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Prince Red Blade, the Master of Wrath

Divine Classification: Ethereal/Ascendant

Portfolio: Martial Arts, Freedom, Temperance

Rank: Demigod

"Through self-restraint, we become good. Through self-discipline, we remind ourselves why we remain good. By applying both of these truths, we can break away from even our own worst flaws and vices, and obtain true freedom."

Prince Red Blade (his entry here) is the sixteenth-born son of Emperor Golden Scepter, and a demi-Alicorn Prince of the Terran Empire.
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    # - B 
  • Adaptational Badass: Primarch Angron was a powerful, vicious warrior, but a weak "psyker" whose only ability is to inspire raging bloodlust in his followers. Here, Red Blade is a powerful Alicorn demigod with stronger psychic powers, with massive potential to become even more powerful in general once he Ascends to true godhood. It's also noted that learning discipline and self-restraint has led to him becoming a deadlier warrior, since he's able to focus his anger into positive uses rather than letting his emotions run wild and loose.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Primarch Angron had the Butcher's Nails implanted on him at a young age to turn him into a powerful gladiator. As a result, he became a bloodthirsty, rage-driven horror who put the Butcher's Nails on his own World Eaters legion, and was responsible for many war crimes and other atrocities. He also became one of the first Primarchs to side with Chaos, though part of the decision was influenced by Primarch Lorgar, who wanted to save his brother's life after learning that the Butcher's Nails were slowly killing Angron. By contrast, Red Blade was initially a shy yet kind foal who became a Bully Hunter to protect others from being bullied, only for him to become no different than the bullies he hunted when he left Crimson Star near death, unaware that Crimson Star wanted to die out of guilt. He eventually realized the error of his ways after witnessing the Poenan Pantheon's fanatical and zealous crusades, and instigating a revolution against a kingdom's tyrannical government that got too bloody and out of control, which motivated him to both control his anger and practice discipline and self-restraint.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Primarch Angron was a bloodthirsty, rage-driven horror thanks to the Butcher's Nails planted in his head, and because the Emperor of Mankind forced him to abandon his fellow gladiators, Angron's intended revolution failed and the gladiators were slaughtered to the last man and woman by their slavers. This made Angron extremely bitter and resentful towards the Emperor, and ultimately he became one of the first Primarchs to fully embrace Chaos. Here, Red Blade is much nicer and heroic, being heavily inspired by Angron's Roboutian Heresy counterpart - he originally started out as a shy yet kind foal who turned into a Bully Hunter after being constantly bullied, but he let his anger twist into "something monstrous" to the point where he became a bully himself, which led to a blinded Crimson Star nearly dying at his hooves. It took an encounter with a group of mortal Poenan followers, and a bloody revolution that went too far for him to realize what an awful person he had been to everyone, and his newfound restraint and discipline allowed him to Ascend to demi-godhood.
  • Adult Fear:
    • He, his older brother Prince Steel Barricade, and Sonic Song would experience this when Magical Hymn and Mercy simultaneously went missing during a meeting, and scrambled to find them both. They discovered they both wandered off to go play, only to encounter an evil demon that they both easily defeated. His entry reveals that he scolded Mercy for her actions afterwards.
      Sonic Song: Wait, where's Miracle Hymn?
      Prince Red Blade: And where's Mercy?
      Prince Steel Barricade: So... we've got a super powerful divine magic sword with the mind of a child and a ten year old with the holy magic equivalent to an army missing at the same time.
      Sonic Song: ...Find them, NOW.
    • His entry notes that at one point, one of his older brothers, Palatine Phoenix, was possessed by a demonic sword he acquired. This served as the basis for his initial distrust of Mercy, as her sapience was a reminder of the incident, but he eventually grew to love and accept her for who he is.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Martial Arts, Freedom, and Temperance. It's believed in-universe that he embodies Golden Scepter's terrible wrath, which might explain his anger issues and the lengths he took to control himself after realizing this.
  • An Axe to Grind: Much like Angron, his primary weapons are a pair of axes.
  • Badass and Child Duo: He's a demi-Alicorn Warrior Prince with lots of experience and power under his hooves. Mercy, a sentient divine sword who would become his weapon and adoptive "daughter", has the mind of a child and a filly's voice to match. It's noted that they travel together a lot, taking down tyrannical kingdoms and realms.
  • Bully Hunter: Deconstructed. He was previously a kind and shy foal, but became this after being constant bullied and catching his bullies picking on a disabled student, enraging him so much that he seriously injured some of the bullies. Red Blade's actions made him feared and respected among other foals, yet worried his family, especially Golden Scepter, who saw in his son the irrational hatred he himself once displayed in the Imperium era. Eventually, he went too far when he joined Fanged Paw and Death Shroud in giving Crimson Star a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown after the latter was blinded in a carriage accident. This earned him the anger of his family, especially Blazing Hoof, but Red Blade was utterly convinced he was right until he encountered the Poenan Pantheon and their ruthless crusades. It wasn't until he inspired a bloody revolution in a tyrannical kingdom that led to the deaths of a despotic royal family's young children and hundreds of innocent people being forced to don the Butcher's Nails by their leaders, that Red Blade finally realized the lesson that Golden Scepter and his family wanted him to learn. He then swore never to let his emotions (especially his anger) run loose again, which warranted his Ascension.

