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A few of the (many) characters who have appeared in the Online RP Site Celestial Refresh. Note that while these characters are from established works already on this site, their personalities may be quite different from their original canon.

Fair warning, too: much of the information here may be confusing to read about if you aren't familiar with the site. Characters are organised according to their player-made faction. Also contains some unmarked spoilers in regards to the characters' original works, so you've been warned.


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    Celestial Guardians 
The Guardians are the main good guy faction in the multiverse. They were formed from an alliance between the Altruistic Valorians, Multiverse Garden, and Lunar Shield. Each member in the Guardians is a member of one of these sub-factions, and are organized as such.

First, the Altruistic Valorians. The Valorians are a multiversal peace-keeping force formerly established within the city of Soleanna. Their headquarters is in the Space Colony ARK. Generally contains the most moral of the Multiverse's inhabitants; those who would help others even at great risk to themselves.

Tropes related to the Altruistic Valorians:

Miles Tails Prower

Once a sidekick of a legendary hero, Tails now stands as one of the most powerful and intelligent beings in the multiverse. He is considered a genius, though he is still quite young.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shaking off his identity as living weapon, Shadow has become the second-in-command the the Valorians.

The following characters are no longer on CRRP, but are kept here for posterity:

Viewtiful Joe

One of many famous heroes from movieland, known for his hot blood.


A pacifistic, albeit powerful robot that fights for everlasting peace.

Next, the Multiverse Garden. A faction dedicated to the training of young students in combat. Students whom are trained here go on to become mercenaries, and take on many missions throughout the Multiverse.

Recette Lemongrass

The young shopkeeper from Recettear. One of the crazier characters.

Sita Vilosa

A food-loving girl returning to the school life after they helped her girlfriend get her magical powers under control.

Kotone Shiomi

The female protagonist from Persona 3 Portable, whom is infamous for her optimism.
  • All-Loving Heroine
  • Canon Name: As opposed to the popular name Minako Arisato (or Hamuko Arisato in Japan) the player decided to go with the name given to her by the live-action stage play, with reason being that she's not in any sense of the word a Gender Flip.
  • Cool Big Sis: Essentially tries to act like this to everyone, even if they're older than her and actually her big sister.
  • Determinator: Before she came to the multiverse, her soul left her body but she refused to move on until graduation because she promised her friends she'd meet them on the roof of the school the day of it. She refused to die for an entire month because of this despite already technically being dead.
  • Bi the Way: Kotone has had romantic relationship with Shinjiro (a man) in the past, and is currently in one with Aigis. (A Ridiculously Human Robot girl) Word of God states that she's panromantic demisexual.note 
  • Genki Girl: More than once she's surprised people with her energetic and optimistic nature where people usually would get mad or frustrated. It's hard to find a time when she's NOT smiling.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Slowly becoming this with Chie, even though Kotone's not exactly heterosexual.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Is noticeably more focused and serious in battle.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Junpei, whom she got along best with out of everyone in SEES with the exception of Aigis.
  • Plucky Girl
  • School Uniforms Are the New Black: Kotone tends to wear mostly her old Gekkoukan or new Garden uniform to battle. In the non-school sense, she also occasionally wears a French maid uniform as well.
  • Supreme Chef: Namely when it comes to sweets.
  • Stepford Smiler: She's infamously cheery and optimistic solely so other people don't worry about her.


A Keyblade Master formerly a SeeD and one of the Garden's magic instructors. Currently missing.


A Keyblade Knight who has had a long history on CRRP in one way or another. Currently a Garden student and Lunar Shield officer.
  • CoolKeyblade: Originally, he has Wayward Wind. His signature ultimate keyblade is Lost Memory. While possessed near the end of the game, he carriers an incomplete form of the X-Blade.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: "Strike Raid" and variants. Can add elemental magic to the blade as he tosses it.
  • Weapon of Choice: Wayward Wind, which upgrades to Lost Memory.
  • Elemental Powers:
    • Blow You Away: The Aero series. Wind spells are his specialty.
    • Fire, Ice, Lightning: Outside of Wind, he uses all of the other primal elements equally. He is not as adept as Aqua with his magic, but he is gifted in his own right, able to reach -aga level spells.
    • Gravity Master: Zero Gravity series of spells.
    • Poisonous Person: Can technically cast the poison spell.
    • Time Stands Still: Has the "Stop" series of spells and the "Slow" spell.
    • Light 'em Up: Uses a large number of offensive and defense light spells and abilities.
  • Flash Step: Occasionally makes use of local teleportation.
  • Healing Hands: The Cure series of spells. Also has a few signature light-based like Holy, which heal large amounts of damage.
  • Magic Knight: Equally incorporates magic and swordplay into his fighting style.
  • Red Mage: Utilizes both offensive magic and support/healing magic with equal skill.

