too frustrated or deceived to go on.
  • Condescending Compassion: He genuinely feels bad for people who don't live the lavish life he does. Which is literally unreal. This same attitude, which he thought would make him appear more impressive, ironically puts off Mark even more.
  • Dark Secret: He is actually a stripper.
  • Lust: Is completely overcome with it to the point of possession when Mark decides to be his first sexual partner.
  • Slip into Something More Comfortable: During his night out with Mark on the beach. With proper encouragement, reaction and support, he can slip right down to his birthday suit.
  • Technical Virgin: The one big truth he actually reveals to Mark!
  • Their First Time: On the beach. Depending on Mark's actions prior to their date, this can apply to him as well.
  • You Can Leave Your Hat On: Teaches Mark a valuable stripping with a moonlit striptease on the beach. Mark then responds by hurriedly taking off his clothes and standing there naked, failing miserably but seeming not to bother Frankie.

A rugby player and frat boy from Ireland looking to make friends.

  • Comically Missing the Point: From the moment he invites Mark into the house for a movie, he notices Mark acting a little...funny, but pays no mind. Finally, towards the movie's end, when decides to be bold and make an advance, Luke is startled and apprehensive of the fact. Due to a result of Culture Clash, Luke ends up thinking Bro Finder is a place to actually find bros to hang out with.
  • Experimented in College: Well, currently. Luke was curious enough to know what getting head from a man felt like, and so Mark potentially provided him that experience. Safe to say he's hooked.
  • The Grunting Orgasm: Gets borderline barbaric when down to business.
  • Shocking Voice Identity Reveal: Upon meeting Luke for the first time, he's pleasantly surprised to find out from his accent that he's from Ireland.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Genuinely didn't know that 'Streamflix and Chill' was a euphemism for sex.

Cesar is a police officer in the Narcotics division of Orlin county. He joined Brofinder as a part of a sting operation where he baits people into buying poppers. He's been on the force for six years and is very proud of it.

  • Berserk Button: Hates being called a "rookie". Should Mark press the button one too many times, he may discover just how pleasurable the punishment may be...
  • Dirty Cop: Well...not entirely. He's a model officer when doing his job, but when he gives up fighting his mutual attraction to Mark long enough, he violates Mark's rights (who can gladly give them up, among other things). Subverted though; if Mark is free to go but isn't uncomfortable with the situation, Cesar understands, backs down, apologizes and lets him go.
  • Inspector Javert: Convinces Mark to pick up "poppers" for him without explicitly saying that he means drugs, then arrests Mark when he arrives at the alley Cesar sent him to. Fortunately, Cesar can be easily convinced that Mark is innocent.
  • Police Brutality: Of the sexual kind. And for once, it feels oh so good.
  • Walking Spoiler: His very first appearance in the "date" marks his true identity that you wouldn't catch onto at first glance.

    Terrence 'Terry' Lovelock

Terrence, most know by his stage name Terry Lovelock, is a popstar. Terry had a humble upbringing, being raised by his single mother alone. He's very passionate about music and confident of his singing skills. His early musical output, described by himself as "dark" and "weird" didn't bring him commercial success.
Terry leads a very tightly managed life. He has to keep up a happy, approachable and straight persona when in public. He is on a fake relationship with fellow musician Dalia Murphy, concocted by their managers to help further their careers. He is deeply unhappy with the "teenybopper" music he currently puts out as it's carefully crafted by producers to generate easy hits.

  • Beneath the Mask: Looking past his high-profile celebrity persona, he's actually a friendly, kind soul with a creative mind and down-to-earth disposition.
  • Contortionist: Due to practicing yoga for two years and dancing in four years, Terry is very flexible. He's even capable of self fellatio, albeit he can only get the head of his penis in.
  • Crowd Pleaser: As expected of a singing sensation of a celebrity. He does grow rather tired of the lifestyle, and cherishes normal nights out like one he has with Mark.
  • Harsh Vocals: Terry displays his real vocal singing skills in a karaoke bar and it is aptly described to be this in an alluring, captivating way.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Rather blatantly based on Justin Bieber (albeit a less heterosexual version of him).
  • Silly Love Song: How he managed to captivate hearts all over the world with "I Know Fo Sho My Beau Ain't Yo Ho," one may never know.
  • Squee!: A sound he's likely heard whenever he makes an appearance out in public. He's got a ton of fangirls.
  • The Twink: His body type is notable in a game chock full of mindblowingly diverse hunks in that he's considerably skinnier and thinner with boyish features and babyface complexion.