    C - E 
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Primarch Angron, though much of his character and backstory takes heavy influence from RH!Angron.
  • Children Raise You: While he Took a Level in Kindness during his exile by realizing how harmful his anger can be and how he had been an awful person to Crimson Star, his entry notes that what humanized him even further was becoming Mercy's adoptive "father". Initially, Red Blade had no idea how to take care of a child, much less a sapient divine sword, and heavily relied on his father and brothers for help. In addition, he also distrusted Mercy because previously, one of his older brothers, Palatine Phoenix, was possessed by a demonic sword he had acquired at one point. Eventually, Red Blade came to love Mercy as his own daughter and helped her deal with issues such as her fear of killing and her sense of abandonment after Silver Bane left her behind, and he would gain a newfound sense of maturity from the experience. This led to him clashing with his more mischievous brothers because he disapproves of the influence they have on Mercy.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: An invoked in-universe example. His entry notes that because of his relationship with Mercy, he has often been the subject of harassment and slander for the Clovenists, who have tried painting him as a "mad" stallion in their attempts to make him and his family look like incompetent tyrants that must be overthrown for the good of all. Thankfully, he and Mercy have a lot of people willing to protect them from the Clovenists and prevent said group from doing anything dangerous.
  • Deity of Human Origin: He was originally a mortal demi-divine Earth pony until he Ascended to demi-godhood by realizing the consequences of bearing irrational rage and hatred, and learning how to control himself and his allies through self-restraint and discipline.
  • Divine Parentage: Is the sixteenth demi-divine son of Emperor Golden Scepter and Blessed Skies, a mortal pegasus mare. This would make him Long-Lived until he Ascended and became an Alicorn demigod.
  • Dreadlock Warrior: Unlike Angron, who looked like he had dreadlocks due to the Butcher's Nails, he has a mane and tail that are both styled into dreadlocks, which turned into perpetually looping molten lava once he Ascended to demi-godhood. His entry describes him as one of the most combat-oriented Terran Princes, as he embodies Martial Arts on top of being an experienced warrior, leader, and revolutionary.
  • Dual Wielding: His main weapons are a pair of axes, though his entry notes that he had sometimes used swords as well.
  • Escape Artist: As the Alicorn demigod of Freedom, he cannot be held down, imprisoned, or restrained. This is because his domain of Freedom gives him an innate, psychic knowledge of who or what is holding him, allowing him to break free of almost anything. As part of his domain, he can inspire people to become this en masse with Rousing Speeches and empower them with the power and knowledge to free themselves. However, it will not work if people willingly choose not to free themselves. His entry notes that his domain of Freedom is similar to Choice's domain of Free Will, which makes him very dangerous; many people have tried persuading him to use his Freedom domain for unsavory goals such as freeing sapientkind from "evil". He either responds with a damning refusal, or a hoof to the face.
  • The Empath: Like Primarch Angron pre-Butcher's Nails, he has psychic empathy, except here it's due to being the Alicorn demigod of Temperance, and his empathy is much more powerful. He can produce an empathic aura that ebbs negative emotions like rage, envy, and lust, and encourages people to become kinder and more virtuous. This aura also makes him a calming and relaxing presence for both his hot-tempered brothers and those who are inclined to anger, such as Yarost, the Bogolenya Deer god of Fury and Hatred. Like his father, Golden Scepter, he can "emotion-bomb" people with the suffering they have inflicted on others with their actions.