The following are no longer on CRRP, but are kept here for posterity:

Zack Fair

Instructor of physical combat and swordplay

Paula Polestar

A powerful user of PSI. Once an innocent child, she has suffered many losses.


A guardian from a xenophobic kingdom, now adapting to life with several strange species as his peers.

Aribeth de Tylmarande

A ghostly paladin from the world of Faerun, recently recovered from falling to Blackguard status and escaping Hell itself. Has a tendency to wander away for long periods of travel, training, and contemplation.

Finally, the Lunar Shield. A recently formed police force dedicated to keeping the Moon as safe as possible

Optimus Prime






  • Cute Mute: Not so cute when you realize how he became mute


Nanoha Takamachi

Jin Kisaragi

A cold katana user.

Tsubaki Yayoi

  • Named Weapons: Her sword, book, and uniform are her Ars Magus Fuuin Heishou

Naoto Shirogane

A female detective who wraps her chest to appear as a guy. Recently she's started growing her hair out and accepting herself as a woman.
  • Bifauxnen

The following are no longer on CRRP, but are kept here for posterity:


  • Defrosting Ice King: Very minor case. In light of losing his power base and having to deal with normal people instead of complete maniacs, Smug Snakes, and warmongering bosses to get it back, he's being forced to interact socially to garner connections. Reisen and his soldiers are actively trying to encourage this, but it's unlikely to happen on a major scale.
  • Guns Are Useless: Is highly vexed that guns aren't as effective in the multiverse as they were in his home universe, and plans to eventually avert this.
  • The Unfettered: As seen in a recent topic with Leonora, his turning over a new leaf at the end of his second game appearance has done nothing to remove his pragmatism or vicious streak. You almost feel sorry for those pirates...

    Lords Of Midnight 
Ambitious rulers of evil persuasion usually find themselves here, but more often than not, wind up fighting amongst themselves in their vies for power. Was still one of the more powerful influences on the Multiverse up to its eventual collapse

Tropes related to the Lords of Midnight:


A king that now sits on a blood-stained throne


The leader of the X-Parasite race, the SA-X is calm and methodical in most situations.

B.B. Hood

A bounty hunter, long since descended into madness.

Sarah Kerrigan

The leader of the Zerg.

    Noblesse Oblige 
The second faction to bear the name, composed primarily of rightful rulers and their subjects aiming to CONQUER THE MULTIVERSE

Tropes related to the Noblesse Oblige:

  • Legacy Faction: Rather firmly subverted, they are absolutely nothing like the first Noblesse Oblige. Radiant Crusade is a far closer successor to the old Noblesse Oblige and are likely to be this factions greatest enemies.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Their first act was to conquer the High Heavens to serve as their faction headquarters. Before that, no one had even heard of them as a group.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: For the most part, their members are actually fairly sensible, insofar as world conquering absolute monarchs go.

The faction is split up into 2 subfactions, the first is the Noblesse Oblige. The main section of the faction with the aforementioned goal of the conquest and responsible administration of the multiverse.