    Theo Matapang
A successful, wealthy video game developer. He created a profile to hire someone who can fit his ex-boyfriend's suit and attend his 10th high school reunion with him.

  • Asian and Nerdy: He's highly intelligent, and judging from his last name, may be of Filipino descent.
  • Brains and Bondage: By day his creates and develops video games, but by night he's a passionate and fierce kinky switch. Mark discovers this once they find a nice hotel room of into the distance.
  • Casual Kink: And do you ever get to explore them. While Theo can also play submissive and take whatever Mark gives him, he likes to be aggressively dominant, talking dirty and throwing pup play into the mix.
  • The Master: What Mark acknowledges him as behind closed doors. Can be inverted, and have Theo end up calling Mark "master."
  • Shout-Out: Theo's character and sexual kinks bears resemblance to Christian Grey of Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • Shrinking Violet: Was very meek, bookish and shy in high school, but now he's an outspoken, confident man with intelligence and wealth to boot.
  • Teens Are Monsters: Making Theo's life a living hell during high school, stuffing his lockers full of tampons and harassing him on the daily. As adults, some of them have even evolved into Humans Are Bastards.
  • Vengeance Feels Empty: Theo may get the revenge he desperately wanted, but feels underwhelmed afterwards.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: The sole reason he's attending his high school reunion event—along with stringing Mark along—is to gloat and rub in his former bullies' faces how much more happy and successful he is now compared to them now.

A paramedic with a methodical approach to things, along with his twin brother, Jesse. Along with Jesse, they have a track record of patients dying under their care and crashing the ambulance.

  • The Reliable One: Stays with Mark the whole time and helps him evacuate Slurpy from his rectal area. He's also very rational and level-headed and understandably so with a co-worker/brother like Jesse.
  • Teamwork Seduction: With Jesse, against Mark.
  • Three-Way Sex: If Mark lets them, Hugh and his twin brother Jesse double team him inside the ambulance.

A paramedic with an unconventional approach to things, along with his twin brother, Hugh. Along with Hugh, they have a track record of patients dying under their care and crashing the ambulance.

  • Cute and Psycho: Oh definitely, and if Mark likes it, it can lead to other things. Otherwise Hugh saves the day and you get away before you really see the psycho take over.
  • Not a Game: Doesn't take Mark's situation seriously as Hugh and is cheerful through it all.
  • Teamwork Seduction: With Hugh, against Mark.
  • Three-Way Sex: If Mark allows it, Jesse and his twin brother Hugh double team him inside the ambulance.

Supporting Cast

    Penny Zuckerberg
Penny is a roommate and best friend of Mark and Ian since they started at Orlin University. She is a cousin of Phil and also has another cousin named Julie whom she introduced Mark prior to the story.
Her nickname is Penster. She is a computer science major whose ambition is to create an app that will make millions, however her apps she developed so far, "Campus Mapper" and "Tanning Spray" were buggy and still in beta stages. That changed when she initiated Brofinder, a casual dating app that is catered for gay men.
She has a blog called 'My Life Is Awesomer Than Yours', and from there she had explained that her family is a melting pot (as Penny is white, while her cousin Phil is black). Penny is a supportive friend to Mark and Ian often teases them with sarcastic remarks. She is also hot-headed and determined, and willing to work long hours coding her app at the computer lab. Often the most sensible one in the group as she offers good advice for her friends.
Even though she is helpful, she often does things with her own personal agenda, such as taking Mark out to a gay bar to check out the bathroom and going to the fundraiser to mingle with successful people.

  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Didn't Think This Through: Her first smartphone app, the "Campus Mapper" kept putting the users on pathways that caused them to walk into traffic.
  • Eek, a Mouse!!: When she discovers a bag filled with fat mice that Edwina was about to discard.
  • Fag Hag: Penny is very enthusiastic at helping Mark get a man. Though she always liked matchmaking for him.
  • Genki Girl: Gets excited really easily, and is confident about her apps even though they aren't very good.
  • Giftedly Bad: Penny is very enthusiastic at programming, but most of her experiments fail hilariously.
  • Like Brother and Sister: With Mark, and Ian to some extent too.
  • The Matchmaker: She's always super enthusiastic about setting Mark up with one of her family members, regardless of his sexual preference.
  • Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls: "You've been reading those weird stories written by teenage girls again, haven't you?"
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Most of the funniest lines in COOT are from either Ian or Penny.
  • Schemer: Keeps designing/programming different smart phone apps to make money.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": To Theo, a wealthy video game developer known for his work. Penny aspires to become as successful as him with her work one day.
  • Token Girl: The only female main character. Makes sense since COOT is a gay dating-sim.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Ian.

