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    Debuting in CF 1 and Tournament Edition 

Bad Mr. Frosty
Call me Daddy
Voiced by: Jess Harnell (63⅓ and Sculptor's Cut)
Bad Mr. Frosty is a snowman with an attitude! He is one of the two characters to appear in all the Clayfighter games to date, and has also appeared on all the box art for every game in the series. Bad Mr. Frosty is a grouchy snowman who rules the North Pole, though he occasionally helps the good guys. He has snow/ice based attacks, including throwing snowballs, creating sharp icicles, and sliding across the ground. He's typically seen wearing a blue/purple top hat, though in C2: Judgment Clay, he wears a light brown baseball cap backwards.
Tropes associated with Frosty:

Blob (or The Blob)
I'm a human being!
Voiced by: Frank Welker (63⅓ and Sculptor's Cut)
As his name implies, he's a blob of clay (typically green) and a master of "goojitsu". His specialty is morphing into different objects to attack such as a mallet, anvil, plane, and his signature move a buzzsaw. He is one of the few characters to appear in all of the Clayfighter games to date. In the first two games he had a high-pitched voice and an angry scowl but in 63⅓ he has a Quasimodo-like voice and a dopey and less serious attitude.
Tropes associated with Blob:

Oh, a wise guy, huh?
Voiced by: Tress MacNeille (63⅓ and Sculptor's Cut)
Taffy, like his name implies, is a long, stretchy piece of living, yellow taffy. It is unknown what flavor he is. He is a playable character in the original Clayfighter and also in 63⅓.
Tropes associated with Taffy:

Ickybod Clay
Welcome to my nightmare!
Voiced by: Frank Welker (63⅓ and Sculptor's Cut)
Ickybod Clay is a ghostly ghoul with a pumpkin for a head. He appears in the first Clayfighter and reappears in 63⅓. Ickybod Clay aspires to be terrifying and scares whoever he meets.
Tropes associated with Ickybod Clay:

I hope you CHOKE on my jokes!
Click here to see him in the first ClayFighter 
Voiced by: Rob Paulsen (63⅓ and Sculptor's Cut)
In the original Clayfighter, he was tall with a six pack, a crazy grin and cheerful voice. His attacks include throwing pies, doing cartwheels, and diving into his opponent, flattening them. A much more subdued Bonker returns in the third chapter of the Clayfighter saga, despite not appearing in C2: Judgment Clay. It is stated that Bonker went insane years ago and is now trying to kill everyone who laughed at him in the past.
Tropes associated with Bonker:

Come back and I'll mold you a new face!
Tiny is a huge, muscular character from the original Clayfighter. He's one of the few characters to return in its sequel, C2: Judgment Clay, though unlike Bad Mr. Frosty or the Blob, who had updated appearances and movesets, Tiny's sprites were just re-used from the previous game.
Tropes associated with Tiny:

Blue Suede Goo
Hey watch the hair, man!
Blue Suede Goo is an Elvis impersonator. He only appears in Clayfighter and Tournament Edition. He was the most talkative character in the first game, with the second most talkative being Bad Mr. Frosty. Originally, he was going to be called Elvis the Impersonator. BSG was the second Clayfighter to emerge from the meteorite as seen in the TE intro.
Tropes associated with Blue Suede Goo:

Ooohhh ooohhhh!
Helga is a voracious viking woman with a fat stomach who first appeared in Clayfighter. She is the first female character to appear in the Clayfighter series. Her stage is the Viking Stage. Her name was originally going to be Val.
Tropes associated with Helga:

N. Boss is the final boss of Clayfighter. He looks a lot like a ring of beads with eyes on top. when he loses, he doesn't fall over, he frowns as some of his beads lay on the ground (meaning that his teeth have been knocked out). In his victory pose he grins in victory.
Tropes associated with N.Boss:

    Debuting in C2: Judgment Clay 

Click here to see him as T-Hoppy 
Voiced by: Charlie Adler (63⅓ and Sculptor's Cut)
Hoppy is a battle bunny with an Austrian accent who used to be a normal rabbit but got ripped in C2: Judgment Clay after talking to his muscles. Having become "all diesel", apart from ravaging his neighbor's garden he planned to mop the world with the other clayfighters to become the grandmaster of Mudville.