Darth Occlus(Alteri)

  • Affably Evil: Very
  • Agony Beam: Extremely fond of Force Lightning in combat.
  • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: She is the most politely reserved Sith Lord one might ever meet, she wears a blindfold and walks around in pristine white robes. And temporarily joined the faction of often incredibly idealistic heroes with a small sprinkle of (at worst) Well Intentioned Extremists with a remarkably optimistic goal of bettering the multiverse with the power of science. Remaining on good term with them even after founding another faction with several other! ... She is a power hungry Social Darwinist perfectly willing to lie cheat murder torture and steal to get her way. If necessary. Also generally greatly downplays her own abilities to the point of walking around with a bodyguard most of the time.
  • Badass Bookworm: A great deal of her power comes from her knowledge of the Dark Side of The Force and the many applications of Sith Sorcery. Has extended to studying other forms of the arcane as well once exposed to their existence in the multiverse.
  • Combat Medic: A shockingly effective healer despite her propensity for spells of mass destruction.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: In her Canon, rose from being a lowly slave to one of the rulers of The Empire. In the multiverse she has been slowly but steadily amassing power towards her own ends and is currently arguably one of the more powerful characters on the board... Though there are still several who could go toe to toe or even Curb Stomp her in a direct confrontation.
  • Healing Shiv: Specifically the combat medic example above is because she knows a few spells for healing using the Dark Side of The Force.
  • The Dark Arts: She's a Sith Sorceress.
  • Necromancer: The more traditional kind in that she deals with spirits and ghosts rather than calling up undead monstrosities.
  • Immortality: At least three different kinds from canon alone. Including Resurrective Immortality and very likely The Ageless from two to three sources. Obviously can be killed in the multiverse but... Well... The multiverse also has something of a Revolving Door Afterlife situation.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: One of her goals. It's working so far...

Doctor Viktor Von Doom


Lion Gunta

Hayate Yagami


Handsome Jack

And secondly, the 'Shadow Mirrors led by Vindel Mauser, working for the advancement of humanity in their own way...

Vindel Mauser

Hikari Yukimura(Original Character)

    Radiant Crusade 
Also known as the Templars, their goal is to actively fight evil in the multiverse.


Son of the marquess of Pherae, Eliwood is a former member of the old Noblesse Oblige as well as the Forgotten Hunters, and one of the founding members of the Radiant Crusade.


A young man struggling with both his desire for vengeance, and his gnawing guilt over previous actions all while working towards saving his father.
  • The Atoner: Wylfred recognizes the errors of his past and is trying his best to make up for them, even though a part of him believes that his betrayals of Ancel and Fauxnel will always condemn him.
  • Byronic Hero: Elements of this mixed with Anti-Hero due to his father's sacrifice, and a rather long talk he had with Lenneth.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Subverted by the fact it was a draw, but Wylfred was able to finally put aside his desire to slay Lenneth after battling her just moments after she arrived in the multiverse.
  • Enemy Mine: With Ailyth. One moment they are fighting to the death over the fact that Ailyth had played Wylfred like a fool during his Roaring Rampage of Revenge, the next moment they find themselves thrown into the multiverse together. While they both benefit from working with each other when Wylfred isn't bordering upon attacking her, it's a tentative arrangement as far as Wylfred is concerned. Of course, Ailyth has other ideas...



    The Steel Claw 
A faction formed exclusively for robots. Publically, they aim to further the progress of all non-organic or synthetic life.



Metal Sonic

     Phoenixes of Armageddon 
A band of brigands, pirates, and anarchists against that take a hard-line stance against The Shy Guys.

Alan Schezar

  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Like all characters, was once just a lowly Rank 1 who was more a threat to the average purse. Even when he started to get more powerful he was always more an anti-villian what with helping out a against the Infected. After the Infected Invasion, however, and after he got back from Deep Space and he is suddenly the leader of one of the more powerful and dangerous factions, allied with another evil faction, working on allying with another, and is currently trashing the main mall of the entire multiverse. Not so harmless indeed.
  • Big Bad: After Meph's vanishing act, has begun to try and take this title. With insanely powerful stats that only a handful of people could even hope to fight, is well on his way.
  • Elite Mooks: The fluff behind the summons Alan has. They are supposed to be the elite/veteran versions of his usual mooks, hence why they have actual stats.
  • Gender Bender: Has since given away the belt that did this
  • Mini-Mecha: Alan uses on as his main weapon of war, the newly rebuilt Thanatos Mk II
  • Powered Armor: Most Alan's soldiers use these, being Terrans.
  • Villainous Friendship: A Type 1 between Derek and Alan. It will not end well for whoever hurts either of them in front of the other.