     Minor characters 

Ian Manachevitz's on-again-off-again girlfriend. She runs an art gallery out of her loft which hinted, that her work is based around erotic female figures. Mark was uncomfortable meeting her because she tried to seduce him when they first met while she was in a relationship with Ian. After breaking up with Ian for good, Zoe left Ian's collection of sexual toys to Mark when she moves to her loft.
She also hinted that she also has her collection of sex toys and had to stop Ian for using hers. It was her that influence Ian to have a collection of his own.

  • Amicable Exes: Maintains a friendship with Ian, and even helps him get with Mark in one scenario!
  • Dominatrix: Mark meets her while she's in full attire at her loft. Part of Ian's fantasy allows her to do this when they were together.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold

A woman Mark and Ian meet while at a frat party. She has a friend named Holly. She expresses interest in Mark, but after she's put off by his awkward rebuffs, she joins her friend and Ian in a threesome.

A woman Mark and Ian meet while at a frat party. She has a friend named Molly, who came with her. If Mark and Ian are successful in taking her and Molly home, she'll hookup with Ian, with Molly joining for a threesome.

Graham Coxburn
Graham is a biochemistry professor in Orlin University and also the rival of Alex. He sends Edwina to spy on him and Mark.
Graham's relentless attempts to sabotage Alex's career make him the true antagonist of his story line. Due to a failed research experiment, he seeks to eliminate all his competition in order to remain at the university. That being said, he attempts to exploit the university's strict rules revolving inappropriate relationships between students and professors against Alex. He is encountered several times by the player before he can finally be confronted in his research laboratory along with his assistant Edwina. He continues to manipulate Edwina until the very end, even forcing her to call the police on the player if Mark acts too aggressively.
However, if the player chooses to let Graham go in peace, Alex will not lose his job and the player can potentially continue the romance with him. Graham disappears from the story by this point.

  • Big Bad: In Alex's route, natch.
  • Driven by Envy: Towards Alex. His work nearly gets no success compared to Alex's.
  • Evil Gloating: About the harassment meeting.
  • Kick the Dog: At the first time we see Graham, he steps onto Mark's foot and scolds him for standing in his way.
  • The Man Behind The Woman: Behind Edwina.
  • Pedo Hunt: Graham uses this against Alex. Alex also tells Mark that Mark is safe even from a scandal, only he will be persecuted.
  • Smug Snake: He can't even comprehend that Mark is able to ruin his career.

Graham's spy, who works to get Alex fired. What attracted her to work with Graham initially is the their field of interest intertwined and his previous research potentially brings in grant for the university. She allows herself to be pushed around by Graham for most of the game, but when he asks her to commit animal cruelty on the lab rats, she draws the line. Edwina also likes to frequent JoJo's, where Ian spotted her while he is on his shift.


An aggressive, violent friend of Brad's.

  • The Bully: To Mark, though Brad, Beau and Daisy will keep him line.
  • Jerkass: Gives Mark a rough time and even threatens to beat his ass when he suspects him of making a pass at Daisy.
  • Knuckle Cracking: Does this towards Mark as a form of intimidation. It works.


A tutor of sorts...

  • Alpha Bitch: Textbook definition, and does not take kindly when Mark steps through.
  • Bastard Girlfriend: Potentially to Roman in Brad's ending. She loves the fact Roman almost tried to break Mark's leg over thinking that he wanted her.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Daisy is desperately throwing herself at Brad, and even tries to get into a catty rivalry with Mark.

Beau Melnick
Brad's older brother, captain of the Orlin Otters football team and linebacker. He comes from a deeply religious background. As a result of his father's unreliability and neglect, he raised Brad from a young age.

