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Historical and Mythical Characters

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  • Posthumous Character: Most characters listed here, and mentioned in other character entries, have died long before the Fourth Age.


A to C

    Ambassador Ninny/"Screaming Ninny" 

Character: Idiotic

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Type: Ambassador/Noble/Bigot/Idiot/Deceased/Complete Disaster

Faction: Diamondia

[Incoherent screaming]

    The Amber Royal 
See their folder entry here.

    Black Domino/Fats Domino 
An Earth pony musician from the Second Age, and one of the first pioneers of Rock and Roll. Blue Suede Heartstrings, who popularized the genre, respected and idolized him a great deal, and believed that if anything, he should be the "King of Rock and Roll".
  • Fantastic Racism: It's implied that he had been subjected to this in his time despite his successes as a musician, due to being an Earth pony. This pissed off Blue Suede Heartstrings something fierce, as he believes he only became so successful because he was born a unicorn, and feels that Black Domino should have most of his fame.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: He's based on Fats Domino, as he bears the man's stage name and was one of the first pioneers of Rock and Roll just like him. And like Fats Domino, he was respected and idolized by a far more successful musician, Blue Suede Heartstrings, who is based on Elvis Presley.
  • Posthumous Character: He's long dead, since much of the Codexverse is focused on the Fourth Age. However, his musical talent and influence would leave a great impact on Blue Suede Heartstrings, a fellow musician from the Second Age who would eventually become an Alicorn god.

    Blood Feather 
An Earth pony stallion, and an age-mate of Gleaming Shield and Radiant Primrose in one of their earliest lifetimes.
  • The Bully: Was initially this, largely because the death of his parents from a plague left him without any guidance. His most frequent target was the second Gleaming Shield, who he envied for being so close to his crush, the first Radiant Primrose. He eventually stopped being this after going to the Surface, where he underwent Character Development and ultimately proved himself to be a valuable ally in the fight against Demise.
  • Demonic Possession: Demise's evil possessed him by taking advantage of his sadness towards Radiant Primrose choosing Gleaming Shield over him. This resulted in Blood Feather rampaging across Hyrule, taking Radiant Primrose for himself while attempting to kill Gleaming Shield. Fortunately, his good side took control long enough for him to die on Gleaming Shield's sword, saving his friends and freeing him from Demise's influence... but it turned out to be all for naught as some part of Demise's evil stayed with him after he was reincarnated as Blood Fang, technically playing this trope straight.
  • Evil Redhead: Was born with bright red hair, and initially a bully who picked on weaker kids as well as those he didn't like, such as the second Gleaming Shield. Subverted later on once he left Skyloft and landed on the Surface; after witnessing Gleaming Shield's courage and actions, he gained a sense of respect for his former victim and gradually revealed himself to be a talented builder and inventor. He ended up playing a role in Demise's defeat twice, though the second time resulted in his early death. Unfortunately for him, it gets played straight again once he's reincarnated into Blood Fang, one of the most feared villains in Equus and Hyrule's constant enemy.
  • Expy: Of Groose. Like him, Blood Feather was a pompous and petty red-headed bully who initially tormented Gleaming Shield for being closely associated with his crush, Radiant Primrose. But once he left Skyloft and traveled to the Surface, he changed his ways and became an invaluable ally in the fight against Demise and his forces.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: His death via Heroic Sacrifice would haunt his friends for the rest of their lives until they reincarnated. Possibly justified as because of Hylia's wish, Gleaming Shield and Radiant Primrose are put in an eternally reincarnating cycle, so they couldn't possibly retain any memories of their past lives. But if anything, it just makes Blood Feather's story more tragic, as he became more known as their Eternal Foe, Blood Fang the Dark Conqueror.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Once he went to the Surface where he witnessed Gleaming Shield's courage and actions, he stopped being a bully and redeemed himself by revealing himself to be a talented inventor. This would help Gleaming Shield on his quest to save Radiant Primrose, and when Demise was revived, Blood Feather would work together with Impa to save Radiant Primrose's soul, weakening Demise just enough for Gleaming Shield and a revived Radiant Primrose to kill him.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: While possessed by Demise's evil, he managed to regain control long enough to fall on Gleaming Shield's sword so he could free himself and save his friends. This allowed Gleaming Shield to get rid of the greater demon's remains for good... however, later on it would turn out to be a Senseless Sacrifice as he would end up going down as one of the most notorious villains in Equus's history as "Blood Fang, the Dark Conqueror".
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: Implied; after he was possessed by Demise's evil, he rampaged throughout Hyrule, taking Radiant Primrose for himself while trying to kill Gleaming Shield. Fortunately, his good self regained control long enough to kill himself with Gleaming Shield's sword to save his friends, and free himself from Demise's influence.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: Though Demise ceased to exist because of him, it later turned out to be all for nothing, as Blood Feather would later became known as Blood Fang after he was reincarnated, with parts of Demise's evil still in him.
  • Posthumous Character: He died long before the story starts, having killed himself to save Hyrule and his friends after he was possessed by Demise's evil. Ironically, his name and legacy would be sullied by his reincarnation/descendant, Blood Fang, who would become a feared villain bent on conquering Hyrule.
  • Unrequited Love: His crush for Radiant Primrose, both because of her Reincarnation Romance with Gleaming Shield, and his bullying attitude (initially). His sadness at hearing the news of his friends' upcoming marriage was what allowed Demise's evil to possess him and wreak havoc in Hyrule, the first thing being taking Radiant Primrose for himself while attempting to kill Gleaming Shield. His good self eventually took control long enough to make himself fall on Gleaming Shield's sword to save his friends and free himself from Demise.
  • Winged Unicorn: Demise's Demonic Possession of him warped his body, transforming Blood Feather into a monstrous Alicorn with boar-like traits. Ironically, he was most popularly depicted as an Alicorn after he was reincarnated as Blood Fang.