  • Even Evil Has Standards: Derek, while willing to kill POWs and anyone who is a soldier, refuses to kill civilians and noncombatants.
  • A Father to His Men: Derek is more than willing to take any bullet, spell, or sword meant for his men.


  • Sociopathic Soldier: Is more than willing to use hostages, dirty tricks, or any other under-handed tactics to win. Is the third type mostly due to his training rather than a traumatic event(though the training could be considered traumatic)





  • Humanoid Abomination: She is a nothing more than a virus with a hive mind.

  • The Man Behind the Man: Well woman in this case...or virus. While Alan is the more well known and obvious threat, Jenova is working behind the scenes with him. Considering what she plans to do to the multiverse, people are going to wish Alan was the worst problem.
  • Terrible Trio: The Advent Children bad guys.

Setzer Gabbani

    Brave Vesperia 
The newest faction, they haven't done much of note in the multiverse. However, they aim to be a group of adventurers and free spirits.


Fujiwara no Mokou

Aielia Juniper

An OC loosely based on the Pokemon Black protagonist.


A faction dedicated to scientific research and advancement, both of the moral and morally dubious kind.

    The Multiversal Tea Association 
A Culture Club of men and women who have a large fondness for tea. At the surface. In reality there are Villains With Good Publicity comprised of people who have long passed the Moral Event Horizon and formed a group where they can enjoy and assist others in their sadistic and cruel intentions Also to enjoy tea.

    The Conglomerate 
It is certainly not The Syndicate in any way, shape, or form, and is in fact nothing but a coalition of like-minded businessmen.

Those whom have no interest in factions, or those whom have abandoned theirs. These people work on their own.

+5: Saintly


  • Character Development: Initially starting off as a Failure Heroine for the first three or so stories, she gradually becomes a much better and more powerful heroine in her own right and she even got to win a good number of victories.
  • Death Is Cheap: She cheated death two times. Pretty amazing for a little girl robot.
    • As of 2014, she is still alive and well.
  • Determinator
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Her efforts in never giving up in the face of hardship and torment that she had to go through have ultimately paid off with the reunion of her brother MegaMan, finally able to be truly happy for the first time in a long time!
  • Robot Maid / Robot Girl / Robot Kid / Cute Machine / Ridiculously Human Robot... oh, she's also a robot.
  • White Mage: During her adventures in the Netherrealm, Roll became adept in healing magic. She gets to keep her magic when she returns to earth.


The Goddess of Light and leader of Skyworld's forces.


Hailing from an ancient land known as Nippon, Amaterasu is the land's Sun Goddess. After wandering among the Multiverse for a while and getting caught up in an incident on the Tower of Twilight, she joined up with the Noblesse Oblige, at first because of a mutual acquaintance, and then out of a simple desire to protect the multiverse just as she had her home.

+4: Virtuous


  • Good Is Old-Fashioned: Leonora is one of the few to still have very few clues as to how technology really works, despite being friends with Roll, the Robot Maid . She also lives in a low-tech home on Gaia. Justified in that she comes from a low-technology world herself.
  • Healing Hands: Her healing is always portrayed as coming from her hands, although her sleeves often cover the process.
  • Nice Hat: Some characters (Notably Mordecai) seem to be a little too focused on Leonora's mitre...
  • The Red Mage: With a heavier leaning on White Magic (Leonora is in the running for having the strongest healing techniques of any Rank 1 Character), Leonora is still capable of defending herself with Black Magic . Of course, when she runs out of magic, she is literally incapable of dealing damage.
  • White Magician Girl


One tough cream puff from Pop Star.

Minato Arisato

An Ordinary High-School Student with the ability to summon facets of his personality to do battle.


A woman from a post-apocalyptic wasteland, an artificial construct designed to control an army. Only recently has she been putting that power to good use. Despite being a clone, she had since given birth to a daughter, Hope, who, thanks to a near death experience in the womb, and a fatal accident after birth, has physically aged four years, and has been granted magical powers stemming from the Netherrealm.

+3: Heroic


Michael Wilson

  • Berserk Button: Don't attack innocents around him. ESPECIALLY not in the Tower of Twilight.
  • Eagleland: Well duh, just look at where he came from.


