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Characters / Choushinsei Flashman

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    Choushinsei Flashman 

Jin / Red Flash | (Actor: Touta Tarumi)

The leader of the Flashmen. The only Flashman captured at the age of 3 (the rest are still younger), thus making him the big brother figure to the team. Trained in science at the deserts of Flash Star.

Dai / Green Flash | (Actor: Kihachiro Uemura)

The second-in-command. Trained in strength in the rocky Green Star.

Bun / Blue Flash | (Actor: Yasuhiro Ishiwata)

The youngest of the team. Trained in speed and survival in the desert Blue Star.

Sara / Yellow Flash | (Actress: Yoko Nakamura)

The cold, distant smart girl who's really nice. The only one we see find her family. Trained in sharp mind at the icy Yellow Star... which probably goes along with her usual cold front.

Lou / Pink Flash | (Actress: Mayumi Yoshida)

The Action Girl of the team. Trains in jumping ability in the gravity planet of Pink Star.


    Reconstructive Empire Mess 

Great Emperor Ra Deus

Great Doctor Lie Keflen

Leh Wanda

Leh Nefel

Wolk and Kilt

Leh Galus

Sir Cowler


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