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Characters / Cascade Cabaret OCT

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Ringo, Master Of Ceremonies

Created by: InvaderJoe1

The Cabaret's mysterious master of ceremonies, Ringo's motivation for holding this tournament is not quite clear...

Cortney Corvo

Created by: JonBonBon

The Cabaret's bouncer, previously an assassin who was struck down by her own blades.

Ana Xarate

Created by: Ixtaek

The Cabaret's head of staff, Ana creates and manages the servants, and repairs the club.

     Round 5 

Jules Charles Monrover

Created by: genko-mo

Kiko and Nina Rodriguez

Created by: Skelwolf and Ne0pe


     Round 4 

Cog and William

Created by: SpadeNightmaren


A living gateway whose abilities comes from monsters in his multidimensional prison.

     Round 3 

Abelia Drachynis

Created by: Protozerg
A war veteran who's part dragon, part demon.
  • Daddy's Girl: Her demon mother ditched her as a baby and she was raised by her dragon father
  • D-Cup Distress: She hates her physically large chest as it tends to be a burden for her and attracts unwanted attention consistently
  • Gate Guardian: She guards a stargate like dimension portals and protects it with her life.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: In addition to not wearing a helmet (which could likely not fit over her horns anyway), she often wears her bird mask on the side of her head so her face remains visible. Subverted because she does put it over her face in battle.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: She looks human, but has the blood of a demon succubus and a dragon.
  • Old Soldier: Having lived through war on the front and back lines she knows what the true face of war is like, but she still fights to honor her fallen comrades


Created by: prpldragonart

  • Abusive Parents: The Witch that raised Engima treats them more like a lab rat/guard dog than family.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Is referred to by the pronouns "they/them/their."
  • Berserk Mode: The result of staying in their Beast Form too long.
  • Impossibly Cool Clothes: Enigma's hoodie is not only stylish but gives them the ability to transform and use certain skills
  • Noodle Incident: Whatever happened to Enigma's legs.

Nikolai and Neith

Created by: pelle131313 and Saragonvoid


Created by: doodlekazoo

A timid bear who is also an astronaut of NASA.

     Round 2 


Created by: Dermiss
A golem created by a lone rabbi for protection.
  • Golem: Abel is the classic Jewish clay variety

Amanda Walker

Created by: mattmc95
A girl from Blaire City, Washington who comes from a line of witches protecting society in secret.

A living teddy bear of a hospital patient.

Facade (Harold Cubbage)

Created by: Endangered-CDs
A refined and wise robot that works in a casino.


Created by: DreamDriftSprite

Ikaika Koa

Created by: Sckookum

Richard Dyle

Created by: The-Magical-Ma

  • The Heartless: 'Richard' appears to be separate person apart of Richard's conscience.
  • My Master Right or Wrong: It's known that Richard served Queen Audrey no matter the command
  • Plant Person: His head is literally a pumpkin.
  • Power Crystal: There are multiple crystals to his armour, they are noted to be power sources.


Created by: CyanAtlas

  • Bad Dreams: Has these about his days being abused in the circus
  • Happily Married: Has a wife and daughter in his home dimension

     Round 1 

Brizben Walker

Created by: PianoIceBox
An employee from a hotel for time travelers.
  • Time Travel: Brizben is a time-traveler himself, and worked at a hotel for them in his own world.


Created by: IxRaZoRxI
A living candle with skills in martial arts and rituals.

Casper Milaio

Created by: paulch
A human who is used as a host for a demonic symbiote.


Created by: Weakjounin
An alien who seeks to make the ultimate burger.


Created by: Dancing-Kitten


Created by: Valtinl


Created by: Brunited

Paige and Vincent

Created by: ArchFlounder

Plats Skalle

Created by: TARDISmusic
An intelligent and immortal space deer who was trapped in a library.

Quedar and Glaze "Reuben" Cullen

Abigail Reflect (Claratna Caillte) and Copper

Created by: pklcha

Azquiar Rraik

Created by: CJRstudios
A man who came back as a spirit in a cloak.


Created by: FlameOfMadness-Tag
A wandering soul of a vengeful spirit who forgot his motivation.


Created by: StreetArtistEX
A salesman from a broken world, with the studies keeping him from losing it.

  • Badass Normal: Although he does carry a Spell Book with him, he is still learning how to use magic; all else he has is a knife and a gun.

Syntax Drei Talon and Lecile Flink Talon

Created by: dragonwolf1775


Created by: MrPr1993
A tough Pixelf who enjoys fights. She has a theme heavily based on 80s videogames.

     Ushers & Marionettes 

Ushers & Marionettes

Note: For each round it passes, if a Marionette shows up in an entry in a winning round, they'll be placed here.

The workforce of the Cabaret, comes in two varieties: the more passive Ushers, and the more dangerous Marionettes.

  • Blob Monster: Ushers are blobs of goo in the shape of humans, with an animal themed masks over what should be their faces.
  • Elite Mooks: Marionettes are far stronger and more unique than ushers.
  • Faceless Goons: Ushers are little more than humanoid blobs of goo with animal masks and snazzy suits.
  • Meat Puppet: While some keep emotions and make personalities of their own, most are used as mindless attack dogs.
  • Mind-Control Device: The devices plugged into the marionettes can be this, depending on your interpretation.
  • Trapped in Villainy: Marionettes are previous contestants who have been forced into servitude to the Cabaret.


The Trapped

Monsters, creatures, and many other oddities that are imprisoned inside Oswald. The most notable of them are The Stitched, Behemammoth, Rend, Veyvavey and Ifrit.


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