  • Semi-Divine: He was born as a last-ditch measure to save patapons: a fusion of Kami (the player, who's perceived as a god) and Hero (who's actually mortal, just able to be Reborn infinitely).
  • Javelin Thrower: One of his martial skills is to wield an array of throwing spears. He can also make them explode.
  • Power Fist: He can also wield two oversized power fists with which he'd pummel you really hard.
  • Magically Binding Contract: He actually is capable to dish them out. It's the fact that he's a hero, he has done it only to wrath incarnate.

Ruby Rose

  • Action Girl: Despite her age and size, Ruby is actually pretty deadly.
  • Adorkable: Basically all the time, and anyone would probably be inclined to agree.
  • Companion Cube: She treats all weapons very respectfully, but coddles her weapon, Crescent Rose, and calls it her sweetheart.
  • Fangirl: to Dante, Palutena, and anyone with a really cool set of weapons.
  • Flash Step: She uses her weapon's recoil to achieve this, along with her Semblance.
  • Super Speed: Speed is noted by Pyrrha to be her Semblance. She can move so fast she can create powerful winds as a side-effect.
  • Stealth Pun: The Beowolves are Grimm. Using a scythe on them makes Ruby a Grimm Reaper.
  • Small Girl, Big Gun: In its base form, Crescent Rose is as big as she is; when it's unfolded, it dwarfs her in size.
  • Up to Eleven: Ruby did this as she became a magical girl, got a God Robe, and recently gained the ability to use a Keyblade.
  • Weapon of Choice: Crescent Rose, her trusted sniper scythe.

+2: Good

Frank West

40 year old photojournalist that is an expert in zombie killing, despite being infected himself and needing to take medicine to suppress the zombie virus.
  • Badass Normal
  • Intrepid Reporter
  • Camera Fiend: Frank, Photo Finish, and Ran Hibiki all are this.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Most of Frank's dialogue.
  • Dirty Old Man: Frank constantly flirts with most young females he meets. Also can be considered a Chivalrous Pervert at times. A noticeable exception to the rule is Ran.
  • Iconic Item: Frank's camera, which he uses in every topic he's in at one point or another.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Obviously.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Frank is both rude and inappropriate and has major trust issues with authority figures. He also happens to be good with kids, will risk his life to save strangers, and has a large distaste for sensationalist journalism that violates people's privacy.
    • Frank has come to legitimately care for Ran Hibiki, being the only person who he reigns himself in for to try and set a good example.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall/Lampshade Hanging: Done regularly, as Frank has a tendency to make comments about the mechanics of the stat system and how they work in the RP. He also constantly points out tropes that are common in the RP, considering it's his job to see trends.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: "Spaghetti Time" Said before attacking Rose Shepard, Paletress, and Vanille on the 2nd Hearts Day Slugfest, and again, before shooting Chibiterasu in the face and winning said Slugfest.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Brad, Jessie, and Photo all serve as a Blue Oni to Frank, who himself is the Red Oni with the exception of his relationship with Ran, where instead where he's the Blue Oni and Ran is the Red Oni.
  • Seen It All: Surviving more than one zombie infestation, traveling across the multiverse to write tabloids for the Shy Guys, and being middle aged has resulted in Frank really taking things in stride.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Frank has a humanized Photo Finish as a partner. She's a rather serious and famous fashion photographer, Frank is an rugged, whacky photojournalist and possible cross dresser. It's impossible for them to not insult each other every now and again.
    • Him and Brad also count at times, though for different reasons.
  • Weapon of Choice: A katana duct taped to the end of a scythe. Later upgraded it to be a High-Frequency Katana and Scythe.
  • Zombie Infectee: Must take daily medicine to prevent his becoming undead.


One of the two protaganists of Pokemon Black and White.
  • Bewarethe Nice Ones: Hilbert has on at least two occasions snapped under extreme stress. The first time he punched the hell out of Ghestis and almost killed him if someone hadn't stopped him.
  • Designated Victim: Poor kid has been kidnapped five times in the past two years.


Sparrow is a Hero from the land of Albion, and a man of strange behavior. After Eliwood departed Crimea for unknown reasons, Sparrow took charge of Castle Crimea and currently leads the faction in most of it's decisions.