D to G

    Diamond Glow, the Final Hope 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Neutral Good

Type: Demi-Goddess/Heroine/Hopebringer

Faction: The Glow Sisters

"No matter what adversity we face, no matter how impossible the odds, there is one thing that will always be with us... HOPE."

    Empress-Consort Blessed Skies 
The beloved wife of Golden Scepter, who met and fell in love with her sometime between the Third and Fourth Ages.
  • Happily Married: To Emperor Golden Scepter. They had nineteen demi-divine sons together, and even though her husband is a very ancient God-Emperor, she loved him anyway. Despite being outlived by both Golden Scepter and her many demi-divine children, she would teach the former on her deathbed that Living Is More Than Surviving, something that would be still taken to heart to this day.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: She's a mortal pegasus mare who fell in love with, and married an extremely ancient Alicorn Emperor who had lived long before the Known Ages. Naturally, despite the life-extending technologies offered by the Terran Empire, she would eventually be outlived by both Golden Scepter and her nineteen demi-divine sons.
  • Missing Mom: Justified; due to being a mortal pegasus, she was eventually outlived by her husband and her many demi-divine sons, aging and dying while her family stayed forever young due to their divinity. The fact that she died without Ascending is one of few major factors that caused her thirteenth son, Written Word, to experience Broken Pedestal feelings towards Golden Scepter and resent him, as he secretly hoped that his father would help her Ascend or let her live long enough until she could do so on her own.
  • Posthumous Character: Her legacy and influence could still be felt by her husband and her nineteen sons long after her death from old age.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Gender-inverted. It's Golden Scepter who falls in love with her, as he was attracted to her compassionate and forgiving nature. This led to them getting married and having many demi-divine sons.

    Father Wolfsbane the First 
The progenitor of the Wolfsbane Legacy, and the first mortal nemesis of Emperor Blackthorn.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: He was the first mortal to ever kill a Changeling King, possibly others as well, as well as the first being period to hand Blackthorn a decisive loss. In their final confrontation, he nearly killed Blackthorn.
  • The Dreaded: Developed into this and made his descendants this with his ability to challenge Blackthorn.

    Felonious Gruel 
A diabolical mastermind from the Second Age. In life, he became infamous for stealing the moon, but despite his villainy, he was a good father to his adoptive children. He also treated the Mignons, who were his lackeys, very kindly, causing him, his family, and his colleagues to be fondly remembered long after they're gone.
  • Benevolent Boss: Implied; it's mentioned that the Mignons fondly remember him even in the Fourth Age, to the point where their lairs and hideouts are covered in crude drawings and framed pictures of him, his family, and his mad scientist colleagues. Being the Expy of Gru, that must mean he treated the Mignons very kindly while they were under his employ.
  • Good Parents: Implied. Despite being a villain and a diabolical mastermind, he was a very good father to his adoptive children.
  • Posthumous Character: He, his family, and his colleagues are long dead. However, their kindness towards the Mignons ensured that they would all be fondly remembered even in the Fourth Age, as the Mignons' various lairs and hideouts are covered with crude drawings and framed pictures of them.

    Garden Spade 
A teenage Earth pony colt who lived during the early Second Age. He was brutally lynched by tribalists for supposedly whistling at a unicorn mare, when he actually didn't. His death, combined with his killers being let go by local judges, sparked outrage in a number of people, including then-mortal music celebrity Blue Suede Heartstrings, who developed a hatred of tribalism/racism because of it.
  • Fantastic Racism: Like Emmett Till, he was murdered by tribalists for the crime of being an Earth pony who (supposedly) flirted with a unicorn mare. This enraged a then-mortal Blue Suede Heartstrings, who proceeded to deliver a scathing public "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the killers responsible, the judges who let said killers go free, and those who turned a blind eye out of tribalism/cowardice.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: A tragic example; he's based on Emmett Till, an African-American teenager who was kidnapped, brutally lynched, and thrown into a river by two white men for supposedly whistling at a young white woman.
  • Posthumous Character: He's long dead, having been murdered in the early Second Age by tribalists over something he actually didn't do. However, his death left a huge impact on Blue Suede Heartstrings, who developed a hatred for tribalism/racism in part because of it.

