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All information about characters from the webcomic Carefree.

The Nation of Tovar

Tovar is a representative oligarchy presided over by clerics of the Enneagram. It used to be an oppressive dictatorship with a Corrupt Church but has being overthrown around 300 years ago and has now reformed. It divides into 5 city-states, each with very different values, but nevertheless have a good level of tolerance and communication with one another.



A warm, close-knit community (at least in theory) that prefers to live a simple, if toilsome lifestyle, rejecting the use of firearms and elemental technology, instead relying on the power of teamwork to get things done. However, they hold their beliefs really firmly, to the point of being dogmatic, backwards-thinking and surprisingly political, contrary to the peaceful impression they give.Values nature and peace. Deeply faithful to the Tome and the precursors' teachings. Undersee shuns modern technology (potential (aka electrical) devices, spells not listed in the Tome (though in this case they mainly shun it due to it being sacreligeous against the precursors), modern alchemy, physical alteration etc) in the belief that they only give the illusion of convenience while in truth making life faster, more complicated and more stessful than doing things the old way. Tolerant of the disabled and the needy, but intolerant of sexual deviants and open sexuality.

The vast majority of the Undersee community are farmers (who are jacks-of-all-trades who operate every aspect of their farm with their often large, extended families), followed by clergy and specialists such as craftsmen and champions (who often double as hunters and gatherers if agriculture becomes scarce). Undersee is a communist city-state and does not use currency; the resources are gathered weekly at the local assembly and distributed as needed by monks and nuns. Underseeans are expected to be closely involve with the community, giving and asking for goodwill when needed. There is a request board, or "quest" board at every assembly where people can see what needs to be done and help out, usually the local clerics or champions for the more dangerous ones; Undersee lacks much of the modern infrastructure of the other city-states, and thus have less protection against wild beasts, for example. Though Elder Henry frowns upon champions for the somewhat violent nature of their jobs, they are an essential part of Underseean society.

The Undersee champions are competent in battle, but rather naive about things champions from elsewhere usually know about like politics, education and the formal conduction of important operations. The Undersee union is rather out of touch with the rest of the champions as well, partly due to refusal to use communication technology and partly due to the fact that Undersee champions cannot usually be expected to be familiar with the usual procedures.


A cheerful, energetic champion who likes engaging various people in light-hearted banter but has trouble forging deeper connections. She has a beef with her father and the traditional Undersee values he hold dear, going out of her way to rebel against them; becoming a champion so she can leave the city-state on quests. Wields a shortsword and a shield.

Lilias "Li"

A quiet but friendly novice champion and Elfric and Renne's first son. Unlike Aerith, he's always enjoyed the simple and low-profile life in Undersee and prefers to keep it that way. After being reluctantly dragged into the whirlwind adventure as a champion (which he decided to become out of a desire to protect his community, and partly to follow his father's footsteps), he realizes it wasn't as bad as he feared, but still prefers his old life in the end. Wields a spear, and is one of the more competent champions for his age.


A mild-tempered, fun-loving novice champion with a spacey, optimistic and clumsy demeanor. She's innocently incapable of relating to other people on an emotional level, which also gives her access to almost frighteningly rational insight into topics others shy away from. She neither sports Aerith's rebelliousness or Li's conservativeness, making her the perfect person to mediate (or more accurately, distract from) their differences. Wields a sword, but no-one knows why since she's barely able to hit anything with it, instead with her grasp of elusive spells being her strongest point.

  • The Philosopher: Sometimes her remarks aren't just funny little jokes, even when they are.
  • Lack of Empathy: She understands how negative emotions work in theory, probably better than people who actually feel them due to her neutral viewpoint, which sometimes make her a Manipulative Bastard without knowing it. She means no harm though and shows a genuine interest in understanding how it feels in addition to just how it works, if only out of curiosity.

Friar "Joe" Jovius

A jolly travelling preacher who regularly visits Undersee, especially the champions' Union. He often brings supplies not found in Undersee and occasionally helps out on quests with his experience on travel and martial proficiency. Has a tendency to ramble on about abstract and confusing stuff about the precursors and the Enneagram which only Plus seemingly take interest in.


A busy Merchant City-State that definitely has nothing to do actual tropes.note . Commonly acknowlegded as the central network of Tovar. Almost anything can be sold there. Home to and governed by most of Tovar's largest companies, it's the most productive city-state, but authorities can be deceitful and power-hungry, with sweatshops exploiting people for cheap labour and occupying giant shiny skyscrapers leaving the masses in slums only a few steps away.


An ambitious young manager at Fitzgerald's and Carnelian and Ionique's older brother. Persuasive and charismatic, he often provides the party with useful information from connections with high places.


A city-state of scholars and intellectuals, Estel is frequented by philosophers, scientists, and artists. Employs a liberal government style where the laws are more like guidelines which one can break as long as it doesn't result in tangible damage. But the consequences are random, so an emancipated individual can be left bankrupt by accidentally burning someone's shoes. The taxes (which go mainly to the Info Plaza and the Champions' Union) are low, but there's no support for the disadvantaged, so while one is free in Estel, one is alone for good. Homelessness and climbing buildings and fences are a common occurrence, but nobody seems to mind. Emancipation and the acquisition of the Fighter's License are allowed at any age in Estel, as opposed to being limited to those above 16 in other city-states, which results in young Estelites with a license having to abandon weapons and dangerous elemental batteries when travelling to other city-states.

