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Characters / Clark Kallen And His Merry Band

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The character sheet of the Fire Emblem based role-play, Clark Kallen and his Merry Band.

The Merry Band

Clark Kallen

"I was going to let you live. Too bad, eh?"

A ruthless mercenary with an unknown origin, Clark is the leader of the titular merry band. Although he received his position at the beginning of the story, his actions and behavior suggest that he has had experience commanding men before. His swordsmanship is fearsome, but Clark keeps a variety of other tricks up his sleeve, and he has been known to employ magic vials and poison. His penchant for brutal victories has pushed him to the boundary of being a Villain Protagonist.



Serena Einsheart

"We are Clark Kallen and his merry band of mercenaries! Surrender yourself now unless you wish to be blood upon my blade!"

An extremely enthusiastic girl wielding a sword she calls the Delphinus, Serena takes a happy-go-lucky approach to mercenary work. Has a strong sense of justice, but understands that survival comes first.


Weyler Ulbran

"Money's a nice incentive, but I consider you enough of a friend to go without it."

A silver-haired mage with incredible control over all branches of magic, Weyler is the team's primary offensive magic-user, though he has been know to heal as well. Weyler is less concerned about how the part goes about doing their jobs, as long as it is for a good cause.

Mikalas "Myke" Ienthi

Alright, I guess you do have a right to know. I'll warn you now, though, it's not the most believable of stories. I'm not from Elibe, and neither is the man I'm after. For that matter, neither are Lilane and Emysia. We're all from another world- we used to call it Langras."

A young swordsman from another world called Langras, who arrived in Elibe while trying to escape the clutches of the Graael Order. He chanced upon the band while they were on their first job, and since worming his way into the group has become a valued member; his age being somewhat offset by prodigious skills (though how these skills were accquired is unknown; he seems to have lived a relatively peaceful life in the time between his flight from Langras and joining the band).

Lilane Radurni

Emysia Radurni


"You can call me Tookie, since everybody else does. If that sounds as ridiculous to you as it does to me, my real name is Michael."

An enigma; a boy from a world completely different to Elibe and Langras, though seeming to have a role to play in their futures. He enlisted with the group rather unofficially, first fighting alongside them during Myke's assault on the Graael Order's fledgeling Elibe base, where the Order soon saw his more malicious side. Staying with the mercenaries due to what seemed to be his role, he's established himself as... well, not the nicest of people most of the time.


A towering figure clothed in black and shrouded in mystery, XEQ has proved time and time again on the battlefield that he is a valuable asset to the team. Unfortunately, off the battlefield, his actions are...less than commendable. His complete silence makes it hard to figure out what he's thinking. In Chapter Seven, we find out what he really is, but Clark insists on keeping him around.

Griez Rothelmu

Lachelle Clament

Van Urustwhil

Relus Thersiss

Byron's Fury

Byron Callahan

Ognus Ecker

Jane Falaxis

Lou Brace

Alice West

  • Smitten Teenage Girl (With an ever-changing target, to boot. So far we've seen Lou and Brannan, with possible others.)
  • Team Mom (Odd in that she's the youngest.)


Recens Simetra

Brannan De Caliphar

"I don't think it's unreasonable for someone to enjoy himself here and there in a profession of his choosing."

Standing taller than all of the cast but XEQ, Brannan is an intimidating man with swordsmanship to match. He fled to Karaisali after being wrongly accused of rape and murder, and has joined the ranks of the Fury as its newest member. His fighting style is a mixed bag of techniques that are both unpredictable and extremely effective. This extends into his personality, as Brannan is very pragmatic and efficient.

The Graael Order





Lily Klavine

A girl from another world, hinted to be the same world as Tookie, she works with the Graael Order as per her belief that if they succeed she gets to return home, and it is through them she first met Tookie. She fought him initially due to her belief that he was her enemy by association, though continuing the fight due to her anger at his attitude to the whole thing. She is Lucialde's assistant for now, though she was very disgusted when she found out exactly what he had in mind.



"I need to get out of Karaisali. Nothing good happens here."

A girl with a mallet and a chip on her shoulder, Jael holds the key to XEQ's origins and seems hell-bent on destroying him though technically XEQ is an "it".


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