    General Aurum Lupus 
A mortal Pony general who once worked under Emperor Golden Scepter during the Imperium era.
  • Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu: He managed to inflict serious wounds on Golden Scepter, leaving the Alicorn Emperor near death, which is pretty impressive even if he had to be divinely empowered to do it, considering how powerful and ancient Golden Scepter is compared to him. However, Golden Scepter still ended up overpowering and killing him for his treachery.
  • Expy: Of Primarch Horus Lupercal. Both of them were once loyal to a God-Emperor before they decided to turn traitor, feeling betrayed by the very person they once served and wanting to save their people from a tyrannical "god". They also died the same way, being killed by the very person they attempted to overthrow, and their actions, while ultimately failed, still caused so much damage that the empire they once served started falling into a state of irrevocable decline.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Justified; his ruler, Golden Scepter was becoming increasingly tyrannical, ruthless, and cruel despite his good intentions, but the final straw was when Aurum Lupus received a vision where Golden Scepter was worshiped as a god by trillions of Ponies. This would lead to the "Aurum Apostasy", in which he rebelled and masterminded a coup in a well-meaning attempt to save his people from what he saw as a divine tyrant. However, it is believed even by Golden Scepter himself that Aurum Lupus was actually manipulated and empowered by malign forces, which explained how he was able to deal grievous wounds that required Golden Scepter to be sealed away to save his life, before being killed in turn.
  • Reincarnation: It's implied that he and his fellow Generals eventually got reincarnated as Golden Scepter's demi-divine children; in his case, he was reincarnated as Prince Blazing Hoof, Golden Scepter's first-born son. This trope gets discussed when, after getting into a heated argument with his thirteenth son, Written Word, Golden Scepter confided his suspicions about his children being reincarnations of his Generals from the Imperium era to Luminiferous. Luminiferous would assure him that even if they are, all of his sons are still unique individuals with their own thoughts and feelings, and he has enough knowledge and experience to ensure that they'll have the "brighter future" that his Generals did not.

H to J

    Jet Link/C-002, the Soaring Star 
See his folder entry here.

K to N

An Earth pony stallion from the Second Age, who is known as a celebrity gamer in video-gaming communities.
  • Cowardly Lion: He gets scared a lot, which he admits to a young Button Mash, but it's noted that he worked past this several times so he could protect those he cares about. Button Mash reveals this is why he idolizes King - having the courage to face villains and monsters despite your fears means a lot more than simply having "laser eyes" and the ability to fly and punch walls.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: After spending his entire life being falsely regarded as an "S-Class Hero", and being tormented and confined for eons by CreepEntity513 long after his death and the Second Age's end, King is finally freed when he, inspired by Button Mash's courage, empowers the young colt even after he temporarily turns into an Alicorn, allowing CreepEntity513 to be killed at last. After Crystal Prism safely leads everyone out of the collapsing video-game realm, King is led to the Hall of the Honored Dead by Audens Manes as a reward for his heroism
  • Expy: Of King. Like him, he's a pro at video-games to the point where he can be considered a prodigy, though this makes Codexverse!King a highly-regarded celebrity in the gaming communities during the Second Age. They're also completely ordinary individuals who had built up a false reputation of being powerful superheroes, which Codexverse!King greatly regrets. It helps that they share the same names.
  • Hero Worship: Button Mash idolizes him because of his tremendous acts of courage, despite knowing that he gets scared a lot. Even knowing King's flaws (that he's a coward at heart and the fact that his reputation as an S-Class Hero was based on lies) still doesn't deter him from admiring the guy. Button Mash admits that if it weren't for King, he wouldn't have the courage to play through scary scenes in his video-games.