He made a return appearance in 63⅓ where the evil Dr. Kiln found Hoppy mortally wounded from the last game and replaced Hoppy's lost body parts with cybernetic implants and apparently altered his voice somehow, as he now spoke like a stereotypical drill sergeant; however, Hoppy turned on Dr. Kiln afterwards, hoping to destroy Kiln while regaining his own peace of mind (In Sculptor's Cut, though, Dr. Kiln put some kind of mind control chip in him and made him work for him). In addition to the great physical strength from talking to his muscles and the cybernetic enhancements given to him, he is also an accomplished stage magician.

Tropes associated with Hoppy:

Get with the times, mon!
Nanaman is a living banana featured exclusively in C2: Judgment Clay. He is very laid-back and is of Jamaican descent.
Tropes associated with Nana:

You're octogone!
Octohead is a purple octopus-like creature who loves to party! He has a total of eight tentacles; four on his head, two on his sides that he uses as arms, and two on the bottom that he uses as feet. His first and only appearance was in C2: Judgment Clay.
Tropes associated with Octohead:

Crawl back to your momma's pouch!
Kangoo is a kangaroo from C2: Judgment Clay. She is a boxer (and in fact the World Clay Boxing Association champion) who hates hurting people and only does it because her fans would get mad. She actually wanted to retire, but her fans threatened to lynch her if she did, so she enters the tournament.
Tropes associated with Kangoo:

This is my crib. Get out!
Googoo is a large baby from C2: Judgment Clay. As a very ghetto guy, he plays pool and chills with the ladies.
Tropes associated with Googoo:

Time for you to chill!
Ice is the evil counterpart of Bad Mr. Frosty. He is a boss in C2: Judgment Clay. His personality isn't too deep. His one trait that he is given is that he hates Bad Mr. Frosty. When you're talking about color, he is coal black (maybe implying he is made out of slush) and has a darker hat.
Tropes associated with Ice:

I squished you like the clay that you are
Butch is the meaner version of Tiny. Personality wise, he's not too different from his counterpart. He is just as dumb and at most times has his lower jaw open. His skin is much darker than Tiny.
Tropes associated with Butch:

You won't find the trick to beating Slyck!
Slyck is the evil counterpart of Blob. He appears along with all the other evil counterparts, in C2: Judgment Clay. Thus, he's Blob's final opponent. Slyck looks just like the Blob, except he has yellow teeth, yellow eyes and his slimy skin is a different shade of green.
Tropes associated with Slyck:

Dr. Peelgood
Peeling bad, mon?
Dr. Peelgood is the evil counterpart of Nanaman. He appears in C2: Judgment Clay. In appearance, he's a purple palette swap of Nanaman. It is likely that he has the least amounts of recycled voice clips out of all of the evil counterparts in the game. Personality wise, he is very mischievous. He also has Nanaman's same Jamaican accent and manner of speech.
Tropes associated with Dr. Peelgood:

Eight lashes with a wet tentacle!
Jack is an evil version of Octohead. Unlike the party-going Octohead, he prefers to be alone, and wants to rule the seas.
Tropes associated with Jack:

I'm a baaad boy!
Spike is the evil counterpart to Googoo in C2: Judgment Clay. He is a lot like his rival, only way brattier. Personality wise, he's not too different. He has darker skin, and a purple bonnet and diaper. Some of his quotes are different from those of Googoo's and, if not different, are placed in other animations.
Tropes associated with Spike:

I dropped the bomb on you, maggot!
Sarge is the evil counterpart of Hoppy, being a grey rabbit instead a yellow one as hoppy. He only appears in C2: Judgment Clay.
Tropes associated with Sarge:

Feel the thunder!
Thunder is the evil counterpart of Kangoo. She only appears in C2: Judgment Clay. Unlike her rival, she loves hurting people.
Tropes associated with Thunder:

    Debuting in CF 63⅓ and Sculptor's Cut 

Earthworm Jim
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta
Having his own videogame and TV animated series, Earthworm Jim comes to Clayfighter for first time as a Guest Fighter. First going to vacations on Klaymodo Island, Jim is joining Bad Mr. Frosty, Blob and other characters against Dr. Kiln's world domination plans.
Tropes associated with Jim:

Smell this action!
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta
He appears as a guest character in 63⅓ to show up his rival, Earthworm Jim. However, this rivalry was never brought up in either characters game series. The only reason for this is that they are both from different games. As various of the characters, he came to Klaymodo Island for vacations, but later he became part of The Resistance group against Dr. Kiln.
Tropes associated with Boogerman:

Kung Pow
Egg Fu Young!
Voiced by: Jeff Bennett
Kung Pow is a chinese chef who is also skilled in martial arts, and often times gets the two mixed up. Resembling a bucktoothed Bruce Lee he wears a white gi and sports a bowl cut. It's said that he used to be Sumo Santa's personal chef until he got fired for serving repulsive meals and his lack of kung fu knowledge. It's also been said that he used to be a cooking show host.
Tropes associated with Kung Pow:

Happy Harry Houngan
You messed with the wrong guy now, eh?
Voiced by: Jim Cummings
Happy Harry Houngan is a character in the Clayfighter series, and first appeared in 63⅓. Houngan is an evil Haitian witch doctor and voodoo master, often seen with a rubber chicken as a weapon. His name is the term for a Haitian Voodoo priest (even though he has a Jamaican accent).
Tropes associated with Houngan:

Dr. Generic Kilnklein (Dr. Kiln)
The Doctor is in!
Voiced by: Charlie Adler
Dr. Kiln (Or, Doctor Generic Kilnklein) is a mad scientist in the very sense of the stereotype. Originally mentioned in the manual of C2: Judgment Clay as having caused the chaos in the game and creating evil clones of each character, he makes his first in-game debut in 63⅓ as the main villain.
Tropes associated with Dr. Kiln:
  • Artificial Limbs: Dr. Kiln has replaced his left hand with a mechanical prosthetic one, that can transform into a chainsaw, a scalpel, a machine gun and other dangerous things, after he was forced to amputate it when he accidentally touched the goo the meteor emitted.
  • Big Bad: Of the series in general, manipulating events from first game, creating the clones for C2 and then manifestating himself in 63⅓.
  • Bioweapon Beast: Many of the things he creates are engineered from living beings for this purpose, though few stay under his control.
  • Catchphrase: "The Doctor is in!"
  • Evil Redhead
  • Final Boss: In 63⅓, no matter which difficult level you choose. Averted in Sculptor's Cut where is the Rival Final Boss, but going straight for the characters who has Kiln as his rival (mostly his creations).
  • The Ghost: He's supposedly the Big Bad of the second game (as mentioned in that game's instruction manual), but he doesn't appear in person until the third.
  • Mad Scientist: Complete with the stereotypical hunched back, glasses and the German accent.
  • Monumental Theft: Dr. Kiln stole the Statue of Liberty and converted into Lady Liberty.
  • Secret Character: In 63⅓, selectable via Classic Cheat Code.
  • Shapeshifter Weapon: His cutten hand was replaced with his own created clay, so he can transforns into anything he wants. Mostly seen it as a One-Handed Shotgun Pump.
  • Turned Against Their Masters: Most of Kiln's creations rebelled against him, with the only exception of his dog Lockjaw Pooch and T-Hoppy in Sculptor's Cut via Mind Control.

