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Akari Kagome

Super High School Level Hockey Player

Women’s ice hockey, though growing in popularity, has always played second fiddle to the men’s version. That makes it all the more remarkable that Hope’s Peak scouted a female player! Akari Kagome, born and raised in Hokkaido, has been skating her entire life. Despite starting off a figure skater, she turned to ice hockey after watching her older brothers play, and never looked back. She caught the hockey world’s attention after being added to the Japanese women’s Olympic team at the young age of fifteen! Though those who have met her might call her a bit vain, she’s still seen as a role model for young girls all over Japan who want to break into male-dominated sports.


Status: Murdered, Chapter One


Super High School Level Unniesaga

Though her sharp face and lanky figure might be a little intimidating, ANGEL is an extremely gentle and mature young woman. Hell, some might even know her as the leader of RHAPS✪DY, who trained under the leader of former group G.N.Oh! until her debut. She sings, she acts, she dances, she plays an array of instruments– things that only a handful of idols can achieve. Her western fan base was (and still is) much larger than her eastern one, but there’s not really any doubt that she’s considered an exceptionally talented young woman on both sides.


Status: Currently Alive


Super High School Level Hacktivist

Like most teenagers and children of this era, Asa often found themself on the internet. From an early age, they were an avid forum browser, and learned a lot from those forums. One of the things they learned was coding. They picked up on it very quickly and soon learned how to deconstruct codes as well. They started using this knowledge to get into the accounts of people they didn’t like and mess with them. As word spread about what they were doing, people started paying them to do so. They soon moved on to larger projects as their skills increased, eventually shutting down and redirecting websites of major businesses. Their signature move is replacing what they removed from these websites with videos and pictures of cats overlaid with information about everything immoral the company has done.


Status: Murdered, Chapter Four


Super High School Level Florist

As may be expected of someone with the title of SHSL Florist, Hana is obsessed with flowers. They know every species and its scientific name by heart, they know the meanings assigned to flowers by various cultures well enough to say they are “fluent in the language of flowers” and are even reputedly capable of constructing bouquets that convey complicated messages. Indeed this ability is part of what made their little family-owned flower shop such a widely recognized success. There are even flowers in the shop that have been grown in Hana’s own carefully tended gardens. They have a knack for cross-breeding flowers to produce interesting and unusual color and scent combinations, which has also contributed to the reputation of the shop, and eventually caught the attention of Hope’s Peak Academy.

Status: Currently Alive

Iwao Wakahisai

Super High School Level Sharpshooter

"I'll shoot straight to the truth!"

Iwao was born in a small, empty town in the middle of nowhere. Despite these humble beginnings, he has proven himself a very skilled sharpshooter (and a very loud boy). He’s got fans among the ranks of other marksmen who appreciate his skills and normal people who find his youthful bumpkin look and boisterous, childish personality endearing.

Status: Currently Alive

Jackie Lawrence

Super High School Level Mod

A well known face and name in the Western fashion industry, Jackie stepped foot into designing when she was just 10 years old and has been keeping it up ever since. Numerous award-winning designs and high-end runway shows came quickly and easily, even in such a difficult and competitive industry.The mod and colorful retro-inspired designs are good indicators you’re seeing something of hers.

Status: Executed by Electric Fence, Chapter Two

Kiri Matsumoto

Super High School Level Traceuse

If you follow the Japanese parkour scene at all, you probably know Kiri Matsumoto’s name. Kiri is unusual among traceuses for two reasons: the first and most obvious is her young age; the second is that, unlike most female practitioners, she doesn’t have a background in gymnastics, preferring to spend her childhood climbing trees — and anything else she could find. She first appeared on the scene two years ago when she released her first demonstration video on Youtube at the age of 14. Since then, she has become known for her powerful jumps and perfect form, her ever-cheery demeanor, and for being the youngest member of Anti-Gravity Parkour, a professional parkour team.

Status: Currently Alive

  • Given Name Reveal: Their chapter two secret reveals that their family name is Brooke.

Kouta Murakami

Super High School Level Magician

A magician’s job isn’t to deceive people, but to give them the power to believe in things, even if they seem impossible! Those words are the resounding basis for the Kouta Murakami’s quickly-rising career, and arguably his entire lifestyle. With that sort of cavity-inducing idealism paired up with a cute face, it’s no wonder that when this little guy started pulling out some incredible magic, the video went completely viral. What this kid lacks in size, he makes up for in heart! After a video went viral online, Kouta used the following success to raise money for charities, with help from his family’s income. He even went to perform large shows in foreign countries, catching the eye of Hope’s Peak Academy.

Status: Currently Alive

Lola Glass

Super High School Level Flower Child

Like, far out, man. Lola was born to hippies, raised by hippies, and is, ultimately, a hippie herself. She was brought up on ‘the ways of the hippies’, meaning “peace, love and understanding” are the most important things to her, above all. She’s constantly attending protests (even if she might not always know what the protest is about) and preaching things from her ‘Groovy Bible’, as she calls it, and she prides herself on being…well, you know. A filthy, embarrassing hippie? But stereotypes aside, Lola’s grassroots way of doing things and compassionate, gentle nature made her considerably famous among certain subgroups of people! Sometimes they refer to her as their goddess, which might be a little weird, but those who like her really like her, and those who hate her loathe her. There’s really no inbetween.