Home to the famous Information Plaza, a giant library/museum with some huge universal sections, some small sections authours and groups can rent to promote themselves and tons of graffiti. It mainly contains scrolls for loan, but there are other things as well such as artifacts, though only those held at a certain level of trust may loan unique items. The Plaza is open 24/7 and many have fallen victim to the addictive activity of browsing its wares.

The Information Plaza have enchanted tags on the scrolls for rent. The librarian has a detect enchantment spell that allows them to see the label's shape in a green colour. They document the borrower's details with any borrowed scrolls and hand-write a receipt with the return date.


Childish but laid-back and levelheaded, Regan has little interest in other people's drama. Unless it involves explosions. Curious about weapons, traps, locks and contraptions of the like, Regan can often reverse-engineer such contraptions by trial-and-error. She's only interested in mathematical and scientific theory for all the cool stuff that can be done with it, though sometimes the headache isn't worth it in her opinion. She also shows interest in becoming a champion, but only because it's fun to kill things and infiltrate places, and all the talk of duty and protecting the people "cramps her style". The local union jokes about humanity being doomed if she ever makes it. In truth, she's a newcomer to the Spies Guild who's still unsure about living in fear of the law, but she comes to find it a perfect place for her.

  • Boys Have Cooties: She's only joking, actually, but she seems unusually uninterested in boys at 15.
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: To Neil, despite being the last person you'd call to mind someone. It turns out Neil can look after himself; in fact it's when someone keeps too close an eye on him that he gets nervous and bad things happen.


Regan's little brother, he's one year ahead of his sister despite being 3 years younger and won't shut up about it. Although he's ahead for his age, he didn't get ahead based on talent or curiosity but more on hard work and pride in being the youngest in his class. He mixes well with his older classmates, but also keeps in touch with his peers.

  • Adorably Precocious Child: He can be rather arrogant and opinionated but still rather responsible and mature for his age.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Tries to be this, but his big sister just doesn't have any buttons to push. Except how he's a year ahead of her and looking to get emancipated too.
  • The Chessmaster: Roy's stragetic intelligence isn't limited to tabletop games.
  • Glass Cannon: Has the best destructive spells due to his fire/earth alignment and heavy-duty caster, but he's still a kid.
  • Technician vs. Performer: The hard working, straight-A technician to Neil's curious, imaginative but low-scoring performer.

Regan and Roy's father

A fantasy geek who likes to play tabletop RPGs and card games with his kids, friends and later Carnelian. His wife has become stricter over the years as she works to pay the bills, despite him assuring her they have no need for a house. He attends the tabletop games tournament every year, having the championship spot stripped from him in the 292 convention.


An extremely eccentic but brilliant young Harkean whose parents are concerned about his eccentricity and tries a little too hard to "help" him, conversely making him even more fearful of violating social norms. His parents eventually decided to send him to Estel, believing they have failed him and that he'll be happier there as they'll never be able to connect with him, and Carnelian, unaware of their feelings, was genuinely happier after the move. He specialized in spell theory; he's very much a theorist in general who isn't as interested in applied theory.


Sister Morgan

The convent's guest-master.

Sister Guppy

The convent's cantor.

Sister Roda

The convent's infirmer

Sister Cecile

The convent's novice-master.

Sister Tio

The convent's circuitor

Sister Neomie

The convent's Kitchener

Prioress Anwen

A dogmatic and sanctimonious nun who rose to power at Ravinu priory, a remote convent located near the middle of a long road to which she was reassigned from the main abbey a few years ago. Deeply troubled, she believes no-one possibly cares for her, leading to a compulsive need to be noticed and do something special, at least according to Mother Christina. Everyone else just thinks she's a self-righteous jerk.

    Academy of Eight 

A boarding school famous for it's size, discipline and boot camps. Has a north campus to the east of Cresta and a south campus to the east of Estel.

Ionique "Nique"

A senior and warrant officer at the north campus. Cool, calm and collected, Ionique is rather dedicated to the Academy and plans to stay there as an officer rather than become a champion. Effectively the school captain, she leads the morning and evening formations where she announces information and reminders of special events or relevant news.


Senior and a corporal, commander of section 1-3. Cheerful and outgoing, all the juniors want to be in his section. Refrained from ascending to higher ranks due to a mixture of humility and distaste for paperwork, preferring to be right in the middle of things getting his hands dirty. Wields a rapier.


A talented fighter with his axe, but doesn't like the Academy's discipline and only attend because his parents say that it's hard to get a job as a Champion for a non-graduate. Rather lazy and often skips classes and training, and consequently still rankless in his final year at the Academy.

Lieutenant Trip

One of the staff members at the Academy who participates more in field activities, keeping an eye on everyone before their section commander takes over. A former Champion, took a place at the Academy to get a more stable job to support his family. Wields a fasces.


The Kingdom of Ingeria

Ingeria was formed by those who turned away from the Enneagram after the revolution of the Grey Era. It is a small country to the north of Tovar with a lot of poverty and oppression, which is ironic because that's what they wanted to flee from in the first place.

Historical and Fictional Characters


    Project Karma (UNMARKED SPOILERS) 
A group whose aim is to establish an artificial system of justice that makes it physically impossible for people to do evil, making virtue a law of physical reality, much like the Singularity prevents things from falling up. As they possess no such technological knowledge to program the system into the Singularity, they become the system itself, personally going out and influencing people's fortune according to their actions. There aren't many reliable people willing to shoulder such a burden, essentially giving up their lives for an eternity of duty, so they aim to improve their skills to cover the whole planet and seek undeath to be active till the end of time.

  • It Is Dehumanising: All members of Karma insists on being referred to as "It" if they happen to encounter people, to drive in the point they have well and truly thrown away their humanity.


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