    Megann Wilms, the Rainbow Empress 
  • Abstract Apotheosis: By the 'Second Age' of Known History she was worshipped as either a Messianic Archetype known as the 'Mag'ne', it not an outright god herself. Given the mechanics of divinity and apotheosis in the Codexverse, it's not beyond the realms of possibility, given all her accomplishments and credentials, that she actually might had Ascended into godhood after all she did.
  • Adaptational Badass: In MLP G1 canon, Megan Williams is the Audience Surrogate Badass Normal Kid Hero who came over a magical Rainbow to G1 Ponyland to help and save the Ponies of Paradise Estate from various threats and dangers. Here, Megann Wilms, her actual name and counterpart, is implied to be an Empowered Badass Normal (involving presumably the legendary 'Rainbow Of Light') who became The Empress of a Paradise Estate that under her leadership became a world-spanning hegemonic empire that conquered/destroyed all said dangers and threats, building such a heroic legacy and reputation that by the 'Second Age', tens of thousands of years later, she has became a Messianic Archetype at the heart of several religions, who revered her as the 'Mag'ne' and also invokes her similarly heroic siblings in a reverent manner.
  • The Ageless: It's implied that her bond to the Rainbow of Light turned her into this, allowing her to lead the expansion of the Paradise Empire across the world during the First Age of Known History.
  • The Empress: It's in the title she ended up racking up, and likely a particularly awesome one since it's mentioned/implied that under her leadership, Paradise Estate went from being a small sanctuary settlement of Ponies surrounded by various hostile forces and powers to a world-spanning hegemonic empire whose reach goes as far as the Notusia.
  • Legend Fades to Myth: Her name and deeds had been badly distorted by the 'Second Age' that she became a god-like messianic figure known as the 'Mag'ne', worshiped and invoked by worshippers of the 'Magnean Religions'. The canon depiction is also implied to exist in-universe by the Fourth Age as a heavily-downplayed and edited adaptation of her, her siblings and their Pony companions' lives and adventures.