Sumo Santa
Jingle this all the way!
Voiced by: Jim Cummings
Sumo Santa first appeared in 63⅓. He appears to be an evil version of Santa Claus. Sumo Santa is an evil twin of Santa Claus who has taken over the North Pole and has angered Bad Mr. Frosty. Interestingly, in Clayfighter 63⅓, he wants to take over the world but can't until Dr. Kiln and Frosty are out of the picture. In Sculptor's Cut, his rivalry with Frosty is still prominent but instead he wants to kick everyone off the island so he and his elves can continue making toys for the children of the world.
Tropes associated with Sumo Santa:

Lockjaw Pooch
My bite is definitely worse than my bark
Voiced by: Frank Welker
Lockjaw Pooch is a vicious junkyard dog granted sapience by Dr. Kiln's experiments. He is ever loyal to his master, unlike other creations by Dr. Kiln. He was declared dead in 63⅓, but became playable in Sculptor's Cut.
Tropes associated with Lockjaw Pooch:

Lady Liberty
Time to liberate ya!
Voiced by: Tress MacNeille
Lady Liberty is the Statue of Liberty brought to life by Dr. Kiln, but she rebelled against her creator. She has the only command throw in the entire series, the Liberty Bell. She also uses her torch as a flamethrower and launches needles at her foe.
Tropes associated with Lady Liberty:

High Five
Peace, man!
Voiced by: Tress MacNeille
High Five is a mutated giant hand. He is playable as a secret character in Sculptor's Cut. He appears to be unfinished, because he has one super combo and no Claytalities.
Tropes associated with High Five:

Zappa Yow Yow Boyz
Get off our island!
Voiced by: Frank Welker
The Zappa Yow Yow Boys are the cannibalistic natives on Klaymodo Island. They first showed up in Sculptor's Cut. Instead of one person, they are three kids standing on each others shoulders with a shared life bar. Houngan hates them, but this is only stated. Their rival is Taffy. Their home stage is the Tribal Tower.
Tropes associated with Zappa Yow Yow Boyz:
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: The three Boyz are colored with different skin colors (not normal ones, by the way).
  • Cannibal Clan: The Boyz come from a native cannibal tribe of Klaymodo.
  • I am a Humanitarian
  • I Have Many Names: The three mooks are called Fofo (top), Gling (middle) and Kapu (bottom).
  • Iconic Stage: The Tribal Tower, which is a tower of giant tribal drums and is the highest point on the island. This is Boyz's stage and it was programmed since the beginning in the game, but since the Boyz weren't part of the final release, the stage is still available in 63⅓ versus stage in the Secret Options via Classic Cheat Code.
  • Kid-Appeal Character: The only ones from Sculptor's Cut and the second ones after Googoo and Spike in C2: Judgment Clay.
  • Mooks: Of Houngan, even when he stated that he hates them.
  • Protect This House: Zappa Yow Yow Boyz consider the rest of Clayfighters as invaders, so they will fight them to protect their homeland, no matter if they're good or bad.
  • Rule of Three: The three kids fighting as one character.
  • Rolling Attack: Boyz throw one of their partners to roll to damage the enemy. And has a super version where the three roll together to make more damage.

    Cancelled Characters 

Lucy the Gorilla
Lucy the Gorilla was meant to appear in C2: Judgment Clay but was taken out due to time constraints. Actual gameplay of her can be seen in the C2 trailer fighting Tiny.
Tropes associated with Lucy:

HoboCop was an idea for a character in Clayfighter 63⅓, but cut from the final version for many reasons, the most well-believed being that he was too controversial. In early screen shots for 63⅓, HoboCop was said to use attacks based on alcohol as well as flashing his genitals. However, like many other fighters in this beta, attacks like this were probably removed. Although there were other characters that not appeared in 63⅓, HoboCop was the only one that didn't return in Sculptor's Cut.
Tropes associated with HoboCop:


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