    F - I 
  • Good Parents: For all his flaws, he nevertheless tried to be the loving father Mercy needed in the absence of her original wielder and Parental Substitute, Silver Bane. He helped her understand that Silver Bane had to leave her behind to protect her from the Poenan Pantheon, and he helped her get over her fear of killing by teaching her that killing is only acceptable if people are being genuinely evil and unrepentant, with no other way to resolve things peacefully. While he's very protective of Mercy due to the Poenan Pantheon's efforts in taking her back, and is disapproving of his mischievous brothers' influence on her, he's also very proud of Mercy and her accomplishments, and lets Mercy accompany him on his travels and assist him in toppling tyrannical regimes. His kindness as a father is what influenced Mercy to become a benevolent hero and a weapon of "true" Justice.
  • Heroic Lineage: He is the sixteenth son of Golden Scepter, an antediluvian Alicorn Emperor who is an incredibly powerful psychic, a peerless genius and warrior, and a very competent leader who founded three empires in his lifetime. In addition, he's regarded as a legendary war hero even among the Alicorns, who were all saved from complete extinction thanks to his efforts. If his being inspired by Primarch Angron is to go by, he supposedly embodies Golden Scepter's fury.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Subverted. While he has sometimes used swords, his main weapons are a pair of axes.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: It's noted that he became a Bully Hunter out of a genuine desire to protect everyone from being bullied like he was. However, he later let his righteous anger twist itself into something monstrous, causing him to become no better than the bullies he went after when he joined Fanged Paw and Death Shroud in beating up Crimson Star for his arrogant and disdainful treatment. Even worse, Crimson Star had been blinded saving a classmate in a carriage accident, when what started Red Blade's crusade against bullying was him witnessing his bullies picking on a disabled classmate.
  • Immortality Begins at 20: Subverted. He was an adult by the time he Ascended, but as an Alicorn demigod, he is the divine equivalent to a newborn baby, due to the nature of divine growth in the Codexverse. Because he's the son of a very old and powerful Alicorn god, he already started showing eldritch traits such as a volcanic appearance and dreadlocks made of perpetually-looping molten lava.