    Morning Star 
An evil Alicorn who came from the fabled Alicorn Civilization. He is Luminiferous's "biological" father due to having cloned him from his own corrupted Primordial Quintessence.
  • 0% Approval Rating: Being one of the most infamous Fallen deities ever to exist, he is universally hated by both mortal and divine sapientkind. Golden Scepter, who fought Morning Star for ten Ages, would suffer from untreated PTSD to the point where he sometimes had nightmares and hallucinations about his Arch-Enemy long after the latter's death. Luminiferous would travel all over Equus to make up for his father's sins, and because he is an exact physical copy of Morning Star, having been cloned originally to serve as Morning Star's weapon, many people, including Golden Scepter himself, mistook him for the real deal and hated him for it, until they saw his true personality. Even Stoltur Skjöldur, one of Pokhot's infernal sons who embodied Pride, hated Morning Star for being a prime example of "careless Evil" that his family bitterly opposes, and was so horrified upon hearing Golden Scepter's stories of Morning Star that he swore never to stoop to his level.
  • The Ace: Implied. Golden Scepter mentions that he was "among the greatest of us, or perhaps even the greatest of us all. There was nothing he could say, nothing he could think, and NOTHING he could not do." It's deconstructed in that because of this, no one, not even Golden Scepter himself (despite his efforts), noticed how Morning Star was becoming more and more corrupt until, in Temnobog's words, he snapped and tried subjugating Equus and the surrounding universe to his own twisted ideas of perfection.
  • Archnemesis Dad: Luminiferous's heroic and loving upbringing caused him to reject his origins as Morning Star's weapon, causing him to become an enemy of his father. Despite attempts to make him have a Heel Realization, his father was too prideful to admit his own mistakes and loneliness, forcing Luminiferous to kill him.
  • Captain Ersatz: He's largely based on the the Fallen angel, Lucifer, who in Biblical lore was one of God's angels before he betrayed the latter out of arrogance. However, his backstory also includes many elements from Belial from Ultraman Geed, who is also a prideful Satanic Archetype.
  • Civil War: Kicked-started one among the Alicorn Civilization. This conflict ended up lasting over ten Ages (Roughly 100,000 years) and devastated both the Alicorns and the rest of the world.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride, just like Lucifer/Satan himself. Morning Star saw himself as the epitome of perfection, and sought to conquer and remake the world/universe in his image. When Prince Stoltur Skjöldur, one of Pokhot's divine sons and the divine embodiment of Pride, heard of what Morning Star had done through Golden Scepter's stories, he was so horrified that he swore never to let himself become as depraved and selfish as the Fallen Alicorn god.
  • God of Evil: After his Fall, Morning Star was this, and widely considered one of the most infamous 'Fallen Deities' of Equus due to how much destruction and death he caused to satisfy his own ego. Notably, Prince Stoltur Skjöldur, one of Pokhot's divine sons and a God of Evil himself, was so horrified by Golden Scepter's stories of Morning Star's atrocities that he would suffer from nightmares for a while, and swore never to let himself become as depraved, cruel, and selfish as him. Golden Scepter also notes that if he actually used his Evil nature for constructive purposes, Morning Star would have helped the Alicorn Civilization prosper instead of destroying it.
  • Götterdämmerung: Caused one for the antediluvian Alicorn Civilization, which having achieved unparalleled success for eons had began to fall into stagnation, complacency and arrogance, blinding them to the corruption that led to Morning Star coming about in the first place.
  • Hidden Depths: Beneath all his rage and pride, Luminiferous in his final battle against him saw that Morning Star was tired of his endless quest for revenge and just wanted to go home. Unfortunately, he was simply too monstrously proud to admit it or give up, so Luminiferous couldn't get through to him and was forced to put him down.
  • Karmic Death:
    • He created Luminiferous as a weapon to help carry out his revenge against the Alicorns who exiled him for his crimes, and to help him dominate and remake the world as he saw fit. He ended up being killed by Luminiferous, who had the fortune of being raised by a loving family that influenced him to reject his origins as his father's weapon.
    • His ego was so great that according to Golden Scepter, being simply The Ace among Alicornkind was not enough, so he sought to become "the greatest being there ever was" at all costs, causing the destruction of the Alicorn Civilizations as well as millions of both mortal and divine casualties. Instead, as Golden Scepter also notes, he committed so many horrific crimes that after his death, he instead became the greatest example of what not to do as a god. Pokhot found this absolutely hilarious.
  • Killed Off for Real: His clone/son Luminiferous killed him off aeons ago in their final confrontation at the very end of the 'Twilight of the Alicorns'.
  • Meaningful Name: Morning Star is Lucifer aka Satan's name in Latin.
  • The Paragon Always Rebels: Golden Scepter mentions that he was "among the greatest of us, or perhaps even the greatest of us all". But as the Alicorns began to fall into stagnation, complacency, and arrogance, Morning Star's worst flaws became so prominent that he saw fit to try subjugating Equus and its surrounding universe to his own twisted ideas of perfection. By the time everyone realized what was going on, it was too late, resulting in the fall of the Alicorn Civilization.
  • Posthumous Character: He died at Luminiferous's hooves long before the Known Ages started. However, because of the various crimes and other horrific depravities he committed throughout his life, he still managed to be remembered by a large majority of both mortal and divine sapientkind even in the present day. Pokhot would lampshade this in a canonized Codexverse drabble.
    Pokhot: It's amazing... Morning Star has been dead for centuries, MILLENNIA even. And yet, even in the present day, he STILL manages to be remembered by many. I'm utterly gobsmacked as to HOW he pulled off such a feat.
  • Satanic Archetype: Golden Scepter notes that he was The Ace among Alicornkind. But as the Alicorns started to fall into stagnation and arrogance, so did Morning Star, until finally he snapped and started remaking Equus and the universe in his own image. This kickstarted a ten Ages-long civil war that tore the Alicorns apart and destroyed their once-successful civilization, leaving its population drastically lowered and humbled.
  • Ultimate Life Form: According to Golden Scepter, his ego was such that being simply The Ace among Alicornkind wasn't enough, so he sought to become the greatest being there ever was, "Equus be damned". Ironically, because of his very long list of crimes, he instead became the greatest example of what not to do for deities in general long after his death. Pokhot finds this absolutely hilarious.
  • Villainous Legacy: Although long dead, the fallout of his actions would resonate across time to present day and beyond.
    • The destruction of the antediluvian Alicorn Civilization forced its remnants into total seclusion from the rest of the world to recover. This explains why the Alicorns are no longer around in meaningful numbers in canon, save for a few who left or stayed behind.
    • The birth of Luminiferous. Despite his origins as a living weapon, he would grow up with a loving family, who influenced him to become a hero instead. After defeating and killing his father, he would wander the world, helping to raise individuals with potential to greatness and fighting evils threatening Equus as a way to 'make up' for all the damage Morning Star caused.
    • Before Luminiferous, Morning Star created many 'incomplete' and 'flawed' Divine children and minions who would continue to cause trouble for Equus in the ages to come, which Luminiferous would spend a lot of time hunting down and defeating. However, not all of his divine children were bad, as Morning Star indirectly created the Glow sisters, who would play an important role in the battle against the Void Sovereign.
    • Golden Scepter, one of the antediluvian Alicorn rulers who survived the war, stayed behind to help Equus, and its mortal and divine residents rebuild, which ultimately led to the creation of the 'Golden Imperium' civilization of yore. Unfortunately, the traumas he would suffer as a result of fighting Morning Star for ten Ages, with no one to properly help him deal with them, would bring out many of his worst traits and deeply affect his judgement. This led to him making terrible mistakes that ultimately caused him to be gravely wounded and sealed away, while his Golden Imperium crumbled and collapsed.
    • Prince Stoltur Skjöldur, one of Pokhot's divine sons and the living embodiment of Pride, would become so horrified by Golden Scepter's stories of Morning Star's atrocities that he swore never to become like him, using him as an example of what not to do as a "constructive" Evil god.
  • Winged Unicorn: He is described as a Fallen Alicorn god by various Codexverse entries, drabbles, and quotes.

O to R

    Order of the Weathersmiths 
Dating back the time of the pre-Equestrian Three Tribes, the Weathersmiths of Aeolus is an ancient Pegasi guild/organization which achieved significant status among the cloud city-states of the Pegasus Tribe. From its humble beginnings, the Weathersmiths Order became a prestigous and influential body whose presence would permeate much of Pegasi society, its members composed of those Pegasi most gifted with their kind's innate weather-manipulating powers. Among other things, they [WIP]

    Pristine Frame 
A young Pony stallion who approached the Bogolenya goddess of Lust and Pride, Pokhot, and struck a deal with her in order to remain ageless and beautiful forever.