Status: Murdered, Chapter Two

Manabu Hiromura

Super High School Level J-Rock Singer

Surely you’ve seen this face before, with the way that idols are marketed there’s a likely change you’ve seen him before. Lead singer of the popular J-Rock band Milky Way’, Manabu Hiromura is popular figure in the J-Rock scene as someone who’s both handsome and an incredibly talented singer. He and his bandmates have released 2 albums and quite a few singles in their career but their sales were nearly unheard of for a brand new band’s early albums. An earnest and determined young man, tvlanabu is truly in it for the music.

Status: Currently Alive

Mia Eggen

Super High School Level Funeral Director

The daughter of the local funeral director, it is known she picked up the craft after the tragic death of her parents. She and her sister care for the funeral home and graveyard, Michi digging the graves and Mia tending to the body preparation. Mia is known to be a polite, soft spoken young woman, with a grand air of maturity and deep love for Michi.

Status: Executed, Chapter Two

Minerva LaFleur

Super High School Level Charity Worker

For the past three years, the face of “Mother Minerva” has been a prevalent one among the Juggalo subculture. Starting only as a nickname to young Minnie La Fleur, the persona of the Juggalo Mother Theresa has become a much greater symbol to those familiar with the Insane Clown Posse, for her existence embodies the symbol of peace among clown brothers and a raising arm against the violence occurring among the fans. However, even to those who may not follow the horrorcore band, it is difficult to deny the presence this young woman has on culture with both her peace movement aimed towards Juggalo gangs and her efforts to aid in several charity drives to improve the good name of a Juggalo. Such was what lead to her invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy.

Status: Currently Alive

Minoru Otoishi

Super High School Level Bassist

Minoru is a well-known bassist amongst various rock and pop groups within Japan. She’s the darkhorse of most of these groups, but what fans she has are loyal. Still, she has a long way to go before reaching nationwide or even international fame. Her lack of talking about herself in interviews means most people don’t know anything about her influence aside from ‘a friend’ getting her into music like she is.

Status: Executed, Chapter Three

Renee Durant

Super High School Level Animal Geneticist

A young prodigy in the field of animal biology and genetics, Renée was thrust into the spotlight when a paper she wrote on using gene therapy to increase survivability of species endangered from disease and malnutrition was published in the most popular journal in the field. That summer she was offered an internship at a lab researching just that in Japan, which she accepted, fully intending to return to France at its end. She was invited to Hope’s Peak instead.

Status: Currently Alive

Ryou Shinjitsu

Super High School Level Orator

Ryou Shinjitsu, a mysterious figure who takes the spotlight by force with his words. He travels all around, spreading his word, bringing forth the voices of the oppressed and truth into the hearts of those around him. Will you be ready for this charismatic young man to take center stage and set your hearts ablaze?

Status: Currently Alive

  • Polyamory: Was a relationship with Saki and Takumi.
  • Thinking Tic: Ryou most always clasps his hands and/or hums when he thinks.
  • Warrior Poet: He uses his words as a way to fight oppressive society. Probably, at least.

Ryo Takahashi

Super High School Level Yarn Bomber

Yarn bombing- easily the most relaxed of any forms of graffiti. Its history has lasted for several decades with knitters across the globe coming together (or working independently) to coat objects with a woven cover. One knitter in Japan got their start in the knitting world at the age of 15 by covering a small office building in a knitted cozy! This youth’s name was Ryo Takahashi- and their knitting skills gained them recognition not only in their small town, but through the influence of news coverage and mass media, across Japan and other countries! With publishing a small set of knitting how-to books and yarn bombing other places across the town, they’ve become a visible member of the knitting community in Japan- and was accepted as the SHSL Yarn Bomber to Hope’s Peak Academy.

Status: Executed, Chapter One

Sahar Jaili

Super High School Level Country Lolita Model

Best known for her fashion blog that managed to garner worldwide recognition despite the fact that it’s written entirely in Persian, Sahar Jalili is famous for her looks and her ability to create gorgeous outfits on her own and then model them amazingly. Nothing is really known about her personal life and a translation of the text on her blog simply gives an explanation of how she created the outfits. This has caused her fans to create their own theories an exactly why she doesn’t tend to speak about it.

Status: Currently Alive

  • Big Beautiful Woman: Shown to be overweight yet she's at Hope's Peak as a model, and a super high school level one no less.
  • Omniglot: Knows Persian, Japanese, English, and likely at least some Arabic. It's been confirmed that she speaks seven different languages.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Pretty much all of her outfits and her entire talent.
  • Pink Is Feminine: One of her outfits features both a pink hijab and blouse, the former also being floral.
  • Transgender: Hasn't been outright stated but it has been pretty heavily implied, especially after Minoru's secret was revealed, when she said that if she hated Minoru for being trans then she would have to hate herself too.