+1: Reluctant


A young girl with rabbit ears and tail, who was cursed with a set of cat ears. Endlessly optimistic, adventurous, determined, and hot tempered.
  • Character Development: While her boundless determination is still there, recent events are making her a bit more cautious and considerate towards others.
  • Determinator: Despite the below, she's still working towards her goals of removing her curse and helping Chelsea find a way home.
  • From Bad to Worse: Her cat ears are gone! ...So long as nobody says 'cat' or 'kitten' or the like, and saying them more then once in a row without saying 'bunny' or 'rabbit' to reverse it starts adding MORE cat features.
  • I Need A Freaking Drink: Or rather 'I Need To Lay Down', after the end of the below Trauma Conga Line.
  • Trauma Conga Line: After BMD and weeks looking for a cure with Chelsea without results, she went dimension hopping to look for cures in other worlds (forgot to plan a way back), found out Chelsea got dragged along with her, saw Chelsea get mauled (non-fatally) because she distracted her in a fight (something she could have arrived to help with earlier if she wasn't obsessed with searching for a cure first), found a guy named Ventus who tried to help her find a cure, and then was hit with three Hope Spots in a row before learning the attempt to remove her curse made it even worse.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Chelsea. The two are practically opposites, but they do genuinely enjoy the each others company and act with concern when the other is hurt.

Pyrrha Alexandra

A young woman who previously caused a lot of pain and suffering, all she wants is to be happy for once.

Deadpool's Deadpool.

Ezio Auditore

An assassin from ancient times, ready to put his skill to good use in the Multiverse.
  • Put on a Bus: the player has left the board, due to IRL issues. His character is implied to have vanished, too - though a remarkable likeness, more than eighteen months after his disappearance, has shown up in some in-universe media.
  • Revenge: Started The Underground as a method of extracting justice on whoever drained his hard-earned skills.


A half-devil looking for his brother
  • Happily Married: Sort of. Is in a long-term relationship with the shapeshifter Trish.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Has recently left the Apex, although granted, he didn't get much chance to actually BE a heel...
  • Rule of Cool: Is fond of backflips and generally being stylish.
  • Sitcom: Formed one with Joe and Deadpool, after taking over Seventh Heaven.

0: Neutral


One of the Underworld's founding members, serving more-or-less as their figurehead. Alias 'Remilia Scarlet'.

-1: Misunderstood


A bitter and sarcastic witch with a skill for summoning and a penchant for collecting and creating magical items.

-2: Sadistic


Janus Cascade

-3: Villainous

Metal Sonic

Doppelganger to the Blue Blur, and (supposedly) one of his greatest foes.


An egomaniac computer program bent on the destruction of humanity
  • The Brute: Also far from dumb, but single-minded enough to qualify.
  • Glowing Eyesof Doom: Seems to happen how any time he's angry. Or significantly annoyed. Or attacking humans.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Pulled this early on in Meph's invasion of Hyrule. His factionmates were less than amused.


A sadistic and deceitful first level Nightmaren who prefers the use of cunning strategies and dirty tricks over brute force.

Sir Grodus

The former leader of the X-Nauts, seeking to gain power. He has an Elite X-Naut and and X-Naut PhD with him, as well as his second-in-command Lord Crump. Currently teamed up with Smithy.

-4: Evil

-5: Impious


Zee Tee

     NP Cs - General 
Non-player characters whom have still had a large impact on the game as a whole.

The Shy Guys

Tired of continually being stomped on by Mario, eaten by Yoshi, and used as projectile weapons by everyone else, the Shy Guys have driven themselves to become the predominant economic powerhouse in the multiverse. This has come with the clout to form their own military, police force, and (the unfounded rumors of) a mafia. Despite this, Shy Guys tend to stay out of all but the most multiversal threatening conflicts. There's more profit to be had that way.


A knight from the universe of Vanda, keeper of the four Elemental Crystals.
  • Aborted Arc: The storyline he began only lasted to the end of the competition and the naming of the four elemental guardians; the disappearance of the storyteller behind the plotline resulted in it being abandoned.


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