    Queen Hylia, the Wise 
A powerful Alicorn Queen from the antediluvian Alicorn Civilization. While few records remain of her, it was rumored that Hylia once entered a romantic relationship with a mortal knight, the original Gleaming Shield, who pledged his service to her. When Gleaming Shield died while fighting a war against the demon hordes, Hylia was never the same again. She was left so depressed by her loss that she prayed for them to always be together no matter what form they took, before she followed her deceased champion out of grief. From there, she would continuously reincarnate into Radiant Primrose, a mortal unicorn sorceress who would found and rule a kingdom named after her, and aid Gleaming Shield's various reincarnations in fighting evil.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In-universe. From what little was recorded of her, Hylia was a benevolent Alicorn Queen who genuinely loved the original Gleaming Shield, and became so depressed after losing him to demons that she died of grief later on. Her mortal reincarnation, the first Radiant Primrose, believed that Hylia took advantage of Gleaming Shield and had him reincarnated so he could defeat the demons later, which led to a Heroic BSoD out of guilt.
  • Broken Pedestal: The first Radiant Primrose began thinking badly of her "ancestor" when she learned of how she and Gleaming Shield came to be, causing her to wrongly think that Hylia used the original Gleaming Shield as an Unwitting Pawn.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of the goddess Hylia from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Aside from sharing names and being goddesses, this Hylia also shares the manga backstory of having known the original Gleaming Shield/Link during a time when the world was overrun by demons, and having started the cycle of reincarnation out of grief when their chosen champion dies. Unlike Manga!Hylia, however, Hylia genuinely loved Gleaming Shield and didn't manipulate him into becoming strong enough to be her champion against the demons - the manipulative part was apart of a false assumption made by her first mortal incarnation, Radiant Primrose.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Justified. Because the original Gleaming Shield was her close lover, losing him to demons left her incredibly depressed, to the point where she died of grief shortly after his death.
  • Death by Despair: She died of grief shortly after losing the original Gleaming Shield to demons.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Implied; Alicorns are classified as "Ascendant" deities, so she might have been mortal once.
  • Divine Date: With the original Gleaming Shield, a mortal knight. This led to problems when Gleaming Shield was killed by demons during a war, causing her to die of grief. It's believed by her fellow Alicorns that falling in love with a mortal was the only mistake she ever made.
  • The High Queen: From what was implied in Radiant Primrose and Gleaming Shield's entries, she was a wise and just queen
  • The Magnificent: Known as "The Wise" thanks to her magical foresight and her streak of good decisions. It's implied that some of her fellow Alicorns believe that the only mistake she made was falling in love with a mortal, the original Gleaming Shield.
  • Manipulative Bastard: The first Radiant Primrose wrongly assumed that the reason why she and her friend Gleaming Shield were reincarnated was because Hylia wanted a way to defeat the demons once and for all, making Gleaming Shield an Unwitting Pawn. This caused Radiant Primrose to suffer a Heroic BSoD, believing that she's guilty of the same thing due to being her "descendant".
  • Posthumous Character: Being the ancestor of every mortal incarnation of Radiant Primrose, a unicorn Queen with divine powers, she is long dead before the start of the story.
  • Reincarnation Romance: She's the reason why Gleaming Shield and Radiant Primrose often share a close relationship in their many lifetimes. After losing the original Gleaming Shield in a war against demons, Hylia prayed for them to always be together no matter what form they took. This resulted in her mortal reincarnations, Radiant Primrose, becoming the "Eternal Love" for the various Gleaming Shields that would pop up time and time again.
  • Seers: Was recorded to have powerful foresight, which was how she was able to keep up a long streak of good decisions. It is believed by her fellow Alicorns that the only "mistake" she ever did was falling in love with a mortal.
  • Sins of Our Fathers: Hylia's actions, though done purely out of love, left a bad impression on her mortal reincarnation, the first Radiant Primrose. Due to coming up with the wrong conclusion about Hylia's actions, she genuinely believed herself to be just as guilty by virtue of being related to Hylia. She eventually got over it thanks to Gleaming Shield's encouragement and forgiveness.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Her lover, the original Gleaming Shield, was killed while fighting in a war against demons, causing her to die of grief shortly after. Even if it didn't happen, Gleaming Shield would've surely died of old age while Hylia lived on, due to her being an immortal Alicorn.
  • Winged Unicorn: Much like the people of the Alicorn Civilization, Hylia was one when she was alive.

    Queen Majesty 

    Queen Parabola 
A "Zebralicorn" Queen who ruled the Zebrican empire of Mali during its height. No one knows exactly what happened to her, except her mysterious disappearance caused the downfall of Mali.