Shigeo Tomimoto

Super High School Level Economist

Tomimoto Shigeo. The single child of a rich couple of socialites. was bred for a life of luxury from a young age. He has become a successful business investor and advisor infamously known for his ruthless practices. Yet despite any bad reputation. no one can deny his skill. The limelight first truly and suddenly fell on him at age 16 when he proposed a plan to decrease the nation’s debt that was actually picked up by the government’s Ministry of Finance. He’s written books on the theory of economics and raised his personal fortune to rival some of the largest figures in Japan. Just since turning 18 he’s acclaimed up to sixty million yen in stock trade and he’s recently been rumored to be in line for a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

Status: Currently Alive

Shining Justice Beacon

Super High School Level Superhero

"Justice, protect! Hope, illuminate! SHINING! JUSTICE! BEACON!"

Shining Justice Beacon is a name recognized by many in Japan, especially in the city of Tokyo. Their gender, background, hobbies, appearance and much more personal information is unknown. Naturally, with their face unknown and voice being androgynous in nature, people - both online and offline - speculate as to who this warrior is. This costumed hero’s deeds can be easily found in recent articles, the oldest dating back to three years ago. Ever since then, they’ve made improvements and chased after criminals, always without a single casualty. As a result, they’ve become a positive influence for many people, especially this generation’s youth. Their crowning achievement - and the final push needed for Hope’s Peak Academy to invite them - was personally apprehending a trio of siblings moonlighting as serial killers.

Status: Currently Alive

  • Chewing the Scenery
  • Determinator: No matter the despair, no matter the pain, Shining Justice Beacon always attempts to get back up. Chapter 2's motive announcement didn't send them into a panic, despite the despairing reactions from many of the other students. This motive was secrets, something a Superhero always has.
  • Given Name Reveal: In the chapter three trial, they tell their real name, Akira Kitani.
  • Honor Before Reason: When they find documents of everyone else in the group, which contains personal and private details, they willingly resist the temptation to look. Even when it could have possibly helped with finding the Mastermind.
  • Justice Will Prevail: They say this - or something similar to this - very often.
  • Large Ham: Their entire personality in a nutshell. Everything is dramatic! Emphasizing words is important! Villainy must be defeated in the name of good!
  • Large Ham Title: Shining Justice Beacon! Made even better by the fact that it's pronounced in Engrish.
  • No Indoor Voice: Most of the time, they're shouting instead of speaking. On top of this, everything bolded in their speech means they're saying that word even louder.
  • Scarf Of Asskicking: Part of their default outfit. An ordinary blue scarf that is comfortable and flows dramatically in the wind behind them. Even when there is no wind.
  • Thou Shall Not Kill: Their ultimate, golden rule. Just voting for someone when they forgot an execution would happen was enough to send them sprinting out of the trial room in a panic.

Sora “Magika” Tsukuda

Super High School Level Graffiti Artist

This dynamic circus performer has always grown up looked at, but what brought notice to her wasn’t even herself. Armed with spray cans and her imagination, the first instance of Sora’s art on the streets was an impromptu mural about the nearby illegal dumping of chemical waste. From there, “Magika” the vandal began to spread her message across any blank wall she could hit in a night. Speculation blew up on messaging boards about just who this Magika was, until one resourceful user “trickycat11” in Sora’s town managed to discover the excess of spray cans behind her family’s circus. With her resounding messages of social awareness and change, she was invited to Hope’s Peak Academy to hone the message that she’s been sending.

Status: Murdered, Chapter Three

Takumi Oshiro

Super High School Level Art Forger

His mother used to let baby Takumi rest on her lap as she painted beautiful works of art. She bought him a set of paints and brushes for his first birthday. They would paint together each and every day. Takumi would try to sell the works of his mother and himself, but he watched at auction as his work was passed over by buyers for better works by masters like Van Gogh and Picasso. Takumi wanted to be a successful artist, and he tried to be more and more like them. He sold a few works here and there, but not as many as he wanted. He soon realized that he could copy them, and sell them for much more money if he pretended to be these artists. And immediately, he watched the money start to pour in. And now, you may want to look twice at any work you buy, because instead of a Picasso, you could be buying an Oshiro…

Status: Currently Alive

Yuzuki Saki

Super High School Level Violinist

"… Thank you."

Yuzuki Saki. Say that name once more, but imagine it with breath-taking awe and admiration. Even if you don’t know about music, you might know about Saki, otherwise known as the Dove of Hope. Her acts of charity, faith and most importantly, hope, have been viewed with respect worldwide, but the exact nature of her charitability is completely unknown to the public eye. Coming from a family of geniuses, Saki is surprisingly very unknown, until her sweet and generous nature led her to playing for unknown charities. She had an amazing talent at playing in-tune with people’s emotions and moving them in all sorts of ways. Happiness. Sadness. Anger. Stress. Relief… All emotions could be played within her ability. She brings hope to those who need it.

Status: Currently Alive


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