  • Bait-and-Switch Comment:
    Beau: "You see, Brad and I lost our father..."
    Mark: "Sorry. That must have been so hard."
    Beau: "Indeed. We lost him when we got separated at the state fair."
  • Big Brother Instinct: Naturally when it comes to his little brother, Brad. He is greatly concerned about his academic state.
  • Large Ham: Piss him off, and HERE IT COMES!
  • Nice Guy: Though he may come off as obnoxious, intimidating and physically imposing, he's actually a friendly, nice guy with a deep obligation to his little brother. He evens begins to slowly accept his brother's sexuality and support his happiness with Mark in Brad's ending
  • Rated M for Manly: The man just exudes manliness. He's rugged, muscular, aggressive and is tough as they come.

Sylvia Zhou
Jed's sister. She works as a full time bartender. She doesn't think much of Jed's "buddies," naturally. She's often visiting to check up on her younger brother just to make sure he's still breathing.

  • Cool Big Sis: To Jed, of course.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Sylvia's the one to check up on her brother just to see if he's still alive. You can probably guess which role she undertakes.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Blue Oni to Jed's Red Oni.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Whereas Jed is free-spirited, playful and financially sporadic, Sylvia seems grounded, financially stable and has a no-nonsense personality.

The bassist of the Dirty Loofahs. Dart is currently practicing celibacy because he believes it improves his artistic capacity.
He is also the band's finance manager.

  • The Big Guy: The largest member of the group.
  • Vow of Celibacy: Believes this will improve the success and prosperity of the Dirty Loofahs.

The sensible guitarist and sole female member of the Dirty Loofahs.

The hot-headed drummer of the Dirty Loofahs who's always at odds with Jed and Mark.

A talent scout for Shaved Marmot, a record company.

Amos' dog. She is a shih-poo, and a "wheelie dog," using wheels to get around as a result of being born without the use of her hind legs.

Amos' ex-boyfriend, wrestler and a Keats man.

A delivery boy. Also Gregor's wrestling partner.

Donald Healy
Orlin's Senator and Phil's father.

A staffer of Senator Healy.

Violet Walker
The pampered daughter of a pair of socialites supporting Phil's father.

Mr. Walker
Violet's father and husband to Mrs. Walker.

  • Allergic to Routine: He and his wife find themselves at multiple political fundraising events and gathering but finds them not to be much fun at all.
  • Easily Impressed:
    Mark: "The emperor is rich, but he cannot buy one extra year."
    Mr. Walker: "I LOVE THIS GUY!"
  • Unnamed Parent: We never get to know his first name...

Mrs. Walker
Violet's mother and wife to Mr. Walker.

  • Allergic to Routine: She frequently attends a lot of Senator Healy's political fundraisers, but doesn't find them interesting in the least.
  • Easily Impressed: All Mark had to do to get on their good graces was wear a silly top hat while saying eccentric things!
  • Socialite
  • So Proud of You: Towards Phil. She even wishes her daughter could marry him (or someone close to him.)
    Mrs. Walker (To Phil): "We most certainly need young men like you in the world."
  • Unnamed Parent: We never get to know her first name...

Fellow marine out of boot camp. Enjoys harassing Phil with fellow Marine and friend Zelinski.

Fellow marine out of boot camp. Enjoys harassing Phil with fellow Marine and friend Knutson.

  • Armored Closet Gay: Possibly, if his Gay Moment is any indication...
  • Gay Moment: During a group shower in boot camp, he developed an erection, which Knutson groped and mistakenly assumed to be Phil.
  • Jerkass
  • Pink Is for Sissies: Like Knutson, he gets a sick kick out of mocking Phil's sexuality and provoking him into a fight.

Firefighter called (along with friend and teammate Drew) to break Mark and Jake out of the broken suspended elevator. Depending on the player's choices he and Drew can join Jake (and Mark if he elects to it) in group sex inside the elevator, eat with them in the resturant or simply rescue them and return back to base.

Firefighter who's sent (along with friend and fellow firefighter Sven) to rescue Mark and Jake out of a broken elevator suspended in mid-air. He, along with Sven, can potentially have group sex with Jake (and Mark if he chooses to) inside of the elevator, eat with the three at the resturant, or simply break them and return back to base.

Darryl John Michael Wayne
Make sure you get his name right.
Limousine driver and Mark and Tommy's chauffeur. In actuality, he's a man hellbent on murderous revenge after Tommy wrongly imprisoned him 5 years ago, ruining his life thereafter.


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