    J - O 

    P - S 
  • Papa Wolf: Mercy's entry notes that once the Poenan Pantheon got wind of her sentience, they immediately called for her purification, thinking she was "corrupted" by Silver Bane after he left the Poenan Pantheon and turned "evil". Naturally, this prompted Red Blade and his brothers to protect Mercy, even though the Poenans' purification magic isn't likely to affect Mercy at all due to a lack of corruption.
  • Parental Substitute: Mercy's entry implies that he became a father figure of sorts for the sentient sword, as it's mentioned he began treating Mercy "like his own daughter" after she was given into his care by her previous wielder, Silver Bane the Dark Hunter. It worked, as Mercy became as benevolent as him despite being originally a divine Poenan weapon.
  • Parents as People: He genuinely didn't expect to become the father of Mercy, but he had to be one in light of Silver Bane leaving her in his care to protect Mercy from the Poenan Pantheon. At first, he distrusted Mercy due to being a reminder of the demonic sword that possessed Palatine Phoenix, and he heavily relied on his father and his older/younger brothers for help. Eventually, he grew to love and accept Mercy for who she is, and helped her deal with any issues she may have had, such as her fear of killing and her abandonment issues involving Silver Bane. While he's quite protective of Mercy due to the Poenans' efforts to take her back, and is often frustrated with the influence his more mischievous brothers have on her, he's also extremely proud of Mercy and lets her accompany him on his travels, acting as his assistant in toppling tyrannical regimes. His kindness as a father played a role in Mercy's growth into a benevolent hero and a weapon of "true" Justice, and for her heroic deeds, she was later christened "the Eater of Worlds" to replace the title of "the Holy Blade" the Poenans gave her.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: He believed that bullying Crimson Star for being an Insufferable Genius was justified. It's deconstructed in that even after Crimson Star was blinded in a carriage accident and fell into a severe depression afterwards because of his Jerkass Realization, Red Blade and his brothers continued bullying and tormenting him. It got to a point where Crimson Star became suicidal and turned himself into a scapegoat out of sheer guilt, not caring if he'll possibly end up dying or not. Red Blade's actions would earn the wrath of their father, Golden Scepter, who would exile him as punishment, and the cold shoulder of his brothers who were rightly disgusted and angry with him. Blazing Hoof in particular was furious with Red Blade since he remembers how the latter was constantly bullied as a foal, so seeing Red Blade beat up Crimson Star and leave him near death made Red Blade no different than the bullies who tormented him in Blazing Hoof's eyes.
  • Psychic Powers: His entry notes that he has psionic telekinesis that was taught to him by Golden Scepter, which proves incredibly useful if for some reason he can't use the magical telekinesis that is extremely common among unicorns. And as the Alicorn demigod of Temperance, he has telepathic and empathic abilities that allow him to ebb negative emotions and discourage harmful mindsets, and like Blue Suede Heartstrings, the Alicorn god of Humility, he possesses a form of precognition that shows him a person's future depending on the actions they take.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Averted. He's described as a black-furred Earth pony (and later Alicorn demigod) with red gradients on his legs, underbelly, hair, and face. While not evil, he was far more vindictive and temperamental when he was younger, as he reacted violently towards anyone who displayed bullying and/or tyrannical behavior, including one of his younger brothers, Crimson Star. This behavior initially attracted the Poenan Pantheon to him, but he refused, earning their undying enmity. He eventually changed his ways when a slave revolt he inspired got way out of hand and led to the deaths of innocent people, including a despotic royal family's young foals, causing him to realize that his anger was taking down a dark path and nearly cost him everything.
  • Reincarnation: Discussed; a heated argument with Written Word later causes Golden Scepter to wonder if all of his sons, including Red Blade, are reincarnations of the same Generals that he had "treated so poorly". Luminiferous assures him that even if they are, all of his sons are still unique individuals with their own thoughts and feelings, and he has enough knowledge and experience to ensure that they'll have the "brighter future" that his Generals did not.
  • Seers: His entry notes that as the Alicorn demigod of Temperance, he possesses a form of precognition that shows him a person's future depending on the actions they take. This allows him to warn people of the consequences of pursuing vice, while encouraging good actions. It's noted by his entry that his precognition is heavily similar to Blue Suede Heartstrings' Humility-based precognition in this regard, except Blue focuses on discouraging unchecked Pride.
  • Semi-Divine: Has a demi-divine heritage by virtue of his father, Golden Scepter, being an extremely ancient and powerful Alicorn god. After he Ascended, he became an Alicorn demigod, the Codexverse equivalent of an infant divine.
  • Sink-or-Swim Fatherhood: He quite unexpectedly became the adoptive father of Mercy when Silver Bane arrived and left Mercy in his care to protect her from the Poenan Pantheon. While he initially had no idea how to raise a child and also distrusted Mercy due to being reminded of the demonic sword that possessed Palatine Phoenix, it's subverted in that he heavily relied on his father and brothers for help on parenting. He does eventually learn to love and accept Mercy for who she is, and he mans up and takes care of her on his own, causing him to be quite mature than some of his brothers.
  • So Proud of You: His entry notes that while he's quite protective of Mercy due to the Poenan Pantheon constantly pursuing her, he's extremely proud of his adoptive "daughter" and lets her accompany him on his global travels. He was also proud when Mercy took it upon herself to be a "big sister" for Rosy Dreams, a young filly who was adopted by Bright Eyes after she was rescued from her sexually abusive biological father, which helped Rosy Dreams recover from her trauma.

    T - Z 
  • Telepathy: His entry notes that his domain of Temperance gives him telepathic abilities, allowing him to encourage virtuous mindsets while discouraging sinful thoughts.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Implied, as later Codex entries mention that he became a beloved hero who took down many tyrannical kingdoms and regimes, as well as a loving adoptive father figure for Mercy, a sentient divine Poenan sword who was left in his care by Silver Bane to protect her from the Poenan Pantheon. This is a far cry from the angry stallion who bullied his older brother, Crimson Star, as payment for his Insufferable Genius behavior and at one point left him near death.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: He would receive an epic calling-out from Blazing Hoof, who was angry with him for beating up Crimson Star after he was blinded and leaving him near death, therefore becoming no better than the bullies who picked on him.
    Prince Blazing Hoof: (to Prince Red Blade) I remember protecting you and walking with you to school so those BULLIES wouldn't attack you! I remember comforting you while Forging Scale put bandages on your wounds whenever you came back home CRYING and BRUISED! By Equus, I even remember Written Word looking after you when you came down with that nasty fever and nearly DIED from it! What HAPPENED to that quiet, kindhearted brother I used to know, Red Blade?! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?!
  • Winged Unicorn: He became an Alicorn after realizing the harm he had wrought upon others by letting his righteous anger towards "bullies" of all kinds turn into irrational hatred, and learning self-restraint and discipline in order to control his anger. Currently he's a demigod, the divine equivalent of a newborn baby, though he has massive potential to Ascend to true godhood.


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