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Characters / City Shrouded In Shadow

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For kaijus/mechs from Godzilla, Rebuild of Evangelion, the Ultra Series, Gamera and the Patlabor series, please see their respective pages.

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Ken Misaki/Miharu Matsubara
Ken (left) and Miharu (right)

The protagonists of the game. Both are residents of Ichi City when the kaiju start to target the city. They were scheduled to meet Yuki at the time.

  • Canon Name: The given names shown in the entry are canon according to Bandai Namco.
  • Gay Option: Your love interest stays the same regardless of the gender you pick...meaning Miharu is most likely a lesbian. Depending on how the relationship forms, Miharu can potentially share a passionate kiss with Yuki.
  • Skewed Priorities: You can make Ken/Miharu do things in the middle of a chaotic event, such as using your smartphone to take a selfie photo while kaijus/mechs are fighting each other.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: If they do morally questionable actions, Yuki will call them out.

Yuki Kono

A young girl who is suppose to meet Ken/Misaki when the kaiju started to appear. She has a timid personality, but is a Nice Girl.


Hideyasu Otsuka

An online writer who is seeking information on why the kaijus have targeted Ichi City. He would write articles if it means making money and is willing to risk his life to get a story. Hideyasu is interested to learn if the kaijus have a cause and effect relationship and the protagonist/s. He usually writes articles concerning gossip and sub-culture.

Risa Kashiwagi

A journalist who writes articles on social problems and sub-cultures. She's known to be attentive to any details that she comes across. She doesn't like Hideyasu's attitude towards journalism because of his Only in It for the Money attitude.

  • Evil All Along: She's revealed to have been a part of Shibata's group the whole time.
  • Kick the Dog: Shoots the protagonist in the leg just before she reveals her true colors.


Miho Yamamura

Shinji's only child. At one point in the game, you need to help her get reunited with her father.

  • Escort Mission: The protagonist, with Yuki's assistance, needs to help Miho navigate through the city throughout stages 4 and 5.

Shinji Yamamura

Miho's father. He's been confined in a local hospital due to injuries a few before Ichi City was under attack.

  • Adult Fear: Worries a lot about Miho, especially with the kaijus and rogue mechs attacking Ichi City.

Kousuke Asano

Known to be the creator of the IT company Hyacinth Soft. He joined another company after HS was forced to be downsized. Due to company's previous president in hiding, Kousuke was forced to take the reins as the interim president. Prior to the events of the game, Kousuke has an injured foot.

  • You Are in Command Now: Forced to take over another IT company after the previous president went into hiding.

Gorou Kagaya

The manager of a Go! Go! Curry restaurant, he'll provide food and shelter for the civilians for a while.

    National Cosmic Ray Research Laboratory Research Staff 

Mizuki Sawada

The researcher in the NCRRL in charge of conducting research of cosmic rays. She's found by the protagonist and Yuki when the research center is under attack by Dada in the storeroom.

Haruomi Sasaki

Another scientist in the NCRRL. Despite the dangers of the kaijus on the city, he volunteered to stay behind in order to find clues from the purple flashes that show up in the sky.

  • The Determinator: Volunteered to stay behind to check on the purple flashes he saw in the sky.


Ryouji Shibata

The leader of a criminal gang operating in Ichi City. He goes after Yuki and the protagonists in the wake of the chaos.

  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: The scariest thing about him is that he looks like an ordinary office employee, but is actually a cold and heartless man who won't hesitate to kill.
  • Let No Crisis Go to Waste: Goes after Yuki since most of the city's police force are out in the streets providing evacuation support for civilians trying to escape.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He'll go after Yuki, but moreso if you're playing as the female protagonist.
  • Yakuza: Leads a yakuza group in Ichi City.

Katsuhiro Muto

Shibata's loyal subordinate. He happens to be very violent at times. At one point in his life, Katsuhiro had a promising career as a professional boxer before he went under.

  • The Dragon: To Shibata in the course of the game.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He'll go after Yuki, but moreso if you're playing as the female protagonist.
  • Yakuza: A member of Shibata's yakuza group in Ichi City.

Toru Fujiwara

A mysterious man who's known to Shibata and Muto and they're very scared of him whenever he's around.

    Shibazakura Crew 

Hitomi Fukazawa

The youngest scientist who became a professor at the age of 20, she charted the Shibazakura to conduct research when the giant shadows began to attack Ichi City.

  • For Science!: Is curious about the appearance of the giant shadows and she wants to research them despite the danger.
  • Hot Scientist: She's very pretty for a professor/scientist.

Mitsuo Katagiri

The captain of the Shibazakura, he plans to retire after he helps Fukuzawa out. But the attacks on the city has seemed to interrupt his retirement plans.

  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He didn't hesistate to help the protagonists/Yuki get on board the ship without any hesitation.
  • Retirony: He ends up going down with the Shibazakura after it's attacked by Godzilla in stage 6.

Tetsuya Oda

The XO of the Shibazakura, he's in charge of protecting the ship's engines. He seems to like Fukuzawa.

  • Number Two: Next in line to command the ship's crew.

    Guest Characters 

Toro and Kuro
Toro (left) and Kuro (right).

The two Playstation Japan mascots, who are available after pre-ordering the game. Helping them in the special scenario awards the player their costumes.

  • Pre-Order Bonus: Players can meet them if they pre-order the game in Japan or in stores that specializes in selling them.