    Queen Rising Sun 
The younger sister of Prince Sparkling Wing, the Alicorn god of Peace, Leadership, and Unity. Rising Sun was born out of a need to secure a successor for her kingdom's throne - Sparkling Wings was the original heir, but because the line of succession was completely matrilineal, Queen Silver Clock faced enormous pressure to give birth to a daughter, and eventually did so despite having high hopes for her son. While Sparkling Wing was saddened that his subjects were quick to dismiss him as a royal because he was born with the wrong sex, he doesn't blame his mother or his sister, and still loves them both like family.

Rising Sun would grow up and succeed her mother, and during her reign, she would develop racism towards non-Pony entities and monsters, something that would make her butt heads with Sparkling Wing. Notably, tensions were rising between her kingdom and its Griffon neighbors, and yet despite her and her brother's diplomacy, the Griffon leaders refused to consider peaceful options due to rising hostilities and political sabotage, leaving Rising Sun no choice but to go to war and put the "disgusting interlopers" in their place. It would be the last time Sparkling Wing would see his sister, as a few days before, he got into an argument with her while trying to make her reconsider waging war, only for Rising Sun to die in battle.

However, Rising Sun did leave behind an heir: Her daughter, Obsidian Star, who would inherit the throne shortly after her mother's death. Despite this devastating loss, Sparkling Wing would serve as a part-time adviser to his niece after she became Queen, until he was assured that she could rule successfully on her own.
  • Expy: Of Solaria Butterfly, being racist, warmongering queens whose genocidal wars eventually led to their deaths. Like her character inspiration, she was also born out of the kingdom's need to secure an heir, after the public rejected her older brother as heir to the throne due to his sex and not wanting to break matriarchal traditions.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Much like her character inspiration, she believed that going to war with non-Pony entities, such as the Griffons, was the only option of survival since her and her brother's attempts at diplomacy with the Griffon leaders didn't work. Sparkling Wing tried talking her down, only to fail when she still went through with her decision to wage war with her Griffon neighbors, and died in battle a few days later.

    Queen Silver Clock 
A unicorn queen of a Third-Age kingdom, the husband of King-Consort Cardinal Feather, and the mother of Prince Sparkling Wing and Queen Rising Sun. Silver Clock was known for being a powerful time sorceress, and when Sparkling Wing was born, she showered him with love and adoration, leaving him a bit spoiled. Notably, Silver Clock saw in him the potential to become a great ruler and tried turning him into her successor by encouraging him to learn magic, passing to him her personal spellbook so he could write in new spells, and naming him her official heir to the throne.

However, because the kingdom she ruled was matriarchal, Silver Clock came under heavy pressure from her subjects, who didn't want a male ruler on the throne and wanted her to have a daughter. She eventually caved in and had Rising Sun, who was named her "true" heir, automatically superseding Sparkling Wing's claim of succession. While Sparkling Wing was happy with this, as he was actually disinterested in ruling, his public rejection by his subjects due to being male left him rather heartbroken. A disguised Luminiferous happened to visit the kingdom around this time, and he was understandably angry when he learned what happened, resulting in him calling out the entire kingdom for ruining someone's potential because of a "mistake" in their gender.

Recognizing that her son would be better off elsewhere, Silver Clock pleaded for Luminiferous to take in Sparkling Wing as his student. Luminiferous agreed, and after a tearful goodbye, Sparkling Wing set out with the antediluvian Alicorn, traveling all over Equus while learning under him. Silver Clock would eventually learn through a letter that Sparkling Wing became an Alicorn on one of his travels, and was so overjoyed that she started crying.

