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Cirque Mortum is a danganronpa based roleplay group that takes place in a carnival. Eighteen students are trapped inside the carnival, only allowed escape after committing murder and getting away with it twice.

    Female students 

Damasu Hiroko

Super high school level clown

  • Class Clown: She is literally a clown, and she really clowns around, too.

Amelia "zer0" Sherbert

Super high school level Punk Rocker

  • Accidental murder: When she asked Misaki to go the Merry go round, Misaki started telling her about death, and killing, and in a blind rage, Amelia accidentally killed her. She tried to fix Misaki, but it was already too late. In the end, she votes for herself in the class trial.
  • Must Make AmendsWhen she is found out in the first class trial by Tadakuni, after she admits that she's done it, she ends up voting for herself.
  • Punk Rock
  • School Idol:She's less of an idol, and more of a punk rocker, if you know what I mean.

He Nishizaibutsu

Super high school level Forensic/criminal psychologist

Haruka Hanako

super high school level robber

Journey Radford

Super highschool level stunt devil

Yami Michiko

super highschool level mortician

Misaki Hisakawa

Super high school level ballerina

Armonia Bellezzee

Super high school level Opera Singer

Yuzuki Shimizu

Super high school level Bizzarist

Mayu Kira

Super high school level Assassin

Maya Kitome

Super high school level Gelotologist

  • Messy Hair
  • Yandere: Inverted. She has had a yandere crush on her before.
  • [1]: A gender-inverted and slightly downplayed one, at least.
  • The Ditz: She has her moments.
  • Genius Ditz: Well, she is Super high-school Level, after all.
  • Hot Scientist: The aforementioned Yandere certainly thinks so.
  • Ahoge: While it's not in her sprites, she has one in some art.
  • Les Yay Shipping: Played with and eventually defied. Her mun pairs her up with He, but He was Maya's murderer in the last group the two shared and they have never interacted once before in Cirque Mortum. It's too late for them to, anyways.
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Kitome is not a real life last name.

Ai Lee

Super high school level Puppeteer

  • Shipper on Deck: More specifically, Rose, who is Ai's puppet. Once when Tadakuni and Ai were talking, she asks if Ai had a crush on Tadakuni, making them both end up blushing like idiots.

    Male students 

Tsukareta Raion

Super high school level Liontamer

  • Not Good with People: He tries to emotionally manipulate and guilt trip Tadakuni into eating after the class trial.
  • Pet the Dog
  • The Caretaker:Coincidentally, he also is the one who carries Tadakuni out of the courtroom after he faints after the first execution.

Aaron King

Super high school level Contract killer

Minato Shirogane

Super high school level Gamer

Haruki Fuki

Super high school level oddity Hunter

Tadakuni Hidenori

Super high school level Mangaka

    nonbinary students 

Rei Enonose

Super high school level marine biologist


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