She was eventually succeeded by Rising Sun, though despite her subjects' expectations, she would become a worse ruler than her older brother would have been had he not been superseded in her favor.
  • Expy: Of Skywynne Butterfly, being both queens who were powerful time sorceresses and also loving mothers to their children. Like Skywynne, Silver Clock wanted her son to succeed her as King, but her subjects pressured her into having a daughter, which she eventually did to her deepest regret, because they didn't want a male ruler in a matriarchy. However, Silver Clock would let Sparkling Wing learn under someone who continued to believe in him despite his gender, resulting in her son becoming a god instead.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: She believed that her son, Sparkling Wing, was destined for greatness because she saw the potential in him, and so she wanted him to succeed her as a mage King by encouraging Sparkling Wing to learn magic and making him his official heir to the throne. However, this failed because her subjects rejected Sparkling Wing because they didn't want a stallion on the throne, and heavily pressured her into having a daughter. She would eventually cave in and give birth to Rising Sun; while she still loves Rising Sun, she deeply regretted cutting off Sparkling Wing's potential so abruptly. Fortunately, Luminiferous intervened, and it was thanks to him that Sparkling Wing was able to achieve greater feats, including becoming an Alicorn.
  • For Want of a Nail:
    • Had she refused to let her subjects sway her into having a daughter, Queen Rising Sun would not have existed. Instead, Sparkling Wing would succeed her as the kingdom's first King as she always hoped he would.
    • Had she not met Luminiferous and pleaded for him to take her son as his apprentice, Sparkling Wing would've stayed home instead and eventually fade into obscurity, his potential rejected and squandered by his subjects because of his sex.
  • Good Parents: She was a very loving mother and adored both of her two kids - she wanted Sparkling Wing to be a great ruler, and tried bringing out his potential by encouraging him to learn magic and making him her official heir to the throne. However, her subjects didn't want to accept a male ruler on the throne, due to the kingdom being matriarchal, and heavily pressured her into having a daughter, which resulted in the birth of Rising Sun.
  • Greater Need Than Mine: She initially wanted Sparkling Wing to succeed her as king because she believed he was destined for greatness. However, her subjects didn't want to break matriarchal traditions and accept a male ruler, so they pressured her into having a daughter, which she eventually did despite her objections. She would quickly and deeply regret her decision, which is why she pleaded for Luminiferous to take in her son as his student so Sparkling Wing would achieve greatness elsewhere.
  • My Greatest Failure: She deeply regretted ruining Sparkling Wing's potential as a ruler for the sake of pleasing her subjects, despite having high hopes for her son. This is partially the reason why Luminiferous was lenient with her after he learned what happened, other than Sparkling Wing begging the antediluvian Alicorn to go easy on her since she was keeping up appearances.
  • Parental Favoritism: Subverted. Because her kingdom is matriarchal, she had to give birth to a daughter as dictated by tradition, and devoted her attention to her daughter, Rising Sun, and trained her as a future queen. However, in private, she loved both of her children, and deeply regretted superseding Sparkling Wing's claim of succession to the throne, since she always believed he was destined for greatness.
  • Tears of Joy: She shed these out of pride for her son when she learned through a letter that Sparkling Wing became an Alicorn, having finally become the great person he was meant to be.
  • Time Master: Implied; her name, her description as a unicorn sorceress who specialized in time magic, and the fact that she's an Expy of Skywynne Butterfly, who was dubbed the "Queen of Hours", pegs her as this.

    Queen Sunsparkle 
The last known Queen of Friendship Gardens until Fluttershy Posey of Equestria ascended the Enchanted Throne, Queen Sunsparkle is a heroic, legendary monarch from the very early Second Age who is famed for her benevolent and bold personality as well as the awesome might she possesses, the latter thanks to being the wielder of the 'Majestic Power'. The mystical force left behind by an even earlier legendary Queen had chosen her to inherit its power and the responsibility of the kingdom which held it. Sunsparkle would live up to the expectations, and have had an illustrious reign filled with both triumph and tragedy which is still remembered in the Fourth Age. While she is no longer around and now remembered only as historical/legendary figure, few realize that she is in fact still very much alive and active, albeit not on Equus...
  • Bold Explorer: Is shown, described and/or hinted to be this, driven by an insatiable curiosity and adventuring spirit that would see her go forth on epic quests both before and after she became Queen. She went on a prolonged one to explore the stars at the end of the Second Age, to seek out and help Pony colonists stranded on other worlds in the aftermath of Void Aeon and the collapse of the galaxy-spanning civilization that existed at the time.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Even before her Ascension to Alicornhood, she was incredibly powerful as a Queen thanks to being the chosen wielder of the Majestic Power by the Enchanted Throne, which massively make her super-equine with strength and power to rival that of Metamare, the Bringer of Hope during the Second Age. To note, upon her return, she was strong enough to sink the flagship of an invasion fleet by breaking the freaking battleship in half with one punch.
  • Fisher King: Spent centuries in stasis during an interruption of her reign, caused by the brief fall of Friendship Gardens that left her mortally wounded, put into an enchanted sleep so she might heal and one day return to aid the realm (which became the Isle of Pony/Bitish Isles) at the hour of its greatest need. That apparently just so happens to be during the Second Great War when Ratzi Germaney was poised to invade the Isles.
  • God Empress: She ascended at one point during her reign and became an Alicorn Queen, a living, breathing goddess. This would have massive implications as she was wielding the 'Majestic Power' at the time, which also got a massive boost to its already impressive power with
  • King Arthur: Very, VERY heavily implied to be this for the Codexverse, as at one point Friendship Gardens (mostly) fell and she was put into an enchanted sleep until an hour of greatest need came upon which she would return, to save the successor of Friendship Gardens (which is heavily implied to be the Isle of Pony/Bitish Isles).
  • Only the Chosen May Wield: And Sunsparkle was found worthy by the Enchanted Throne to wield the Majestic Power and become Queen of Friendship Gardens.
  • Living Legend: Certainly a legend and, contrary to popular present belief, still VERY much alive. Albeit on another planet.

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